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  1. He should be required to repeat the State Farm commercial script before being released from protocol
  2. Already have my tickets in KC. Probably a heavy jacket
  3. TJ Yeldon will have a huge gain on a screen pass, which will be used to neutralize the blitz
  4. Watching Jets / Bills games next year are going to be annoying. During this year's SF game, the announcers talked about how wonderful Saleh is multiple times each quarter despite the Bills dominating the game.
  5. After watching Aaron Rodgers in the snow a few weeks ago, I'm convinced a passing game can thrive in inclement conditions.
  6. If I were a rule abiding member of the union and a fellow union member decided not to operate by the rules while showing a lack of respect and regard for the membership, I’d want him severely punished. There are specific guidelines about behavior away from team facilities and this is an obvious violation. It’s unfortunate he will be allowed to play this weekend
  7. It would be so Billsy for Josh to get COVID before the playoffs and have Fromm start
  8. Any of these teams can beat the Bills. Tua and the Phins reminds me of Brunell and the 96 Jaguars. Every game they play in the playoffs will be a tossup
  9. Very well said. They have done an outstanding job and haven’t caved to outside pressure. It’s a huge accomplishment. If we played a 12 game season, there would be an asterisk next to the division championship. They did it fair and square - can only hope they let people in the stadium to watch them finish it.
  10. When I posted a similar thread about Sal Cappacio (with more substance to the gripe), it was locked by moderators and was told to write to WGR with my issue. Curious how this take on Brown is allowed to stand. Seems to be no consistency with board management and wanting to protect a sideline reporter “who got started on the boards.” As public figures covering the team, all criticism should be welcome.
  11. Interesting how none of the talking head national analysts or WGR “experts” talked about Bosa disrupting this game
  12. Bottom line is that Sal knows no more about football than me or the average fan. For him to think he can cut people off and dismiss legitimate points because he's Sal Capaccio and used to coach football is arrogant. I guess people on this board are sheltered. Get outside of Western New York a bit. Sal is in the bottom of his field.
  13. They lost to the Jaguars and Texans in the playoffs. We should have won both games. Why does nobody want to talk about this? Of course, Sal dismisses it.
  14. You are entitled to your opinion, as am I. I can't stand listening to the guy, which is unfortunate because he's definitely connected to the team and has inside information.
  15. Completely disagree. I listen every morning and have a different take.
  16. Problem is that his takes are often bad and doesn't want to have a holistic discussion about the team. Someone bringing up a point about the lack of quality wins (including 0-2 against two very beatable playoff opponents) is a legitimate conversation. There is no reason for him to not engage on that topic other than to be the media arm of One Bills Drive considering it doesn't fit the overall narrative.
  17. I can see Sal as the kind of guy who walks into a bar like he's hot stuff because he's a sideline reporter. That's the kind of vibe he gives off. Having lived around the U.S. and listened to countless sports talk radio and beat reporters, we can do far better.
  18. True, although he has about 10% of the knowledge and isn't nearly as entertaining. Actually, not, it's a Sal Capaccio problem. Bills fans deserve better than a self-appointed press secretary for McBeane. He not only talks down to callers, he also talks down to Howard and Jeremy in the AM.
  19. Not sure about anyone else, but I'm getting pretty tired of Sal Capaccio on WGR. While he's very passionate about the Bills and Western New York, he comes across as extremely arrogant and thinks he's a self-appointed spokesman for the Bills. He routinely dismisses callers who make valid points - this morning, someone called in wanting to talk about the few playoff teams the Bills have defeated during McDermott's tenure and Sal immediately cut him off and said the point wasn't relevant. When callers call in and it's unclear what they are trying to say, he starts screaming. Admittedly, this
  20. I’m waiting for someone’s weekly post about his matchup win rate
  21. Ticks me off they have fans in the stands and we don’t
  22. This league continues to baffle me. We have video proof of Titans breaking NFL protocol but the broadcast crew finds the need to state that Roger said no protocols were knowingly broken. What a joke. Let's beat the tar out of these guys.
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