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  1. "If they had a first round grade"; "I'm sure they did"; "I'm sure they would". Are you the king of conjecture?
  2. I love how all these type of threads end with a "Caveat" about Josh!
  3. In summary...I would have no problem adding someone to challenge Josh and at worst end up a great back up. Did you really need three "paragraphs" to get to the point of your thread?
  4. Fair enough; barely SAW THE FIELD. Then again, can he really make the tough catches?
  5. I was basing my statement on "big and can make the tough catches against smaller DBs." Who is also a risk coming from the CFL and was on the practice roster the majority of the year.
  6. Don't we have someone like him on the roster already...aka Duke Williams?
  7. Play of the game could come down to that 3rd and 15. How you let Tyreke Hill that open on a ball with lots of hang time is head scratching.
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