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  1. Oh really. Our running game is struggling to defeat four down lineman on a consistent basis, which allows the LBs and secondary to sit in zone all day.
  2. Update: It has now been 42 games since the start of the 2018 season, and we have a grand total of 9 rushing TDs by our RBs (4 in 2018, 4 in 2019, and 1 so far in 2020). Just thought I would bring this up again since we have only four rushing TDs this year and Allen has three of them. While yesterday was one of the better running games, still wasn't exactly great. Our rushing attack is struggling to beat four down lineman which allows the defense to sit in all these cover zones.
  3. Or that Kroft doesn't know his left foot from his right; or a BS penatly negating at TD throw,.
  4. My only issue with Daboll is the playcalling in the redzone; usually one of our strengths.
  5. Didn’t care for Dabol’s play calling, particularly in the red zone.
  6. I don’t but, it was completely different!
  7. Brian Daboll jus kidding, probably his worst called game in the red zone.
  8. Defense balled out the second half. Well done! Keep it going!
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