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  1. We all remember the infamous fair catch in the endzone during 2019 Playoff Game in Houston.
  2. Additionally, in Josh's Basement interview yesterday, he talked about having a kid or kids someday. To me that implied that there is no kid on the way.
  3. If Kincaid’s hands are better than Knox’s, isn’t that a win already?
  4. Possibly beat both Dallas and Cincy to pick 1st TE???
  5. So ironic coming from you, as up until recently, you trashed Allen constantly. It’s pretty stupid right!
  6. Should dump him while his value is high!!! Go back to QB purgatory where the few of you thrive on misery!
  7. Great post except for what's the point in that part of your sentence; what does that even have to do with the overall theme of your post. You just can't seem to let go these preconceived biases!
  8. EXCUSES EXCUSES EXCUSES!!! He won a MVP with Roman as OC.
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