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  1. Not necessarily; but I don't think he would have flamed out like Darnold as you seem to insinuate because of his natural talent, desire, etc that we all love about him.
  2. You're wrong on Josh Allen! If you haven't figured that out by now, don't know what to tell you.
  3. James Price, was hyped up WR at Wyoming, but never lived up to hype; couldn’t ever get open.
  4. As Allen will most likely get a contract soon, I took a stroll down memory lane in the Archives folder looking at the perceptions of Allen leading up to the draft. Let's just say he was treated like he had lepresy because most people didn't take the time to watch his film, learn his history, current environment, etc. They just took what the pundits said and ran with it. However to give credit, there were several posters who started to catch on and realize he was worth being drafted by the Bills. Now three years later these same fans are defending Allen tooth and nail using the same argume
  5. Go check out all the 2018 pre-draft threads in the Archives. The dumba*** adjective is very applicable to the majority of our favorite Two Bills Drive members!!! Pretty embarrassing actually to read some of that stuff.
  6. Oh I don't know, all the social rants (ie: COVID, VACCINES, etc) just take off like wildfire so much so they get personal, political, etc. Drama, it's like flies attracted to doo doo. Already had a poster in here comparing the fairness of bails insinuating race. I just said, this thread will easily pass 10 pages. Was I wrong? Nope, just a simple observation from observing behaviors. I have no intention to use the screen door on this submarine.
  7. I was being sarcastic and I understand the questions, although I didn't subscribe to them.
  8. Personally, I think people are crazy to think Josh Allen is going to be quality NFL starter. He is your typical big arm, inaccurate QB from a small school. (sarc)
  9. My prediction: This thread will go beyond 10 pages because we value drama over actual football news.
  10. If my brother didn’t do it first, I’d beat their a**, but I never said that nor insinuated that. I made a comment that he snickers at those (straight people) who want virtue signal for attention (ie: arguing who is the first blah blah blah), or as you stated “it’s not news”. Some of it comes across as disingenuous or fake if you will. As a gay person, he would be the first to say good for him, and that’s it and move on. He doesn’t subscribe to the LGBT community or anything like that, he just goes on about his daily life. In all honesty, he would think this thread is silly and poke fun at
  11. Absolutely. You may or may not know, but the majority of TBD sh** on Allen even before he was even picked and thereafter for awhile. Rosen was the "chosen one"!
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