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  1. The franchise QB we have waited nearly 30 years for, and you want to play games with him.
  2. Man, you are the master of data mining!!!
  3. Completely different tune from you about Fromm compared to the night he was drafted. What changed?
  4. Later you said this, "Will I hope Allen fails? Of course I won't, I hope I have to eat an almighty bowl of crow. I hope I become known as the guy who doubted Josh Allen..." ...and you did, so kudos to you.
  5. I don't have a problem reading anything you write; most of it agree with. I'm bored tonight, so I am trolling through the archive folder on the day Josh was drafted. Your take in comparison was pretty mild to many of the other posters. At least you had the candor to own up to it.
  6. It's not that you missed; everyone misses. It's the conviction that you had about it! You said to mark the post and quote it back to you, I'm just obliging!
  7. This is my absolute favorite from you: @GunnerBill on drafting Josh Allen "This is a mistake. It will bring down this regime. You can mark this post and you can quote it back to me any time you like in the future if I am wrong. I won't be. " Not sure I can trust your "mock drafts" after that whopper!
  8. Played HS in the late 80s when football pads were like Knights Armor
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