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  1. 24 pages of MLS and Fromm in a day, but only 7 pages of training camp in a week. SMH
  2. I would add 99.94785742890438254% success rate on 1 yd or less. In other words, close to as automatic as there is in short yardage sneaks.
  3. blah blah blah; you're like a broken record who repeats the same "Sick of excuses; 60% threshold) every thread about the QB. We know this from you, and we also know you think he is a "Nice Guy"; and we also know you treat a career 59% passer as a God in these forums.
  4. Was just a few weeks ago, the players were unified in a “we want to play” message to the NFL. Now, that Opt-Out parameters are in place with a stipend that still puts these athletes in the top 1%, this is all political to preserve their contract another year; hence also the reason for no preseason games. All about job security under the guise of protecting my family. I call B.S.
  5. From what I have noticed, the majority of the Allen-homers (myself included if you will) do acknowledge his flaws and where he needs to improve particularly deep ball precision and decision making. They are just more overt in the positive aspects in his game because yes he is the Buffalo QB, and there is a sense of pride in defending what is yours which is part of the DNA of being a fan of your team.
  6. I'm definitely not putting down Jackson; I have always felt Jackson and Allen would be the best of the bunch and were the two who were judged the harshest coming in. I don't understand why you always have to take the narrative to a Jackson vs Allen.
  7. Technically speaking on Passing yards/per game, Lamar is a sub 200 yard passer as well. Just saying. I know he killed it in TDs and completion% compared to Allen.
  8. Not bad for a kid who nobody wanted out of high school, wasn’t groomed like the other prodigy QBs, went to Wyoming, and was supposed to be an NFL project who needed years to develop.
  9. Newton is a career 59% passer, and if you look at his yearly stats, on average he is very comparable to where Allen was this year. But you defend him in the same “soccer mom” fashion you criticize those who argue in support of Allen.
  10. Maybe, just maybe, we can get some contribution from the RBs. 4 RB TDs in 2018 (3 McCoy and 1 Ivory) and 4 RB TDs in 2019 (2 Singletary and 2 Gore). Do you think you could ever address that, or do you just get off solely blaming Allen for 19pts per game? Your QB shouldn't lead in rushing TDs 17 to 8!
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