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  1. I wonder how many takes and if there will be a blooper reel?
  2. I hear yeah, but it was more than a hot take. He said to mark this post that Allen sucks and will bust! If you wanna be bold and say mark this post, you must be reminded from time to time.
  3. Yeah, you are infamous for your mobile inaccurate QB take!
  4. Saying "Josh Allen better get really adept at throwing passes to himself" was dumb - yes!
  5. I agree. Beane said there’s not much 1st round grades, so why not trade down and stack some 2nd / 3rd picks
  6. Looks like NY Giants are not trading out of 7
  7. Would have been cool to hear Stuart Scott just once say, "Josh Allen, as cool as the other side of the pillow". RIP Stuart.
  8. Just a few months ago, Keshawn said Lamar was better than Allen, yet Lamar is not above him here.
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