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  1. If you weren’t already convinced on Dodson, just watch that play where Hurts ran right by him like he was standing still. And he was the damn spy on the play. Dodson and Warner aren’t even in the same universe of player comparisons. They really need to get Dorian Williams going these last few games.
  2. Damn these refs and their flags.
  3. HBD Diggsy! Damn shame your prime years are being wasted like this because McD can’t learn or get out of his own way.
  4. Floyd. Yes, he’s older and not home grown, but he’s simply the better player. AJE has impressed me with pulling his career from the ashes, but he may be the beneficiary of an otherwise strong line.
  5. Get him the hell outta here. Proven time and time again he doesn’t have what it takes. Good guy. Slightly above average HC. We will never win a damn thing with him at the controls.
  6. Team is flat out cursed. No other way around it. Toast and sitting home in the playoffs. McD is such a loser when it matters and that drive sums it up.
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