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  1. Tommy Doyle is a straight warrior of a dude. Will always remember him playing on a torn ACL in that ridiculous Miami heat game. Can’t thank him enough for grinding that out for the team knowing no one was available behind him.
  2. I’d be up for it if they want to try it. Though, I’d almost rather go get Calais Campbell or bring back Jerry Hughes on a one year deal.
  3. No way Rondell Bothroyd is a real person.
  4. Good and bad…cheap Gabe Davis replacement. About the best you’re going to do at this point.
  5. Anyone know how you pronounce UDFA Lovely’s first name? Keni-H. Is it just “Kenny”?
  6. Looks like Carter got his college number 90 after all. I think in the embedded video they gave him 94 and he said (in the video) that he was going to have to change that. With Shaq Lawson not back, I wonder if anyone else had 90 and he had to work out a deal with them?
  7. I agree. He sucked at it too. But sucking at holding seems more the exception than the rule. Team makes too big of a deal about getting the perfect hold for Bass. If Bass needs to be catered to that much, and, as a professional kicker can’t figure out how to fix his kicks drifting, then he needs to be replaced. And, for the record, I think he deserves another season to see if he can get right, but it also wouldn’t be a bad thing to bring in some competition for him.
  8. Bye Diggs! 👋 I love stuff like this (and the sticker over the yard sign), but boy do I really hope he can play. He’ll be a huge star if he can also play with all the fanfare he’s already received just from being himself.
  9. Thank you. One of the most overrated, over discussed topics associated with this regime. Matt Haack is a joke of a NFL punter, but supposedly some sort of holding specialist. Give me a break with the holder talk. Just kick the damn ball through the uprights like you’re paid to do. Of course you never want to punt because it’s a failed drive, but Haack is the new Jordan Gay (kick off specialist) and it’s just a waste.
  10. Still looks like he has some juice left to me. Would’ve preferred him to Claypool, but even if we were offering slightly more than Miami on the contract (which I doubt), he was 100% choosing to live in Miami instead of Buffalo (or KC) all day. Anyone claiming Tua tipped the scales is hilarious. btw - when are they tying themselves to Tua on a long term deal already? Get it done so I can feel “secure” with their future.
  11. Looking at your first image, you know damn well by now that the stadium isn’t coming with a retractable roof. I think this is pretty much the reason why we don’t have any fly-through or detailed renderings of the interior like we’ve seen with other stadium projects. I don’t think they want us seeing anything or getting our hopes up if costs skyrocket and they start cutting things.
  12. I hate that this has happened to Kim. Coincidentally, I was just googling her today to see if there were any updates on her condition and the only thing that came up was the OpEd and her brief visit to training camp last year. The part in Tim’s article that emphatically stated “Kim is not coming back (to the Bills and Sabres)” and the part about her being declared legally incapacitated gutted me. She is the reason the Bills are still here and I always hoped she’d be back eventually.
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