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  1. Mr. GB: I saw a mock recently that had the Bills drafting Zavon while JOK was on the Board. What thinking would go into that preference? The hesitation about JOK being a tweener? The need to replace Milano?
  2. I think now I was mistaken. The controversy nagging in the back of my mind I think was a recruiting violation that was not the fault of the player. In looking at CS also had some injury issues and a heart problem that required some tinkering. I apologize as I posted with just a nagging inkling and when I went to look it appears he is a good citizen.
  3. I don't know where the money comes from but D. Williams; pass rush and speed on Offense are the FA needs. I like Curtis Samuel and think he is really breaking out in the next few years. Not sure if the FO likes him (some off the field red flags early in his career) and not sure if he wants to come to Buffalo. I think this is a player that would make the Bills even more difficult to defend. I would note that the Bills were not an offensive juggernaut in the playoffs this year. I think Curtis Samuel is a difference maker.
  4. I have thought about some of this and have an opinion. My opinion is that this team, long term, is about QB 17 - Our Josh. That having been established in my mind, I think further that OL and the protection of this central theme will be high priority this off-season. Thus, I believe that a very solid effort will be made to sign the RT - Williams this off season. And that #30, or thereabouts, will be an IOL. If they add to that again later I would not be surprised.
  5. I think his career, so far, is as successful as Michel's.
  6. I don't think I am as disappointed as I usually am when I see an ex-Panther most likely destined for Buffalo. Pretty good player isn't he?
  7. I think Herbert is real good and LAC are going to the battle
  8. I understand this isn't a draft thread but have seen Zavon, Basham, K Toney and Najee mentioned herein. Is there an opinion on JOK? I have seen mocks where he is on the board at 30. At WR Davis was pretty good for a rookie but speed would be nice and Brown wasn't the same when he came back this time. The cap is going to cause some tough decisions.
  9. What about JOK with ND? He seems like a fit. I have seen him anywhere from 16 to the 2nd round. I don't watch College Football and pick up on the subject about now. What do the Board experts think about this possibility? Thank you.
  10. I think Staley will make the Playoffs his first year and win a Super Bowl eventually (if any of them do). He has the QB. And some studs on defense already. The roster is pretty good. Culley may be one and done. Lawrence will start at QB week one and I don't think any of those guys will ever coach the Bills.
  11. I also think the Bills have gone Prime Time and see at least 4 night games. Maybe 5? Much of the road "out of division" schedule looks, at this time, like marquee matchups.
  12. Good work Virgil. I think both the Colts and the Chiefs beat us at the line of scrimmage. Their guys were constantly in the back field harassing Josh but we never came close to their guy. Mahomes being much better than Rivers, at this point, really capitalized and Josh struggled. I don't like to be negative but Devin is just so slow to what holes were there, it caused me to pull my hair out. The drop was a total disaster moment. The season was great. Just the best in forever and I hope we can get back next year. I am convinced, however, that our AFC East i
  13. I do not like to be negative, but how many plays has the guy made in 3 years? Is he ever in the backfield? Can we count his interceptions on one hand? I am not an expert but he seems like just another guy, not a high paid second contract type.
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