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  1. I guess I am the ocd grammar/vocab guy as I tried hard to let it go I just couldn't. "Decimated" means what it sounds like. 1/10 of that which is decimated is lost, destroyed, no longer functionable. So if somebody says "I am going to totally decimate those guys" he means he is going to wipe out 10% of their capacity. The KC O-line, I presume has lost more than 1/2 of 1 of the 5?
  2. I like where we are also. Under the radar, underrated and out of the limelight. The Baker with all of his endorsements and distractions is pi&&ing in his whiskey. No distractions, just good football here. Going good.
  3. Cody Ford has struggled at tackle from everything I have seen. (We) haven't solved that position for a number of years of now. At least this FO tried with Ford, but I think it may be back to the drawing board next off season.
  4. I think Barkley and the defense are going to have to come through. Singletary would help
  5. What is there to lose? It has to get better, and as a poster said, one has to wonder if the Duke wouldn't have caught that ball that was tipped in the end zone for the int.
  6. I am a big Josh supporter but I thought he played poorly against Cincinnati. I didn't see the game yesterday but it sounded bad. Real bad. That being said, I feel about this game like I felt about the Texans game last year: i.e. if Josh was there at the end the Bills would have won. I also now think that this weeks Titans game is the inflection point for the season. Win, we rise, lose, we fall.
  7. I listened to the entire thing. One thing that struck me is that the level of inquiry from the Press Corps was quite high. I had to wonder if BB had beaten that into them over the years so that they know they should have intelligent on point football questions to ask. I also translated his responses and synthesized it came out as this "We want to beat them 44-3 and totally demoralize them for the remainder of this season. I want to get in the QB's head and humiliate him so he understands he will never beat a team that I coach". That is not verbatim but an approximation of what that Coach said at that PC.
  8. I think this is going to be a tough game for the Bills. Tre is not 100% and Boyd and Ross are very good. If the Bengals get bad guy J. Mixon going we will suffer. I also think we are going to miss Devin quite sorely. The turnovers will tell the outcome.
  9. I think I will take this just one week at a time and stay focused on this week's opponent.
  10. I've moved past it. I am preparing for Cincinnati.
  11. This. If it is so traumatic, and one is on notice of sexual assault proclivity, why in the world, is this accuser then putting herself in that position continuously? Weak suit.
  12. This is a winnable game and the Bills should concentrate, work hard and take care of that win. Focus, eliminate turnovers and get the job done. I think it will take 27 offensive pints for the Bills to overcome.
  13. I think that the Giants are a much better Offense than the Jets and the Bills will have to not turn the ball over to the G-Men and score proficiently to pull out this Road Victory. The Giants O-Line is improved and I think they will score without the assistance of our giving them the ball haphazardly. Our Offense seems to be designed around sustained drives driven by a short distance passing game. This requires persistence and the ability to complete the task before making a mistake, or having a penalty stall the drive. 17 points won't do it.
  14. The Jets lack depth due to jettisoning their second round picks for Darnold and spending significant sums of money on Bell and Mosely, both good, but no depth. The Browns got caught up on their "media win' and forgot to show and play.
  15. The Giants will be very competitive, but they appear weak in some spots on defense. but they do have plenty of offensive weapons and a veteran QB. I think Vegas will give the Giants the 3 point spread for the Home Field. Otherwise even until the Bills show better.
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