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  1. He didn't tackle as a Bill and: That which is a penalty if you played for the Bills is a great pass break up when you play for the NEP
  2. Alliterations have the edge. Warriors
  3. The Jets are going to be a tough out. They won 6 of their last 8 in 2019 while the Bills lost 4 of their last 5.
  4. I read in Barron's a few weeks back that Jerry Jones' energy company (CRK a Texas Oil Company) was a total flop. With annualized returns of -15% over the past 15 years (the exact figures escape me but one can probably find the article). The bonds were below junk grade, but the company was bailed out by asset purchases by the Federal Reserve. There's a guy who needs a taxpayer bailout.
  5. As to Billsfan692's points about Tre, I cannot speak anything about his instagram posts or other social media inclinations. But from my uninformed spot in the cyber-world when Beane made the comment about "Well if a guy wants to play in Louisiana there is only so much you can do about that." my intuition immediately told me that he was talking about Tre White. On the hand I did see a blurb where he told Jamal Adams that the Bills Fans were the best when Jamal was saying he would have to go somewhere else to get paid
  6. This is the one I have my eye on. But it is wait and see for a little while. I will decide by mid - july
  7. I think Diagram 1 shows the Patriots?
  8. Witten was terrible, Collinsworth is annoying in a much different manner
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