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  1. Our Division is very difficult. Miami and NJJ are for real and the Patriots are not slouches, especially in NE. 4-2 would be respectable under the circumstances of our wounded team.
  2. 100% for Klein 14% for Dodson 0% for T. Brenard That is sad.
  3. I think the Bills pass defense has been poor the past two contests and the Lions are prolific at scoring points. The Bills will, again, probably need north of 30 points to win on Thursday. The 8 yard loss was the facemask tackle by Clowney.
  4. The Lions have, arguably, the best offensive line in the NFL. Defending them will be difficult with our depleted defense.
  5. I thought Boogie looked okay yesterday. Not great, but not bad.
  6. Agree that Gilliam missed a block he should have made. His bad.
  7. I would be surprised if we saw Groot, Epenesa, Elam, the Middle LB or Takeaway Tre on Thursday. Josh and the boys will need to put up 35.
  8. I wonder if these refs will call all those holds on #30Jackson that the crew last week let go?
  9. Did Rhodes play any snaps last week?
  10. I would take Cleveland and 8.5 points. I believe it will be a close game, a very close game.
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