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  1. My guess is nowhere. We have thought so before, but he looks to be declining fast. Even Pats fans must see the exciting athletes at the position and think something isn't right here.
  2. I am with you Bandit. When Josh said ,"we don't play for what people think we play because we love each other", I was so proud. This is a great time to be a Bill's fan
  3. Loved Josh today. Love Josh Critique: With Knox lined up out wide he was beating that defender. I felt he should have not gone back shoulder (under-throw) but lay it out in front for him a little bit..
  4. I think the team played great today. i am very proud and happy for the team and community (mafia)
  5. Do the announcers sound depressed that Bill's are outplaying the primetime TV phonies
  6. I may rain on the parade but the offense's miracle today was, in my opinion, strongly correlated to the lack of any pressure on JA by the Dolphins. Josh has not had great pockets this season, lacks time and is running for safety way too often. I don't know if I can credit the Bills OL or the Dolphins lack of roster talent, but JA17 had excellent protection today, time to scan the field and make his throw without someone grabbing at him. That is the first time for the entire year, and I am not sure the Bills OL can deliver that type of long clean pocket against better competition. So, I am going to not become irrationally exuberant but hope that things will continue to trend in this direction.
  7. So we have the Full Banana in the Tail Pipe and Dirty Sanchez this season? Yikes!
  8. What about Knox' hands. Not the best. I think he let same good gains fall to the turf.
  9. Promo is correct. Why bother with this loser Sullivan. This is a New Era, we don't need his backwash, negativity and sniping filth. This is a loser from a losing time when we were strapped with a cheap out of date owner (God Rest His Soul). Flush J.S., don't let him in here.
  10. 92 didn't play any defensive snaps. I think he can rush the passer, but maybe doesn't have the 1/11 down yet. Not sure why he was phased totally out, he has been the most electric to the QB from the edge. I thought S. Lawson played fairly well. The OL is better than last year. It should improve going forward. As for draft need I am in the 1 tech camp but hopefully, near the end of the first round, we can just find a real dynamic player who will help win games (e.g. T. White).
  11. I have to see more. Especially out of Josh and the offense. They move the ball in such short increments, hardly ever a chunk play. I think if Frank Gore had the hole that Miles Sanders took to the house, it would have been about a 14 yard rush. Josh's fumble before the Half against the Eagles was killer. Terrible turnover, that turned the tide of the game. Josh used to stretch the field. Last year if it was 3rd and 17, I was somewhat confident they could nail it. Now every 3 yards seems to be a struggle. They have good drives that just take forever and eventually a sack (often bad sacks) or penalty kills it. There is no YAC and no long shots. Josh used to threaten all areas of the field with his arm, now it is just a few yards to the sticks. I have to think that Thanksgiving Day is going to be another National Embarrassment as the Bills seem to melt under the National spotlight. Worst games, defense included, involve being the prime attraction. That is going to be melancholy. The Browns game will be tough as will every Sunday. Patriots and Steelers have the winning pedigree that the Bills aspire to, but every time we seem to be close we slide back down. So, one week at a time.
  12. I don't think we should even be discussing Jerry S. As soon as he left things got better, he raised his ugly viscously negative head on this board last week and things went to s&*t. He is a troll that should just be put on ignore. I feel he tries to hurt football in Buffalo.
  13. What about next week. Our BB will have to improve, and stop reading their press clippings, to beat Washington next week. I suspect they could lose the next 4 also, but they should concentrate on Washington
  14. I think I am sick of "schedule" posters looking ahead and thinking games are going to be easy. One week at a time, and for two weeks in a row the Bills have been a bad football team.. If they can play better and get a win against Washington, that is what the discussion should be.
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