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  1. Unfortunately Dallas. Yuk. Most prime time games for the worst division?
  2. I think Doyle has shown better than Ford. This may be lacking in intelligence, but I believe Moss may have some trade value. I am not saying how much, but some.
  3. Cody Ford lost the Jacksonville game. The Jags identified the weak spot and kept attacking it, like a boxer going after a bloody eye.
  4. Not that bold, but NFL Wide Tampa again moves to the NFC Championship Game The Jets and Dolphins each win 8+ games Denver and Indy Make the playoffs Any Given Sunday, heavy on parity and competitive balance (Except for Atlanta) Bills Specific Elam is a disappointment and ends up behind Jackson on the depth chart Cook is meh, no great shakes, Motor maintains high snap and carry percentage Epinesa and Basham do enough to stay in rotation and maintain percentage of snaps Bills get to the Divisional Round (It better be at home)
  5. I think this is a curse and gives me a bad feeling. Bad vibe
  6. Those tiktoks are awesome. Made my week.
  7. I am not going to post in this thread that has veered far afield from football, but like many football concepts I am agreeing with Mr. Gunner on this issue. I have things to say but would rather not get involved in an internet legal philosophy debate on TBD - TSW.
  8. I think that Turtle #24 (can't remember his name right now) was from Monroe, LA
  9. Is this the first time ever the Lions haven't been on the pre-season schedule?
  10. DeMarcus Ware was a man. Best player on the field when I saw him in person.
  11. I also think that McBride would have been the selection in the second round.
  12. 30 mil? Yeah, nice job
  13. Ford is dust, I don't hold out any hope. Too bad. But watch the Jags game again, they picked on him mercilessly. Edmunds is ok and will likely remain pretty good. Not sure about that second contract. Dorsey has a lot to handle, and I worry that with Brady and Shula there will be many voices piping in with their thoughts. I hope he can focus, plan and execute. Brown has to take a step forward. Davis- Great player but it is my opinion that one more alpha receiver would be a fantastic idea. AJ - not as bad as everyone seems to feel he is. Would be great to see an impact play now and then. 28-35% of snaps probably.
  14. I think it is a mistake, and an act of hubris, to underestimate our division rivals this year. The gap has clearly closed. Humble and hungry must remain the mind set
  15. Some here have better memories of Ron Edwards than I. I guess.
  16. The problem with Ron Edwards was that Donahoe thought he could replace Pat Williams. "The answer is on our roster", and he let Williams walk to Minnesota (Ralph was cheap) Letting Pat Williams go was the biggest roster mistake of this century.
  17. I saw him in an airport once. I did not try to interact with him, but he came over and said "Hey hippie, you ever been to Mississippi?". I had seasons in the third row during his years and often wore tie dyes. Also to St. John Fischer. I thought that was odd of him, but just put my head back in my novel and smirked a bit. That is my Aaron Schobel story. Donahoe traded up in the second to grab him. Good player.
  18. we will see if it works out better than the Talib v. McElvin issue of years ago
  19. Isn't Darren Sharper in prison for multiple rapes??
  20. This fellow appears to my untrained eye to be more athletic and stronger than Damir. Maybe I am wrong, but that is how it looks.
  21. DB, OL and Punter
  22. The player says he will come in and compete on special teams? I will see what happens but this was odd drafting. Cook was early third and Baylor was 4th or 5th
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