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  1. Ok folks. It's Brady. If this is a season of destiny, it should be Brady. Signing off until the end of the game, good luck to everyone..
  2. Late to the convo. He’s been in camp now for three weeks. KC has zero film on him. Just putting him out there is bound to cause some confusion. I could see KC burning a TO just to figure out who is covering him in a Brown, Diggs and Stills alignment, especially if he is out wide with Diggs in the slot. The game within the game.
  3. Levi Wallace. Get the feeling he’s going to be covering Robinson/Hardman/Watkins.
  4. I love the slow mo look set to music of Poyer taking out Brown. The video focuses on Jackson, but Brown’s speed might have got there. Poyer made sure that didn’t happen.
  5. Yep. I didn’t know that about Poyer either. Poyer, White and Zimmer we’re flying. Barkley dropping his coat and running down the sideline. Such an astonishing moment in sports.
  6. I've been pretty quiet most of this week basking in the glow of beating the Ravens. Like every Bills fan, I believe this team can and should win the whole damn thing. It's been a fantastic week. I want to believe that Buffalo will be the sentimental favorite outside or GB, TB and KC, especially in the AFC. I'm not at all bothered by the outside prognostications. It matters not. I can't get wrapped up in the injury reports, weather, or outside noise. Because we know this team has a true shot. Something I haven't been able to say for decades. Decades. The tribute to the 90s team that S
  7. I would have been stunned if Phil picked Buffalo. He’s been on the KC train all year. Florio too.
  8. Playing devil's advocate for a moment. Wasn't that the strategy every team tried to use against Mahomes this year? The only game he lost was against the Raiders who just decided to go deep and go often. I think a rushing attack, be it draws, WR sweeps, end arounds, or QB designed runs need to be a part of this game plan.
  9. It would make the RPO more effective. It would give our WRs a chance to drop/get a step on the DBs. We just saw a 3 point half. And then a TD drive when they mixed in some runs. I'm not suggesting 30 carries, but 12-15 would be nice.
  10. What gives me hope is the Chiefs didn’t as much beat the Browns but rather they survived the Browns. Call it rust or call it ennui, they sure as heck didn’t look invincible. I think he practiced all last week. I’d be shocked if he wasn’t a go.
  11. I wonder if he would have the same opinion if it was looking like Mahomes vs Barkley.
  12. Early season wins and losses are just that. early. Holds true for both teams. The teams facing off on Sunday are much better versions of themselves from earlier in the season. The Bills will be better. The Chiefs will be better. The schemes are likely to be different. The Chiefs out coached the Bills in that game. Plain and simple. How Buffalo adjusts defensively will be interesting to watch. Things I like. 1. Bills 8 days between games, Chiefs 7. 2. Mahomes not being able to practice for some if not all of this week. 3. Mahomes has an unhappy t
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