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  1. I've pretty much abstained from the internet all week. Barely popped on here. No pregame shows. Game day. Good Luck to us all..
  2. All true. But all I know was that the game was not over until that last first down. It should have never been that close and yet it was. And everyone in WNY was holding their collective breaths. Every time you felt like Buffalo would add some point distance something happened in the game that allowed Miami to keep it close. And when you factor in a 3rd string QB and a massive point spread, it added to the anxiety and perception.
  3. It's two-fold. The fumbles. Two times he has fumbled a scoop and six (Minny and Miami). But I think the fumble he had against Miami running to the sideline where it bounces off his knee leaves a "wreckless impression." And then of course there are those drive killing red zone picks. I agree no one is harping on TLAWs picks last week. But I think the combo of Josh's picks and fumbles and just surviving the Dolphins definitely leaves a bad and lasting impression. It wipes out the crazy good throws he had in that game. I mean that first one to Diggs was glorious... He has to play a clean game this week. Or the narrative will follow him.. I
  4. Failed to get that elusive 8th sack.
  5. Practice Squad Injured Reserve. That's a new one for me. Is that a special category to hide someone late in the year?
  6. Last year it was the DC, this year the OC.. getting closer to Harbaugh's head on the chopping block..
  7. I gave my vote to Pederson.. Pretty remarkable turn around there.
  8. Would not shock me at all to see a heavy dose of Mixon and Perine. For all the shoot out potential of this game, I would imagine both teams want to control clock and limit possessions.
  9. All this incessant back and forth about Allen v Burrows needs to stop. They are both talented QBs. Pretty sure this game will be decided by whose DLINE plays better. Both OLINEs are suspect.
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