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  1. That game is an instant classic. In the category of never have I ever.. Never have I ever seen a team give away a game only to get a collossial break and deliver a jaw dropping ending. The TD, NO TD, Redzone INT, subsequent Fumble, Delay of game penalty and then a Zay Jones TD made for incredible TV. I hate, hate, hate the Ravens. So needless to say, I was delighted. That was one of the more entertaining MNF games in recent memory.
  2. Having them lose has many benefits. First it ends their 17-0 discussion.
  3. Cleveland handing it to the Chiefs. Baker looks really, really good.
  4. My aww shucks after thoughts: 1. Pitts DLINE owned the Bills OLINE. So many Bills holding calls accepted or decline based on the results of the play. Watt played a heckuva game. Heyward too. 2. Just about everyone on the Bills seemed off. 3. The blocked punt was the play of the game. 4. Pitts DBs played well, very well. 5. The 4th down call was a curious call. Maybe a half back option, but it never developed and Sutton blew it up from the get. 6. More drops than I can recall with this receiver group. 7. Bills did well to stop the run. Najee learned the hard way he isn't in Alabama anymore. 8. Give Ben his due, he made the plays that Josh could not. 9. Not getting 7 on the opening drive was a harbinger of what was to come. 10. Knox did well today. Probably the only receiver who did not drop a pass. 11. Outside of McKenzie, I think the Bills came out of a very physical game relatively healthy 12. The PI calls were all one way in that game..
  5. The Pitt Dline is legit. Fun game.. Stop the Steelers first drive in the third and stepon their throat. Josh is figuring it out. How bout our D????
  6. Allrighty.... Signing off until half time.. Good luck to our Bills.....
  7. I went to the Stadium for the July 4th fireworks. It was absolute gridlock around the stadium. My thought is the police are out of practice...
  8. What is on his shirt? Can't make out the picture or words although it looks pretty clear he is sporting the F word...
  9. My fearless prediction.. Edmunds gets an INT.. He's so due...
  10. I’m no mathematician, but I think that means it will only rain on Steelers drives.
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