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  1. I'll be there with the whole clan.
  2. I would imagine, giving the opportunity to say it over, McDaniels would not say "more serious". I think we all know he meant paralysis. Just an awful sound bite repeating over and over today though.
  3. I have a hard time believing and independent neurologist cleared him to play if he was concussed. I know what it looked like, but I just can't get there to be concussed and allowed to play. There are too many checks and balances that would need to be betrayed for that to happen. And it was so overt. It's not like it happened and he was hidden away. Coming back on the field when everyone was watching and asking and questioning.. Something ELSE is going on with him.
  4. So YOLO, reading the title, what's a "concession" protocol? Is that when he decides to leave the game? 🙂 or should it be a "confession protocol" where he admits he was concussed? 🙂
  5. 3 weeks in to the AFC East race: Tua knocked out, Mac the Knife knocked out, Wilson knocked out before it started. Crazy..
  6. That looked bad when it happened. My first thought was head, back and hand. I hope he is okay.
  7. The After Blow 1. Tua made the throws when he had to. Waddle got behind the secondary one time and it was the difference in the game. 2. The requiem on this one will be missed opportunities. Missed FG, Gabe in End Zone, End of Half, Milano dropping pick six, etc 3. The Quesenberry holding call was a brutal time to take that. 4. Bills resembling a mash unit. Is anyone left standing after this one? 5. Allen under throwing McKenzie on 4th down was the game. 6. First ever own-team punt block by butt and safety 7. Great game by both teams. The weather definitely played a factor. 8. All the Tua hate in here should go away. He played a decent game. 9. The Noobs in the secondary held up well 10. Moss with a decent run 11. Give the Dolphins credit. They played all day on defense and still won.
  8. The Bills future is now. Today could be, mind you could be, the beginning of the end for our dynamic safety duo. It will be so weird to have a team without them on it.
  9. I had to detach somewhat this week. My thinking went from too bad Jackson got hurt to thank goodness he walked out of hospital. to, wait Hyde went to hospital to, okay Poyer says they’re good to, well at least our safeties are good to, Hyde is not practicing and getting a second opinion to, Oliver, Hyde, Phillips and Jackson ruled out to, Davis looks dinged and Poyer has a toe. But at least Poyer will be out there. to, Hyde is done for season. to this morning and Poyer is out and Gabe and Settle still a game time decision. sheesh. What a terrible week for the Bills players.
  10. So the Tennessee win is turning into one of THE most expensive wins in Team history. It knocked out 3 DBs and a DT and dinged the TE1.
  11. This should be a fun game.
  12. Here’s the slimmest of hopes I’m holding on to. If the Bills are aware Micah’s injury is serious, why didn’t they put him on IR? If it’s long term, why not open a roster spot immediately?
  13. Some time in the last few years most teams have adopted the strategy after winning the toss to put their defense on the field. They all seem to value starting the second half with the ball and potentially double dipping end of first half — start of second. Tennessee did it again on Monday night. Buffalo marched right down the field and scored a TD. Knowing the Bills are likely to move the ball would you change strategy?
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