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  1. I think the whole OBJ saga paints a completely different picture. Same with Landry too. There had to be locker room issues for the team to walk away from him. Guys couldn't wait to get out of the mistake by the lake. While we always talk about toxic locker rooms with out proof, and I am again here, I strongly suspect that this was the case. For the organization to dump their #1 pick, go after a replacement QB with all the negative baggage in the world, accept they would be pilloried by their fellow owners and fan base, and do it anyway, says to me that Baker walked and talked his way out of the franchise. They were past done with him.
  2. Usually the penultimate act before the NFL announces (ultimate act) his future game availability.
  3. Punt god has a computer science, economics and stats degree. Color me more than impressed. The Bills definitely have a type when it comes to players. They not only draft athletes but they draft articulate young men. Everyone that appears in front of a microphone seems to be thoughtful, driven, articulate and oozes character.
  4. Benford looks small next to Elam.
  5. A couple of reactions: 1. The CBA makes this a bit of a cookie cutter process 2. Our early picks were late round picks making their holdouts less likely 3. Bills don't draft divas 4. These guys probably know they are potentially playing in a SB early in their career 5. Reputation of organization, team mates and fans But yeah I agree. I don't think I can remember a team having their entire team sign two weeks after the draft.
  6. Mid way up, upper deck, closest to midfield you can afford. Cheapest seats are upper deck on the ends and tend to be infested with opposing fans. Night game doesn't matter which side. A day game in September you don't want to be on Sun side. A day game afterwards you always want to be on the Sun side.
  7. If true, this would be most acceptable. Things I like: 1. Get LA game out of the way early. And only long road trip of season, 2. Nice time to be playing in Miami avoiding early season steam bath 3. Get @NE done early season. 4. Love facing Miami in Buffalo to end their season hopes. 5. Mid season bye with @NYJ coming out of bye Things I don't like: 1. GB, @KC, @BAL is a gauntlet 2. CLE week 11 all but assures Buffalo sees Watson
  8. Kind of like listening to the elementary school orchestra play... You just have smile your way through it.
  9. So much for Bills v Ravens on Thanksgiving. Personally happy if true since we would be heading to Buffalo for the weekend. I would enjoy watching the Patriots get pasted on SNF after the Bills beat the Lions.
  10. Bills at LA and then a mini bye for Titans v Bills would be ideal I think. Get that long roadie out of the way and then have a nice September night game to launch the home schedule.
  11. I think I would rather play in the dome on Thanksgiving than a night game in Baltimore. Lions are 37-42-2 on Thanksgiving.
  12. It's relatively safe.. Relative to the east side and west side issues. Baltimore is a very dangerous city at night. Day time is fine. Use my rule, don't venture down any street that has no cars on it. We go in the city a lot. Never ever let your guard down. Also be aware that Baltimore folks jaywalk all the time. Watch for people between cars just walking into the road. It's crazy..
  13. There would be no greater cathartic moment in Buffalo Bills history than to rout Tom in the last game of his career, on national television, with a world-wide audience. Football gods. Make it so...
  14. I like the idea of putting Josh there as a decoy. Do it when you want them to burn a timeout. 10 times out of 10 if done sparingly, the defense would call a timeout. And then have him jog off the field laughing.
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