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  1. Shocked LL Bean doesn't sell the double-ply game-day trash bags. Don't forget they have a healthy Corey Davis now. He was a frequent (10) target in that game too. He ended up with 5-85.
  2. I've outfitted and sat through plenty of these games. I just hate it. It's a cold soak that gets right to your bones.. I rather it be colder and snowing.
  3. Tre doesn't travel. Me thinks Wilson will match up with Dane the Trailer.
  4. Crap. Now the weather says 50% chance of rain. High of 42. Cold and wet are brutal to sit through..
  5. LA Rams are hurting at QB too.. Considering how bad their season has gone, might as well sign him for cannon fodder.
  6. Until it's officially not, it's okay. The problem is, it is changing the refs call on momentum stops. Hard to fairly legislate it now. Does feel like it's not in the spirit of the game though
  7. Yep. Driving in day of from Baltimore and staying overnight.. Should be balmy.. Kelce finished first half with zero receptions. That has to be a first. Wonder if something is up... Undisclosed injury, under the weather, something else?
  8. I think this now make 3 out of 5 seasons he has missed time. That can't help his CV.
  9. Nomination for the Most Obscure Analogy reference on a message board... I like it.
  10. They won, but they lost QB1.. So it's hollow..
  11. Paging Mr Wright to the Red, White and Blue courtesy phone.... Incoming urgent message...
  12. AND.. AND.. AND ... Mahommes was limping.... AND... AND... AND... Kelce with critical fumble
  13. Yep.. Too excited.. ALL LOSE...... Merry Christmas to us all
  14. A perfect week. Bills win and Chiefs, Dolphins, Jets and Patriots all lose
  15. Perfect weather day. Weather won’t factor into this outcome.
  16. No brainer. KC. Buffalo has one more shot at Mia. Plus Mia also must travel to Chargers.
  17. I simply don't think it's fair to compare QBs from Kelly's era to QBs in the modern era. If Marino, Elway, Kelly, Favre, Young and Montana didn't take head hunting hits that they did, they could have played much longer.. How many times did Kelly get knocked out of a game? If Allen was exposed to those type of hits, he would be on IR some of the last few seasons shortening his career and numbers. Imagine if KC's Jones was allowed to hit Allen the way Bruce hit QBs... Or imagine if Mahomes was crushed by MIcah Parsons the way Reggie White used to hit Simms. Same thing for the receivers who used to get head hunted by LBs and safeties.
  18. All valid points. Would sure make CeeDee even more dangerous. However, Dallas has lost out on big name free agents. Something is up there. Could it be how they handle Amari Cooper? That still is a head scratcher/
  19. Didn't Saffold come out today and say he would do what it takes to remain in Buffalo next year?
  20. Gotta love OBJ's process. Take a week of wining and dining by NFL frachises as they roll out the good steaks and sushi. Then put an outrageous amount of money on the ask line. When all is said and done, he maybe, and I do mean maybe, gets into 3 games before the playoffs. Two more likely. All the while no one knows if he can even run or is in game shape. OBJ doing his utmost to remind folks that there is not a bigger diva position in all of sports than WR. Hey look at me..
  21. Falsely accused.. Fradulantly fined (I presume)
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