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  1. Not going with my formula this week, just making picks. Oklahoma -12.5 USC -6 Wyoming +21.5
  2. I don't like it. Stand when it's a big play, seems to make the play that's happening "bigger" for the guys on the field. I go to mostly college games, because I'm in Oklahoma and only students stand the whole game. You're 18-21 years old, go for it. When you're 45 years old, it not as much fun to stand for 3 hours. Nothing annoys me more than my entire section sitting and two or three jerks standing causing everything behind them to have to stand.
  3. CFB Top 25 - LINES Week 4 Kent State o/u 62 UGA -45 Vandy o/u 59 Alabama -40.5 Wisconsin o/u 57 Ohio State -19 Maryland o/u 64.5 Michigan -17 Clemson -7.5 Wake Forest o/u 55.5 Kansas State o/u 53 OU -12.5 USC -6 Oregon State o/u 70.5 N. Illinois o/u 53 Kentucky - 26.5 Arkansas o/u 48.5 Texas A&M -2 Florida o/u 62.5 Tennessee -10.5 UConn o/u 49.5 NC State -38.5 Utah -15.5 Arizona State o/u 54 C. Michigan o/u 63.5 Penn State -28 Oregon -6.5 Washington State o/u 56.5 Tulsa o/u 65.5 Ole Miss -21.5 Baylor o/u 45.5 Iowa State -2.5 Stanford o/u 63.5 Washington -13.5 Wyoming o/u 50 BYU -21.5 Texas -7 Texas Tech o/u 61 Rhode Island Pittsburgh - NO LINE Middle Tennessee o/u 53.5 Miami -25.5
  4. You'll never get a straight answer... and later, he will make up what you've said to him. Good luck!
  5. Would Alabama play Oklahoma State and USC the same season non-conference? How about Michigan and then play Oregon? Same year. OU left for the SEC, I don't blame them AT ALL. If Oklahoma State had that chance (which they probably eventually will when we go to like 4 super conferences), I'd bolt in a heartbeat. Why should OSU bend over backwards to schedule OU along with our future games? We have 4 of the next 5 seasons set with non conference. So lets pretend we do add OU every year when our schedule isn't full... here's the non-conference foes: 2025 Oklahoma Oregon Tulsa 2029 Alabama Oklahoma Tulsa 2032 & 33 Arkansas Oklahoma 2034 @ 35 Nebraska Oklahoma 2036 & 37 Oklahoma Colorado No thanks. Does NOTHING for Oklahoma State to schedule Alabama and OU the same year, or Arkansas and OU. Gundy said he could see it happening in 2030, when we only have Tulsa right now. This was a great analogy for this whole thing (and don't get me wrong, I don't want Bedlam to end, but I get why OSU isn't going out of their way to please OU. How it's on the OSU program, it's comical): OU: I'm leaving you for someone else OSU: Fine, bye. OU: Maybe sometimes we can hookup.. like on weekends? OSU: No, bye. OU: I can't believe you're ending this relationship.
  6. Saw the first 3 episodes.... might be the best live action Star Wars show thus far. Pacing isn't very fast but they are developing a story line that seem to be amazing. Can't wait to see more!
  7. I didn't have any issues the past couple of weeks other than every so often, it would give me some weird error. Just had to close and open the app again. BTW: I have the Sunday Ticket via my oldest daughter's college account for $40 a year
  8. ArdmoreRyno


    Growing up in the late 70's/early 80's... I'm a massive Star Wars nerd. In fact, I still collect the vintage toys (mostly MOC's). Being a HUGE fan of Rogue One, I can't wait until Wednesday when Disney releases Andor. LucasFilm/Disney has soooo many talented writers/directors (Dave Filoni, Jon Favreau, Tony Gilroy)... makes no sense to me why they put out junk like Obi-Wan and the sequels. Yes, there were parts of Obi-Wan I really loved, but for the most part it was boring.
  9. I love a nice cold running brook. Geez dude, not for that. BTW: No gun type is mentioned in the 2A... "Arms". You're just playing dumb right now.
  10. Again, I'm not really a Trump fan. I'm a fan of his policies, but not the person. I'd much rather see another get the GOP nomination... but it's HILAROUS to see people like you so triggered and reach for anything. The mindset that people like you have is what we make fun of. Joe Rogan makes fun of, Russel Brand makes fun of... And let me ask: Think that black man is a Nazi? Yes or no?
  11. Yea, that black man in the crowd is a definite Nazi! LOL You leftists' loons reach more than anyone I've ever seen. It's comical.
  12. We should. Get rid of OU sports all together. Damn land thieves.
  13. OU does this at after kickoff during the game. They are all fascists' too. I mean, seriously... OU fans are.
  14. The picks that stood out to me didn't do great this week, 2-5. The one I bet on that really stood out was Texas -11, so I managed to win money. Game looked so easy before it started, not so much after! Should have put money on OU and USC as well.
  15. That's too bad. I really like the guy, thought he'd do great at Arizona State. He's had a winning record every year (minus the short covid season where he went like 2-2) but this season. Not sure if ASU would ever be a powerhouse program. Only 5 seasons of 10 or more wins the past 40+ years. Watched the ASU v OSU game in Stillwater a week ago and they looked decent in the first half.
  16. Not a good week for my formula system... my favorite game that I bet on did cover, somehow (Texas). Didn't look that way for a loooong time. Week 4 will be posted soon. WEEK: 9-10 FEATURED WEEK: 2-5 SEASON: 18-17-1 ATS FEATURED SELECTIONS: 6-7 ATS
  17. If Oklahoma State can build a program that went 0-10-1 (1991, I was there every home game) to a team on the cusp of the CFP (10th most wins in college football since like 2007)... Nebraska can come back to be a dangerous team. Just takes the right coach with the right mindset for the program (Saban, Gundy, Dabo, Fitzgerald, etc.)
  18. Maybe... if our team had another tragedy take place the same day of the game like we did before the Iowa State game. OSU lost 2 coaches (head coach and assistant basketball coach) in a plane crash the DAY OF THE FOOTBALL GAME. I know Justin Blackman's family pretty well. His sister graduated with my oldest daughter at Plainview (OK). I know Warren (his dad) and mother, who teaches at Ardmore public schools (I'm a school counselor at the HS). That seriously hit the team, hard. They were VERY close to the basketball team and the coaches. So sure, it's possible. But that year, the OSU snub, was a main reason we have the 4 team playoff today... and it's why I'm 100% fore an even more expanded playoff system. LSU averaged 37 ppg that year, had a sub-20 points against Miss State as well... but they were two TOTALLY different offenses. OSU wasn't a run first offense like LSU. We threw it. A lot. We had the two time Biletnikoff Award winner (IMO, the best WR to play in 25 years in college) and our offenses put up scores of 70, 66, 61, 59 and 52 that year. The biggest issue (besides we will never know) is there was a chance to see a team who was a "in the trench" team (LSU) vs the Big XII "Air raid" team and they put another boring game... a rematch... in the final. No, OSU would have played Alabama in the semi-finals. We were barely 3rd place... 0.086 behind Alabama.
  19. Yes, ND scored 28 points in the first half. They were practically shut down in the 2nd. And they wouldn't have beat UGA last year. I'm not saying that, but they would have been able to hang with them. Both teams would have put on a defensive show.
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