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  1. Wrong forum. Try over at Auburn Undercover, a/k/a Inside the Auburn Tigers. Regarding Alabama, they love them some conspiracy theories.
  2. Somehwere Dick Jauron is laughing hysterically. Ok, no he his not. Skelator is unable to express emotion. I can understand the theory, but it's not like the guys from the 70's didn't suffer long lasting health conditions themselves. You will never eliminate illegal contact. However, stopping the play as soon as the ball carrier touches the ground, touched or untouched, will reduce the number of hits they do take.
  3. That "dead leg" move of his ... It's like you're psychic. I don't suppose you have the winning Lotto numbers and are willing to share ......
  4. I don't think the committee will put 2 teams from the same conference again unless its pretty clear the 2nd conference team is just plain better than anybody else. I miss the BCS days. Far more simpler.
  5. Haven't you heard, Bill? All Saban needs to do is snap his fingers, and 10 20 30 50 teams will line up looking to play them. Some of those teams will even pay Bama to play them.
  6. You are right. He does nothing but lie. It's not like he has repeatedly stated his desire to play other big name schools/P5 teams since he came to Alabama.
  7. I get the business aspect of this, but it is still BS. It was a legal hit, and Brady did not even complain about it. https://www.miamiherald.com/sports/spt-columns-blogs/barry-jackson/article235240412.html
  8. I went with Brian just because. No love for Dave Evans, the original lead singer? Fun fact: Brian Johnson has not written a lyric for ACDC in 30 years.
  9. https://247sports.com/college/mississippi-state/Article/Former-Mississippi-State-coach-Jackie-Sherrill-is-vindicated-in-NCAA-matters-133738210/ Another investigation led by Rich Johanningmeier that turned out to be full of BS. Who is Rich Johanningmeier ? https://www.miaminewtimes.com/news/ncaa-probe-of-um-more-flawed-than-you-know-6391354 At least the SOB is now retired.
  10. You definitely fall into the "build some parking decks and widen a couple of roads. Eazy peazy" mentality. You trying to equate the issues of Pilot Field (17k seating) and KeyBank (20k seating) to the issues of a 65k seat stadium is stunningly ignorant. Building the stadium is only one part of the problem. Having the infrastructure in place to support it is a completely different issue. Prior to the separate football and baseball stadiums in downtown Cleveland, that city had this building call Cleveland Stadium that had a seating capacity of 80k. Neither of the present stadiums seat that many people. The transition to 2 smaller stadiums was easier when the infrastructure was already in place to handle 80k. Pilot Field did not cause a transportation "crisis" because the Aud already existed. The infrastructure to support a stadium the size of Pilot Field was already in place. The new football stadium will not be 20k. It will be in the 60-65K area. 3 times larger. There is nothing in the downtown area that big now. You think your secret parking area near Fountain Square will still be a secret when an additional 40k people are looking for parking?
  11. I agree with all of this. You just do not drop a 60-65k seat stadium into the downtown area where nothing of that size presently exits now, and think some parking decks and widening a couple of roads will be all that's needed. If we assume the economy improves and there is population growth, so will the demand for real estate and housing. Land acquisition will become even more problematic.
  12. Two things stand out to me: 1) "... when two things became clear to the Cuomo administration: The Bills had no interest in a new stadium, and the county had already determined that a new stadium in downtown would not work for a host of financial and logistical reasons. " I wonder if these reasons still exist today. 2) " Poloncarz said then-Bills President Russ Brandon told him that penalty ultimately kept many prospective owners – Poloncarz knew of about 10 – from placing bids on the Bills when Wilson died in March 2014. " Without that relocation fee, the Bills were good as gone upon Wilson's death.
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