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  1. Cochran is not going anywhere, especially to Ole Miss with Kiffin. If Cochran leaves, UGA would be one of the first teams knocking on his door.
  2. Yes. It was an Auburn girl that outed Lane for using Joey Fishwater.
  3. That's the latest rumor - https://www.saturdaydownsouth.com/ole-miss-football/reports-ole-miss-nearing-deal-with-lane-kiffin/
  4. I prefer the college rule for overtime. I prefer the 2 feet in for pro, 1 foot for college. Just one of the those instances that differentiates between amateur and pro. Same goes for pass interference: spot of foul for the pros, 15 yard cap for college. I like the college concept when a player goes down, he's down, regardless if he was downed by contact. Get rid of the playoffs at the college level, at least at the FBS level. Go back to the BCS, or just just play the bowl games at the end of the year. The disparity of talent and resources from the big schools to the small schools, and from the P5 conferences to the G5 conferences makes any attempt to "fix the problem" a waste of time. I suppose you can prove this? Or is this just the usual BS fan speculation/fantasy?
  5. The SEC office schedules all in conference games a few years in advance. "...they're almost always beyond awful teams." If only scheduling OOC games were as simple as you think it is.
  6. I'm fine with blowouts. I rather enjoyed watching Bama stomping ND back in 2013. But it was those NC blowouts, along with the Boise States not getting a fair shot, that the cries for a CFB playoff became intensified. Because we needed a playoff to "fix the problem". I am fine with going back to the BCS or to the bowl games and polls. Either one works for me.
  7. Probably longer than it would have under the NCAA.
  8. Take it further. Create a new NCAA football division with just the P5 conferences and teams. Cap the number of teams allowed per conference (14 for instance). All out of conference games must be played against another P5 team. No dipping down to the G5 level, or worse, FCS level, for OOC games. No independents. They can play with the G5 teams. The only way for a program to move from the G5 to P5 level is via a conference invite. This NCAA rule already exists for programs looking to move from division 2 to the FCS.
  9. The NCAA has no control over the post season for FBS football.
  10. Depends on when you are talking about. The original whining about expanding from 4 to 8 team playoffs was due to the semi final games being blowouts. However, nobody could justify how adding even weaker teams to the mix would make the semi final games more competitive. So the whining has now shifted for an 8 team playoff because it would be more "fair". Face the reality. There is no way to make the system "Fair". Every attempt to "fix the problem" has failed, and only increased the whining and crying.
  11. Not the first time 2 teams that met in the regular season faced each other in a championship game. In 2017, UGA lost to Auburn in the regular season, and UGA curb stomped Auburn in the SEC championship game. The Big 12 has a championship game. That's why Baylor is playing OU again.
  12. A well deserved fluke. But don't shed a tear for Auburn. An Auburn grad did create the People's National Championship after that season, and shockingly, awarded the very first People's National Championship to Auburn. Tubby had the university order up National Championships rings.
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