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  1. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Bla, bla, bla the party you support is funded by PACS and corps that then receive the State spending in this Supply side economics that just turns around and gives said fortune 500 and PACS the money back in Stimuluses. but you desperately try to pivot to any other topic. Utilizing the binding agreements in the spending packages to gain more control of sectors of the economy/means of production. Supply side is amazing for moving wealth from the bottom four quintiles, directly to the top quintile. And helps to monopolize sectors through institutional ownership of public corps. what do you call it when 95% of the fortune 500 is owned by the same small hand full of Institutional investors.
  2. Damn. I hope he is medically OK. I thought for sure these new accounts were just him utilizing AI, so they don't read like a child wrote them.
  3. Its pathological at this point. same with the way they project what they are doing, by accusing others. its nuts. But I guess all the BS noise is better than reporting/discussing the horrific results of Bidens domestic and foreign platforms, that she will just continue. Awesome link red bird. explains a lot.
  4. It's about Harris. No matter how much the farm and MSNBC wants to make it about the orange dude, race and sex. Does she party with hunter?
  5. This is a thread about k Harris? Still waiting for the left to show off those amazing accomplishments of hers. She was tasked with the border. Anyone else reading the news about Southwest key?
  6. Lmao how you guys are now in unison playing the victim of mean words when you have been calling everyone not a dem, the most vile and insulting terms possible. Defiant l is having a field day with the hypocrisy of that narrative.
  7. Same voices just switched up in unison. And are all attacking any opposing views as racist or sexist. It's not a cult
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