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  1. I went to the “Heat Game” two years ago with my wife and some friends. We made it a 5 day vacation and stayed on Miami Beach a bit north of South Beach at the Fontainebleau. It was a fun vacation but pretty pricey in that area. Outside of going to the game, we treated it more of a beach vacation rather than doing Bills backers type stuff. We were also fortunate enough to be sitting on the shade side and a bit further up. Tua went down like a feather when Milano grazed him.
  2. Looks like the Bills on the outside; drafts like the Jills on the inside.
  3. He sure had a killer cut in instinct
  4. This should steal away some viewership from the yule log channel.
  5. I watched it when it first came out, then rewatched it last week because it kept coming up as the top suggestion on Netflix and its been a few year now. As far as the age topic and the perception from that, I was in kindergarten for the first superbowl appearance. Experiencing those four years as an elementary school kid, it made me feel that it was just a normal thing for the Bills to be in the superbowl, let alone the playoffs. Fast forward a few years when I understood the sport a bit better then understand what the achievement those years really meant. Then just to be hit with the drought soon after was a real punch to the face.
  6. I thought that was with the bartender.
  7. I heard he’s planning to sneak in and out through the back door.
  8. Perfect, they designed it so one could piss and puke simultaneously.
  9. I was at the Bills/Chargers game when the weather balloon knocked the power out to the stadium (2008 I think). I just finished in the bathroom and my friend was in line a little bit back. I went to grab us some beer and the power went out while he was still I there. Needless to say, he said when it went out it was no holds barred in there.
  10. I’ll start to get excited when we see images of the first trough being installed in the men’s room.
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