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  1. And it would have already been turned over to a competing construction firm.
  2. Does Shredd and Ragan still read the Niagara Falls police blotter every Monday morning? This will make a good one.
  3. The chemicals seep out of the ground and people do some crazy stuff over there.
  4. https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/38943436/bills-dion-dawkins-rips-disrespectful-jets-tunnel-spat Short article with Dawkin's comments on what happened. His low key trash talking is pretty funny: "Like, there's a lot of emotional guys over there, very emotional guys. Even their D-line coach -- very emotional, unmanly. So, very emotional guy."
  5. I'm sure he would be well received by the Dawg Pound.
  6. I can see some crazy scenario that comes down to Burrow throwing a 4th and long TD pass to Boyd that knocks Cleveland out and get us in the last wild card spot.
  7. Oh, there ain't no rest for the wicked Money don't grow on trees I got bills to pay I got mouths to feed There ain't nothing in this world for free I know I can't slow down I can't hold back Though you know I wish I could Oh, no there ain't no rest for the wicked Until we close our eyes for good
  8. Ten seconds left Until midnight Nine chances to drown ourselves In black hair dye Eight faces turned away From the shock Seven windows and six of them Were locked Five stories falling Forever and ever Three cheers to the mirror Now there are two of us Can we have one last dance?
  9. Did anyone else read that to themselves using the Borat voice?
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