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  1. lol baker reading, that’s why he spends hours in the Cheesecake Factory parking lot
  2. maybe... I dunno I like harbaugh as a coach, not sure why but I want them to lose badly
  3. I dunno why but I want the chiefs to destroy the ravens
  4. With Knox hurt he could fill in as TE. It’s obvious that the FO isn’t sold on him at QB hence the drafting of Fromm. Move Josh to TE and put Fromm at QB!!
  5. I agree, I was more talking about the league as a whole though, with scoring being up
  6. Anyone think no fans impacts this at all? There is no real home field advantage atm
  7. yeah right after the half where LA made adjustments and we went down and scored. The turnovers is what allowed them back in the game as well as our defense. We don’t turn the ball over, no comeback for the rams. We do a better job stopping the run, and rams don’t have a shot either. McVay did a good job not panicking and stuck with the run even when behind. Edmunds did not have a good game in regards to stopping the run, would over pursue and the rb would just cut back. We also had no pass rush in the second half
  8. I remember it from the old bbmb, was one of those names that stuck out. But nice deflection from giving Josh protein 😄
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