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  1. I just finished watching it a month or so again, I watched a few episodes back when it was originally on but didnt have HBO at the time so would only catch a few when over at my buddies place. They had people over for the last episode and I saw the go black thing and was like wtf, glad I didnt watch it lol Knowing the ending was the go black, I finally brought myself around to watching it when we got HBO Max. Personally, I didn't think he died then. Maybe because I am an optimist, maybe its because of dont stop believing playing lol. If he did die, I dont think it was the
  2. I voted for Zaven, helps our defense, and I just have a hunch that even if we pick up option year 5 for tremaine I cant imagine we would want to have that much money tied up into the lb position long term, so this would give us some time to groom. I see him as a fit like Lorax was for us
  3. Probably trying to add value to it. I already had Hulu and got Disney + for the kiddos, so the bundle basically throws in ESPN+ for free.
  4. Man DMX gets me so pumped when listening to him. Was very sad to hear this
  5. Sick dude! Would be cool if you could get buddy to sign it to though prob wouldn’t want to take it out of the frame
  6. Lol Scoooop worked for whenever he did something great or head scratching
  7. Not meaning to detail the thread, but I have a buddy who likes to collect sports memorabilia etc. He asked me if I would like a scoop autographed pic, I said sure but I wouldn’t enter in one of those random auctions for a lot for him. He said he wouldn’t do more than like $5 or $10. Welp he ended up winning it and mailed it to me and it arrived today (he didn’t charge me anything btw, such a good friend) He also snuck in an autographed TO pic of when he was with the bills
  8. Do you really love Lamp? Or are you just picking out free agent guards and saying you love them?
  9. Where did you get these stats from?
  10. More targets typically means you are going to have fewer ypc as it’s not likely every target is going to be deep which will bring the average down. Nevertheless we will have a better idea if Darnold’s lackluster career so far was his fault as well as the Jets dumpster fire wearing off on him or not. We saw what happened when Tannehill left Gase, and it certainly is possible Darnold could have that type of resurgence. I just don’t see it.
  11. Awesome for who? He caught 40 more passes and 300 more yards this last season than his best with Sam
  12. I was thinking about that game too! I think it was the first game someone had an int return for a td and kick off return for td.
  13. Gives us some depth in the center of the zone and now with Swider we got shooters too. Hope Guerrier returns now.
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