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  1. I am surprised we havent got a poster to come in and say they dont like pizza
  2. Basin Pontillos is by far the best pontillos.That being said I have always been a J&L’s guy
  3. This is a great point, I dont think its possible to have a bad outer crust and a good bottom, any one ever had this? If not, I think we can simplify the question to does a good crust make or break a pizza
  4. Which pizza do you prefer? The one with the better crust? I believe thats the crux of the argument.
  5. You sure this is HighFootballIQ? I didnt see anything about being concerned lol
  6. All I know now is I want some pizza for lunch. A follow up question, do you dip your slice of pizza into bleu cheese? I do
  7. I think Oliver said he could have ran a 4.6 40 if he thought it would have mattered (something along those lines), thats insane
  8. When I was a kid, to prevent anyone else from getting the end pieces, I would make a sandwich with both ends. Was kind of a pain to get the other end, but if I couldnt have it, no one else could lol
  9. You ever make a sandwich with two end pieces??
  10. First, as if those are the only two options lmao. If Trump loses in 2020 it wont be some great awakening on the American public. He won big in the electoral vote, but the margins were very slim in those swing states, and that was the worst candidate in history he was going up against. Second, the democrats, by not having Hillary run, by default should do better. The real question is, how many people has Trump been able to sway since he has been in office and with this booming economy? As for the second or part, stop being so afraid and stop lumping all the people who support our president into one group. The majority of the people would expect him to do as the others before him did (well minus the spying on the party's opposition and the sabotaging of the incoming admin)
  11. I cant stand ABC, mainly bc the wife used to watch GMA in the morning and watching Stephanopolous (sp?) and the spin he would put on things was gross.
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