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  1. I watch college basketball mostly, watch the nba during playoffs usually, but they are in a tough spot with this one
  2. the interview was on his show the day before, so he didn’t feel the need to make the guy look bad again is all, so he did show his viewers
  3. About half way through this so far, some notes: interestingly he refers to the southern manifesto as being passed by southern congressman not democrats I am not particularly interested in the brown v. board era stuff as that has already been acknowledged and people in my opinion are in agreement that this stuff was wrong and have tried to change that Not sure I agree with his stance about the drug wars, don't want to be busted for drugs which causes all communities harm, don't buy or sell them. Were the harsher penalites for drugs associated with blacks unfair, I agree, but cant get busted for drugs if you abstain Further along notes: he acknowledges no explicit racism in justice system anymore (progress, also means system is adapting) militarizing the police, but he doesn't offer reasons as to why really, I would imagine this has to deal with the way the drug cartels were adapting to more pressure Would also like some sourcing of his statistics, could be cherry picking as well, picks specific cities and areas I am in agreement that we do need police reform and prison reform, across the board 2 minutes left roughly finally gets back to his housing income point and ends it with a minute left looking sad (I LOL'd sorry) I feel like he left some things out that also contribute, like fatherless homes etc. Also didn't like that he proposed no solutions. Household values are tied to property value, crime certainly reduces those numbers which would have an impact, are we over targeting these areas? is there any community responsibility/accountability in there? I didn't really see him bring up any data from since after I was born (1985) about keeping blacks from moving to white neighborhoods. Another question, living in urban areas is less likely to have home ownership no?
  4. I was wondering why someone would make a thread about the wrestler who was paralyzed by DLO, then I realized that was Droz not Draz. such drama around these parts these days
  5. this may already be on an actual list https://www.google.com/amp/s/variety.com/2020/film/news/gone-with-the-wind-problem-films-forrest-gump-1234640666/amp/
  6. Didnt they have the same amount of ints last year?
  7. Like the video game? I woulda figured you‘d have went with someone from a different game, raiden perhaps? Or who was that guy who was the movie star in that game..... lol
  8. So I’ve been away for a bit, when did this guy show up?
  9. soooooo Firefly funhouse match, amazing! I am obviously biased though 😁
  10. Didn't see a thread started but us "marks" enjoy discussing what is going on in the world of wrestling so I figured we could have a place to talk about that here Any thoughts on whats shaping up for a good Wrestlemania season? Do you prefer raw or smackdown? Fast lane is this Sunday, goes Owens retain? Who are your favorites and what rumors Do you hear?
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