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  1. I think it may go back further than that, I wanna say New England game?
  2. I don’t mind the flops from Allen, I think seeing how successful he is with drawing the call will make defenders think a little bit before hitting him. Edmunds really played well after that first series from Baltimore. I though our offensive line had a fantastic game, especially Dawkins Also want to give @YoloinOhioprops for calling out before the game Dobbins propensity for drops great write up @Virgil 👍
  3. Tied the bills record with most sacks in the playoffs. Tied Talley and Bruce. And obviously less games than them, I say yes
  4. thats just the camera angle. Ball wasn’t tipped. Jackson’s pass goes to the left of his hand
  5. naked gun 2 1/2 as well as airplane 2
  6. that example they use in the video I have not seen him throw like that in the pros. Perhaps his injury has slowed him down on that regard
  7. The key for us to win the game (imo obviously) is to force the colts into 3rd and longs (7 and longer). This way we can show pressure (we dont have to blitz every time just enough to make him think we are) looks and force Rivers to have to check it down and we can make the tackle before the sticks. He wont want to get sacked and he cant really move so he will try and get the ball out quick. This also means we need tackle well. How our defense does against them on 1st down (cant force them into 3rd and long giving up 7 yards on 1st) will determine how close this game is.
  8. So they could draft a qb and let him sit and learn behind Tua 😄
  9. Bobby Johnson our ol coach may have some inside info perhaps plus we know Hughes will still want to show Indy up
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