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  1. Is this from the same place Dareus had a video of him taken at?
  2. Not what I was expecting, but fantastic nonetheless!!
  3. Not to mention we were just favored by 10 over the redskins and covered....
  4. Any excitement I had has been taken out back and shot
  5. I’m just excited to watch some cuse b-ball!
  6. ah I guess I didn’t catch that watching it live as it looked to me like gore was running to the right and cutting back middle that I just assumed it was either Feliciano ford/Nsekhe guys
  7. Surprised Dawkins was graded so low, he had a nice block on Singletary td run and don’t remember too many issues from his side in the game
  8. What about Seattle? though that could be a bad situation for him with weed being legal there
  9. Yeah Im thinkin this makes sense, if he is excited its gotta be a team in playoff contention, has a good offense/qb.
  10. Cleveland? that would be funny Also, dont think we got him
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