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  1. This game we should have won by even more, they got their ***** together in the second half though. Edwards was battling through some issues with handing the ball. Girard had a great game and Mintz came on in the 2nd (two missed dunks tho…..) also thought Benny Williams played some good minutes. Bell did not have his shot today but kept grinding
  2. He has been really good and should only be getting better, one of my faves on the team so glad they locked him in
  3. So you can do online play for switch but not xbox?
  4. This is amazing news I will have to get on this, thanks!
  5. Is Benny Williams done at Cuse? I keep reading stuff about how he wasnt at the last game
  6. Didnt care for much of their other stuff, but I loved the album Smash by The Offspring
  7. That second period was the best they looked all year
  8. I liken the shut down of the BBMB to the Montreal Screwjob
  9. 10 Gold Gloves and over 400 homers, I mean he deserves it more than Rolen
  10. Also on the UNC missed free throw, Bacot pushes Hima in the back which is why he doesn’t get the rebound and no call there either.
  11. What an awful ending to this game
  12. I think this last years draft was good but the Rousseau draft doesn’t look good at all
  13. I’m hoping they realized this and were slowly going to make the change. Dan Jackson should not see the field and next year and we need to get faster at safety
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