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  1. I am also a big fan of the Kumerow one against Denver where it shows off his arm strength
  2. Why they're here: Buffalo has been a clinic in roster building that I believe teams in all sports should admire. GM Brandon Beane and coach Sean McDermott laid the foundation of their culture while meticulously gathering playmakers. Their conviction on a raw but massively talented quarterback in Josh Allen in the 2018 draft paid off, with Allen's rise matched by a roster littered with talent. -- Yates Biggest worry: The 2021 draft selections on the defensive line of Greg Rousseau and Boogie Basham have to be big hits for Beane and McDermott if they want to knock the Chiefs off the AFC thr
  3. The weekend before last, the wife and I took the two kiddos down to fifth and broadway here in Nashville for lunch and to walk around the city a bit. This guy and girl (I assumed they were boyfriend and girlfriend) walked out of one of the stores and were decked from head to toe in bills gear. I shouted GO BILLS! I think I caught them off guard as they looked startled at first but then they said it back. I didnt have my Bills hat on like I normally do so they may have thought I was weird lol
  4. I like how the quotes that they are giving sync up with the plays they were referring to. Thanks for sharing
  5. Yeah I think it is either AMC or A&E I always get them mixed up but they are real good. I also like the one they do about the WWE Treasures where they go into the history of specific items and try and buy them from collectors to put into their warehouse where I think eventually they will make it into a museum.
  6. Per article on ESPN regarding the bail denial: The records state he was denied bail but a spokesman for the Redmond (Washington) Police Department told ESPN that is standard procedure for suspects in a domestic violence incident until they can appear before a judge. https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/31816786/richard-sherman-arrested-domestic-violence-charge-denied-bail Also: The spokesman, who would not confirm the name of the person taken into custody, said a 911 call from the residence was received at 2 a.m. PT. The person calling said that a
  7. I remember this day clearly because my son who was a year and half got up and was screaming and yelling with me in joy though he didn’t really know why lol
  8. Jeremiahs (the one off culver) was another good one, the one in penfield is hit or miss Man it’s making me want wings now lol crazy how TN can make amazing hot chicken sandwiches but wings are sub par
  9. Ah the old macgregors! I grew up off mason and my family would go there all the time. I live in Tennessee (work remote for same employer tho) now so don’t get the good wing selection anymore that I used to have up there
  10. Lol same, I worked at the end of garnsey and would go there for lunch think it was Thursday I could get 50 cent wings. got ghost one time as I like spicy and yeah good going down but after not so much
  11. RIP orndorff, great wrestler and one tough dude
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