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  1. I like smores best, but also am a fan of the brown sugar cinnamon
  2. For about a month, the scientists beamed up millions of photons from their ground station in Tibet to the low-orbiting satellite. They were successful in more than 900 cases. Hopefully they have a way to increase those odds
  3. I do have a pair of boat shoes, but dont know where they are in the house. They got packed up when we moved a couple years ago
  4. I like sandals, have had a couple pair of birks, also have a pair of nike ones with a gel cushion which are super comfortable. Cant stand flip flops though, the ***** in between my toes is too uncomfortable
  5. I actually thought that was who this thread was about until I saw the first if you can dodge a wrench comment lol
  6. I am going to tell myself that Josh had some sort of crush on Selena Gomez and that is why he likes Justin Bieber, bc he wanted to be him for that........
  7. I think the whole political thing is overblown somewhat. The reporter asked Rapinoe a question knowing what she would answer, to generate this response. It's not like it was a shock that she said what she said, this was all hyped up by the media for the most part. OTOH, she could have handled her response with a little more class.
  8. One time during the summer years in high school I was at my buddies house, and we had just smoked a ton. I went to make one of those red baron personal pizzas in the microwave, and wondered why it wasnt working, after getting frustrated, I looked at the time and saw it was later than I thought and ran home. Turns out I had changed the time on the microwave instead of setting the time to cook.
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