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  1. so you are saying there’s a Carolina connection eh?? It’s gotta happen now then
  2. pretty badass to go over and train with israeli defense force
  3. https://www.bostonherald.com/2020/03/17/patriots-signing-free-agent-wr-damiere-byrd-to-1-year-deal/
  4. and there is a Kansas City in Kansas. But on the thought of the anti trump sentiment, that was already there last time around, if anything its more likely to be less this go around
  5. He gets to keep them as trophies, although he may be better off trying to turn them into samoa cookies, if hes lucky maybe the girl scouts will give him a two for one deal
  6. Thank god I wont have to see any more of his ads!
  7. Just got notification that Bloomberg suspends his campaign
  8. Thanks, we are excited. It was literally the one worry my wife had about moving down there, tornadoes (she has family in Huntsville and they get hit a lot). The stuff I have seen has been bad, death toll was up to 22 last I saw, with at least 150 people missing
  9. Moving down there end of April, wife is there with the kids already staying with my parents who moved there this last fall. They are all safe thankfully. Only the third tornado ever to hit downtown Nashville
  10. you are almost there, the thread hasnt been shutdown therefore........
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