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  1. Just finished watching this, it was a great trip down memory lane for me. The commercials, the Pepsi point promotion, two friends and I saved up all of the points we could find to buy stuff. Then when my one friend left for the summer for Oklahoma, we split the points just between us and bought stuff lol I remember riding bikes to buy Pepsi big slams at the convenient store close by and getting excited about any bigger than normal points. The nostalgia made me like it more than maybe I should, I did find it informative as I wasn’t really aware of it at my age then
  2. I think the constant pressure, especially this early in the season, wore us down, even more so with an overtime game the night before. We got tired and stopped moving our feet imo
  3. Girard followed up one of his best games with one of his worst
  4. That was a great game by jg3, prob his best at Cuse. He kept the team in it in the first half. Started to get Edwards involved more at the end and we finally pulled away. Defense finished out the half and OT strong Judah is going to be really good
  5. I do get kinda annoyed when they refer to 0 as nil lol
  6. Yeah I dont know how much of a better plan it was where if it wasnt for a really dumb challenge on Bale in the box, the US walks out winners
  7. Love to see us playing the possession game. It always drove me nuts in the past where we get dominated in that. Hard to win and score if you dont have the ball.
  8. Wife had me doing stuff around the house which caused me to miss the about half of the first quarter. I made sure to record so I could catch up. Got caught up after the bills first field goal. Browns responded with theirs to make it 10-3. At this time I realized I was wearing a Syracuse Orange hoody, and orange is one of the Browns colors. Took that hoody off and the rest is history
  9. I am hoping that is more because they are freshman and used to being the go to guy in high school. Now they have to learn to play more as a team, including defense
  10. I get its hard to beat a team who shoots that well and that many 3s, but the offense looked atrocious. They need to get Edwards involved early and it will open up everything else.
  11. They had delta 9 and delta 10 gummies here as well, what is the difference between them (you seem more in tune with it than I)? It seems they are in the loophole as well.
  12. I heard the issue is half the team thinks Vision Quest is awful, but they are too afraid to tell McD making their interactions awkward.
  13. Agreed but my expectations werent that high this year so maybe I see things through a different lens. I am more interested to see how we respond after this brutal stretch of the schedule and get some of our defensemen back. Carolina, Tampa, Vegas and Boston without our best dmen is tough enough, then couple that with our inexperienced players and you get the results we got, stealing one of those games would have been nice but I wasnt (or am not in Bostons case) expecting it. And I think we can say we are done with the Comrie experiment. The Arizona game was some flukely bs that sometimes happens in hockey. It is good to see our PP doing well though and Tage seems to be proving last year wasnt a fluke. Would like to see more out of players like Tuch and Skinner moving forward
  14. They clearly looked like the better team (Buffalo), Arizonas goals all came on flukely bs (Power play off the wall hits his skate and goes right in front of the goal, two were off of our own defenders and into the net), we just couldnt generate offense consistently enough to overcome the bad bounces, very unfortunate
  15. Mintz being a scorer at the pg spot is something this team has needed for a long time it seems. It helps having a big like Edwards as well. Mintz allows us to move JG3 to sg where he is better suited. Our forwards were not the best but one thing I liked seeing from them was their willingness to rebound (another thing we have not been the best at, could that be due to the zone though?). If we mix up man vs zone defense with how we work the 2-3, I feel like we can keep the opponents off balance more which will only help. Will have to see how we look against the ACC competition but we should be much better off than last year
  16. I was really hungover from Saturday, I feel like my hangover got passed on to the Bills. Sorry folks
  17. Hockey is so much better when it’s not ESPN announcers
  18. Oh no this isn’t like that, it has to do with where they extract the thc from. You can get thc from hemp and weed that is the same. Getting it from hemp is legal in Tennessee but not from marijuana. see if things like delta 8: Delta-8 tetrahydrocannabinol, also known as delta-8 THC, is a psychoactive substance found in the Cannabis sativa plant, of which marijuana and hemp are two varieties. Delta-8 THC is one of over 100 cannabinoids produced naturally
  19. It’s interesting here in Tennessee that while weed is illegal you can still get gummies and things like that at stores as they are made from the hemp part of the plant and is a loophole in the law here
  20. Horrible second half, McD will have ***** to keep them hungry for next week at least. Glad we got the W though
  21. Im surprised we don’t have a user on TBD at this point whose name is MossAndA5th
  22. Mintz, Williams and Edwards look great so far, boeheim seems to be in Williams ear all game.
  23. It wasn’t about the scoreboard more that they had 10 turnovers in the first half and there was a stretch where they had 5 in 5 minutes
  24. I dunno, I blacked out and then this was here LET ME IN
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