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  1. Braves fan here as you know Gugny, and after being beaten by the Phillies (they are getting hot right now) I was rooting for Padres then Phils in the NL and the Guardians in the AL. So I guess process of elimination leaves me to be rooting for the Phillies in the WS. I guess I am happy if the Braves dont win, that neither the Yankees or Doyers are
  2. Somehow this turned into a dome debate for the bills stadium. I moved down to TN outside Nashville 3 years ago and am excited about this, they are supposed to be building up a whole area around it If it is anything like the battery in Atlanta it will be amazing
  3. The first one was my least favorite, I liked the second and third but the second felt season specific or team specific whereas Benny the butchers felt like it can be played for whatever team so I went with that
  4. But Mac Jones was #85 in nfl top 100!!! 😂😂😂
  5. All guarantees stay with the team that signed the deal, which is what creates dead cap, they don’t transfer to the bills
  6. For the panthers, not if he is traded to us. No dead cap for the team he is traded to
  7. There were two other games as well, so outside of the one where we won, we got out slow imo, first time we only scored 17, then afc championship we only had 15 points through 3 quarters. 13 seconds game we had 14 points til almost the end of the 3rd Q. We need to do better, the one game we won we scored early and often
  8. We know Josh has seen Spagnuolo's defense a few years now, but we have yet to see Dorsey call a game against him. I am interested to see if he makes some changes. I always felt Spag's had a good plan against Daboll (he knew the new england style offense well) and slowed us down to start and Daboll was slow to adjust. If we can get out of the gate fast, I think that could be the key.
  9. Chris Carter started it, then they kicked him out and kept his segment
  10. I wish we had access to that still, I dont remember to be honest. But who could forget that gem!
  11. Its more of a similar style of defense they are going up against. Their pass rush is legit and I think will cause Stafford problems. If they (Dallas) can score over 20 points I think they can win
  12. I remember thinking when McD first came here and we were trying to figure out who he would draft in the first round, that he wasn't going to use a first on a DB as in Carolina and other places he made the lower rounds DBs play really well. Then we took Tre lol
  13. If I remember correctly he did it because he was upset with how he left the browns? Yep, still amusing that the team name of the Browns has to go on the road and play in his stadium to me. Why the disagree on my comment though?
  14. And yet Cincy is the one the plays in Paul Brown stadium lol
  15. I saw one on Dane as well, thought it was number 30 anyway, guy grabbed his shoulder pad after he was already but and held it forever it seemed, no call
  16. Wrestlers are taught to do this when taking bumps so this doesn’t happen, it doesn’t seem far fetched for this info to be relayed to qbs
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