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  1. Love Bill Burr! The video clips they chose to go with his quotes are well done
  2. His slap shot is ridiculous as well, I thought I remember a stat that he had a couple of the top spots for fastest ones recorded this year? His goal on the PP this last game was beautiful
  3. That game just felt like everything was going wrong for Cuse and despite that still pulled it out With Edwards and JG3 leaving after this year, I expect Taylor and Bell to get much more PT next year. Heck Taylor and Bell both played a decent amount last game, I particularly think Taylor's confidence is growing and you can see it in his play
  4. Osu blew it twice in the 4th, had a chance to go up two scores and takes a sack. After watching that field goal just get over the cross bar and the way things were going at the end, when stroud scrambled to the 30 ish, I said they need to get closer. I though it was basically a given since they had the timeout, but they blew it again by not getting any closer there
  5. If you ever watch his GMFB spots, he doesnt even answer those questions! I laugh because he wouldnt even give them an answer on how he likes his wings 😄
  6. Gesicki at the end says he’s glad Knox got paid and he’s glad that they are actually using him, sounds like some subtle shade thrown at the staff in miami
  7. UPL kept that lead for us and refused to allow Vegas back in the game after we went up 3-0, lets hope its a sign of things to come, should be a big boost to his confidence
  8. What a third period AND a shut out!
  9. Aw man! Would have been so much funnier if it was, but yes still pretty funny
  10. Cuse was moving the ball real well, and our best teams have always been when we play inside out and we are doing that now Mintz is starting to figure it out, he was really good as well as Edwards
  11. Argentina is lucky the dude that kicked the ball at the bench didn’t get his second yellow and ejected, would have changed the whole lot of extra time
  12. Dumb mistake by skinner cost us the extra point, but was good to see us battle til the end.
  13. Choke job by Brazil, take the lead in extra time and lose
  14. what is the difference between very good and great? Is that what we are debating here? lmao
  15. Does this suck? Yes. Is it the end of the world? No The over reactions on here are ridiculous
  16. This game was how I envisioned them playing this year, Edwards down low and outside shooting from girard
  17. I am not local, but I believe if you are you can watch on regular TV
  18. Blew another third period lead but got the point back in the shootout with Quinn’s great move. This team certainly doesn’t lack in scorers, it’s our goaltending/defense that needs to improve. Hopefully Samuelson can mature and help us tighten up that end
  19. I wonder if this is why we got Hines, for matchups like this. Didnt want to give BB any tape on how we would use him, at least thats a hope of mine lol
  20. Was weah’s goal really offside? I only saw the one angle and he looked clearly onside from that
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