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  1. I would do a 3rd and a player (but thats me and may be high comparatively) but it would be to make sure we get him I think its worth it
  2. Not sure where he got 12 picks from, I show these as KC's picks if I am missing any I hope he corrects: No. 31 overall (Round 1) No. 63 overall (Round 2) No. 95 overall (Round 3) No. 122 overall (Round 4) No. 134 overall (Round 4) No. 166 overall (Round 5) No. 178 overall (Round 6) No. 217 overall (Round 6) No. 249 overall (Round 7) No. 250 overall (Round 7) So they have an extra 4th 6th and 7th, not really any difference makers (trade wise)
  3. I would hate the Basham pick less if we used it to acquire Dhop haha
  4. Our picks are higher in each rd though. Our 2nd is worth more than theirs, our 3rd etc. They do have more late rounders but i cant imagine that is going to make the difference in a trade
  5. We have better trade assets than KC. If a trade happens to KC instead of Buffalo, then it is a big failure on this FO.
  6. He is really good, the previous game against Kentucky it felt like it was him vs tshiebwe, two amazing college players battling it out. This game was another good one
  7. Im not even saying we are trading for him haha But more so the people that keep chiming in that he is going to kc Now if he is traded, and goes to kc, and it’s in the range of what is being reported? It will be a colossal failure on our front office and I will begin to think they don’t have what it takes (I think some people are deep down hoping for this as they don’t like McD or beane)
  8. Is this a real answer? This isn’t free agency, what does dhop in actuality gain by this? He would have to really hate this bills to do this Arizona might to try and get us to up the ante but dhop is unlikely
  9. He has to be willing to restructure, but you think he would really say sure I’ll do it for kc and not buffalo? You really think we are that much worse than kc?
  10. yeah and he already seems willing to come to buffalo or there wouldn’t be this smoke
  11. Dude Arizona has to accept the trade, they dgaf about that, what can kc offer them that is better than the bills? We have higher picks and better players we would be willing to part with
  12. What can kc offer that’s better than what we can?
  13. I stopped watching awhile ago, they must want a better draft pick
  14. So Pitino goes to St Johns, did Cuse make a mistake going with Autry over him?
  15. Lamar could double dip! Commentate while he sits out until he has to come back. And he is not even paying an agent, he knows how to get that extra cash. Lamars playing 4d chess….
  16. I am actually in the middle of playing Ocarina of Time again right now! I have a N64 with and hdmi adapter hooked up to my TV in the office. Graphics arent as good as I remembered them but the game is still amazing. Also have my SNES hooked up, I play Super Tecmo Bowl, Donkey Kong Country and Super Mario World. Have the very first Mario Kart too. As for the OP, nintendo is great for kid games, my kids both have switch lites and a regular switch. If you ever get the chance to play Zelda Breath of the Wild do so, I think it is even better than Ocarina of Time and that is saying a lot.
  17. His fumbles were all due to muffed kicks, not when he was receiving or running the ball out of the backfield
  18. No one is asking the real question, why he change his name??? What is he hiding?????
  19. arent RFA tenders already counted against the cap? I thought that was the case anyway
  20. There are 64 starting guards, or is this out of one specific set of guards? Also he played a few spots due to injuries last year
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