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  1. Those are poor examples. All were NATIONAL games including the only NFL game on TV for the Houston play-off game.
  2. I believe the OP used TV stats from Nielsen ratings. The Buffalo News is a lost cause. They just print LOCAL TV ratings for Bills game which would obviously be higher.
  3. Outside of the Buffalo area the Bills are a low interest team. No matter how well they play they don't get National interest. That's why we pay more for Free Agents.
  4. agree 100% - - who cares except NERD fans who want the Bills to be a feature attraction in the NFL- -silly!
  5. The NFL announced they will have an all-Black officiating crew for the first time in NFL history for the Rams vs. Bucs this Monday night. I was surprised this story was news-worthy. It should have happened years ago. Any comments?
  6. Klein has become the best of the bunch and that's scary
  7. WHO was supposed to take most of the snaps? Harrison Phillips was hurt and in reality isn't an NFL starter. Free Agent Zimmer playing in the middle of the line? Let's face it - Butler and Jefferson have killed this defense.
  8. It killed a drive and honestly Josh didn't seem that comfortable after that drop.
  9. Yes - Klein is playing well lately. Maybe that says something about the rest of the defense.
  10. I don't care about pressures. I don't care about gap responsibilities. These 3 guys cost the Bills a ton of money and they DON'T MAKE PLAYS! They've dragged the Bills defense down to one of the worst in the NFL.
  11. also 2 dumb penalties that stopped Bills drives. I think he isn't that bright.
  12. Why can't Norman just go home for the rest of the season! Quote
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