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  1. Love it! Screw the weather and just beat the PATS down.
  2. That loss to the Chargers with Joe Ferguson playing on one leg is one of my worst memories.
  3. I like that scenario considering the teams we have to play outside the AFC East
  4. It wasn't pretty -but- how many games in the NFL are pretty anymore?? The typical NFL game in 2020 comes down to last second field goals, critical penalties and a lot of luck!! The positives I saw were: -A win moving to 5-2 -Josh looked positive and took the short passes the Jets gave him -The DL made big plays and got sacks -Positive rookie performances (Bass, Moss, Gabriel, Jackson, AJ) -Loving Beasley
  5. This is all so silly! A "signature win" is a sign of a fan base that doesn't get any win in the NFL is great. Maybe an inferiority complex??
  6. With our injuries (now including John Brown, Cody Ford, Milano, Norman etc.) there won't be anymore 'gimme' games. The problems with the defense aren't going to disappear. You can play any schemes you want but without the overall talent that can perform within the defensive system it becomes a crap-shoot. Every game will go down to the final drives. That includes this weeks game against the Jets. I have a feeling they will play much better then 13 point dogs. I think the Bills are under great pressure to stop the 2 game losing streak and gain respectability on Defense. Bills win late in the 4th quarter. OK - we beat the Jets. Then the Patriots come to town and regardless of their record & QB situation Bill Belichick ( with his $35 mil personal net worth ) is still the man. He can game plan against any team and make it work. Josh will have to put up points and avoid a defensive battle. Bills win on a late FG. The Seattle & Arizona games must be a split. Both teams have better Defensive stats. Seattle is a tough, physical team. These 2 teams play each other on Sunday night football this week. I think Arizona will lose and they'll start a downward trend. Seattle beats us and we beat Arizona. At the Bye Week and a Bills 7-3 record, with time to heal injuries, we're on a great path to the Play-Offs.
  7. Let's all be realistic. These ultra serious posts dissecting a Bills loss are a bit naive. I have to laugh when I see posts about cutting ties with Brandon Beane and McD's short comings in 'big' games. It's a football game! Only the players can determine the outcome. They execute or fail play-by-play. Talent rules! Our coaches put them in a great position to win but that can't always happen. The Bills Record as of today since 2017 is 29-27. We aren't big time contenders. BUT - the TALENT is coming our way. The offense and special teams are above average. Our Defense needs an influx of talent to get us by the 1st round of the play-offs. I so enjoy the process taking place and watching the Bills compete with anyone in the NFL. It's so much better than before and let's not lose sight of that! GO BILLS!
  8. are you really a bills fan or just someone that needs to follow the pack and feel loved??
  9. WHY do you ask? Don't you think it's spot on! Eric Edholn wrote the review on Edmunds in Pro Football Weekly! Happy now?
  10. He's like an Olympic gymnast that excels as a teenager and then the body and mind set change
  11. It's a similar situation to the Bills Super era. They got pushed around and no all-pro's such as Kelly, Thurman, Bruce, and Andre could change the lines on both sides physicality! Oh if Thurman could come back with this team!
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