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  1. why - - if they are true about the team and the NFL why worry???????????
  2. The Titans in week #5. The 'signature' wins came against 8-8 teams in the Cowboys and Steelers. We finished 4-4 at HOME. WHAT - ME WORRY?
  3. I'm just a fan - are you mad at me???
  4. Let's just beat the JETS and get to 11 wins. That puts us in the same category as the Chiefs, Patriots etc.
  5. It's great these 2 defensive lineman are making big plays and helping the TEAM win. Personally, I don't feel the look-at-me celebrations flatter either of them.
  6. I know about '88 but didn't realize it was before free-agency. This '19 group is special. Everyone should not wait for the next season, the next draft or 2020.
  7. Star, Oliver, Phillips look like new players!!! I think the addition of Liuget as a rotational player on the DL has made a big impact!
  8. NO - NO!!! It's just a Thursday night football game and this week there are 3! Show up and be tough.
  9. Kelly, Kemp, Lamonica & Ferguson??? Most of those were AFL days !!
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