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  1. So why were we playing pick-up scrubs from other teams at Corner-Back in the Super Bowls like Mickey Washington and Kirby Jackson above our draft picks??? These guys were beyond awful. The Giants, Redskins and Cowboys had their way with them. Add in Kelso playing deep center field and being unable to tackle anybody and Dwight Drane in Super Bowl #2 for the Bills and our Defensive Backfield was very, very bad!!!!
  2. The Bills tried and tried to draft a true starting corner back to play across from Nate Odomes during their Super Bowl run. Nate was their 2nd Round pick in 1987 and the failure to find a strong CB for the other side hurt them for the next 7 years. Nate had 26 interceptions, made 360 tackles and was voted to 2 Pro-Bowls in his 108 games with Buffalo. Who can forget the '92 overtime interception vs. the Oilers in overtime? From then on - - - '88 Ezekial Gadson #5 - - CUT '89 Michael Andrews #5 - - CUT Chris Hale - #7 43 games with Bills as Punt Returner '90 James Williams #1 - - BUST!! He was always around a receiver but could never make a play! '91 Henry Jones #1 - - a SS - 10 years with the Bills - - BUT - not CB. He should have played in our Super Bowl vs. the Redskins when Leonard Smith was out with a career ending injury. But, Marv was mad at him for coming into camp late due to a contract dispute and the terrible Dwight Drane got the start and was cut 2 weeks later. '92 Matt Darby #5 Just 55 games with the Bills Kurt Schulz #7 8 seasons with the Bills at Free Safety - 21 interceptions. A favorite of Chris Berman! '93 Thomas Smith #1 CB BUST Couldn't make the big plays. Just 6 interceptions in 110 games with the Bills. '94 Jeff Burris #1 CB BUST He played 4 years with the Bills and 6 with the Colts & Bengals. He was a good tackler - - after the catch!! OH for a very good Corner-back during those glorious years!!
  3. He played 99 games for the Bills including the 4 year Super Bowl Run. From 1987 through 1989 he had 19 interceptions and a total of 30 in his 8 year career with the Bills. He never made a Pro-Bowl Team, had no Super-Bowl interceptions and was ridiculed for wearing his "pro-cap", bubble helmet. He played the Free Safety position conservatively as Marv and Defensive Co-Coordinator swizzle stick Walt Corey designed it.
  4. Oh that Hank Bullough - parts of 1985 and 1986. Everyone knew the minute he was promoted from DC to replace poor Kay Stephenson that he WAS NOT the man. In one of his post game press conferences he stated while explaining his process of improving the team "if we stick with it, the L's and W's will come".
  5. We've been through so many HC's in recent history it's hard to single out ONE GAME when you realized this man wasn't going to get the Bills to the Play-Offs or even a winning record. I know coaches get fired based on a "body of work" but sometimes a single game stands out. In 2016 Rex Ryan was just in his 2nd season as HC. He was coming off an OK 8-8 record the previous year. On October 23rd 2017 we went in to play Miami with a 4-2 record. Miami was 2-4 and struggling. It seemed very possible we could win 5 of our last 10 games and fight for a play-off spot. OUCH! For the 1st time I realized how bad this team was coached. Miami rushed for 256 yards and controlled the ball for 37 minutes. Tyrod had a "good" passing day throwing for 221 yards. We weren't competitive. Blocking, tackling, preparation and execution. Rex had to go and we knew it! Any other games like this you remember???
  6. That fumble basically ended the Check Knox era in Buffalo.
  7. Agree about Woods! He was always a steady #2 receiver who had to play 2nd fiddle to the 'name' stars. I am so glad everyone in the NFL is seeing his skill & value!
  8. I loved Kenny - he had a great stride! I agree about his status behind Thurman!
  9. My vote is for Steve Tasker. When he came from Houston he was a KR/WR and ST's player. He became one of the greatest Special Team Players in the history of the NFL. BUT, should he been more involved as a wide receiver?? Kelley always said he was the best receiver as to route running, quick cuts and catching the ball in practice. He personally requested to the staff that Steve get naps at WR. Until 1995 he didn't have more than 2 receptions per year in his career. In 1996 at the age of 34 he had 21 catches for an 17.7 yard average as the Bills Super Bowl teams of the past faded. I can't believe he couldn't have helped in the Super Bowls when Kelly was blitzed constantly and he needed a WR as a go-to-man for quick, precise patterns. He would have been our Hogan or Edelman. Thurman was covered like a blanket and couldn't be that man. Any other Bills on your mind that could have done more for the team ?
  10. PUNT750

    Our Last Win in the Playoffs

    The conservative style of Marv Levy hurt the team in the Super Bowls. They needed a clutch, quick route receiver and Steve Tasker was the guy. They didn't let him play WR until late in his career. He was our Edelman or Hogan then - or should have been.
  11. Did you see that man against the Chargers? He mauled safeties, defensive ends and corner backs with great BLOCKING! Not holding or brush blocks but tough, solid, smack down blocking. And, he can make catches in tight coverage. Is it that difficult to find a player in the draft who can do the same? Maybe a smaller tackle? Maybe a large Wide Receiver? They have to want to BLOCK and BLOCK more! A pretty-boy TE with great speed is nice but not the real answer for the BILLS!
  12. PUNT750

    How long to close the competitive gap?

    I agree. There is a huge talent gap between the Bills and even the 2nd tier play-off teams.
  13. Rex is now only 57 years old. His net worth is $20 mil. He still receives $4 mil per year from the Bills. His first head coaching opportunity came with the New York Jets. He led the team for six seasons, compiling a record of 46-50-0 and into two AFC Championship games. He then joined the Buffalo Bills and was HC from 2015 to 2016, leading the team to a 15-17-0 record during his two seasons as head coach. Can he still be a factor in future NFL coaching opportunities??? Was he a one-shot wonder HC ?
  14. Me too - - too old to identify with the new era of NFL players