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  1. It's great these 2 defensive lineman are making big plays and helping the TEAM win. Personally, I don't feel the look-at-me celebrations flatter either of them.
  2. I know about '88 but didn't realize it was before free-agency. This '19 group is special. Everyone should not wait for the next season, the next draft or 2020.
  3. Star, Oliver, Phillips look like new players!!! I think the addition of Liuget as a rotational player on the DL has made a big impact!
  4. NO - NO!!! It's just a Thursday night football game and this week there are 3! Show up and be tough.
  5. Kelly, Kemp, Lamonica & Ferguson??? Most of those were AFL days !!
  6. It's true! No Wikipedia stuff! Check the Bills record books!
  7. Let's plan on a snowy, windy day and then shock the NFL.
  8. NOVEMBER 27, 1975 AT THE ST. LOUIS CARDINALS In 1975 and 1977, the struggling St. Louis Cardinals replaced Dallas as the host of one of the annual Thanksgiving Day games. It was an unpopular move by the NFL, ratings for Cardinal games were much lower than Cowboy games, and “America’s Team” was quickly, and permanently, returned to their traditional slot. The Buffalo Bills were the Cardinals’ opponent in 1975. A snowstorm delayed the Bills arrival in St. Louis until just two hours before kickoff but that had little effect on the Bills, who crushed the Cardinals, 32-14. Buffalo entered the game led by O.J. Simpson, who was leading the NFL rushing, but it was another Buffalo running back, Jim Braxton, who would have the game of his life. Simpson rushed 23 times for 85 yards and a touchdown, but Braxton rushed for a career-high 160 yards and three scores.Quarterback Joe Ferguson completed 11 passes for 128 yards. The win pulled the Bills to within a half-game of the division leading Miami Dolphins.
  9. They have lost 7 games. The average point differential in those losses is just 7.5 points. They beat the Browns which we couldn't do. Their schedule is much more difficult than ours. The Bills better play their asses off for a win! GO BILLS!
  10. It's the same as Robert Kraft never paying a fine or doing community service after his prostitution issue in Florida. The story disappeared. Jones & Kraft really run the NFL.
  11. The temperature at game time will be 39 degrees with wind from the SE at 10-15 mph. It will be a bit chilly in the upper deck! Have a good time!
  12. DiMarco was terrible today on Special Teams.
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