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  1. I could really care less if they draft this player - really. I just see how the Bills "process" makes this sense for the overall good of the team That's all!
  2. I think this FO will do as you say!!! Maybe some big surprises???
  3. Is that still going on? With the Pegula's daughter? I'm surprised that is common knowledge!
  4. I apologize for the name spelling mistake! I was just so excited about this pick!!!! We can find a nice OT in Round #2. Is a 1st Round DT going to really make the D that much better in his rookie year? An Edge rusher is needed but there are plenty of steals in the 3rd and 4th Rounds for that specialty position. Newly signed TE Kroft has just 67 career receptions over 4 years. His Dead Cap for 2020 is a very manageable $1.6 mil. Jason Croom has just 22 career receptions and is being paid $500,000/season. He's an URFA next year. The BILLS need a great - not good - TIGHT END! GO BILLS!!!
  5. NO injury history, played 4 full years at Ohio State, under-rated as a 'star' in the draft, 4.31 speed that made draft-nicks think he's one dimensional and also has played special teams exceptionally well!
  6. Agreed! Why not at that pint in the draft and the upgraded state of our roster!!!
  7. Other than Murray none of these guys are really deserving of a 1st Round NFL draft pick! I don't think ANY of them would have been close to last year's class!
  8. I think as of Thursday night it won't matter - he'll be headed to the 49er's!!
  9. I know enough that if the Bills do sign his 5th year option by May 3rd he'll get around $11mil in 2020 (avg salary for top 25 DE's). That's top $ for an established edge rusher which he hasn't proven to be!!! We'll just to see what the BILLS THINK - not you or me! IF the Bills draft an edge rusher - - -
  10. WHAT are you talking about?? They need to sign him by May 3rd of this year for the 5th year option to take hold!!! He'll get a big salary increase also!! They have to sign him by May 3rd to that option - - no pressure???
  11. Wow - he's played in 35 games and has a total of 42 solo tackles. Every time he makes a play the fans think "maybe he is coming along" !! He runs stiff in his hips and will never be a big time edge rusher.
  12. The why haven't they re-signed him to make sure he doesn't walk away? After 4 years of watching him play they must have a pretty good feel for what he's all about - right?
  13. Because he isn't that good and he can walk next year for zero compensation - that's why!
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