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  1. His resemblance to Joe Namath on the field. The way he walks to the sidelines. The way he runs the huddle. His release of the football. His touch passes. It's strange but I've seen many Broadway Joe games and Sam has that look!
  2. "I think there's a difference between having Preston Brown in the middle late in games and Tremaine Edmunds. " What?? Preston was a guy you ran into - - a slow poke right behind the tackles. With the Bengals he averaged 3.8 tackles per game before he went on IR. He only got a 1 year contract for $4 mil. That tells you something! Nobody really wanted him. I'm sorry - I think someone is slipping with their posts!
  3. Fan speak exactly - a catch phrase! Thank You!
  4. Four assistant coaches immediately after the season ends? 1. Juan Castillo OL Coach. He actually got moved to the Defensive side of the ball after 15 years coaching the Eagles OL. Our OL has gone down hill, even with the lack of talent, since he got here. How can he OK bringing in Bodine, who was ranked 30th in starting NFL centers at Cincinnati last season, and let rookie Adam Redmond slip away to Dallas?? 2.David Culley QB Coach. He's been an NFL Assistant Coach since 1994 and never, ever coached Quarterbacks! Always WR's - -crazy with a rookie QB trying to learn the NFL game. 3. Dan Crossman ST. He's been here way to long! He's a former Carolina Panther guy and I guess it was safe to keep him around. 4. TerryRobiske WR. Over 37 years as a coach in the NFL the Bills are his 7th team. I am guessing the speed of the players and the game itself has changed a lot over those years. Didn't he play against the Bills back in the day?? I hope changes are made.
  5. Thank you for all the most intelligent replies. Sometimes you just have to look at reality and the statistics! Seventy three percent (73%) of African-American men comprise NFL rosters despite representing only six percent (6%) of the United States' population. While the majority of NFL players are black, the NFL fan base is 85 percent (85%) white and 68 percent (68%) male. 12.3 Percent of the US Population is Black (not a mixture with other races). 46 Percent of those numbers are males. That comes to 16 mil black males of all ages 1-80. The NFL has no African-Americans who are a majority owner of a team and no African-American CEOs or Presidents. SO - - How many of the 16 mil black males from 1-80 POST on white-driven NFL message boards??? Love you guys!
  6. PUNT750

    Bills sign WR Da’Mari Scott to active roster

    He ran a low 4.42 and also is a KR which makes him a reasonable body to replace McKenzie
  7. Between - - Penalties -an average of 14 per NFL game ACCEPTED Rules - changing then each year especially involving kick-offs, tackling and now soon to come punting to meet the players abilities Taunting - allowing it on each and every play but calling a penalty on it only selectively Celebrations - for an interception, fumble recovery or a TD And Finally - - lowering the overall beauty of a great game with excellent athletes by allowing street thugs with no respect for anyone but themselves to become football hero's. It's going to be a sad ending for those of us that love the game.
  8. I respect you Shaw! But if you have other things to do and can't watch the game in the moment then probably you shouldn't write a review! Josh Allen was excellent with the OL around him and Benjamin deserved to be released by the 2 routes he ran short of the 1st down marker. I don't think Bill B would tolerate that crap.
  9. where has this thread gone?
  10. I'm just mentioning female officials because they've worked well in college football. They don't tend to "buddy up" to senior male officials that seem to get the final voice on penalty calls. What do you think those little huddles are all about when a couple of officials have a different view as to what/which penalty should be called?
  11. So many penalties during every NFL game and NOT just a Bills game. Big plays cancelled by ticky tack fouls when outrageous, obvious penalties are missed. NFL Referees seem to have the authority to make arbitrary interpretations of common sense rules and make very strange game changing calls. Taunting Fouls? You could call taunting on every NFL tackle or big offensive play!!! It's a League wide problem. We need younger and perhaps more female officials that don't serve the needs of the old school NFL owners. Most of the NFL crews have become way over zealous and that can lead to a feeling among the fans of corruption in the game itself.
  12. How can the Bills out gain a team 415-160 in total yards, 24-15 in 1st downs and 66-50 in total plays and still lose on the road! We had 13 penalties for 120 yards. We had 3 turn-overs and Miami had just 1. One of our turn-overs was Allen's desperation toss into the end zone at the end of the first half. I blame this coaching staff. They've collected some pretty good back-up players that are filling in as starters in the NFL but nobody seems to be coaching them up or making them better. Some on the o-line are worse. PENALTIES!!!! I keep hearing every week in the press conferences that we're working to correct techniques. We now lead the NFL with 100 total penalties. Stupid penalties. Blocking in the back, obvious holding in the o-line, false starts etc. What the hell goes on in practice? Are these guys too rich or too stupid to be coached??? Our Special Teams coach should have been fired years ago. Too many men on the field, holding, blocking in the back and general confusion. Our head coach keeps changing punters and now our really great place-kicker is suffering with a new holder every few weeks. By missing a FG and Extra Point today the game was lost. Why couldn't the team find someone else on the roster to learn the holding duties? Maybe Barkley, Hyde or Logan Thomas? And, finally, why do they keep giving the ball to Ivory. He's done. The pitch outs to him were laughable. Six carries for 4 total yards. When Shady made a few runs towards the end of the game he looked like a tired, old horse. Is the coach and the staff too into his players? A bit afraid to hurt ego's? They should have never lost this game - never!
  13. The evidence was that Miami is just as BAD!. And - -we have 28 sacks and the Dolphins have just 17! Josh will have a field day!
  14. You don't win in the NFL with a RUNNING QB! Throw the ball - let's see what Josh has!
  15. We'll be playing in 80 degree weather allowing Josh and McCoy to heat up and get rolling. NO conservative game plan - please! The BOTTOM FIVE in NFL Offense (total yards) as of this Sunday are: 1. Cards 2. Bills 3. Titans 4. Jets 5. DOLPHINS The TOP FIVE in NFL Defense (total yards) as of this Sunday are: 1. Ravens 2. Bills 3. Vikings 4. Chargers 5. Cowboys *** DOLPHINS ARE AT # 29 This is a gimme game for Buffalo. Let Josh turn it loose!