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  1. Quoting Hitler and saying you want people to respect the flag is not on the same level.
  2. He will be fine. He has black privilege. If a white said that, they would be cut.
  3. Jack Del Rio, longtime coach and current defensive coordinator for the Redskins tweeting some pro-Trump tweets. Will this affect his job? Others in the NFL sure state their political views. If he does get fired, I would sue the heck out of the NFL if I was him.
  4. Then it is blind luck, take away from the integrity of the game. If a star or star players test positive it can flip that weeks game in a second.
  5. If a player tests positive before a game as an example. Will they be able to play?
  6. Per NFL.com Need to call off the 2020 season imo. You can't socially distance in a team sport like football. Its inevitable that players will continue to test positive.
  7. You hit it on the head man. Well said.
  8. Nobody said things don't have to change but there are right and wrong ways to go about it. You hate your country. We get it.
  9. I only watch Bills games after the first kneeling stuff. If it continues, I will give up my seasons and stop watching my beloved Bills. I have to do what I feel is right.
  10. Yep. Taking a knee is disrespectful to the military. Some veterans are ok with it but most I know are not. Why would you even want to disrespect any soldier? There were other ways for them to protest.
  11. Reported on ESPN that Mayfield plans to knee during national anthem. If any Bills player does, I'm done.
  12. You clowns still pushing Fromm lol. He is a bum. Was a 5th round pick for a reason. Go root for another team, this is Allen's team. Like is said before, don't understand the hate for Allen from 90% of you from the get go.
  13. Here we go! The Allen hate continues. Since the day he been drafted, 90% of you don't like him and still hold on to that. Smh
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