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  1. anything covid related is not allowed here.You said so yourself. why allow a "mod" who has an avatar of a vaccine bottle, to suggest anything to anyone? Unrelated to the Bills btw. Is this rational?
  2. there's a pinned topic on politics/ covid. Wtf would a mod continue this talk on here for? disgusting. Whooped
  3. Went from a "New Era", to a "High mark". Seems inevitable. It'll always be "the Ralph" tho
  4. I like your point Hap. I'm as open as it gets. However, you have a history of being repressive. so I can't quite believe a word you say. Namastè
  5. Honestly, I did too. just thought outside the box apparently lol
  6. I'm no orator. You are correct. But since when do I have to speak my point, elagantly, to make my point Hap?? Im not , nor ever did, justify crap. Just saying that we see this everyday. most of us have in our lives.can we agree on that? Did we not all have an uncle or grandpa or cousin who struggled at some point? and why now do we reward one with a stage to make it different or more relevant?? My post wasn't political or social, but it sure turned into that quickly...didn't it? tough guy
  7. I meant no harm. just pointing out that if "heros" get daily news cycles, we should make it easier to acess the every day people who suffer and overcome. didnt mean to upset the norm. EVERYBODY here knows someone who struggled. its called suck it up buttercup lol
  8. read the rest of my post hap?moral relativism?? puke. cancel me. idc
  9. you win internet lmfao. My point is, please dont equate someone coming out with being a hero. it happens every day, with bigger issues. that never get discussed. ✌
  10. Not to mention, so is Toney's. I think Toney could replace 3 roster spots in McKenzie, Brown, AND Roberts. not to mention, play ST's.
  11. I'm starting to think that Etienne, Toney, or IOL makes a lot of sense at 30. I just don't see great value on D at the tail end of the 1st round. Of course, alot can happen in FA, so nailing down a pick at this point is futile at best
  12. Is he even a "dominant edge guy" at this point? Worthy of his cost? Count me in the camp of I'm not sold
  13. I agree with some of what you say. However, you offset money year to year. Just like paying Diggs while Josh is on a rookie deal. EVERY position should be, and has been, applied by "winning organizations" over the years in this way. I'd welcome it. jmo
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