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  1. Meh....look for us to take a physical freak before a stalworth...just my opinion
  2. Good topic, but Tasker was anything but underutilized. He played a ton. He wasn't the best WR, and didn't see a ton of action at that position, but he played a lot of snaps in his career
  3. BuffAlone

    The NFL's Obesity Scourge

    ^^^^^this. Even if they were on food stamps, retired folks seem to pack on a few lbs. Let alone if you're a millionaire
  4. BuffAlone

    R.I.P. Turk Schonert

    Wow! He was our OC once upon a time, no? Condolences to his family
  5. Is this Bizarro world? P.S.A....stay off of steroids kiddos
  6. BuffAlone

    Bills hire Bobby Johnson as offensive line coach

    Dont forget Wrecks' foot fetish lol
  7. BuffAlone

    Bills hire Bobby Johnson as offensive line coach

    Bob Johnson? Sounds more like a porn star than an NFL coach😂
  8. BuffAlone

    Caption this

    Toronto is THAT WAY Bob!
  9. I agree Yolo. He has a bright future. True freshman beating Bama on the biggest stage is huge.and for a hillbilly....quite impressive lmao
  10. Hillbilly? That a joke? I mean, he has all his teeth, hair, and attending a prestigious university. If you mean he's a southern boy, yes he is. So is Brees. Rivers. Foles. Favre.etc, etc....lol
  11. BuffAlone

    Process naysayers

    Would you rather our lineup, after 2 years, or the new shuffle of coaching? And why?
  12. Im not fooled until I see a link saying otherwise. Got one? I'm just saying..I never heard the phrase until Whaley said it
  13. In fact, I don't ever recall hearing that phrase before Whaley. If he was smart, he'd have patented it and could be collecting royalties now😂
  14. BuffAlone

    Denver Broncos to hire Vic Fangio as HC

    If I were them, I'd stay in house and go with Jay Rodgers as compared to failed HC's like Wilks or Joseph. He had that whole D-Line playing lights out all year