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  1. hey big man, can I borrow a dollar?
  2. hasn't Michigan already declared on campus school for the coming year? I believe I've read that recently. And if they can open, with their numbers, its not doubtful that other states can/will as well
  3. agree 💯.draft capital means it is finally real competition for Haush money. and IMO a needed competition. Nothing against Haush, but IF we can get better...do it
  4. Bills Mafia showed up big time at Heinz last year. As the game was coming to an end, and all the Steelers fans were emptying out, all Bills Mafia took their seats behind Buffalo's bench. It was amazing to see that in that stadium
  5. ranch IS a deal breaker. I've witnessed it countless times in society. From Stalin, to Shitler, agent Orange to Magnum P.I. we should save the world from the evils of False Condiments once and for all🇺🇸
  6. Tasker is as bad as Murph. But at least he played the game and has insight that would otherwise be lacking. Take what we can get I guess?
  7. My goodness, that really was horrid. like, all time bad level
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