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  1. yes he does. he changed the game. regardless of official position
  2. hey....if we can afford a 2nd round pick on a "backup" guard, then we must be getting better as a team. and if he happens to blossom into a stellar, or even average starter, then that pick would be well spent. Ford will be fine IMO. and a benefit to the team moving forward. just my opinion
  3. Sammy, Lesean, Ragland...all guys I really liked, Super Bowl bound. congrats!
  4. he should update his # in an official capacity. He is a Pro, the best of them. He wears #27. Evolve Tre! and...Happy Birthday you Mad Man!🎂
  5. Show us on the Doll where she touched you.. I kid, I kid....
  6. and waste perfectly good drugs on just a CHANCE he'd slip??? C'mon Karlos, not at the table😉
  7. I was actually referring to Davis lol....not sure what his package looks like, but he looks to be bigger than Barkley😂
  8. what a mighty Webb we weave😎
  9. so....Mayfield and a 1st to Cincy for the #1 pick?? I jest...but can totally see it happening. and it'd be wise IMO
  10. Was just watching highlights from the 64 AFL championship game. Was before my time, but he was Definately a great player. R.I.P. Golden Wheels
  11. how original. I bet Moorman would have made it happen. Are we trying for the biggest LAMP of the year award here? Can I go next?... Imagine, All the people,living living life in peace
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