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  1. Was a good owner by all accounts. Was very classy of him to pronounce "This one's for John". RIP and condolences to his family and Broncos nation
  2. July 25th is the first practice? Damn...gonna be a long month!
  3. I actually heard a report about that yesterday. Her report claims it was between 2-6 k, then changed her mind and claimed it was between 8-10k. All the while he claimed it was "their" money. So there's Definately some doubt to this story of being an absolute truth either way as of this point...for whatever that's worth In fact, Dodson's agent said in a statement that it was only 1k and he returned it to the woman promptly
  4. I understand that completely. Just making the point that everybody is entitled to due process. No more, no less
  5. If they think there's merit to the story, and they find it disturbing( which of course they would) then they have every right to cut him. But to say he's not worth due process is bad form. EVERY human is worth due process...even Tyreek Hill
  6. I'd hate to know where all those eggs went......
  7. You guys just remember that old BuffAlone was the first to recognize that this is completely absurd
  8. He got cut.....trying to jump out a window😂
  9. I hope that was a cold beer he just Steve Austined! ( just not before the big game Josh🍻)
  10. Definately...rumored? Sounds like Hillary at a cyber defense commencement....
  11. Good deal. Wish I had more good things to say about this report. Good thing is, I'm more concerned about the good of the Bills than I am this report. No offense, but good day😁
  12. Be more like the J-Cannon. Or why waste time with guns at all....? Just go straight to J-Bombs
  13. Pretty close IMO. I'd have to think if Kevin Johnson keeps going like he has been, that he'd be a lock as well. Not a bad looking roster overall. Nice work Gunner
  14. The cap is expected to go up 10-12 million as well, no? If so, than yes, we will be looking pretty close to the 100 million dollar range
  15. Dont know the fan base very well? Howard Simon said something last year? 😂😂
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