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  1. Great player, but that's a massive contract to a kid who's played 2 seasons and averaging 101 tackles, 2.5 sacks, and 3 pbu's a year. Congrats to the young man tho
  2. Idk...you might have something there. Beer on weck checks a lot of boxes for a lot of peopleđź‘Ť
  3. If its it for Morse, that sucks. If Gardner suffers, without help, or a giant contract, that sucks even more! Hoping they are covered with insurance
  4. Ed: " You got bigger teeth than Oreo dude. I got your carrot dangling right here"
  5. Depth upgrade unquestioned. Good GM. Well done wizard
  6. If he can line up outside, and smoke a cigarette while scoring a SB victory, I wouldn't hate it. Seriously tho, Josh cares more=better career.
  7. I think I preferred him the odd man out anyway. Poor guy cannot stay healthy
  8. Sounds to me like he should''ve had a better helmet years ago. He lives in his own swelled head. Glad we didn't land that clown
  9. He is a class act, and a bona fide first ballot HOF'er. If coaching is his new passion, God Speed to him. He was awesome as a player, and could be as a coach with his unlimited knowledge. Wish him the best. He does life the right way
  10. I have to admit, I didn't expect this from him being drafted in the 5th round. His game in college was good, solid, and he was fast and liked to hit. I thought 5th round was right for him. But man o man, He's quickly becoming a favorite of mine. Dude can play. Hopefully Vosean Joseph will be the next baller at LB that McD stole in the draft!
  11. How many days have you been to training camp?
  12. Weird. According to the Bill's home page camp schedule, there was no practice yesterday or today. Resumes tmro at 9:45 am
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