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  1. The point is, with a competent FO, I'd rather add Q Will after a trade up, to secure a stud at all 3 levels of the D, all on cheap deals, than add a 17 million a year player at a similar cost. Then turn around and spend that saved cash to fill out the roster. The same needs done on Offense no doubt, but price seems to be an afterthought so long as the pick is the correct one. Build thru the draft, as has been stated many times by McBeane, and use the extra cash to pick up the Hyde, Poyer, and similar players to balance the roster. I am not opposed to tradeing up for Q Will at the cost of next years first
  2. If we move up for a can't miss prospect, say to #3, who complains? A lot is my guess. I tell you why I disagree... Frank Clark cost a 1st, a 2nd, and 17 million a year. My line of thinking is, why not spend 2 1sts, and pay an elite talent about 8-10 million a year instead? Wth is the difference? We build the foundation thru the draft, and use the saved cash to supplement our team over the next few years. To me, its just as sound a philosophy as much as the line of thought of holding onto "valuable" draft commodity. The voices tell me I'm not completely crazy. Should I listen to them? What are your thoughts??
  3. Prayers Poncho n family!!! Hang on Brother. You are too loved to succumb so soon. I pray for you.
  4. The 49'ers go N'keal Harry. The G-Men are on the clock with GM @mrags
  5. Id rather Miles Sanders in '19. Or Rodney Anderson.... How old is he now??
  6. I hear ya bud...but if there ain't 10 possible elite players available in a draft, its a pretty weak year IMO. And IMO this year, the top 5 is solid, but drops considerably after that. Of course, there's always a 6th rd Brady to be had...just gotta match up the value, and hope for the best. C'mon Thursday!
  7. Really, really prefers vet RB's who know how to pick up a blitz and when to sit on a route! All part of the plan to protect JA. And encourage his trust in the pocket. Good signing.Good philosophy. Only downfall is, I wish we had a Shady, 3rd down Gore, and pass catching back in one body. I'm sure it'll get figured out tho👍
  8. I can see the draft falling where no elite players are available at 9. If that's the case, Jonah could be a nice solid guy there, along with Dillard, Taylor,Hock, Wilkins, or Ferrell/Burns. Nothing spectacular, but solid for years to come.Hate to spend a 9th overall on such a pick, but whatyda do....
  9. I see what you did there...well played lol😂
  10. The 49'ers select Quinnen Williams. @RocCityRoller is on the clock
  11. He didn't threaten her, he insulted her for doing her job.And yes he has been clean since his 2014 conviction ( I had read an erroneous 2016 article, my bad) but nonetheless his record is a bad look for someone due to make 17 mil. Not so sure the Pegulas would even try to explain that move to the fan base. Again, great player but at a 1st rd pick plus his contract, I don't see how Buffalo sees that as a worthy contract. But what do I know
  12. Id be thoroughly shocked. He's not worth a 1st or a 2nd plus 17 mil a year. Not when we pick 9 and defensive talent is abound. I just don't see it happening. Just my opinion
  13. He hasn't stayed out of trouble since. And his price is too high. I'm not projecting any process because, well...I'm not exactly sure what it is yet, but I'll trust it. That said, regardless of MY opinion of him, which I'm not trying to convey at all, I strongly believe that our team pres, owner, coach, GM would not pay for his services at such a high price, and baggage included. A 1st rd pick, and 17 mil a year is a high price for anything other than a squeaky clean, highly productive( not that he's not), face of the franchise type player. That's just my opinion as to how I think this F.O. operates
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