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  1. I understand your point. But actually Hyde has great hands. Returns punts, and was obviously on the hands team. once he caught the ball and landed, he had nothing but green grass ahead of him
  2. so for the sake of getting our ST's unit a TD, it was worth it
  3. question...Tasker kept saying "go down.go down". but he ran it back to go up 10. with 1:39 on the clock, no timeouts for Dolphins.would you have ran it back? or taken a knee?
  4. I had an issue with my "stream" today. It wasn't going good. so I drove a block away to McD's, bought a McDouble, and drank one beer. I caught the game just as Tre stripped, and Hughes returned the fumble. The rest was gravy. You are all welcome family😉
  5. he's just about like any other rookie...good play/ bad play. almost. almost not. I'm gonna give him time. Im gonna give this whole team time. In 2 years, we will have a great group of vets, with new talent brought in regularly. Its the right way to build a team. The Bills are winners now.And are lined up to have a great run this next decade. jmo
  6. he should. be had TWO plays that won us the game today
  7. I think with Milano out, they felt a need for another ST since Alexander has to start on D
  8. he would be a perfect fit in this offense. Brown, Beasley, Woods, Foster,McKenzie, Duke. I'd love that!
  9. I'm surprised Yeldon is sitting in place of Senorice Perry
  10. The first thing that comes to mind is T.O. ahead of Marshall Faulk? No way
  11. I didn't know there WERE any big names left. I thought they basically traded them all😂
  12. see what an education can so for you? stay in school kids!
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