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  1. The culture "change" is real. From Ownership on down to the fans. Amazing to see! Go Bills!
  2. BuffAlone

    Sat 8/11 training camp updates post them please

    I bet it was Horrible!
  3. BuffAlone

    Caption this! KB vs Cam edition

    Yeah dog, the wings are WAY better up here!Oh, and you suck
  4. BuffAlone

    T.O. works out for the CFL

    If he somehow makes his way onto a cfl roster, and then an NFL roster, would he be the first ever pro football player to lace up while already in the HOF? I gotta say, I'd love to see that! If anyone can, it'd be him
  5. BuffAlone

    Bills trade with Browns for Corey Coleman

    I have watched quite a bit of his highlights. Two things stand out. 1) is his speed. Fast feet, can run decent routes. 2) is, while he makes a good number of highpoint, contested catches, when he's got his man beat hands down and the ball is in the air, he's not a comeback to the ball type of guy. 70% of the highlights I saw showed him belly catching the ball, instead of coming back to snatch and run. With his speed, he needs to get the ball asap and be gone, without waiting, and gut catching it. All in all, great value for a 7th round pick in 2 years!
  6. BuffAlone

    Bills trade with Browns for Corey Coleman

    Absolutely agree with your guys to make the cut. One of Dupre/Phillips/ Foster to PS. My money is on Dupre
  7. Yeah, nor am I. I just watched due to the connection, and the diva response. That man will never change
  8. BuffAlone

    2018 NFL Hall of Fame Ceremony

    The guy second from right looks eerily similar to Gus from "los Pollo's hermandos". He better not break bad!
  9. T.O. is the very definition of a diva. Harsh words to everyone. I'm glad he was a model citizen here for one year, but God dang, get over your Chattanooga ass!
  10. Yeah..lol. He talked himself stupid.
  11. By all accounts from the staff, he's done well and is not in jeopordy of being cut. I'll believe that before a Joe B observation....
  12. BuffAlone

    Bills' 2018 Training Camp Practice Day 7

    Yeah, this is gonna be a rule that hurts the game. Its all judgement calls. A runner is allowed to have his head down to supplement contact, but if its a micro-second before contact by the defense, its a personal foul. I understand the idea, but this is as grey as it gets....bad form by the NFL
  13. BuffAlone

    DR Goes Camping (Practice #6 Report)

    True...just saying, our defense pinned their ears back today, and Allen was comparable