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  1. Sadly, this is the world we live in. There seems to be a fungus amongus
  2. premature Bucky got me divorced once upon a time. lets hope its different this time😎
  3. I agree with the teaching point there. However, and this might just be my opinion, and completely off base, but man...the ball was gone almost 3 full seconds before the gator roll. To me, that is as borderline roughing the passer as I've seen. again, just my opinion I think the difference between finite and indefinite was solely based on the fact that he used the helmet as a weapon. that's borderline assault. If he hit him with the crown of the helmet instead, this could very well be a serious medical concern. and for the record, Ogunjobi is a complete punk
  4. I just Rewatched it. ok...it was more like a spin takedown. Rudolph threw the ball. he was spun down to the ground almost 3 seconds later. He's not my QB, I have no horse in this race. But I Definately consider that roughing the passer. jmo
  5. we agree to disagree. I watched that play many times. the ball was out 3 Full seconds before Garrett threw him down yes...he grabbed him by the facemask. Why? because the ball was LONG gone before Garrett threw him to the ground. I've watched the play a dozen times. it was a late hit/roughing the passer. Rudolph took exception to it and jerked his facemask. Thats what happened. even Ray Charles could see that
  6. he was hit WAY late. then drove to the ground. Then reacted. He didn't deserve a fine at all, let alone a suspension! ridiculous
  7. I try lol. for many years. Let me know when you find the way brother😉
  8. you can't change the past. but you can learn from it, and grow from it. And if you don't, see Einstein's definition of insanity👍
  9. and the future is ruined by not learning or growing from the past👌 Its all about balance my friend
  10. McD said yesterday that he is impressed and comfortable with Ford at RT in Ty's absence. Whether or not they choose to have another combination at that spot (Bates I assume) remains to be seen. So no, I don't believe we are in "trouble"
  11. jets. Gase has had an eye on him for years. The other one he had looking to trade away everyone else
  12. I wish for a wellness for whatever ails you. And seriously, I hope Trent can kick cancer's ass
  13. the link you sent was a 15 minute audio. how , pre tell, do we start listening at the 30 minute mark? asking for a friend
  14. trying to defend a child now gets you a point on this board for abusive behavior!congrats 7 and 9. this is ***** stupid and should have been locked the moment somebody says a kid is at fault! I won't be back
  15. I disagree. you obviously don't think. and you are irrelevant anyway
  16. you are irrelevant. tell me how I just made you feel. and then spit on your child because your mad. we are not talking about an adult disrespecting an adult. we are talking about a 13 year old child. grow the ***** up whine ass! and realize what you are saying/ believing is EXACTLY what's wrong with the world today. a bunch of butt hurt crybaby, #me too mf'ers
  17. I'm still waiting to hear a response about how he teaches his OWN children. Otherwise, I won't be baited into calling him out or asking if our kids can meet and play together sometime soon. I rather enjoy this board, and most of the folks here. So, as an adult, I ''ll show restraint😉 even if that means I am now "irrelevant" to this thread👍
  18. but you DID say the kid needed to learn a lesson. for using such inappropriate language as "irrelevant" lmao
  19. is calling a professional athlete "irrelevant" in need of a lesson learned in your opinion?especially pertaining to a 13 year old child?? seriously. I want your opinion
  20. when I was disrespectful, to my folks, I got my ass whooped. Dont think for a moment those same folks wouldn't have beat another adult's ass for spitting on their child tho. Bad ***** also happens when scumbags abuse children. You don't have any cuth at all if you think this is a "teaching" moment!
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