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  1. Yup. Born n raised in medina. Moved away when I was 20. Still visit family n friends there every year
  2. We'll see in a few weeks. Its numbers, not anything else. Like I said, I like him. Just don't think he'll clear the alotted amount.
  3. I like the guy. But as a matter of numbers, I just can't see it at this point. His skill set is different than what we have, but I think Zay is trying to bulk up and assume that role. And we are more vested in him than we are Duke. Top 6 would be Zay, Foster, Beasley, Brown,McKenzie, and Roberts by default because of his ST prowess. Unless they cut a RB, there is no room for a 7th WR. Just my opinion tho. I'd rather cut Gore for Duke personally and keep Yeldon
  4. We used to park in the 97 rock lot..california rd I think? But we always took 354 to Transit. Then Transit to 77. You can go many ways tho. 20A, 20, 5&20, whatever. Id say the further you can go before hitting Transit, the less traffic you'll see. Then from 77 you can go anywhere. Including the thruway. Its been a couple years now since I made it home for a game, and I hear that lot is now closed due to a drowning accident, but that's the best I can recall. Hope it helps
  5. Yup. I just go north on 63 from there and I'm home in15 miles from Pembroke đź‘Ťwell, what I used to call home anyway
  6. Well yeah, fortunately for me, I lived in Orleans county and could drive right past I90 on route 63 and be home in no timeđź‘Ť
  7. Idk...at least leaving OP, there's a back door route thru Akron that can still put you on I-90 in 30 minutes. Most people just don't know it. Sure as hell beats waiting in line, even if you go 20 miles out of your way you can still be ahead of the curve
  8. Born and raised between Buffalo and Rochester. Moved to NC in my early 20's. Returned late 30's. Left again early 40's. And now call central PA home. Still only a 3.5 hour drive to get home for a visit and a game. Or as old people say, a nice Sunday drive
  9. And the payout immediately following the game....brought to you by the law offices of Dewey, Cheatham, and Howeđź’°
  10. The talk of strongest arm, and risk of injury, cracks me up. I doubt Mahommes is gonna exert any more energy, or injury, than Josh would. That challenge would sure as hell beat out the Pro Bowl in entertainment value. I say, do it for charity, and have fun with it
  11. I'd say if long snappers were judged by QB completion percentage, or "catchble balls", he'd be up there. Talk about threading a needle.......maybe we need a target with a better catch radius? Lol
  12. Over a 1000 yds total offense as well. A spectacle of the modern game. At the time there were 3 records broken in that game....no punts, most total yardage, and??? I can't quite remember the last one...was it no timeouts? Great game to rewatch
  13. Dude.....you are a scumbag. What a douche.pal...
  14. Pal, how many games, played in that stadium, made you a life long Bills fan? If none, then you are younger than most. Thats not a problem...but please kids, let the adults talk for awhile
  15. Dude...if you can't agree with the fact that it IS a storied venue, then you've never heard a story
  16. Wtf is your issue? I don't want a domed stadium downtown. You do. You fasley accuse me of being 24( I wish). Who cares? Go away
  17. So was Green Bay, KC,etc. There's room for improvement where it is
  18. You funny. But if you think you can get personal over a stadium with me, you still got some growing up to do. Be well, buddy
  19. So, we disagree and you insist on being a dick? Nice to meet you, millennial
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