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  1. If we can't score more than 9, then something is wrong. we average 18, and are now facing the worst D in the league. I expect more like 27-12 and a victory
  2. Kouandjio brothers just leased an apartment together. Good to see ole Cyrus found some work💰
  3. agreed sir! the Rams have about a 3 year window. they miss, they are done. What I wouldn't give to see JA flex at Ramsey in a SuperBowl lol. At this point, I'll take Tre and Wallace👍
  4. LA is a good place for that knucklehead
  5. trade Peters, get Ramsey. If true, whoa!. 2 1sts and a 4th tho? yikes!
  6. this thread??? again? take it to PPP buddy
  7. good call! The fish are still playing checkers, so no need for us to over think this tho👍
  8. this is an absolute fruitless exercise. everything changes after the first point has altered.
  9. Im not sure. Maybe ask his wife😂
  10. so was Sammy. a loooooonng way to go till the draft. calm down buddy.....
  11. why does Josh look like he's Barkley's height? Matt standing on a box?😀 didn't realize Webb's package was also 6'5
  12. that's weird. only one place you get a lock of hair from 2 men...and one is bald. I'm not judging tho😂 good for you??
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