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  1. Born and raised between Buffalo and Rochester. Moved to NC in my early 20's. Returned late 30's. Left again early 40's. And now call central PA home. Still only a 3.5 hour drive to get home for a visit and a game. Or as old people say, a nice Sunday drive
  2. And the payout immediately following the game....brought to you by the law offices of Dewey, Cheatham, and Howeđź’°
  3. The talk of strongest arm, and risk of injury, cracks me up. I doubt Mahommes is gonna exert any more energy, or injury, than Josh would. That challenge would sure as hell beat out the Pro Bowl in entertainment value. I say, do it for charity, and have fun with it
  4. I'd say if long snappers were judged by QB completion percentage, or "catchble balls", he'd be up there. Talk about threading a needle.......maybe we need a target with a better catch radius? Lol
  5. Over a 1000 yds total offense as well. A spectacle of the modern game. At the time there were 3 records broken in that game....no punts, most total yardage, and??? I can't quite remember the last one...was it no timeouts? Great game to rewatch
  6. Dude.....you are a scumbag. What a douche.pal...
  7. Pal, how many games, played in that stadium, made you a life long Bills fan? If none, then you are younger than most. Thats not a problem...but please kids, let the adults talk for awhile
  8. Dude...if you can't agree with the fact that it IS a storied venue, then you've never heard a story
  9. Wtf is your issue? I don't want a domed stadium downtown. You do. You fasley accuse me of being 24( I wish). Who cares? Go away
  10. So was Green Bay, KC,etc. There's room for improvement where it is
  11. You funny. But if you think you can get personal over a stadium with me, you still got some growing up to do. Be well, buddy
  12. So, we disagree and you insist on being a dick? Nice to meet you, millennial
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