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  1. Ok, I'll bite😎 a "few"=3. at $2 each=$6. $60-$6=$54 $54÷$3=18 oranges just because they "went to buy " 25 fruits, doesn't mean they "bought" 25 fruits
  2. Seems odd a vet player landing on PS. Is he also subject to being claimed by someone? Hard to keep up with all the new rules. like the kid's size. 6'4" 300+ lbs
  3. You speak more like a Butthead than a Beavis
  4. That truely is unfortunate. I'm sure We'd all like to see you play against 300 lb Defensive lineman. Might just knock some sense into ya
  5. A snowy day in El Paso? never hear THAT in a country western song! definate congrats to #34. Long overdue
  6. well that's kinda my point. One game will not be a constant change. If after 2 games and we get no better, I would seriously consider making the change. I think if Mongo didn't go down, Ford would remain the starting RT. I think maybe we should consider that replacing one starter on the line is still better than replacing two. just a thought
  7. Do you think that's because Ford played his first game action at RG in the NFL? Williams can play guard. I wonder if we see them switch positions relatively soon if the oline in general continues to underperform?
  8. actually, it's not attention he seeks. It's anal tension. You can go anywhere you want and it's still an outhouse. 😂
  9. I respect him for making up his own mind and not just blindly following the masses in order to virtue signal. So yeah, wow. That's all it takes to earn respect...smdh
  10. I think you completely got it twisted. It's not me playing victim. And as far as being divided? You're damn right. I will never support the kind of BS I've seen this summer. So, we can all come together if we bow down to the left's fake "virtue", and admit that there is systemic rasicm and learn how to fix it, or anyone who does not believe that there is systemic rasicm, and that idiots are just running around burning and killing over something that does not exist, divides us. Yeah, I guess it IS a choice. I have that choice. I damn sure don't feel persecuted lmfao
  11. home. central PA. stuffed shells, salad. after a healthy dose of cussing, hoping, and beer
  12. you are the one who mentioned structure brother. go Bills piss on this bull####
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