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  1. Why don't teams just leave the old jersey's alone? Or is it low dive for more money only? Sad!
  2. I've searched everywhere also - no luck! Wonder why it was "banned" ? I was at the game with a large group from my company located in Lancaster NY. It was a fun game.
  3. So agree! Watching any Bills loss makes me ill - really ill!!!
  4. Ralph passed away today, March 25th, in 2014. Regardless of the hassles, turmoil and lousy teams Ralph brought the Bills to Buffalo and kept them here through thick and thin! I so wish the Kelly era teams could have won a Super Bowl for the man! His wife Mary continues on in his memory doing great charitable work in the Western New York area. God Bless Ralph!
  5. I agree with the A- which is a great grade while understanding how the AFC East is now structured.
  6. Yes - - score in the mid-20's regardless of our strong D.
  7. He was born in Cheektowaga and moved to TN when he was 8 years old. A soccer player all his life when a Memphis coach noticed his kicking ability and away he went to football. Great guy and family man.
  8. Murphy and Harrison Phillips will complete the package the coaches want for 2020.
  9. He chose Tampa because his son lives in the NYC area and he wanted to stay on the East coast. That's all!
  10. Agreed. Three days of nonsense is 2 too many.
  11. I'm sick of hearing about Jordan Palmer and his phony QB training business. Another person with a nice face and "media speech" making money off the NFL!!
  12. When I see a guy with 16+ games under his belt in the NFL make REALLY STUPID, PANIC decisions in a PLAY-OFF game then I have to question his overall ability to be a success. Forget footwork, accuracy etc. When you panic under a rush, turn and run 15 yards in reverse taking a sack to take the team out of FG position that's dumb! When you throw a desperation lateral for no reason in the final seconds of a game to no one that's PANIC dumb. Get over your love affair with Josh. He's not the guy! In your day Lamonica was a much better all around QB who didn't need a personal QB coach! I think your slipping and joining in with the other soft Millennial fans that like numbers more than the game itself.
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