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  1. As she spoke at the PSE company meeting, Pegula had a video presentation, which included the slide, “Pegula Family Goals.” There were three headers listed: “Win Championships,” “Sustainability” and “Return on Investment.” As she discussed return on investment, Kim Pegula said it also meant maintaining the family’s lifestyle Kim is 51, Terry is 69. Terry made his $ before knowing Kim. I sense problems arising within the entire organization.
  2. I could care less who 'kneels'! Just let us watch football and the hell with players personal views. What they do on the field interests me much more.
  3. AGREE! It's an entertainment business and not a way of life.
  4. AMEN! Who knows how the CURRENT Bills think or what they believe in! It is NOT important to me. It's a game that amuses millions of people. A game and not relevant to real life.
  5. AND - - his agent has never represented an NFL client in her life. A friend of the family (his girlfriend) trying to become a sports agent.
  6. Well said! This victim isn't squeaky clean. How many of you have been sent to prison?? Floyd was charged in 2007 with armed robbery in a home invasion in Houston and in 2009 was sentenced to five years in prison as part of a plea deal, according to court documents.
  7. In 1973 the Bills sold 50,474 season tickets. Rich Stadium capacity was 80,020. The Jets game was a sell-out in advance of the 72 hour rule.
  8. This was the Bills 1st appearance on Monday Night Football on ABC. The game was played on 10/29/73 in Orchard Park. The Bills won and OJ went over 1000 yards at the mid-point of the season. It was an historic moment in Bills history as they returned to respectability in a new stadium. Can anyone find a video of this game - anywhere???
  9. Thank you for sharing this! Can you or anyone find a video of the Bills home game vs. Kansas City from 1973???? OJ went over 1000 yards at the mid-point of the season. It was an ABC Monday night game. It has apparently 'vanished' from the archives!!!!!
  10. Almost 400 Vietnam Veterans die each day in 2020. Life expectancy stats show: For US Vietnam Veterans it's about 66 years vs just about 78 years for non vets. Thank YOU for saying that. Thank YOU for your military service.
  11. 1st Aviation Brigade '69 & '70 Ban Me Thuot
  12. I understand! A lot of Vietnam Veterans who came home really did die mentally after that experience.
  13. Give your Dad a hug from me - - Viet Vets stick together! My brother-in-law WAS a tunnel rat. He was short and skinny but very athletic. He still can't forget those memories of going into the unknown!
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