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  1. WHY has only 1 Buffalo Bill had a National TV syndicated commercial??? It's because of the Market Size and national interest in our Bills. Even the QB from Cleveland had this privilege over the past 3 seasons. Cleaning out the stadium in Cleveland was the plot. WHY doesn't Josh get a national commercial? BECAUSE - we are a dinky market and money rules!
  2. Tell me about them? Where are the numbers? IF you're the only NFL game on National TV you get tons of viewers. Even the Giants vs. Eagles do. The original intent of the post was to THANK the Pegula's. They knew very well the limited National attention for the Bills. Thanks again!
  3. why did Butler, Jefferson and Addison all get $6 mil when they were very average NFL players.?? Stop being blinded by the LIGHT - - we're just another NFL franchise.
  4. REALLY? Why do we have to over pay for free agents. This comes up on the board regarding Mitch Morse, Trent Murphy etc.
  5. aren't Giant, Patriots or Bears fans every where also. If the Bills play the Bengals what would the national TV audience be??
  6. I have to agree about FA's. We have to BUY them regardless of the coaching staff and the Management. Nobody makes TV commercial money in Buffalo.
  7. Thank You Terry & Kim. Purchasing the team to keep it in Buffalo and spending money to make it a first class NFL organization is such a blessing to WNY. The Bills as an asset on your balance sheet doesn't necessarily equate to big yearly profits. Buffalo is the 52nd TV Market in the US. The only NFL franchise below us is in Green Bay. 51 Memphis 580,600 0.543 52 Buffalo 576,710 0.539 53 Ft. Myers-Naples 564,250 0.527 54
  8. I get more solid information about pro-football on this website compared to ESPN and the NFL network.
  9. Booger is doing some post-game commentary for ESPN. How did they ever believe he was credible on their bigest game of the week?
  10. It WAS such an exciting channel years ago
  11. Tim Baysinger Wed, November 25, 2020, 3:44 PM EST One of ESPN’s longtime faces is leaving the network. Trey Wingo, who hosted “SportsCenter” and the network’s NFL Draft coverage over a two-decade tenure, is exiting the network after his contract was not renewed. The decision not to re-up Wingo’s contract came as part of ESPN’s massive job cuts, the New York Post reported earlier this month (the NY Post also reported back in September that Wingo was being let go). The host’s departure was not confirmed until today, which is also his la
  12. When Eric Wood retired abruptly after the 2017 season the Bills needed a new Center. First came Russell Bodine who was signed a a free-agent in 2018 after 4 years with the Bengals. I remember how his signing was disliked on this Board. He wasn't good! When Bodine was injured during the season Ryan Groy took over as the starting Center. He was actually a guard. He didn't do the job either. With Josh Allen on board the team needed an experienced Center who could protect their asset. Mitch Morse was signed to a 4 year / $44,500,000 contract in 2019. He wa
  13. Per Forbes - The NFL will lose $5.5 billion of stadium revenue (the sum of tickets, concessions, sponsors, parking and team stores) — or 38% of its total revenue — based on figures for the 2019 season. But the impact on the individual teams would vary greatly. For example, the Dallas Cowboys and the New England Patriots would lose over half their total revenue while the Buffalo Bills, the Tennessee Titans and the Cincinnati Bengals would lose less than one-third. Dallas will probably lose $621 mil in stadium revenue while the Bills are at a $104 mil loss. Sometimes it's good
  14. I agree with your comments. Being a 'top tier' team in the NFL is short-lived. The OP tends to find negatives about recent Bills teams. He's a SB era guy!
  15. He played well in training camp and the vet WR's spoke highly of him!
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