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  1. I don't see any of the current Bills doing anything DUMB!
  2. Joe B just repeats everything he gets from other sources. Most of the posters here could write the same! He's a loser in the large scope of sports reporting!
  3. The DT for the East, Marino, looks to be a bit of a beast!!!
  4. So true. Miami didn't just release him because he couldn't keep his mouth shut!
  5. who REALLY cares? A bunch of small time thugs who are looking for the big bucks and it should matter to actual FOOTBALL fans???
  6. The game is silly and the skills competition proves zip and is boring! Forget the whole thing!!
  7. He was a confused person since childhood. Making him a victim of head trauma from football is a very convenient excuse for lawyers.
  8. This what happens when you make the play-offs 2 out of 3 years and gain the national media's interest! Expect more non- 1PM Sunday games.
  9. Agree. Josh is just in kindergarten right now.
  10. NO MORE $10 mil+ D-Lineman. Trent, Star, Jerry etc. and we still can't stop the run effectively. It was a learning experience for a new staff!
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