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  1. I would say a deep playoff run to the afc championship game or super bowl gets him a fat extension. I cant see any possible scenario he could get fired this year. I think they could go 2-14 and he’d still keep his job this season. I do expect them to be a playoff contending team though as currently constructed
  2. Shaq takes too much heat around here. People are expecting the sack numbers which I get, but he has matured every season and gotten better. This is definitely a tell tale year for him on the player he’s going to be. Just because he hasn’t “flashed” does not mean this is his peak. It only takes learning one good move to change those sack numbers. Let’s use Charles Johnson for an example from the panthers, that’s my usual comparison for Lawson. Similar kind of players and it took him a bit to make some impact. I won’t cry if they let Shaq walk but I did find it puzzling not to give him the fifth year since there’s really no reason not to other than you just don’t want him around. Not like the money would impact anything for next offseason. IF he has a big year his price is ridiculous for another team or us to sign next offseason. Could of had two years at bargain price against one, IF he improved. I’ll root for the guy either here or his next team unless he goes to New England
  3. Setting up the hype train early for Sills. I wasn’t sure who exactly on the roster was going to cause meltdown come cut time. But it appears Sills is “the guy” this year. The guy who buffalo let get away and everyone is going to sign immediately cause we can’t judge talent. I’m rooting for the guy, but I’d rather he takes a year on the practice squad than dress him for game days. There’s better guys more than likely who can play/produce better right now. Long term I like what Sills has but hard to translate that as a rookie on a possible run first team
  4. Mahomes gets it for sure. He’s the new media crush so everything he does is all time great legend status and of course he did have a fantastic year
  5. I absolutely think fans would cheer if certain players were hurt. Especially patriot guys. Brady, Edelman, Gronk when he was playing would all get a huge ovation if injured in buffalo. There might be a few more like Jarvis Landry too. It’s the nature of the beast. Emotions are high in a giant crowd. At home might be a different story. As for Durant I personally hated to see it, guy was gonna be a free agent and get a huge payday but more importantly possibly shift the balance of power in the NBA and make some great headlines. That injury is dreaded especially in the NBA and now he’s gonna possibly miss the entire season next year which sucks for the league
  6. Yeah I think the term lazy is used for Mario when it should be washed up. He played really good here, especially the first couple years. His skill set just faded. Happens to all of us.
  7. Houston can keep Clowney as far as I’m concerned. Good/great player but not a cornerstone building block with the injuries and that’s the contract he’s gonna get. Teams are very limited on how many 20 million a year contracts they can give and Clowneys agent isn’t letting Beane wizard up a long term contract with easy outs every season. Guy is gonna get a massive contract and be a top 3 paid defensive lineman
  8. Completely possible. However looking over some of his routes the guys got moves. Similar to basketball with a great crossover Beasley seems to juke coverage out of their cleats
  9. Just my opinion but I think the jets better be praying that offensive line can run block. Cause if Bell isn’t able to run that team is going to be 3-13. Darnold can play, but they are not built to pass. Bell might get 100 catches if he’s healthy
  10. I hate hate hate the cowboys, but I do see quite a few games from them. Beasley could be an absolute monster, he’s 100% right and had every reason to be salty with Dallas. Dak is not a good quarterback and he never looked for Beasley who is literally uncoverable. Nobody can cover this guy. We don’t know if Allen is going to be good yet but I’m really hoping he develops something with Beasley because the guy could easily catch 100 balls if he’s targeted. He runs elite routes and is open every play
  11. My kind of underdog story. I was a big fan of his even in Pittsburgh
  12. Every player cares. That’s how you get the advertisements and endorsements. You either need an MVP type season, a super elite team/record, or some standout coming out party national TV games, Allen wants to win first no doubt, but every player in the league is concerned in marketing their brand and increasing their money
  13. It’s got nothing to do with us. I specifically said for him and his brand. If he sucks all year and has one amazing elite game on thanksgiving he’ll gain a lot more fans nationally. If we’re a middle of the pack team all season and he has a bad game on thanksgiving he’ll continue to be a nobody/bust across the country because people will never really see him play
  14. I actually agree the thanksgiving game is HUGE for him specifically or his “brand” if you will. Across the country nobody knows much but his “stats” since everyone just looks at a quick google sheet. Outside of buffalo very few people actually seen him play and he’s considered the 4th best rookie quarterback last year. And there’s more bust talk than potential franchise quarterback talk. I think a lot of people’s minds would change if they actually seen what he’s capable of. I mean our jury is still out if he’s “the guy” but we’ve seen the flashes of elite talent most people have no clue of
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