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  1. I wish Kaep would just officially retire. The guy doesn’t want to play. He wants to be a martyr. A victim. Tyree wants to play. And his career is a few weeks old. Will he ever be a starter? Probably not. Maybe not even a backup. But leave the kid be. The obsession of the practice squad quarterback for this season is a little crazy. It’s like we’re obsessed over evaluating the lowest tiered quarterbacks on the bills roster 😂😂 enjoy that for once the lower tiered guy isn’t going to start and be the savior of the franchise like JP, Trent, EJ etc etc etc
  2. Extremely sad news for anyone to die that young. Not a prayer guy myself but best wishes for his family in a rough time
  3. I don’t see pressure being a problem. Not sure we will have a top sack unit but I don’t see any reason they won’t be awfully close a lot of the time. Hughes gets so much love on here as a great rusher but I think a lot of people miss what happens when he runs so far past the pocket and tries to loop around. It really hurt the line in years past. Oliver hopefully fixes that issue this year. I’m definitely excited to get to week 1 and get the preseason doubts settled and over with.
  4. Definitely agree on the Beasley chats in this topic. He’s going to be a huge key to Allen not having to run and expose himself to injury. Loved the little side step and pump fake in the pocket to find Beasley open. Nobody in the league can cover him longer than 3-4 seconds he will always be open. And once defenses scheme to stop that all that time the playbook is going to fly wide open
  5. I like Feliciano playing center. I think he’s a nasty blocker. I won’t lie I haven’t paid much attention to Morse in KC so not sure what we’re missing but I’ve been impressed with Feliciano. Swain gives me some concern, he seems beat a lot and has actually gotten away with some holds and been called for a couple I think. Kicking is looking ugly too as others have said
  6. Jacoby brissett and Kyle Allen are not much to get confident about. And I’m pretty concerned about Swain on the offensive line. I have zero doubts they’re building a good team, problem I see is I don’t think it’s as far along as some fans think, which is going to cause a lot of anger and drama later on this season if we’re not in the playoff hunt the whole season
  7. It’s not like I said they played a bad game or something. Just not going to be too excited about that performance against Carolinas backups
  8. I really can’t get too excited to see the defensive starters look a little shaky against Carolinas Allen. No cam or McCaffrey or Olsen and that kid moved the ball pretty good. Got to say I do love the Allen to Beasley connection though. Beasley is completely uncoverable at all times. He had every right to be upset about his usage in Dallas. As others have said he will be a huge key to Allen’s magical 60% completion (that so many benchmark if he’s a good QB or not)
  9. Definitely haushka and the punters and might as well toss the long snapper in too lol
  10. Him and Landry Jones are gonna take the XFL into the prime time next year
  11. Were those top 16 passing offenses though? And the 3 scenarios you listed were losing teams throwing from behind a lot force feeding the star receiver. A #1 is of course legit year in year out. But that doesn’t make a top passing offense. Guys like Brees and Rodgers and Rivers make average receivers look amazing. The point I was trying to make was the receiver tandems don’t make the offense top half of the league. The QB does.
  12. It’s all about the quarterback. Good ones elevate those guys. Zero reason ANY combo of brown, Beasley and foster can’t be better than a lot of those you mentioned if Allen is a top 15 quarterback. You could literally put Hopkins, Julio, AB and Odell on the same team and they could be bottom 16 if they played with crappy quarterback play. This offense has enough weapons with good quarterback play it can put up top 10 passing numbers. All depends on the coaches calling plays and the quarterback and receivers executing. Good coaches and quarterbacks elevate those receiving combos. Put Lamar Jackson as quarterback of Atlanta with the current coaching and boom the possibility of them being a top 16 passing unit is probably dead in the water. Same premise take out Quinn and put in Sean Payton as coach of Atlanta with those weapons and Lamar quarterbacking and he can probably scheme them into a top 16 unit. As bills fans we have been so vanilla and talent deficient on offense for sooooooo long we are all highly skeptical if we can even have a decent offense without big names. I have always been in the grow your own stars like Pittsburgh does camp. Sorry to ramble or change the topic but it all really boils down to Allen. If he’s legit and gets better he has plenty of weapons to run an elite offense and I think Daboll can do it if he trusts Allen to make the reads
  13. The jerry comparison was just cause they’re both first round picks. They’re much different players I agree. Watching shaq reminds me of Charles Johnson when I used to watch the panthers play (my nephew was a huge fan of them) He wasn’t amazing the first couple years either. Jerry is great, one of the best speed rushers in the game. I think his rush skills actually hurt Lawson’s game. In years past jerry speed rushes, the quarterback steps up right into that zone jerry leave wide open with his speed rush as jerry gets pushed farther back and loops around. If the defensive tackles don’t penetrate the quarterback has a decent amount of time to throw. That leaves Lawson or whoever is on that end having to come across the whole line to get to the quarterback. Mario had the speed to get there for a pressure, shaq does not. He stops his rush and tries to get his hands up which has actually been very effective and is just as important as a pressure. Hopefully adding Oliver fixes that issue and when the quarterbacks go for that open pocket the defensive tackle is there. What jerry does should lead to tons of sacks for the other end or the DT’s but we have lacked skill in the middle. I think shaq has the skill to get sacks and pressures but he needs the quarterback in the actual pocket or on Shaqs side of the line. Him and Murphy both have a ton to prove this season.
  14. I’m still a big fan of shaq. I don’t think he’s reached his potential or put it all together yet. Some players take a little longer and some situations are not good for players development. To use Hughes as an example the colts were a mess defensively and jerry was considered complete trash, comes here and something clicks and he’s arguably our best defensive player for years now. To me anyways, he seems to still be growing and getting better. The draft grade is fair though I can’t dispute he hasn’t lived up to his potential from that draft pick
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