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  1. We are far too concerned about this stuff. It’s the price you gotta pay to be a top team. Once Allen reaches a certain level (some can argue he’s already there) these coordinators and positional coaches become less important. They obviously have some value in these people but it’s not the end of the world if they leave either.
  2. I’m not a big Stills fan, but this is 100% a good game to activate him. Beasley not 100%, Davis not looking good, Stills and Smoke on the outside with that speed and Diggs breaking ankles from the slot sounds pretty lethal to me.
  3. Happy to see the hire and youth movement opposed to the same ole same ole retreads getting jobs.
  4. I was never a fan of him or his childish tantrums on the field at times. Always thought he choked at the worst possible times. That said he was a great player I just didn’t like him. From everything I’ve read he’s a fantastic human being so I no longer dislike him after retirement
  5. Williams has totally revived his career here and is back to an all pro form at right tackle. Even if/when the cap goes down he’s going to get a huge payday. Probably in the Jack Conklin range. I don’t think Beane is going to invest that kind of money.
  6. If Daboll and Frazier don’t get offers this go around I can understand. But I am truly shocked Schoen didn’t get an offer. I fully expected our front office would lose at least 2 guys. Fantastic news for us fans if they remain intact one more year.
  7. There are sooooo many decent free agent running backs this year, after the draft some of their price tags drop considerably. I see no reason we’d even think about using a first round pick on one. We are gonna need some defensive players on rookie deals for sure. Breida, McKinnon, Booker (looked great in his limited work in Vegas) , Jeff Wilson, Jamal williams, marlon Mack, Wayne Gallman.. Some guys may get signed, but there’s going to be some cut too I’m sure before free agency. Running back is quite easy to fill a spot for and not have to over pay. And there’s some really real
  8. Allen has to hold MVP for the team. If I voted strictly defensive MVP I’m giving it to Poyer. I was skeptical of his extension and ok letting him walk. He played a phenomenal season this year though. Without a doubt in my mind his best season and I thought he made the biggest impact for us.
  9. That’s why I would wonder, cause teams generally sneak under. Keep kicking the can down the road but at some point you have to run out of moves to make right? They’re basically at the point they need the reset year. Fire sale all the vets and cut all the higher salary and eat the dead cap year and regroup with a fresh slate.
  10. Dobbins 100% pushed him out this year, that was always expected. He’s a slow power back now though. I don’t need to look at the game logs cause I watched their last few games last year. He was used, but phased out of the important downs, they were going to Gus in critical spots in the rare cases Lamar didn’t keep it. Ingram 100% made an impact for them last year, my point was Father Time caught him last year though. I’m no fan of freeman and Ingram probably has more impact left in his game than freeman does. But I think both are all done. If we are talking signing him right now, and b
  11. Yeah I remember the Luck one. Crazy stuff. Should be fun to watch and see how they maneuver through the offseason.
  12. Oh I thought when they retired the dead cap hit went away cause they’re basically forfeiting the rest of the money. I’m not a cap professional lol
  13. Brees retiring frees a decent amount right? I always wondered what if a team can’t get under the cap.
  14. They were starting to lower his important carries last year towards the end. He gave them everything he had. He had no burst left though. If it wasn’t Baltimore and a regular running team you think he hits those marks? Not knocking the guy he put it all on the field for them.
  15. He was almost done last year. Gus the bus was starting to overtake him. He’s all done. Solid few years he had though
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