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  1. I don’t care, I purposely start the game 45 minutes late so I can fast forward through commercials and all that stuff anyways. Sing whatever you want, I just wanna see the game with no commercials and no other BS. I don’t even watch the halftime show I go to red zone channel.
  2. Warren Moon seems to have the same opinion as me. So I’ll say I like what he said 😂 seemed spot on
  3. Fully agreed. By the time he signs a vet minimum deal (teams will make him do a prove it deal) then serves his suspension and the 24/7 media circus on him again he will probably be cut or in trouble before he even plays a meaningful snap at suspensions end
  4. Huge if.. But my guess is they’d be happy for 6-7 competitive games before Stidham can takeover
  5. I was saying this would happen before last season even ended. Bill was going to try his mimic of the Baltimore offense. And Cam is just that. Between white, Michel and Cam they have a nasty little read option team that can run and throw short passes. If cam is healthy this is a big get for them. Personally I don’t think he can take hits anymore and similar to a running back his body has just can’t handle the load it takes to be the kind of quarterback he is.
  6. Zeke keeping all options on the table for when he’s cut in two years. Got to angle that next contract 😂
  7. Lol I sure hope so. Josh Gordon is supposed to have an answer in less than 30 days. Antonio browns name is floating about of course so we’ll see if they do anything with him. Maybe Ed just gets a small fine or some outpatient treatment
  8. I’m rooting for disaster for them, I can just understand why punishment hasn’t been handed out yet. And my guess is goodell only answers pre screened questions and 99% of the writers are too scared to fall off the nipple. Regardless I think we all knew immediately this wasn’t going to be as big of a deal as it should be.
  9. They accepted responsibility but also diverted that responsibility toward non football operations. So the “investigation” would be who to punish and how.
  10. To be fair there are kinda more important things going on. This can’t possibly be high on the list of anyone in the league seeing as what they’re trying to do to even have a season. While I’m excited to see them both suffer hopefully I can see why it’s been lost in the shuffle
  11. I will watch regardless and enjoy it. I think many would not like it but I would be ok with some artificial crowd noise pumped in for the “home field” advantage etc etc. I don’t need to hear silence as the teams make their calls. Pumping in crowd noise already happens at games so just amp it up a little. Each team gets a “noise guy” and a judge to turn on their control boards at correct times. Even though I’m almost 40 I actually still watch wrestling on tv (my daughter is kinda hooked) and for those who don’t watch WWE (the main company) has basically had matches with nobody in attendance anywhere and they’ve been quite boring. The new company (AEW) has had some of their wrestlers in the “crowd” and they’ve made some noise and interacted and it’s been quite entertaining for me. I don’t think stadiums will be empty but I highly doubt we see sellout kinda crowds so the artificial noise would help as far as normalcy
  12. I’m not a fan of him. Definitely love drama on the Jets though especially with someone who likes to talk as much as Adams. Send him to Seattle, then we can hear him flip come contract time when they can’t pay him cause Wilson has a 50 million cap hit 😂😜
  13. Fantastic article.. I don’t worry about the completion % much even though it’s harped on like crazy by a select few on here. He doesn’t check down, which we’ve seen articles about now. Couple check downs a game and his completion % would go up a ton. He’s a raw kid who absolutely loves the big plays so I’ve accepted ignoring some dump offs. If there is one Improvment I want to see this season it would be dumping off to singletary in space more. Allen has MVP potential and I don’t see any reasons outside of injuries he can’t jump into the Lamar/Mahomes/Wilson category in the future.
  14. This guy has been so back and forth since the start, his statements are half the reason the general public went into panic. I don’t personally care what he says anymore, they’re going to try and play the season so his opinion means squat
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