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  1. This is tricky.. I don’t worry so much about the titans having the extra week. I worry they cancelled the steeler game already. Has me wondering if a lot more positive tests in Tennessee are about to show up that haven’t been leaked out yet (which then can put our game with tenn in jeopardy) Given the teams size and the players on the sidelines obviously with no masks this can spread a lot. Hopefully the league is just taking caution essentially quarantining the titans for two weeks. We knew it would happen so let’s hope this is about it and more players take this more seriously. It is their salaries they are risking
  2. I still think we can be in the 9-10 win range. Color me highly impressed by the offense. But we have not seen any real lulls which we might. The defense has looked terrible (as have almost all defenses) I can see a little rough patch of sketchy offensive play or defenses not being able to hold to get us that win. Obviously I would love a 12 or 13 win season especially given the schedule. I don’t want to get too high or too confident in our new found offensive output. Daboll imo has been fantastic this season and just like josh seems to have really turned the corner and opened things up. Same as josh, can it be maintained? These are questions that keep me from getting too confident just yet. Pats games, Seattle and KC are bigtime all eyes on us Super Bowl tests that will show where we are really at.
  3. Well, I think we can probably stop with not being recognized on the national stage. We have arrived. Well done josh
  4. That’s kinda the point I was making. If you flip their draft positions Allen is probably out of the league or a severe turnover machine in jersey. Where as Darnold would probably be pretty dang successful here. So I don’t think the draft “experts” were completely wrong, they just didn’t expect Allen would progress or get a chance to profess in the pros
  5. He could just as easily have busted. They’re just playing the odds. Switch Allen and Darnold. Are they in the same position today?
  6. I’m saying the commish and nflpa should get together and say if all teams can’t have fans no teams can have fans. Obviously the NFL has zero leverage over states to allow fans
  7. That’s when the commish and the nflpa need to get together and rule on it. It’s a league issue imo not a state issue. States can choose what they like, but the league needs to come together and act as one. Some may think it’s silly, I still see it as a competitive advantage which I thought the league did not want to happen.
  8. They really need to find some balance on this. I realize each state has separate rules but either everyone has fans or nobody has fans. I don’t personally care I’m not attending any games and the fake crowd noise isn’t bothering me. But from a level playing field kinda view it doesn’t seem right some teams can allow fans and others can’t. 20% capacity may not be the noise advantage of a full stadium but I do believe it has an effect on players.
  9. I think Ford against Donald should 100% be one of the best things we’ve heard this young season. First start, here buddy take on the best defensive player in the league.. Oh and have fun. Donald was gonna flash regardless but it’s cool to hear Ford did his job well and held his own.
  10. Whoever made this Thursday night schedule this year should be fired. They should just cancel Thursday games
  11. 😂😂😂 come on, let me find some more work for you guys to do.. I have a blast on here usually so I trust it’ll go in the right direction. Similar to what others have said I have browsed other teams sites and this one is run much much better and cleaner
  12. They did it in the super bowl. Bosa was eating the chiefs alive, then they were allowed to hold him non stop in the second half. I didn’t care who won or have a favorite in the matchup so I was pretty objective I feel on that one. It’s a big issue when it becomes discretion as opposed to actual rules
  13. Issue will be when they choose to enforce some of these penalties they’re letting slide. I have noticed tons of holding that’s not being called but I’m used to that in most games
  14. I would 100% like to see people “muted” for some of those things. Starting threads without reading the board and seeing the same thread just below, starting threads just for attention or a one sentence opinion sucks too. I often joke I’d like to see an approval system to weed some of these glory bound posters out. Like you would have to approve a thread before it shows on the page. After so many successful approvals they can post freely. Probably not possible and more work on mods. BTW I think the mods are great. There’s some sarcasm I think that’s missed and people take it awfully personal. Chances are high if you have beef with a mod you’re one of the problem “contributors” on this site and took it personal cause you got a warning message and didn’t agree. We also need to upgrade the YOLO bot on here.
  15. Something to be said about building a young mans confidence. Herbert and Burrow have stats but at what cost? How confident can they be when burrow is throwing it 60 times in a game and losing and getting hit non stop? At this rate he could be shell shocked by week 10. They limited Allen on purpose. So he didn’t panic and have 1000 turnovers and crush his confidence. They built his confidence like they built the roster.
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