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  1. I think it’s a great signing for them. Clowney has shown flashes when he’s not the main guy. Having Garrett opposite him will be a big deal. I have never liked the guy much, he seems like a minimum effort player to me who only turns it on a couple times a year. But for Cleveland it wasn’t a big risk to pair him with Garrett. For us is a different story, he’d have to be the main guy here, and we can’t afford too many more misses on edge players. All that said I’d be shocked if clowney plays 8-10 games for them.
  2. We don’t even have the ammo to move in the top 5 area to get Pitts so quit dreaming guys. You’d have to include a blue chip player in that deal like white or Diggs to even get on the phone. Our guys on rookie deals haven’t really flashed enough to be big trade bait. We have a pretty stacked roster but we are gonna need this rookie class to produce and need their contracts in 3-4 years. If Beane has a guy who maybe falls to the 15 range cause of the quarterback run maybe he can swing something but even that’s gonna be pricey. Just have to trust the scouting department has done their jobs and
  3. I’ll leave the crazy talk out of it and just say my opinion that I do not agree. I support vaccines. I do not support forcing this specific vaccine on people to gather in public this fast. All I can see is 3-5 years from now on tv: Have you or a loved one had (insert complications here) from the covid vaccine, please call our law offices at xxx-xxx-xxxx you could be entitled to compensation. But I will not make too big of a stink over this because I wasn’t going to be attending any games this year
  4. Holy crap this thing is a mess lol. Virgil bless your soul trying to keep track of all this. I thought we tried to keep these kinda realistic in the past but maybe I didn’t pay attention to the trade one very much. Y’all are abusing the heck out of this. I blame Costner and the Draft Day movie 😂😂😂😂
  5. I think it’s about right, but I actually expect more in the guaranteed department.
  6. I was correctly corrected saying he has zero value and nobody would ever trade for him. As Beane seems to get teams to bite on unrealistic trades. That said motor might get a 6th rounder in return. His value is extremely low coming off a bad year.
  7. I wouldn’t do it. Once you enter the quarterback being paid period you’ll need all the draft picks you can get. Allen’s potential deal won’t hit for awhile but it would be nice to have those rookies under contract when it does hit. I don’t think it’s realistic to move up that much for a non quarterback move.
  8. The cost to grab an unproven rookie at one of the biggest bust potential positions is insane. We don’t even have the ammo to move that high if they wanted to. You’d have to give up Tre or Diggs or something plus picks to move that high. I know it’s the offseason and a bit of a boring time for football, but come on let’s at least use realistic scenarios if we are discussing fantasy
  9. I think we have fans who use stars absence as a bigger excuse than it was. The defense had to adapt and as the season went on they did. They had to get creative with the blitzes and personnel and I think it ended up being a good thing. Star is not going to make or break this defense. His contribution is going to be more for the run game as he’ll come off the field most passing downs. Our issue imo is mostly in the pass defense
  10. I think a lot of fans forget Siran Neal played safety in college and was drafted as a safety. Solid special teams guy but we’ve seen his speed on the field and he has some coverage skills. We are obviously adding more talent to the secondary but Neal and Johnson can fill in and play when needed along with their special teams duties.
  11. It’s pretty vulgar but I found the first couple seasons entertaining.
  12. If I’m being 100% honest I’m surprised there isn’t a ton more. Some of these guys are babies and have never done anything but play ball. Schools and agents and etc etc have held their hands and done everything for them. How many of these guys got free schooling and wouldn’t even attend their classes without constant supervision? Now they’re going to be paid life changing money and suddenly develop morals and respect? Don’t get me wrong plenty of guys come from good backgrounds and worked hard and did the right things or even made a few mistakes but there’s a pretty big majority that are jus
  13. Travis Henry is probably tops of my list. Ko Simpson too
  14. There are tons of guys left sitting around not getting any interest from teams. This was the impact of the salary cap being lowered. Top guys were always gonna get paid. Mid guys are hit and miss. Lower tiered guys with injury concerns will be lucky to snag a deal after the draft
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