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  1. He’s a terrible rep for that movement. He didn’t do it for the “cause” come on now. You can’t seriously believe he did this and “risked” his dying career on its last breath for the people.
  2. But why does the money he’s paid matter? The bills haven’t been hurting for cash to sign players, and by the time they need the money he’s getting it’ll be easy to move on. There have been some really questionable signings and moves here since Beane took over however there’s something to be said with familiarity of the players. The “Carolina connection” etc etc Of course they overpaid for Star, that’s obvious to anyone. What does he bring in the locker room? Film room? Does he make players on the team better? Now I do not know the answers to these questions but McDermott does and he obviously wants the guy on the team for a reason. Just my 2 cents but it seems they are paying for more than just production from the guy. If we were to the cap and hurting for money to sign players I could see people being upset and bashing stars salary but as of right now it means nothing. He’s not taking away from the team or hurting the team. Could we spend his 10 million on better production? Of course. But they have been building something in their vision that is more important to them than just production at this point. A locker room culture and team first mentality. You need vets to do that and hold young guys accountable. Maybe star fills that I don’t know
  3. I never said it was because of those receivers. Just that you can have success and be a great offense without prototypical number one kinda guys. Not sure where you get your assumptions or if you actually read my post, I never claimed those teams didn’t make the playoffs BECAUSE of the receivers, or that having a Julio Jones type doesn’t do ****.. The point was simply put that you can have a potent offense and success and NOT have a legit #1 guy. It’s just a matter of having a VARIETY of weapons in the pass game
  4. Cooks is not what I would consider a true #1 receiver. Woods is more their #1 than cooks. My point was most of the best guys in the league are not in the playoffs. You can run a really good offense without the prototypical #1 receiver like Julio, Hopkins or Beckham etc etc.. A lot of people seem obsessed that we have to have a Julio Jones #1 receiver guy to have a legit deadly offense and I would disagree. And I said maybe some wouldn’t be considered #1 kinda guys. But if you’ve seen Golloday play you’d know he’s going to be a pretty elite receiver and Adams makes some serious plays in packer country.
  5. All the talk and hype of a “true #1 receiver” is soooooo overblown. If this season showed the trend it’s that having a legit #1 guy means squat. Brown-Steelers no playoffs AJ Green-Bengals no playoffs Deandre Hopkins-Texans lost in playoffs Odell-Giants hurt and no playoffs Cooper-Cowboys knocked out Thielen-Diggs?-Vikings looked bad Adams-Green Bay no playoffs Golloday-Lions no playoffs Julio-Ridley Falcons no playoffs Evans-Tampa no playoffs Thomas-Saints probably your only real #1 guy who made a legit run Maybe im missing some or don’t consider some as true #1’s and probably listed some that aren’t too. Point is having that #1 guy is not that important. You just need weapons. Brees and even the pats and rams show how it should be done. Spread the ball to multiple weapons and ride the hot hand. If anything having the defacto #1 guy hurts a lot of teams cause they force targets all game long and other guys don’t always get a chance to get in any rhythm. To add further, it’s looking like the only way to have a lethal offense is a really solid tight end, running game, and that legit speed receiver. Back to the point of the post I too am confident we are heading in the right directions and are building a solid core to the team. I have questioned what in the heck these guys are thinking especially year one dumping all the young players but now that the path looks to be laid down I get it and fully understand what they’re going for. We should ascend at the perfect time of the pats and dolphins rebuild and I’m really not overly impressed with the jets roster.
  6. Rc2catch

    Brandon Marshall (LB) to be released by the Broncos

    Yeah I can see a vet locker room leader kinda guy like kyle.. which IMO would be Thomas Davis. You want vets who work hard and smart and can help mold this young core. I don’t think Marshall fits that.
  7. Kap knew his career was over. He made his “stand” and lost his job. Many players have lost their jobs due to becoming a distraction in the locker room (media) Is he blackballed? Maybe. Is Tebow? Or is it they are just not NFL quarterback material? Kap is riding this victim thing to huge paydays outside his NFL life. Eric Reid took the knee, was finally signed by Carolina, has a good season and is rewarded with a new shiny 3 year contract. Fact is Kap doesn’t want to play, because he’ll be exposed and lose all his hype behind his “movement” This isn’t a race issue. It’s not solely because he took a knee. Tebow was as much if not more of a distraction for his teams and he too was let go. I don’t have a beef with the guy, but I find it kinda sickening he’s in the news still. I’m all for equal rights and less racial issues in the country, and of course don’t support police abusing power.. However this douche should not be the cover boy for these issues. There are thousands and thousands of educated men of different races who could be the face of equality, it should of never been a washed up NFL player holding tightly to his last 15 minutes of fame
  8. Rc2catch

    WR Pierre Garçon available

    I’ve never been a big fan of Garçon. I’m still holding out some hope more vets are released. I wouldn’t jump on the “fire everyone” bandwagon if they signed him up on a 1-2 year team friendly deal. Ya never know we may see an influx of vets released soon. Possibilities like Sanu, D-Jax or maybe even Marvin Jones etc etc.. But Garçon does fit that vet need, depending on the route OBD is taking he may be a good get for them
  9. Minus the fact RGIII already knows the offense and team. He did something right last year with their coaches to stick around.
  10. I don’t see why Tyrod would be in Baltimore. They seemed to really like RGIII.. I would actually expect tyrod more to the jags. Even if they land Foles, Taylor is exactly what they have been looking for. Someone who can make a play every so often, but will not turn the ball over. I would also think Tannehill to the redskins or even giants. Dalton probably stays put, although I wouldn’t be surprised for Cincy to be a surprise team to nab one of the top quarterbacks in the draft
  11. Rc2catch

    Hearing Broncos will let Matt Paradis test FA

    I don’t think the long signing has any bearing on who they may target. Long was just available and they wanted to make sure they got someone ASAP. He’s versatile and can start in the pinch. I would guess buffalo signed him as depth or a temporary starter. Paradis and Morse should still be big targets if they hit the market.
  12. Rc2catch

    T.J. Hockenson

    I wouldn’t mind taking him at 9.. my only concern is actually the pressure and how fast the fans will turn on him. Tight end is generally not a rookie impact position. Picking him top 10 a lot of fans will expect him to be Gronkowski week 1. Tight ends generally take a couple seasons before making any real impact. Other than that he looks like a solid player and checks all the boxes you would want
  13. Rc2catch

    Superstars Leaving A Team Question

    I think you may be overhyping AB a little bit. But we’ll find out this year if/when he’s traded. His numbers and key plays have been amazing and maybe he is HOF bound one day. My point is just that Pittsburgh throws the ball 50+ times a game and Ben isn’t afraid to toss the ball to him in bad spots and let AB make the play. That’s probably not going to happen on a very large portion of teams. Let’s say he goes to SF.. I would have my doubts jimmy G is targeting him 20+ times a game, or that he’ll put up anywhere near as good of numbers. It’s much easier to be amazing when you have a HOF quarterback and a team that throws constantly. Matter of fact one could argue a huge problem for Pittsburgh during AB’s time there is the fact they throw so much and don’t utilize the run game enough.
  14. I don’t worry about him too much. Health is the big concern obviously. He looked pretty good in the limited action he had. I still have high hopes for lawson, thought he played amazing this year. If he gets some pass rush skills Lawson is the guy we should be hoping to see numbers from. Murphy is the pass rush “specialist” with limited snaps
  15. Rc2catch

    Vinny Curry and Demaryius Thomas available.

    Will Thomas even be ready for preseason or anything? Last thing we need is a guy who can’t even suit up until mid season. Josh needs somebody to work on routes with ASAP not midway next season