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  1. Spot on, I suppose they could adjust it to motor and Knox and the 3 receivers. Shift out of run and spread everyone out sounds great in theory.
  2. If you address it now you pay big, the major value is cheap rookie contracts and free agents and cuts after the draft. They’ll get it done, we’re hitting homeruns this offseason on paper so I don’t have any doubts Beane is gonna get a playmaker to pair with motor
  3. You have to remember that it’s not a need in the big scheme of things. Backs are found all over. The obvious route is we are probably drafting one. But even after all that is said and done there are going to be plenty of veteran guys just sitting around hoping the phone will ring. There are gonna be tons of options around. Everyday that passes the contracts get lower and lower and lower. Sign a vet for preseason and you can snag them for like a million bucks. It’s possibly the easiest position to fill in the league. Beane will 100% add some talent he’s just bargain shopping and scouting the draft.
  4. I don’t think even despite buffalos growth Brady was winning squat in New England. AFC is a tougher road IMO than the NFC. There was no reason for Brady to stay there given the state of the team. They have ran it almost into the ground
  5. As 1manraid just said Knox is that tight end until proven otherwise. Knox presents matchup nightmares just like the Kittles and Kelces of the world. With time running routes and work on his hands he already has the tools to be a stud tight end.
  6. This is the Jets we’re talking about. They can easily fire Gase and let greggo take over
  7. No guarantees he survives the season there if they flop real hard
  8. I’m unsure. I haven’t looked them over too much, but they are still a dangerous run team. If they run well and control the clock I think they’ll stay relevant. Obviously quarterback matters how dangerous they can be but even if they ran Hoyer out there I’d still be a little worried. Michel and White are not slouches. Edelman despite the dislike is ALWAYS open in the short range. And BB always seems to scheme a pass rush from nobodies. Add in the secondary is still top notch and they can stay in a lot of games. I would prefer a 4-12 season from them though.
  9. I sneaky like a few of the Jet moves this offseason. I think they’re still in trouble this season though.
  10. I don’t think there’s really enough info to speculate when it’s “safe” to resume public functions yet. I would imagine everything stays on hold for at least a couple more months still as more data is gathered and other countries battle through this and recover.
  11. If the Hopkins fleecing (ooops I mean trade) didn’t happen before nobody would even be batting an eye lash at this trade. Odell was traded for a better first rounder and a 3rd, of course other players were involved but the Diggs trade was not too much all things considered. If he plays out even 1-2 seasons on his current salary and keeps the same production it’s a huge steal. I can’t see any actual reason to not like this deal minus some people just feel the need to complain and criticize everything.
  12. They also just drafted Grier last year too. They have like 5 quarterbacks right now until they do something with newton
  13. Not sure the fascination with signing more receivers. As of now they’re pretty good, and you have to expect they’ll take a stab in the draft at some point if they see value. No rush to sign anyone now. Unless they decided behind closed doors this is Allen’s year to takeover and throw 40-50 times a game we have more weapons than we have targets to go around. Not a bad thing at all someone should be able to step up and get hot and takeover their matchup every game. Can’t cover what we already have someone is gonna be open. I don’t think Mcdermott is going to all of a sudden turn into Andy Reid and have a dominant pass team that still dominates when winning by 10. He will slow it down and run. We are still going to have a monster focus on running the ball. Our style of football won’t be mimicking the saints or chiefs or any of these high powered pass offenses. Just my opinion of course.
  14. I can’t find a complaint for this offseason. They outperformed my expectations on signings and of course Diggs is the cherry on top. We still have possible needs/help in certain aspects but what team doesn’t? I’m 100% A+ grade so far.
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