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  1. To a certain extent I agree, trust me nothing would make me happier than seeing Allen run a lethal passing attack like New Orleans where anyone can be an open weapon any play.. I just think the coaches mindsets are to run the ball and that being their keys to victories.
  2. I think expectations may be set a little high for josh.. This is a run first team, McD is gonna pound that rock this year which may not give Allen a ton of room to grow. If it works, and this line gels really good expect a lot of first down run, second down run non stop. All I want to see if dominant winning football, and Allen showing the ability to make the easy plays. We know he can make some hard ones but those easy gimmes are just killer. Unless we’re behind a bunch of games I would expect him to float around top 20ish in stats. Which is just fine by me if the ball control run game works for McDermott. Control the clock, wear down opposing defenses and keep your defense fresh, fast and hungry
  3. They can literally not draft anyone and grab a UDFA, easiest position to get production from. Not to mention unless there’s preseason injuries no rookie is seeing the field for a long time anyways with shady and gore. Running backs are a dime a dozen if they are running behind a good line. Keep in mind they may like Murphy some, Yeldon came in for a visit, and there will likely be lots of cut running backs later too. It is not a draft priority just a luxury pick if they choose to try a flier on someone
  4. Fully agree there’s zero chance the bills would trade to allow a division rival into the top 10 unless the compensation was completely absurd like multiple firsts and seconds. They would never allow Miami into the top 10 especially to grab a quarterback
  5. To be fair there was a giant group of bills fans who felt the same way the year so many wanted to draft Ebron, who is top 15ish tight end but certainly not a top 10 kinda guy. Tight end is a very hard position to talk so confidently as a sure fire hit in the draft. I’m not against taking him but there’s a high chance he’s nowhere near as good as people make him out to be.
  6. I fully agree on this. Ravens are not that great of a team, especially on defense now. They’ll never win a game this season if they go down 10 points
  7. Nashville for me. 2-3 hour drive. Looking forward to it
  8. I don’t think the wizard is pulling anymore trades unless it’s moving around the draft board. We are gonna pull 1-2 elite talent prospects in the draft along with what we have is a solid group. I can’t see Beane forking over 100 million for someone right now. That’s how you get into cap hell. You pay 100 million for a generational talent, a quarterback or someone you’re familiar with cause they’ve been on your team for years and proven they’re worth it and gonna keep working. Why give Clowney 100 mill when you can more than likely get as good of a pass rusher in the first round? I suppose if you’re just missing that one piece to be a super bowl contender you could pull the trigger but we’re not on that level yet.
  9. I would like to see changes as well, no matter what I think it should be a one time thing for each players career.
  10. He will probably never live up to his draft position but that’s not his fault, he’s gotten better every year and what more can you ask of a player? I don’t think they’re concerned with the 5th year option, cause I think they’ll sign him long term, especially now his value isn’t super high like if he had a breakout season with 10+ sacks
  11. I don’t think Seattle can let him go, unless they decide to go full rebuild cause Wilson won’t sign or play there. But I do think he’d be a better fit here than clowney, I haven’t seen what he’s looking for in terms of contract either though and definitely have not watched him as much as I’ve seen Houston play. Seattle game is an immediate turn the channel for me
  12. The pressure stat doesn’t always tell the story though.. Sure it looks good as a stat but take Hughes for instance, he flies off the line and runs all the way around the left tackle to “pressure” the quarterback who takes two steps forward and completes a pass. Counts as a pressure but it doesn’t actually do much. It’s not in your face pressure like a Watt or Mack give you. Not dogging Hughes or clowney but that stat doesn’t tell much. I’d rather see the stats for QB knockdowns as that means they were actually close to a sack. I don’t follow Houston too closely but I do generally watch 3-5 games a year of them and clowney is mostly a no show in games I’ve seen. I couldn’t get behind bringing the guy in and paying him 100 million to line up on the same line as Hughes who has arguably been more reliable and better at a lower tiered salary. We can grab a pass rusher in rounds 1 or 2 who could match clowneys impact on a game I guess is the simplified version I should have just said
  13. I would seriously have to start doubting Beane if he acquired Clowney, oft injured and good against the run.. Kinda sounds like Lawson a little, only 100 million dollars more expensive. Clowney is not an impact pass rusher, however he is pretty elite against the run.. He also generally plays the same spot as Hughes in the 4-3 set and it’s not always effective to swap to the other side. He’s a good player, but he’s always dinged up (he does play through it generally) and hes wanting top 5 money as a defensive end. The reason Houston isn’t paying him is simple, they want to pay him as an outside 3-4 linebacker and he isn’t having it. I would expect him to play his franchise tag out this season and be gone next year
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