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  1. Yes. But if you’re going to be peppered with targets someone has to catch balls. Credit to him for making the plays that’s obviously not easy to do. I don’t have anything against him he made plays when called upon. We aren’t throwing 50 times a game. Can he make the most of 3 targets in a game? To get him will probably take at minimum a large 3 year contract.
  2. They don’t get paid as much though. Im trying to make AB rap videos when I’m done
  3. I would choose the backup easy money role. I think if I could have any job I’m taking kicker.
  4. I like that thought much more than investing heavily in a half year successful receiver who benefited from Winston throwing 50+ times a game.
  5. Crafty old Vince McMahon got that WWE deal with fox and it looks like the XFL has the same backing
  6. It’s an interesting set of rules. I hope they do a good job during gameplay of going over a lot of this stuff. I like some of the game day announcers too. They seem to have a much better backing from the networks than previous startup leagues
  7. Kroft had 14 targets for the season. Why is that? Is he never open? Are they only using Knox as the receiving tight end? Kroft is quite big would he not be useful in the red zone? Why do you care how much money he makes? Keeping him does not hinder any other signings the team wants to make, nor does it hinder any draft prospect they may want to draft. They are not signing all the top free agents they don’t need to clear more money off the books do they? What hurt does it cause to take Kroft to camp and possibly into the regular season? They signed Kroft to a nice contract in case they didn’t get much talent for the position, he was hurt and Knox kind of flashed some serious mismatch talent. I could see the argument Knox made him expendable and no longer needed, but then why would you sign another big money free agent tight end to hinder knoxs development?
  8. I think putting Conklin, ford and Feliciano on this line would possibly be the nastiest offensive line in the league. Those are 3 big time maulers
  9. The more stuff that comes out the more clear it is a large portion of those players are never going to be available. Yannick and henry are never making it to free agency. We are going to have some really disappointed fans. Better start looking a little deeper down the list like Quinn and JPP and that next tier of players.
  10. I think the name and super bowls get him in first ballot. He will be remembered as much better than he ever actually was. He was probably never a top 10 quarterback in the league but those super bowl rings will do the trick
  11. Only so much money to go around. I’m case you missed ESPN for our bills game JJ Watt plays there 😂 and Hopkins. I think they had to pick between clowney and Whitney Mercilus. They chose mercilus at a cheaper rate when clowney refused to play on the franchise tag. They were not in a great cap situation at the time I don’t think. Not sure they could of given him the 100 million I’m sure he would like. They had some rough contracts and a lot of mid level contracts. I could be wrong though
  12. If I’m correct the issue with him and Houston was he wanted defensive end money, Houston wanted to pay him OLB money. I want to say they had issues over the franchise tag and what position he was being tagged for. That was the beginning of the end for their relationship. I think the difference was around 3-4 million.
  13. Fair take, but they didn’t pay star that much for his on field production IMO. I know lots use the “he’s not meant to have stats just clog things up” kind of argument, which I kinda understand. But I think they paid him that big money cause he was the one guy on defense they wanted to come in and set the tone for the locker room. Same reason we trotted out Tolbert when we knew he was washed up. It’s been super obvious Mcdermott wants his locker room a certain way and he will keep players for that specific reason despite what they actually accomplish on the field. I can see no other reason for them to overpay Star that much when he couldn’t of had that big of a market and it really only makes sense that they wanted to start “the process” 😂😂 in the locker room with him. Had to throw that in. Just my opinion once again but “the process” was for season one only. Setting the tone for what they wanted in the locker room. The culture of the team. Moving out players and bringing others in they were familiar with. “the process” is used as more of a silly excuse by us posters now. They have the culture they wanted, the players they wanted, they can add whoever they want now the locker room knows what’s up and should keep anyone in line with what they want done and how they want it done.
  14. I would not be happy to not add talent to the pass rush for next season. I don’t mind if they throw a big contract at someone they feel can make a legitimate impact. For me, it’s just not clowney. I don’t want to trot Lawson and Murphy back out next year without adding anyone I was only comparing their production together vs clowneys. He can make these huge impact plays rarely that show how elite he can be. It’s just too rare those plays happen for the contract he’ll receive. And he always seems to be on the injury report and manages to play through but it’s not that elite level he’s capable of. Lot of things can happen before we actually hit free agency though. Im watching Minnesota to see what happens with Everson griffin and Xavier Rhodes and Stefon diggs is my madden trade target 😂. I think this year maybe more so than others is a big trade year. The trend for trades seems to be moving up yearly with bigger and bigger names moving around. With our current roster and amount of draft picks I think Beane could work his magic and land us an elite player already under contract for our first round pick and maybe some extra compensation added in. One thing I think everyone can agree on is we need those 2-3 impact players at pass rush and receiver, and then the other spots needing upgrades as well in backup RB, offensive line rather it’s guard or RT depending on Spain and Ford, possible tight end some want hooper if he’s available, starting corner opposite Tre, depending on who you talk to. I don’t count Loraxs replacement cause he did a few different things and were not getting one player to do what he did probably. I mentioned once before I was hoping Vosean would play well and earn some time, and he could spell Edmunds in the middle and they could move Edmunds around more similar to Alexander.
  15. Well I shall agree to disagree. I don’t think he’s a very good player. If you do more power to you. Not my place to judge others opinions. I still stand by my statement that you get better production from Murphy and Lawson than you would from clowney.
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