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  1. He’s done so little in Tampa because Winston is a horrible quarterback. They like to use Brate in the red zone and have seriously messed up not getting Howard involved in the offense. That said why would they even consider trading him right now? His value is at its lowest, he’s on a rookie deal, wouldn’t make any sense to trade him unless they were getting a prime time player like Melvin Gordon or something similar
  2. So we’re getting von Miller for a mid 20’s first rounder? Sounds good. Which end spot is he playing? We cutting Hughes playing time more? Or Lawson who has arguably been the most impactful on the line? I don’t think he helps this defense as a linebacker dropping into coverage. I mean I get it, he’s Von Miller, but I’ve always been the “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” kinda person. On top of the fact that there’s zero chance the broncos are letting him go that cheaply. At minimum they would have to get 2 first rounders for him.
  3. I don’t think he’s ready, it’s not like adding green can hurt the team (minus the draft picks it’ll take to get him). I just don’t see the point, everything good about AJ Greens game is everything bad about Allen as a quarterback. Allen is kind of terrible most times at any real timing throws or throwing to where his receiver will be. He’s definitely not very good finding his mismatches pre snap. He’s not a cerebral quarterback yet. What good is adding another weapon if he can’t see wide open guys in the middle of the field and throws it 15 yards past them to a receiver blanketed? Technically green would be the #1 on the team talent wise, I don’t think he’d have #1 production at all here though
  4. It makes zero sense for Cinci to hold onto him unless he’s already agreed he will sign back up in the offseason. Why not get something now in a totally lost season for them when they may end up with nothing. I’m not sold the bills should be a team willing to spend heavy on green but somebody sure as heck should. If, big if, he’s healthy he’s a legit #1 receiver even with injury bugs. I’m not sold on buffalo trading for him because I don’t think it matters who you bring in, until Allen can see the field what’s the point? He can barely utilize his weapons now. It’s like giving a kid studying for his learners permit the keys to a Ferrari and saying have fun. Allen cannot see the field yet, he can rarely make the correct decisions. Adding in an all pro receiver sounds great, but he’s the only going to be targeted 2-5 times a game the way this season has looked.
  5. I can’t see this being “the year” they make any real noise. Not from what I have watched anyways. The pieces are there, the team is in great shape. All this playing to the level of your opponent stuff and of course Allen’s hit and miss style of play gives me concern they can’t really hang come playoff time. I would need to see way better execution and explosiveness from the offense
  6. Well it’s official, we need a new whipping boy on here now. Good deal for both teams
  7. Pretty sure he’ll be looking for a new job tomorrow
  8. He definitely flashed some this game, and his physical run blocking looked great
  9. Sadly I think they’re going to smoke us with or without Allen. I am definitely not a Mariota fan but mobile quarterbacks are much trickier to defend. Those scramble plays always free guys up in coverage and I think they’ll have a hard time with the Tennessee weapons and Mariota. With great sadness I predict a 24-7 outcome with Tennessee winning. After 4 games I am not impressed with our offense. No real run game, no big play offense.... They look worse than last year in my opinion. They’re running a much more complex offense this season and they’re making plays they couldn’t last year, issue seems to be they can’t make the plays from last year to go along with it. Im hoping Allen plays, and I’m still waiting for that breakout “I’m here” game from him.
  10. Not really, his hit on Doyle wasn’t even that bad to warrant an ejection and now a 12 game suspension. It was illegal sure, but his hit warrants an ejection, and the Allen hit doesn’t? Prior issues are not part of the game day judgement calls
  11. I don’t think anything was meant to be dirty about it. But come on, there’s zero chance prepping for this game New England’s coaches didn’t say “if he leaves the pocket make him pay for it” and that’s how it should be. That’s how I would want buffalo to attack Lamar Jackson or any other quarterbacks capable of taking a game over with their legs. With that said, I felt it was a dirty hit but not an intentional one
  12. Burfict was ejected, and now suspended the rest of the season for a nasty hit on Doyle and I’m still not sold it was dirtier than the Allen hit. Doyle was trying to get up not being held up by an opponent to tee off on. Im not a “refs are paid to be against us” kind of person I thought the game was called fairly for most of the game. The hit on Allen was dirty though in my opinion and he should of gotten a personal foul and I would of supported ejection as well. If Hughes makes that exact same hit on Brady he would of been ejected and possibly suspended today too.
  13. I expected some growing pains as he got used to his new weapons. But I am actually losing some faith he’ll ever be able to make the correct reads on the field and get the ball out with any kind of normalcy. His ceiling for me was a faster Big Ben and I figured his floor was more cam Newtonish. But what I’m seeing is Fitz 2.0. I have not given up, obviously I want him starting every game this season, but to be that bad yesterday rather he could of brought them back or not was kind of sickening. We crushed peterman for not being prepared, turning the ball over and not being ready to perform at this level. Allen looked like he should not be in the league yesterday and that should be concerning to everyone who is a fan. The only positive I can take from this Pats game is he has some film to study this week on the worst parts of his game and what needs to be worked on.
  14. I too wondered what the heck they were thinking. That quick pass drive worked so nice. Where was all the fun misdirection with Roberts and McKenzie and jet sweeps and stuff to limit the pass rush some more. It was disappointing they found the “key” that one drive and never found it again
  15. They lost because of Allen today plain and simple. Rather he finished the game or not he made some completely meatheaded plays. I haven’t given up on him yet but he’s played enough to start making these adjustments. His need for the big throw and homerun VS the safer shorter route is maddening as a fan. I hope he’s ok, and I absolutely want him starting against another pretty nasty defense in Tennessee. If he can’t learn from his mistakes and get better then at least we’ll know by seasons end if he’s franchise material or not. He needs to play every possible down though this season.
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