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  1. At first I didn’t think it was too crazy. Then I kept reading. Yikes..
  2. I think everyone knew he was in some form of trouble after the Bills game. But I think the majority agrees there’s a little more to the story than just one rogue doctor on gameday.
  3. I’m sure he knew the second Tua went down Thursday he was taking this bullet.
  4. I am gonna take Jamison Crowder. I know he can play the role Beasley had. At some point I still have faith he’s going to be a clutch part of the offense. Defense I’ll roll with Edmunds and hope he doesn’t fall for all the misdirections.
  5. He was smart to pick Jacksonville. He got paid. And he’s without a doubt their #1 option. And he gets to help Lawrence develop and have that bond like Diggs and Allen have. He’s got plenty of years to chase rings more than likely.
  6. Lamar should be talked about as an MVP so far. He catches hate for only being a runner, and now he’s not only running but making all the throws as well.. What more would anyone want to see to have him in the conversation? Its early things can always change but he absolutely should be in the conversation and I wouldn’t be upset if people had him as the favorite so far.
  7. I think that’s a little unrealistic. But I’m just a guy sitting on the couch drinking Pepsi 😂
  8. Zero chance the league would ever allow that information to hit the public. They have teams of people working on damage control of this right now. They will squash this story with a quickness. And if Tua somehow escapes this at full health it’ll blow over even quicker.
  9. I don’t see really how Miami would be held responsible. If an independent neurologist cleared him last week that’s who is on the hook here imo. I mean Miami could have held him out of practice or not played him tonight. But if he passed the protocol there’s not really any liability on their part. Ethics maybe should be questioned but can’t really punish them for that.
  10. Of course he could. But there’s unwritten punishments for that. You lose respect from some teammates and possibly end up in the coaches doghouse. People think you’re soft. This season was supposed to be his breakout or at the very least his make or break season. I’m sure the pressure was on to be out there and perform. Not making excuses cause health should be prioritized but there’s a lot of pressure
  11. There are certainly ways to make a statement. I think it’s a classy idea. Times have changed and bills mafia is more than breaking a few tables.
  12. I think this will mostly be swept under the rug. It’ll last a news cycle or so. The league will review procedures and nothing will probably come of it. Hopefully Tua will recover and be ok. I still believe the only one possibly in trouble or scapegoated is whoever the independent neurologist was at the Bills game who cleared him to return. Their coach, while we can question his decision probably can’t face any actual discipline.
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