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  1. I don’t know this story one bit, but that’s a really classy move by the league to honor him forever. I’m sure that was very special for all who knew him.
  2. Didn’t the Texans literally just hire Culley?? Surely they wouldn’t can him after one season with a pretty bad roster. It’s Houston but still.. Depending on what team may hire him and their draft position, as a new coach one of the worst possible ways to start off is a quarterback controversy. Daboll would basically be latching his entire coaching future to Mitch. He would have to have the upmost confidence the guy will be a star for him. I like Trubisky more than most but I don’t think I’ve ever seen him do anything that says top 15 quarterback in this league. I have never seen h
  3. Maybe they know this and Addison will be “hurt” and end up on IR. Or maybe a couple rookies end up “hurt” as well and get stashed away.
  4. He’s got to go. I can’t believe we let Hausch go for this dude. Another Beane draft fail. Sorry I’m trying to channel that week one thread last year 😂😂😂
  5. These things are fun but it’s a little early for me. I wouldn’t rule out leaving an open spot or two for cuts from other teams. We are deep but there might be an upgrade or two once teams start making some cuts.
  6. Super excited to hear Obada is impressing already. He’s my underdog to root for this year.
  7. Oh no I don’t think Kumerow is a lock at all. But he may get the nod over Hodgins because of special teams play if the last spot is between them two. I was more referring to a couple comments about cutting Taiwan Jones who I totally understand takes a roster spot us fans would like to use for Breida or another receiver or something on gameday. But I think Taiwan is a lock to make the team, I also think there’s going to be intense battles on this message board if Moss, motor and Jones are active every week and Breida sits like Yeldon.
  8. So all I have really taken from these comments is A) Is there that much interest and urgency in flipping Kumerow for a late round pick? B) We have had Mcdermott here awhile now, do we think he’s all of a sudden changed? Special teams players have been a huge part of his roster building every year and I don’t think that’ll change this year. I don’t know much about Hodgins outside hearing his catch radius is crazy good but Kumerow plays special teams and has been quite good at the dirty work some receivers don’t like doing.
  9. Didn’t take long for a good portion of patriot fans to jump ship to Tampa or KC. Green Bay similar to buffalo has a die hard core group of fans who will live and die with the team no matter what, but they have a ton of fair weather fans cause they’re an easy pick to the playoffs every year. Don’t get me wrong every team has it but the longer you win the worse the fan base is.
  10. I’ve always considered Larry Fitz to be a stand up guy and a class act so if he’s calling us lucky to get her I would have to think it was a great hire.
  11. Lol who pi**** in your Cheerios this morning?? Like it or not it’s a discussion and debate every year. I mean you don’t HAVE to read and comment on things you don’t like.
  12. They have been lucky enough to basically have a winning team for decades. They have tons of bandwagon fans. 1-2 years of bad play they won’t be anywhere near a popular team
  13. Rules are about to change for vaccinated staff it sounds. Frank Reich just got covid and he’s fully vaccinated and is now on quarantine. I think Shefter mentioned the league is discussing more frequent testing of vaccinated staff and players now.
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