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  1. I had to laugh seeing it at the end of the game. It was laugh or cry. Here’s this monster 300+ pound guy max effort chasing Mac whose running for his life, only to whiff and hurt himself on the landing. If that doesn’t sum up Buffalos injury luck on the season I don’t know what else does. Hope it’s a quick heal.
  2. This is probably one of the best posts I’ve seen to agree with. Almost 100% spot on with my opinions.
  3. I think the short answer is Diggs. Allen’s got a little tunnel vision for him. Not totally a bad thing cause Diggs is dominating. But the offense is better when everyone is involved.
  4. I think there’s more coming for Hines. They tried to get him more involved but New England blew up his couple designed plays. They’ve been running this formation for a couple weeks with cook in the backfield and Hines in motion. It’s been a run to cook almost every time (I think Allen kept a couple) and it’s been successful gains. I’m sure there’s more to it once defenses sell out to stop the runs.
  5. The pass blocking was so bad to start it kind of forced them into running more. Which was a good thing. Once the offense got some balance though I felt like they did a much better job. Obvious passing downs were brutal still.
  6. He’s open. The touchdown to Diggs he was open on the other side for an easy touchdown. The 3rd and 3 I think it was Allen hit Diggs deeper on a real tough throw Knox appeared open on the other side short. I really just think Allen isn’t looking for him on most pass plays.
  7. He got the short end of the stick with Rhule.. He was always going to land on his feet.
  8. I agree with others he won’t play many snaps.. But I fully expect at least one 50 yard bomb his way.
  9. I don’t dislike Kyler, I think he’s taking more heat than he deserves. Kingsbury is more to blame imo. There’s a reason their offense is horrible almost every game outside the end of halves when they go into the 2 minute offense. Kyler deserves some blame but I wouldn’t write him off until I seen him play in a different system.
  10. It’s Detroit, thanksgiving is supposed to be their game and they are becoming a fun team to watch. They’re never on national tv outside the holiday game. I like what they’re building the last couple years I have no issue with them getting some Romo love. I have never listened to him call a bills game and think he has any agenda. And I have seen enough RPO at this point that I don’t really want to see it anymore.
  11. I highly doubt they’re about to cut it loose with the 3rd stringer. Lot of 3 and outs and 40+ rush attempts for Chicago. I’ll guesstimate he throws for about 127 yards on less than 20 attempts, one touchdown and one pick. Like 7 sacks.
  12. At some point didn’t everyone expect for Dane and Benford to get exposed a little? Do we really believe they can just pluck any db and make them an all pro? The defensive pass rush was on fire to start the year, that covered up the lack of talent in the secondary. They’ll play fine if the pass rush ever returns. Let’s not pretend that the last couple years being 100% healthy the secondary didn’t still struggle in key moments when the pass rush was lacking.
  13. You are gonna have to actually spell it out for em
  14. It’s a perfect storm of slumping play right now. Pass rush is lacking, the coverage isn’t quite there. When you don’t blow teams out your weaknesses get exposed. Detroit isn’t a scrub offense despite not having all the big names. This team needs to get a little luck and get healthy. We are probably pretty lucky the secondary has held up as good as it has so far
  15. Yeah josh has looked defeated the last couple weeks. I thought he looked sickly last week. Pale in the face and barely no emotion. My wife asked more than once why he looked so sad all game today. The team does seem flat. I would fully agree Diggs seems to be leading the charge right now. Postgame he was saying he has the best quarterback in the league. Hopefully the rest of these guys will catch that fire he’s got
  16. Some of you are turning into the worst fans on here. How many coordinators of an 8-3 team have ever been fired in history? Seriously, don’t be so dramatic
  17. You are aware former offensive coordinator in Carolina joe Brady works on the Bills staff right?
  18. This opens new spots on the whipping boy list today. Moss (gone) Tre (back) Edmunds (injured) Epenesa (injured) I got mckenzie, Gabe Davis, Jaquan Johnson currently.
  19. On the bench. Backup, gadget guy to fill in for injuries
  20. I would give him McKenzies role right now. He should be in motion every single play. Rather he’s coming out of the backfield or lining up in slot. It was nice they used him and cook together and it looked pretty successful for cook.
  21. Definitely snake bit this season. Been non stop injuries
  22. It’s only a thing if it happens repeatedly. I’m sure he wasn’t the only one frustrated. Allen looked sickly today. Paler than normal in the face. Didn’t see that fire he normally plays with. I’m sure 14 felt better after his touchdown catch.
  23. It’s been a pretty toxic week or two on here. Little higher than normal.
  24. Holy cow this team needs a win. Some of y’all are just miserable.
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