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  1. My answer would be the same one you gave me earlier. I’ll edit to say we’re not contributing any longer and im moving on before the thread gets killed.
  2. Always the same people on here.. Of the million ridiculous things you have said over the years on here and you’re worried about nitpicking one word. I will take my time on my lunch break to make sure I use the correct words you approve of. My apologies
  3. To clarify nobody is worked up. I dislike hearing about their rankings when debating around with other people. During the last 17 quarters Ryan Tannehill is the highest graded quarterback in the league type stuff. If despise is to harsh a word for your liking simply swap it with whatever you like.
  4. I’m in Tennessee and not really from the area anymore. But my heart goes out to you guys in the area or affected by this. So sad for all the families.
  5. I really don’t like Lewan, but I would 100% love to see some truth in this. I despise PFF
  6. You ain’t wrong there. I have no dispute
  7. If my name is Brandon Beane (it’s not) I would be putting a stipulation into Poyers contract. Tell your wife to DM me (insert inappropriate joke here) before running her mouth on social media since this front office has taken care of pretty much everyone on the team. It’s a bad look and seems really unnecessary. It’s not like talent isn’t getting taken care of by this regime.
  8. Hughes was a big part of this team. When they were cleaning house in the beginning I was hoping they’d ship him away too. I have never seen a more unlucky player when it comes to officiating than Jerry. Whatever happened in the Schwartz defensive years I always felt Hughes made enemies with most officiating crews. To see that guy scream off the edge and be blatantly held for games at a time and never a flag was maddening. To see a 15 yard unsportsmanlike because he smacked his own teammates head celebrating a tackle was maddening. All that said that guy saved his career and did an amazing job after coming here. I hope him and Mario have great seasons for Houston and go out with a bang.
  9. I think that’s the big miss a lot of people have. The media circus that will follow wherever he goes is a big pain for the whole team. I also highly doubt he’d sign with Chicago even if they offered decent money. He’s not taking fields job, and even if the kid got hurt there’s almost no talent on that offense. Also like to add maybe Nate isn’t a starting quarterback, but he’s a vet who has sat behind Derek carr and been in the film room with him for years now. Fields is in his second year and learning a new playbook. Maybe Nate has eyes on coaching or value off the field in the film room. Matt Barkley wasn’t a very positive signing on here the first time around but I’d venture to guess he helped Josh quite a bit during film.
  10. Hey kudos to him… Not easy to stick in this league.
  11. Whaley I think unfairly takes more heat than he should of. He almost had buffalo back to relevance. His and many gm’s downfall was he couldn’t secure a quarterback. And he got a little desperate towards the end. It was an impossible situation for him. I respect his willingness to make aggressive deals. Especially after all the years the front office wouldn’t even try. Of all the terrible and unqualified people who have been involved over the drought I would think more fans would appreciate whaleys time here trying to build a solid team despite the franchise being a complete disaster and going through a sale.
  12. His role is similar to Mitch last year imo. He’s here to work and build his resume back up after being fired. What better way than getting attached to what should be a top ranked offense and quarterback?
  13. How about best of luck Mario.. He came here and did his job, was a total professional. And as mentioned happened to lead us in sacks during his time here. Few injuries and we might actually miss him.
  14. I 100% agree. Kingsbury has his hands full keeping that locker room together
  15. Tommy Sweeney could have trouble. Duke and Moss might be in a fight for a job. But I could see some “injuries” where some of the young talent might do an IR stint at the very least to start the season. I don’t personally see a ton of wiggle room for the roster. We’re gonna cut a couple guys I’m sure are liked. Our practice squad probably gets poached a few times in early season too.
  16. I could see bottom of the roster and possible depth guys. I wouldn’t expect anything that moves the needle with fans though. We’re pretty loaded
  17. I think everyone sleeps on Miami based off Flores tenure and how bad tua has looked. I think people are forgetting they NEVER could run the ball under Flores. This new guy is gonna run the ball. And it will probably be effective. Giving Tua a run game and teams actually biting on play action might be a bigger deal than we think. I don’t think anyone needs to overly fear them or nothing crazy but they shouldn’t just be dismissed either as the same ole dolphins
  18. I was just asking about this cause I seen the punter took 19. Mckenzie is 6 now. I hate these numbers now 😂😂
  19. He’s really the key to the defense imo. Him, Epenesa or Basham need to be a consistent force. They all got at least a year with Hughes and Addison and now get to practice and watch film with Miller, learning from veteran guys like that is huge. I expect a dominant pass rush.
  20. I think the chargers, ravens, chiefs, colts all added some good talent to some pretty good rosters.
  21. There’s been a pretty crazy run on quarterbacks the last few years. And definitely not as many teams actually needing one this year. Pair that with what’s considered a weak class and next year you could have a crazy explosion of quarterbacks drafted. Lot of people are on their last chances or super close to never starting again. You could have ten teams next year looking to need a franchise quarterback.
  22. Definitely too early, and can’t rule out some of this rookie class being “injured” and hitting full time or short term IR. Mcdermott has been here long enough we know vets vs rookies and how playing time is distributed and the emphasis on special teams. And some of these guys have enough upside they might not be safe on the PS. These are the best problems to have.
  23. OBJ needing some attention today?? Or prepping for his after NFL job? Look out Shefter
  24. I joked in the Benford thread about teams poaching our practice squad. The UDFA signings are usually fun but we’re kinda just coaching them up for some other teams to grab now which makes it less fun for me anyways
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