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  1. I think locking the new threads would be perfect. Not that it matters all that much but after the first quarter we get 3 Josh Allen for MVP threads and then the second half 15 fire everyone threads. I never understood the “look at me I can make threads” crowd. There’s some real value on here in threads and of course the stupid look at me ones. During game days there’s no reason to start new threads mid game
  2. Not sure Teller can make the cut. Lot of experienced depth there now, he’s in for the battle of his young life for sure. I expect McCoy is a lock. Everyone else I would expect to be gone before week 1. No matter how you look at it or the million roster projections we see before the season starts we are cutting some talent at receiver and offensive line. Not top tier talent obviously but we are going to lose some talented players and keep a couple questionable guys in their place.
  3. Mahomes comes back down to earth and is a turnover machine and the chiefs defense is what almost gets them in the playoffs
  4. It all depends on Allen. If he can build a chemistry with Beasley yeah he’ll be Allen’s best friend. Allen’s biggest weakness last year was the quick throws and swing passes and he threw a lot of ugly balls. If he can’t be accurate in the 2-10 yard range Beasley is useless.
  5. Lol the meltdown will be priceless though if him or some of the board draft gurus favorites get cut and are claimed by another team. We have multiple Reily loved kind of players this offseason. Not knocking Sills he has some potential but all 32 teams know something we didn’t that’s why he wasn’t drafted and his chances of making the team are very slim.
  6. That was also the case for that staff regardless. First down run. Second down run. 3rd and 8 a 4 yard pass lol. They can put lee out there this year and playaction no problems. The speed on the team and Allen’s arm makes it a much deadlier offense than marrones. Daboll created some really great plays with last years offense if he wants to scare defenses from stacking the box with lee in the game he’ll scheme something scary for defenses
  7. I was never a big fan of his. Definitely don’t understand signing him now after we just drafted two and signed Kroft and fisher. I figured fisher would never make it regardless but now you’re pushing Sweeney to the practice squad and Croom is gone for sure.
  8. So many Lawson haters.. Lot of teams would love to have a player like Shaq. It’s still completely possible he learns a move or two and gets better rushes on the quarterback. But he’s showing a really impressive knack for batting down balls at the line which is valuable as well. I would imagine any 4-3 team in the league would take him for the right price. He’s not a 100 million guy and that’s ok. Not his fault he was picked high and hasn’t lived up to his draft position. If he has a breakout year this season he’ll get a giant payday next offseason
  9. I’ll probably get flamed for this but clowney to me anyways isn’t that big of an upgrade over Lawson. He’s obviously more elite in the run stopping category but 100 million more elite? He can rush the passer to a certain extent but with Watt and Mercilus he wasn’t exactly lighting up the sack category. Houston has used him all over the formation from outside linebacker to both end spots and even as a DT in their 4-3 or nickel sets and his impact just doesn’t equal the money for me. My opinion is that they can get the same impact/stats from the Lawson Murphy combo. There was a time when you couldn’t simply acquire elite talent via trades without giving up a kings ransom, now we’re seeing elite level players being moved for pennies. I would hate to give away a high pick for a player who has not been able to takeover games on a very talented defense.
  10. Always gotta be at least one 😜
  11. I agree on this. I think he was signed as insurance just in case they didn’t get someone they liked in the draft. Now that they drafted two I think fisher is long gone
  12. I would like to curse all of the future commenters on this thread who quote that long a** list
  13. Definitely a huge blow to the Jags. He’s a helluva player
  14. Good news for Shaqs sack numbers two games this year. If he can’t land a couple on mills he just can’t sack the qb 😂😂
  15. Doesn’t make a ton of sense, he’s only going to take snaps away from our younger guys the Phillips’ and Oliver. Not to mention he only shows up 3-4 games a year
  16. Yeah I can’t see anyway barring serious injury Roberts isn’t on the 53
  17. They brought in King for a workout didn’t they? If they didn’t sign him as an upgrade I highly doubt they’d consider anger and upgrade
  18. Well I think one thing the entire board can agree on is this is probably his last shot with buffalo to be on the team. If he survives cuts and plays this year he’s going to need to live up to the draft status or there’s really no reason to keep him next year. Especially if foster continues to improve
  19. Zay isn’t as bad as a lot make him out to be. Issue is he’s just not a go to guy. He’s a complimentary piece to an offense and he can’t be a focal point like he’s been in his time here. I’m excited to see how he does this season with the pressure of being “the man” taken off. He’s surrounded by more talent and experience and should learn a great deal about running his routes and should also now draw waaaaaaaay easier coverage as the best defenders will be occupied by brown and Beasley
  20. Based on the TV deals and McMahon’s wealth they should be able to hit payroll. I’ve heard lots of stories of how he had to sell away a lot of his personal stock in WWE to fund this thing. But they got a pretty great tv deal it looks and there should be plenty of coverage
  21. There’s a difference there though you’re not equating in. Those are all 3 offensive coaches. I mentioned earlier the reason I expect to see those stats from Allen just my theory that they’ll be running the ball a ton.
  22. I do think he’s capable maybe of putting up bigger numbers but I’ve been saying now for awhile I think the coaching staff is gearing for a big time run first approach first. It’s just my opinion but I think they will try to protect Allen’s flaws a little especially the first few games by trying to impose their will in the run game and letting him flash some arm talent on playactions etc etc limiting his attempts. If the run game works you won’t see big stats from him. Of course tons of things play into this like being behind early or turnovers. It’s just a theory of mine anyways that they’re planning a heavy run attack
  23. I would like to see 2500-3000 yards and 15 tds Josh will probably run a lot of those in as opposed to throw from inside the 5 cause well he’s a monster in that area of the field. I’d prefer less than 15 ints.
  24. More than likely any of the O linemen we would release really don’t have any trade value. I mean maybe if a team is ravaged by injuries in preseason you might land a really low kinda pick. Our guys who carry value surely won’t be traded. Guys like Waddle or Bodine who may not be able to make the cut won’t be worth much. Teams will know by then we can’t keep everyone and just wait to sign them when cut or give us a really low pick or maybe an exchange of picks in round 6 or something
  25. 😂😂 okay maybe a 2 is a little extreme but if they were gonna trade for him and lock him up for 3-5 years I’d be willing to overpay. He has the ability to be a top 5 tight end in the league for a couple more years
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