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  1. Malik davis Florida RB Travell Harris Washington St WR.. Two must haves in next yrs draft.
  2. Is Dante Fowler worth the risk? Personally i dont think so, but the falcons are in much need of cap space. Maybe a 2nd or 3rd?
  3. I agree. But Bills should make a push if hes available.
  4. 100% Julio does not get traded during the draft. It is a $25mil cap hit for the falcons if they trade him before June 1
  5. Terrible logic? drafting at 30 the bills are drafting a 2nd round pick UNLESS they get lucky and a guy on their board falls to them. Any given yr teams usually only have 15-20 guys with 1st round grades. IF the bills can trade for a guy with immediate impact it is well worth it.
  6. How is this wrong? This is exactly what Williams is. 6th-UDFA
  7. Get a guy that impacts immediately. Trading for a sure thing, could miss on the draft pick.
  8. Is there a player out there, that the bills could trade there 1 for that could be available? Player under 27 yrs old, that could step in right away. Similar to what the Rams have been doing.
  9. If they get Ertz and the eagles 37th for our 1, I am all for that. Drop 7spots and pick an immediate impact player.
  10. anthony swartz from auburn, smaller sized wr with olympic speed. Would come into the NFL as one of the top 3 fastest guys in the league. Could really help open the field up. Very raw player with big upside as a late round pick
  11. I am not going to guess who the Bills draft. BUT, I will put my money on them moving up and trading next yrs 1 to do so. Bills are gonna go with the mentality that theyll be drafting 30 or later again next yr, and use that 1 as a win now mind set. Just Have no clue who'd they convey in moving up. Player would need to drop at least to mid teens.
  12. NFL should stick with 16game season but add an extra bye week. It extends the season which everyone wants, and gives teams the ability to be as healthy as possible going into the playoffs
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