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  1. If it is deemed that the Bills need another WR. What are peoples thoughts on trading for Golden Tate? Id offer the giants a 4/5 round, and move no lower than a third. He has been a constant play maker, a strong blocker on the outside. Seems to be wasting a year in NY.
  2. Top three in no order, Bradham, Watkins, or Woods.
  3. That's the personal protectors call. He calls the blocking scheme at the line. Usually as simple as a left right call. In that situation he should of alerted the gunners to come in tight. Ball is snapped when he calls it.
  4. Terrible job by the Bills coaches not calling a timeout. There are reasons you have coaches up in the box. This is one of them. Should have been communicated that TO was needed. Why didn't the PP audible to bring gunners in to even up the numbers.
  5. With these contracts I feel the Cap is going to have to increase tremendously to keep up. I haven't Seen the actual real money on this contract, but at just 24yrs old this contract makes more sense than paying a 26-27 yr old Gordon.
  6. There is absolutely no reason to trade picks, and then give him a crap ton of money. Collectively this running back group will out preform Gordon. Draft another back next year between rounds 2-4, release Gore.
  7. start extending our own guys, and start look at FA on both sides of the line, and possible LB. Everything else just keep drafting.
  8. If Zeke is getting 90mil gordons probably asking for at least 75mil. So there's no way. Keep drafting young RBs.
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