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  1. NFL should stick with 16game season but add an extra bye week. It extends the season which everyone wants, and gives teams the ability to be as healthy as possible going into the playoffs
  2. I dont think teams get to just randomly sign players in the international path way program. pretty sure NFL delegates where they go.
  3. Not exactly. Hollister is more of a attached TE and will be more a Lee Smith replacement. Bills still need a receiving TE to push Knox
  4. This replaces Lee Smith, Bills still in line for a TE
  5. I'm so definitive because I've seen enough of him, understand what it takes to make, been around this game/people long enough to know he has 0 chance. Not to mention hes going to be 30yrs old. Great story but not going to happen
  6. I dont underestimate anything. Hes an athlete that was able to play scout team (non contact) and simulated Jacksons speed... He is not a RB or an NFL caliber player... You over exaggerate his abilities.
  7. Theres 0 chance this guy ever makes the final roster. I dont understand how people keep thinking he has some kind of value to the team. If it wasnt for the PS exemption he'd never of made the PS.
  8. Everyone thats using JB injuries as he reason for the Bills cutting him makes no sense. Have you seen Sanders injury history? Hasnt played 16game season since 2016, and hes now 34yrs old.
  9. When healthy one of the best deep threats in the NFL.
  10. This only means one thing. The bills are trading allen for either Wilson or Watson.
  11. 100% agree, as long as the price is low this is a great pickup
  12. Im starting to believe thats true.
  13. The cardinals sit with 6mil of cap space and just signed AJ green to 6mil plus, and just traded for Rodney Hudson who is the highest paid center in the league. The cap is a mystery.
  14. Im making this move all day long. At the very least force New England to give him a contract they dont want to give him this yr. If they can make it fit with their cap its a no brainer
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