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  1. Does any one know why McCoy hasn't been active the last 2 weeks. KC RBs aren't that good, has McCoy fallen off that much?
  2. Niners running scheme much the shannahans broncos trumps the need for an "elite" back. The Niners found backs that succeed in an outside zone blocking scheme and understand it. Henry doesn't succeed due to scheme, his success comes from being a pure freak athlete. Id take scheme over 1 dominate runner, but both are not the norm. Only one team runs it like the Niners, and only 1 player runs like Henry.
  3. You're not going to find another Henry. The guy is a complete freak. Look what the Niners have done, blocking scheme and dedication to mastering the run got them to the super bowl. Jimmy G is a better qb than Allen, and he threw the ball 8xs yesterday. Allens playoff game 46xs... Dedicate and master the run. Have 2-3 RBs with different skill sets (speed, power, versatile)…. Coaching is what got the Niners to the SB not 1 player or RB.. Henry got the titans to the AFC championship game.
  4. Smith has wore out his welcome. For as little as he played, he made a blunder every game it felt like.
  5. Its slide protection your responsible for anyone guy. You're responsible for guy is said gap. Texans ran a stunt the screwed up Smith. You don't want to always set your RB to the side you want him going to cause the Defense will just check and run the stunt the other way and the bills would've had no one there to block. A RB responsible for EOL and blocking a DB is was you want. This is 100% a protection that should've worked if Smith didn't screw the pooch.
  6. I thought by saying singletary was responsible for a very good edge rusher you implied Lee picked up the right guy. my bad.
  7. no you're wrong. Lee is responsible for mercilus, and singltary #33. All 6 lineman are to step down to there right (slide) protection. Lee would get enough of Mercilus and singletary enough of 33 for allen to get a pass off. Singletary tried to block Mercilus because Lee went and got 33 and didn't step down.
  8. Again read my post above. Pass protection is fine. If all 6 do their job their is no issue.
  9. The domino effect of 1 guy not doing is job. Hence why with a 3 man rush the Texans run a stunt, enough to blow the whole play up based on the blocking scheme. read my post above its neithers fault 100% of the blame is on Lee
  10. I get what your saying, But he's expecting help there. He may see the LB but hes not aware that Lee is nt there... When it comes to pass protection Oline must follow their rules. One guy messes up the result is what you see. If all 6 did their job Singletary is able to block the DB and allen can get the pass off.
  11. As as crazy as it sounds yes, his eyes aren't suppose to be looking at that gap. his eyes are anything to the right gap.. Notice singletarys angle, hes aiming at the outside hip of Lee and stops to get the LB. Also notice how Lee is the only lineman not to step to his right.
  12. The blocking on this play isn't dawkins fault at all. Its slide protection to the right. Every lineman, including the TE in this situation are to slide to the game to the right. Therefore Lee is on the LB and Singletary picks up the DB. This falls on Lee not knowing the protection. This is why singletary misses the block he is expecting to block EOL (end of line) not a gap inside.
  13. Pass protection for a rookie RB is every rookies weakness. The hope is he grows and learns to cut and "get ran over slowly". You just need a guy that can get enough to buy allen time.
  14. I just had to watch the play again. WTH was Knox doing.
  15. I didn't realize that Knox was the closest player. I was seeing red after the play. A LB on a QB free shot is the LB fault. No question about it. Milanos strength and size was his doom there.
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