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  1. You’re asking for the ending to the book nobody has finished reading. One sack fumble week 18 to clinch the game if it ends up the big game it could be or some other major impact play and nobody will care he was invisible during this stretch. From the football side of things anyways.
  2. I like and have wanted to see more physical ground and pound.. But not this week. Gimme speed speed and more speed as I’m prepared for a shootout. I want to see Andy Isabela play 10-12 of gabes snaps and just run go routes. KC looks horrible on offense, so you already know they’ll get right this game and probably put up 30+ points and 400+ yards.
  3. People are angry and justifiably so in a lot of areas. I still think they go one more with Mcdermott. When/if that fails they’ll clean house and partially gut what’s left of the roster.
  4. Momentum… They took it on the kickoff and never gave it back. Running back pass game was phenomenal. A+ all the way around
  5. I feel like defenses are already so hindered. If defenses cannot push them back because of forward progress I feel it should be the same the other way around. I don’t care about the tush push, Philly don’t even need it. Ban it tomorrow they still probably convert over 90% and it’s not like anyone else is having that much success doing it.
  6. This is being made into such a huge deal. It’s all coach speak. She obviously filled in the blanks quite well or I would expect a coach would have complained they never said that stuff. it’s all obvious, be better on 3rd downs, stop turning the ball over.. There’s no actual information in those “interviews” if I had to guess I would say coaches appreciate avoiding that interview and her filling in obvious blanks so they don’t have to waste their time with pointless statements
  7. Hurts… Monday night football, Kelce bros..Swifties.. The tush push is going to be on full display. I’d pick hurts only because he gets those cheesy 1 yard touchdowns. Safer floor I guess.
  8. Texans are hot and trendy. Stroud is everything right now. But it’s early to crown them the next powerhouse contender or the next elite quarterback. We should know better than anyone about jumping too far ahead. Let’s see how they hold up. Really fun games to watch though. They’ve been exciting
  9. I thought we were at the stage of joking adding every possible coach in this thread 🤷
  10. Brady did a decent job year one in Carolina I thought. Teddy Bridgewater had them in almost every game. Robbie Anderson and DJ Moore I think both had solid seasons that year. Year two it fell off the rails and Rhule scapegoated him. I think year two was Sam Darnold cause they traded away Bridgewater. I think Brady will give Mcdermott what he wants. Which in my opinion is establishing a run game and controlling the clock so the defense isn’t on the field 24/7. I doubt much changes scheme wise but I think he’ll do better calling a game and keeping the offense in rhythm. I do hope this is the end of RPO in Buffalo cause those throws to Gabe always seem to end badly or incomplete.
  11. I expect they give it one more go next year. Then I think the core of the team will change drastically
  12. I still stick with Dorsey. Mcdermott has been saying complimentary football for weeks and to me all I see is “the defense is in shambles, run the ball, control some clock and help me keep these guys off the field” They ran 5 times in the first half I think it was. I disliked dabolls gameday playcalling, especially the refusal to run the ball, I dislike Dorsey’s even more. I have no clue what offense I will see week to week. One week they’re power running and looking unstoppable at it, one week josh is in hurry up and looking like an MVP.. Then just a whole lotta mixed RPO and miscommunicated plays. I like Mcdermott and I’m not big on firing people but it’s definitely feeling like he’s running out of time really fast. I wouldn’t even be upset if he just said F it I’ll call the offense and defense this week.
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