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  1. Still pass rush for me. Von should show up hopefully in the biggest moments, but after him we have all the potential in the world they’re just unproven still.
  2. I can accept McDermott’s Bills over the years have played down to their competition on more than a few occasions, and I have always supported this regime… With that said if we lose to the Bears in week 16 I might have to start questioning this staff a little more 😂 Even if we somehow have the #1 seed locked up at that point and play our backups, even if it’s 80 mph winds and 3 feet of snow, we better beat this years version of the Bears.
  3. Once a team has a 40 million a year quarterback you’re always going to be up against the cap. For the foreseeable future we will be top 5-10 in payroll. I’m sure someone will mention New Orleans. If they can find a way to get under the cap every year (especially this year they were sooooo over the cap) I’m sure Beane can.
  4. I seen some highlights on the tweeter.. ــMcAfee does a really good job interviewing these guys. Loved the comment about the OT rules and owning it’s the defenses fault not the rules.
  5. I thought we had a few million last I seen. I expect that to be emergency money though for the season. Rather we make a big trade or have injuries and need better than practice squad replacements.
  6. It’s a toss up for me. Pass rush imo is always the most important key to this team. I expect Von Miller might help that a little bit, but we really need one of the kids to flirt with elite status. I’d prefer it’s Rousseau. Pass rush helps cover up just about anything like corner depth or injuries to the safeties. Offensive playcalling… Get the run game in a rhythm. No more of this 3-4 carries in a half stuff. And I’m sure it’s been mentioned a lot but stop using Allen on designed runs.
  7. Oh you get bonus points for including the original thread!!!! I love reading through those. Siran Neal is comped to Kam Chancellor in that thread. Love it.
  8. I hear ya.. I can barely keep track of all the number swaps. I think, key word think, he’s #7 now. I’m too lazy to hit Google and someone will correct it if I’m wrong lol.
  9. Didn’t he already get extended last year? And he’s not wearing 24 anymore right?
  10. Add in they probably have the best 1-2 punch running back combo as well. Williams was a tank last season and had to split carries with Gordon who is actually still producing. It should flip more to Williams this year. It should be Wilson’s most talented offense he’s had in his career.
  11. I would like to agree. My only issue with the chargers is health. Almost every single star player outside Herbert and maybe JC Jackson has a pretty lengthy injury history. Of course injuries can happen to anyone but the trend is similar to Arizona for me last year.. Gonna be a great team when everyone is on the field, but how many are left by the end of the season? They are pretty stacked and should be considered a threat. I would have to stick with KC. Until we eliminate them or dodge them in the playoffs they are our kryptonite. We’re always gonna have a weird link cause of trading the pick for Mahomes. We’re all happy with Allen I think but Allen hasn’t hit the accomplishments yet. Baltimore could be the forgotten team a lot have written off. I would expect them to bounce back this year.
  12. Bills also brought their A games those weeks. Most teams should not be able to hang if they play at an elite level. Pats should of never even been within striking distance of the East last year. But they were. I can’t write them off for two unproven teams despite the talent difference. The talent don’t matter if their coaches cant develop it or allow a toxic work environment. Miami should be the favorite for our competition but they should of been last year too and flopped.
  13. Yes, yes they did. Now all attention will go to the aging but used to be good Joe Haden.
  14. We’ve crushed Miami awhile now too. Doesn’t change the matchups. The Pats are still the blueprint to beat Buffalo in the division. Their strengths are buffalos weaknesses. Bills defense purposely allows the short passes. Bills defense has struggled for years against dedicated run games. We killed them because when Josh Allen is playing at an elite level he’s kind of unstoppable. Pats are going to try to run, not commit turnovers, play solid defense and probably not have too many penalties. That alone puts them in the 6-8 win range. Mac Jones improvement or if a superstar running back emerges from the 10 they have on roster they can easily get in the 10+ win range.
  15. Any team that can run the ball and play good defense has the ability to hang in games. The pats did just that last year. If we drop silly games like last season New England will be in the hunt to take the division just like last year. Maybe I took the original post wrong but I didn’t think it was for head to head matchups I was basing it off of who might contend for the East. Head to head if Buffalo doesn’t play down to their opponents this season I would still consider New England the biggest threat just based on scheme. Run the ball, short passes, control the clock, don’t turn it over, keep Josh on the sidelines. Easier said than done but they’re the best equipped to do it imo
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