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  1. In 12 hours I will be either relaxing at my campsite because the wifi hotspot is doing its job and I'm able to stream the game, or I will be leaving the campground altogether to find a bar that is showing the game. Either way, I will be loudly supporting our team! If the wifi hotspot works out, I hope the campground isn't too strict with their quiet hours...
  2. Guys give him a break he is probably using internet explorer
  3. Make it fair to all teams. If it is an 18 game season with 2 bye weeks, just make week 7 and 14 byes for the entire league. Play 6 games, get a bye, play 6 games, get a bye, play 6 games - playoffs or go home. This would eliminate the disadvantage of playing a team coming off a bye, and balance the scales a little bit so teams aren't getting stuck with a bye in week 4 after just 3 games played.
  4. Great read. Powerful message, and I love how he refused to publish the name of the POS that caused that heartache.
  5. Haha perfectly timed towel and water break
  6. Man... the days of Moorman really had a lasting effect on us TSW Bills Fans... 27 pages for a 6th round punter and only 28 pages for our 2nd round RB selection. Can't wait til the first time Araiza lays someone out in punt coverage - this place is going to implode.
  7. Calling it now. Out of all draft choices, this one has the most pages of discussion.
  8. Giants have been my favorite NFC team since the first super bowl win over Marcia - rooting extra for them now with Schoen and Daboll on board - they seem to be making all the right moves.
  9. Wholesome moment there with the make a wish kid.
  10. I'd say JPP can count them on one hand.
  11. My guess is the inevitable budget overages will be their responsibility.
  12. Apparently Beasely was there for a free agent visit and left a copy of his mix tape.
  13. Let's not forget how much Allen seems to value Diggs - I could see Allen restructuring as early as next spring for the sole purpose of being able to make room for Diggs' contract.
  14. Bills should propose a rule change to allow backyard football style punts. Long snap to Allen and just let him launch it. Or peg a defender in the back and yell "quickie!" and recover it.
  15. I think it would look something like this: 2 wideout set - Diggs & Metcalf 3 wideout set - Metcalf & Davis outside, Diggs slot 4 wideout set - Metcalf & Davis outside, Diggs & Engram slot
  16. Just lowering his cap hit for when he is cut after losing the camp battle to araiza.
  17. Based on this regimes draft history vs. trade history- I would not bat an eye at them deciding to package this years first and maybe another later pick for a proven commodity like they did with the Diggs trade.
  18. I don't think this 13 second catastrophe has been over reacted to. My wife on the other hand, over reacts to my 13 seconds all the time.
  19. I mean, I was going to get tickets and a hotel this weekend, so there's probably $1,500 of that $100M you are guesstimating. That's why we need a dome. Could have scheduled an RV show for this weekend instead, but nope - no revenue now until the summer. Yeah I did it. This is now a dome thread. Damn right I'd get tickets and a hotel for an RV show.
  20. It was more the fact that Shanahan kept throwing the damn ball rather than running, which they were doing effectively. That D plan last night was laughable. There is hope that he gets hired still, IMO.
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