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  1. I'm not complaining. I think it's ironic how Leonard Williams changed jerseys at the same address and has become our best pass rusher. But that also means he's going to cost a lot to re-sign. It's amazing how poorly the Jets are run. They could screw up Lawrence if they get him.
  2. This is ridiculous. They're doing everything they can to help the Ravens when they're responsible for the positives and spread. This is all about Lamar Jackson. That's their hope. I hope the Steelers squash that overrated team.
  3. I believe Baker is joining the Chiefs. Good luck to him.
  4. It is because the NFL promotes offense. They overprotect QBs to a fault. Penalize defenses too much when some of the calls are mystifying. And it puts defenders at the mercy. So it's basically fantasy football. It's not football.
  5. Sometimes, crazy things happen in games. That was a wild game between two very good teams. Look at how great that drive was by Allen after the Bills blew the lead. He's definitely a resilient QB who can deliver in the clutch. Some great catches by Beasley and then Diggs on that TD. The Cards basically pulled off a miracle. It happens. Murray had like no room when he threw that. It was just a fluky play. Not sure why nobody tried to get in front and knock it down. White is a great cover guy. So yeah. Hopkins outleaped all three guys to catch it. A great play. But someone should've
  6. Yes. They're called the Atlanta Falcons. Followed by the Chargers.
  7. I'll be honest. I didn't know much about the others listed. But I knew Metcalf was a stud from seeing him. I'm not surprised what a explosive receiver he is due to his unique combination of size, strength and speed. He's elite. What happened to the other guys?
  8. I have always been a fan of running play action. Especially if you have a good QB who can make a great fake and get defenses to bite. It also helps to have a mobile QB like Allen who is a dual threat as a passer and runner. He can extend plays. That can be tough on opponents. That's the league now. Kyler Murray, Russell Wilson, Tua, Lamar Jackson, even Bridgewater. I would like to one day include Daniel Jones because he's a good runner. But he has to become more consistent and not turn the ball over. The jury is out.
  9. My good friend Rob told me about it on Sunday. It helped explain Allen's magnificent performance. What a great tribute 👏 to his grandma. She's very proud. It reminded me of a XC race I ran on a frigid November 7th day 28 years ago for my grandfather. I gave my best effort for him. Kudos to the loyal and outstanding Two Bills Mafia community on every donation. You are a true extended family. Buffalo has great and passionate fans who deserve the year they're having. Keep it going.
  10. The Davis Webb?!?! I thought he was out of the league.
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