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  1. I would love to see ya use him more to blitz the QB. He has the size and speed to basically play anywhere on the defense minus maybe 1-Tech or CB.
  2. Agreed. And I don’t think we’ll run away with the division. But I still think we have the best team. New England’s defense lost a lot of steam as last season went along. It’s still tenacious but I think a lot of their early success came from defensive TD’s and things that usually don’t carry over from season to season.
  3. I don’t think believe Newton is the same guy he was a couple years ago, let alone his MVP season. That being said, if anyone can get the best out of a guy, I’d assume Belichick is up there (although now we see how good they really are at QB development, after having the best ever for two decades). Bills should (in my estimation) still be the favorite for the division. I believe a lot of Allen’s issue was he didn’t know who to go to under pressure in the past. There was no “go-to” option per se. He now has that in Diggs. Another issue as the season wore on was Gore’s inability to win tough yards on 3rd and short type downs. Moss should help with that. The defense should also be stronger with the changes they made on the D-Line. They might also be the deepest team in the league at every position outside of QB.
  4. I just don’t see Allen having reached his ceiling. He was SO raw coming out, and so much less experienced than other QB’s coming out when he did, that he’s not going to be fully developed after two seasons. I know it’s a gut thing, but mine tells me he’s not fully developed.
  5. I know our offensive skill guys and some lineman (Dawkins) are all training together in Florida. Anyone know of any other teams doing it, or to the extent our guys are? I mean there look to be about 15-20 guys working out together. Can’t be a bad thing for the offensive players to develop some timing and such.
  6. Probably won’t get a suspension till 2021 with the way the courts are bogged down from covid. Plus it’ll only be 1-3 games.
  7. Feliciano at guard and Ford at tackle.
  8. If he’s on that trajectory, you sign him. He’s a playmaker and with an elite defense can keep a mediocre offense in games, especially if he develops further.
  9. Hughes. I wonder if he might be ready to start falling off the cliff. He didn’t get sacks last year, but he was still getting pressure. I wonder if that takes a noticeable step down this year. Nice thing is we have depth, but we don’t really have anyone who does what Hughes does (Speed off the edge).
  10. Honestly I think it’s a good thing if there’s more competition in that division. With 7 playoff seeds, and a path towards the division, I’m looking for teams like KC and Baltimore to have tougher divisional matchups in order to hopefully bring their records down a bit.
  11. I believe it’s totally valid to consider him a “project” in the respect that compared to someone like Baker Mayfield, Allen threw about 600passes in college, while mayfield threw about 1500. So Allen is 800-900 live reps Behind guys like Mayfield who entered the league at the same time.
  12. Or Taiwan Jones. But honestly I could see Gilliam taking his job. Kid was a special teams ace at Tulane. I think he had 6 blocked kicks in 2 years. Plus he’s an athlete, unlike DiMarco.
  13. Well I look at the offensive line as an example. Dawkins Spain Morse Feliciano Ford are likely starters. They'll probably keep 4 of; Bates Long Boehm Williams Nsekhe Boettger Trey Adams so if they keep the 5 starters, let’s say Adams and one of Boettger go on the practice squad (one interior guy and one tackle). So you’re keeping 4 of Bates Long Williams and Nsekhe and Boehm. If they are between Boehm & Long, I could see them trading the loser for a 6th or 7th. Defensive line, Wide receiver could have the same predicament. Trent Murphy could be a candidate. For the receivers maybe Foster or Duke Williams could be dealt? Hauschka? After seeing Beane get a return for guys like Marshall Newhouse & Russell Bodine, I see them doing something similar once again.
  14. We saw Wyatt Teller & Russell Bodine get dealt for late round picks last season. This year were much deeper and better overall in Our talent base. Looking at that so we see Buffalo doing a similar set of moves this off-season. basically feels like Beane has his own way of getting comp picks without getting the actual Comp picks. but I could see guys like Robert Foster, Ryan Bates, Ty Nsekhe, & Trent Murphy getting dealt for picks if anyone will take them. who do you feel is a candidate and what could they get in return for them if they were traded?
  15. I’m hoping Epenesa takes a number in the 90’s or 70’s after pre-season cuts and all that.
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