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  1. I think Spain has been solid, but I just have a feeling that with what’s out there this off-season, he’s going to get $7M-$9M on a 3-4 yr deal. I’m just not ready to do that for a guy who’s ok. Pay Dawkins, we can pay Morse, and if Feliciano keeps his play up next year, we can play him. Spain is a road grader, perfect for a run heavy scheme, but I feel his abilities aren’t very rare or hard to find. Long and a mid round draft pick along with a cheap UFA if they feel the necessity, should be able to figure that spot out.
  2. I don’t think he gets picked up. Frazier might be more likely. Could especially see a team like Carolina looking into Frazier. Daboll might get some interviews, but even with 7-8 jobs opening, I could see Rivera(1) and Garrett (2) taking other head coaching positions. Then Greg Roman(3) will likely get a job. I could see a team saying “listen, draft Jaylen Hurts and do the same thing for us so we don’t have to trade everything to move up in the 1st round). I could definitely see Saleh (4) from the 49’ers getting a head job. Mike McCarthy (5) will likely be brought in to coach a team as well Then there’s a list of guys like Pete Carmichael (OC New Orleans), Kevin Stefanski (OC, Minnesota), Eric Bienamy (OC, Kansas City), Nick Sirianni (OC, Indianapolis) who could be candidates as well Then sprinkle in a college coach or two and you’re done before you get to our happy little mustachioed Daboll.
  3. I just don’t see the logic. In 3 seasons under McDermott he’s. Drafted White at the end of the 1st and developed him into a top-5 NFL CB. Turned Micah Hyde from a half decent corner and special teams guy, into one of the premier safeties in the league. Turned Jordan Poyer from a backup into a premier safety in the NFL. Got very good CB2 play out of EJ Gaines, Kevin Johnson, Levi Wallace and for periods he even had guys like Ryan Lewis starting capably at CB2. In my opinion this is the position that they are best able to identify to fill their scheme/roll, and develop said talent as well. I wouldn’t draft a corner before round 4 or 5 honestly. As for offensive line, I see your point, but I believe right now, they see a guy in Cody Ford who is doing the things they drafted him for with Nsekhe out. That, along with the fact the only starter we’ll lose could be Spain, and the fact we have very solid depth (Nsekhe will be back, Bates has been ok in his limited time, and Long is capable of starting at guard in the NFL). For me I think this draft is strong at receicer, and that’s where they’ll attack it. They like to draft for talent. 2018 draft of the QB’s- Josh Allen 2019 draft of the d-linemen- Ed Oliver 2020 draft of the Wide Receiver- ???? I think Beane targets his drafts almost a year in advance. And rightfully so. They might bring a depth guy or two to compete in free agency, but my guess is they’ll draft one receiver in the 1st or 2nd round, along with another in the later rounds (5-7).
  4. Well that I assume is a big reason for flexing it out.
  5. Like you said OP, enjoy it now. I believe they’re built for the long term, but you never know.
  6. He has had those, I also want to see what our medical staff thinks about it. Is there something that they can do to help him with that? Or is it something he’ll always have limiting him? It sounds like Sammy, but 1) we don’t really know details, and 2) maybe our staff and their ability to somewhat keep injuries limited amongst our players, would benefit him as well.
  7. Salary Cap Space: 91 Million (26 mil in rollover, 1 mil in dead cap (Wow Beane!)) Draft Position: 25th (I'm giving us a first round win) Current Starters - Unrestricted FA's: Jordan Phillips - Re-sign - 11 mil I think $8M will work Lorax (Retiring) Kevin Johnson - Re-sign - 5 mil $4M Shaq Lawson - $7M Re-Sign Quinton Spain - Let Go Frank Gore - Retires Kurt Coleman - Re-Sign - 3 mil $1M or walk Corey Liuget - Let Walk Dean Marlowe - Re-Sign- $2M $1M or walk Isiah McKenzie - Re-Sign - 3 mil Duke Williams - Re-Sign $1M Total Spent on Re-Signings = 35.5 Mil $25M Starting Players heading into last year of deal: Trent Murphy - Cut (Save 7.2 Million. Dead hit of 1.75 mil) I’m on the fence, I think they keep him around, and he could be a cut at camp. Ty Yeldon - Let play out Ty Nsekhe - Let play out Jon Feliciano - Let Play Out Jordan Poyer - Re-Sign adds $8M to his $4.3M contract Tre White - Plays out 4th year, they reach an agreement for extension that starts his 5th year Andre Roberts - Let Play Out Patrick DiMarco - Let Play Out Matt Barkley - Let Play Out Dion Dawkins - Extend - 14 Mil per $12M Matt Milano - Extend - 8 Mil per Corey Bojorquez - Let Play Out Total Spent on Extensions - 13.2M $28M ***Total Cap Remaining for Additional Free Agents - 42.2 mil $38M (that’s with Murphy still here, 45M if they cut him). Positions of Interest: OLB - Lorax is retiring DE - Murphy and Shaq could be gone WR - Need a big bodied #1 RB - Backup to Singletary OLB/MLB - Depth I believe they’ll look at cost friendly options in free agency to address some of the above listed needs, and the rest through the draft, or even address a need both through the draft and free agency. I could see them sign low-mid cost players at WR, RB, DE, LB and still draft at those same positions in various stages of the draft, along with DB being a position they address in the draft as well. I could particularly see them looking for a CB who plays Safety as well, or Vice versa. Overall it’ll be a fun off season because there’s so much hope looking into next season and because they have so many resources available (lots of cap space and some extra draft picks).
  8. I personally think Shenault from Colorado is tailor made for a Daboll offense. Big at 6’ 2” and 220, but moves like a RB. Lined up for Colorado at outside receiver, in the slot, running back and even as a wildcat QB. He excels in the intermediate areas, playing like a running back if he gets the ball in space. This is an area where Josh’s game has been steadily improving as well, so I could see those two things aligning. I think the answer lies in the draft. You list three draft eligible receivers. Most analysts see this as a big year for receivers, with up to 6 having 1st round round ability and upwards of 12-15 going in the first two rounds.
  9. I think they’ll run a ton of zone defense. Most teams in the league run more man, and they carved up New England’s vaunted defense which prides itself on DB’s who can cover in man. I could see them having Poyer move up and spy on Jackson. Baltimore runs a lot of 3TE sets and bigger packages. Milano and Hyde and cover those TE’s Tre should be glued to M. Brown most likely, Milano glued onto the TE Andrews, who leads them in catches. On offense i believe well see a decent dose dose of Singletary and Allen running the ball. Some RPO’s and stuff like that. Wouldn’t be surprised to see a trick play thrown in somewhere in the first half to catch the defense off guard.
  10. Especially after this season, the way both have played, I assume they’ll try to re-sign Shaq, as long as he wants to be here, and cut ties with Murphy. Shaq will basically take Murphy’s salary position on the team. Draft a DE in the 1st or 2nd round, and sign a lower priced UFA (Vic Beasley?). Hughes/Draft-Pick Lawson/UFA seems like a much better way to have the defensive ends going forward.
  11. I think what happens is a lot of defenses play a shallow zone, and they try to beat that zone by about 5yds or so. When they have 3rd-8 I feel like they usually hit a 12-15yd strike
  12. So I have a question regarding the rollover from salary cap space. Hypithetically, Buffalo has 20M in cap space this year. That rolls over to next season, giving them 80M in total cap space. after the 2020 season, if they have hypothetically 40M in cap space, does that entire 40 get rolled into 2021, or since 20M of it was from the 2019 rollover, does that “disappear” so to speak. basically does the rollover work on a year to year basis, or can it accumulate so that eventually a team could have an exorbitant amount of cap space if they kept theirs low for say 2-3 years?
  13. I totally agree. But with $80M in cap space this off-season, maybe a 1-2yr deal at $5M-$7M or something like that works. if they did it I’d believe it’s more something along the lines of a short term to give us an extra advantage against teams like NE, KC etc. The team has done a really nice job of building a good room, which should help temper Norman if he becomes an issue. They've also built strong depth throughout the lineup, with CB being among those positions. Wallace will be back next year and I could totally see Kevin Johnson staying, and possibly a rookie drafted as well. So if it didn’t work, they would have backup plans. This wouldn't be a 3-4yr deal with lots of guarantees. It would be a 1-2yr deal with lots of incentives for playtime and good play.
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