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  1. Rudolph in particular makes the most sense. I think a lot depends on how positions look during camps and pre-season. Could see trades in August. This regime has done that before, I wouldn’t be surprised to see one again, but this time in order to add as opposed to the last time when they were dismantling (Watkins Trade). I thibk the Bell idea is far fetched for two reasons: 1. I don’t see the Jets trading a guy they just gave a bunch of guaranteed money to before he even plays a down for them. After this season? Possible. Now? No way. 2. Buffalo has 3 running backs who have played & started significantly in the league and spent a 3rd Round Pick on Singletary. I don’t see them making another move for another back, even if Shady is cut. Edit: just wanted to say as well, nice topic setup by the OP.
  2. I think this is mainly click-bait. If they do deal him it’ll at least be after this season. Honestly if they move him after one year, it’ll be more likely he’s cut than traded. I think hell struggle having a year off, supposedly being out of shape, and playing a patient running style behind a bad offensive line.
  3. I wonder if Tyreek Hill gets that many games? This league is so messed up with suspensions. Not that I’m in favor of PED usage.
  4. I’d say there’s three “types” of options. 1. The big Splash- Go after Clowney. I don’t think they’d use a 1st, but they’d do something around a 2nd + Lawson or something like that. *Chance of Happening* = 10% 2. Current UFA- go after one of the flawed guys available. Michael Johnson, Shane Ray, etc. *Chance of Happening* = 40% 3. Wait for Cuts- between June and August there will be some decent players cut. Whether for age, cap space, or not a fit with a new coaching staff, good players get cut almost every off-season. *Chance of Happening* = 50%
  5. I think the Chiefs may be overplaying their hand when it comes to players with character issues. Kareem Hunt, suspended and subsequently traded. Tyreek Hill, looks like suspension incoming. Justin Houston & Dee Ford. Years and years of double digit sacks, no off-field incidents, Houston cut, Ford Traded. Trade for Frank Clark, who was kicked off of his college football team because of a domestic violence incident. Mahomes had an amazing year last year. But without two of his top three weapons and an offensive line that needs help, he could be due for s but of s slump this year.
  6. At least 10? His rookie year? i think that’s unrealistic. He’s incredibly talented but still a rookie. I’m like you where most of my viewings of him are highlights. The betting odds on Bosa, the #2 pick and arguably better than his brother, a perennial pro bowler, is 9.0 sacks. Not saying Vegas is always right, but they know their stuff. They have Oliver at 6.5. If he gets 7 and plays well against the run (he put up some amazing run defense numbers in college), and helps take some of the pressure off of Hughes to be the only guy that can pressure the quarterback, I’ll be thrilled.
  7. 2020 draft we’ll be looking at the first round receivers. Beane has been scouring this correctly. 2018, Quarterback Draft. -Drafts a QB #7 overall 2019, Defensive Line Draft -Drafts DT #9 overall 2020, WR Draft -my Prediction is well see an early pick on a wideout.
  8. I think most of these 2020 mocks are based on vegas’ sports books over under bets for each team. I believe we’re at 6.5 so there might be a couple other teams with the same O/U and even one win and you could be talking moving up 4/6 spots
  9. The 2018 draft had 4-5 top tier QB’s. That is where we got our QB in Allen. Even moved up multiple times to do it. 2018 had a lot of top end talent in the 1st Round. We had two first round picks in the 2018 draft and got ourselves a defensive blue chipper as well in Edmunds. 2019 was a draft loaded with defensive talent, particularly in the defensive line/edger rusher category. We got ourselves a player who is ahead of his time in Ed Oliver. If you look at where QB pressure is coming from in the NFL today, more and more of the elite pass rushers are working from the interior. Oliver fits that mold, specifically in our defense, perfectly. Now we didn't draft a receiver, but look at what happened after N’Keal Harry and Marquise Brown. Metcalf fell basically to the 3rd Round. Butler to the 4th Round Harmon to the 6th Round Sills went undrafted (and was signed by us) 2020 is said to be looking like a great class for receivers and running backs. Beane has us set up perfectly to give Allen a decent surrounding cast this year, see who fits and who doesn’t, and then go out next year in the draft and get him a high end #1 level target.
  10. I think edge rusher and receiver will be the big ones. I think Hughes gets re-signed though.
  11. I think if they’re close one of the two next years, but still miss, they might even get another shot. I think ownership has a lot of faith in these guys. They carry themselves well and seem to make decent roster decisions. I think we might end up like Cincinnati with Marvin Lewis. Miss the playoffs a couple years but they don’t overreact. And I think McDermott is a much better coach than Marvin Lewis, and I also think Allen will be a better QB than Dalton. They really just have to wait out Brady and the division will be up for grabs every year. They should have the long view to see that and continue to build their roster towards that time, which they’re doing now.
  12. I think he makes it as the 3rd QB. I think he’s a good locker room presence for Allen’s development. He won’t be active, and Tyree can be put into the practice squad if need be as well.
  13. LT- Dawkins- Waddle LG-Spain- Teller C-Morse- Long RG-Ford- Feliciano RT-Nsekhe- Ford* They keep nine offensive lineman. Ford starts at guard, if an injury happens to Dawkins, Nsekhe goes to LT, Ford to RT, Feliciano or Long to RG. they have a lot of nice options
  14. QB-3 RB-4 FB-1? WR-6 TE-4 OT-4 G-3 C-2 Offense: 27 DE:4 DT:4 LB:6 CB:6 S:4 Defense: 24 K:1 P:1 LS:1 Special Teams: 3 Thats 54 total, leads to one cut. I could see one offensive lineman being cut. I could see a fullback being cut. I could see a corner being cut. I could see them going with 3 safeties and keeping a flex corner, or the other way around. I could see them going with 5 linebacker instead of 6 as well. i really think you’ll see 4 tight ends make the roster.
  15. So are you assuming they keep 3 tight ends? Kroft Knox & who, Fisher? i think they keep all of Kroft, Knox, Croom & Fisher. My bet is that if someone isn’t injured that Sweeney gets put on the practice squad. Pretty cut and dry
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