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  1. Dkollidas

    Trade Down

    If the Giants pass on Haskins, likely going defense or offensive line, I think it increases the chances we move down. i believe teams will be uncomfortable mortgaging a lot of capital to move up to the top 2-3 picks for a QB like Haskins. i also believe Arizona will select Murray#1 overall, opening up the possibility that Rosen is traded, which will make the QB market even smaller. At that point, 7 non-QB’s will have been selected. My guess is that Bosa, Q. Williams, J. Allen, E. Oliver and at least one of J. Taylor and J. Williams will be gone. BPA at that point could be between Devin White, Ferrell, Wilkins, Hockenson/Fant... If I’m Brandon Beane I’m doing whatever I can to move down if someone wants Haskins. I’m not sure if that’s Washington or Miami, but I’d assume at least one of the two would be interested.
  2. Dkollidas

    Hockenson at #9 Change My Mind

    True. Could be argued they need a core piece on the d-line. But I think it could wait. I’d go after a target for Allen over the middle. We have outside speed with Foster & Brown. We have slot guys in Beasley, McKenzie, & Zay Jones. We need a big target over the middle. Hockenson or Fant are perfec fits for that.
  3. Dkollidas

    Hockenson at #9 Change My Mind

    I won’t change your mind bc I would be good with it. He’d be Allen’s version of Greg Olsen. i want them to draft talent on offense. I believe they can coach defense well enough to get production out of middling talents that work hard.
  4. Dkollidas

    Daniel Wise-DT- Kansas

    I think he’s an under the radar guy that they’ll take somewhere in the 4th or 5th round. Productive but at smaller football school didn’t get a lot of recognition. I believe he was their first interview at the senior bowl. I think they have their blue chips on defense and are now looking to find fits lower in th draft that they can mold and develop. Perfect fit fit for the 3-technique
  5. Dkollidas

    John Miller - Sigh

    He’s still unsigned, correct?
  6. I think rounds 1-3 will be TE, DL, OL. Not sure what order, but those will be the positions they go for. I would hope the try to move down, gain some more picks and pick a tight end later in round one
  7. That would be the best part of free agency. He might’ve preferred Buffalo over the Jets, and now that NYC is his only option is willing to take a bit of a discount to stay in Colorado.
  8. Dkollidas

    C Mitch Morse (Chiefs) to the Bills

    This is what I like. Theyre using the space now to bring the guys in, pay them early, and if it doesn’t work out it won’t be a crazy amount of dead cap.
  9. I wonder if he’s deciding between money & role. If he’s looking at the Jets, Browns & the Bills, Buffalo might be the only spot where he’d be the clear #1, which is what he views himself as. In Cleveland he’d be behind Landry, and with the Jets you could argue he’d be behind Robby Anderson. Maybe Buffalo is offering less than the other teams, but something more short term with promise of a bigger role on the team? Just a thought.
  10. After Antonio Brown & now hearing about Frank Clark, I have a theory... instead of trading trading down in the draft and gaining draft picks, the Bills are attempting to trade down but gain a player instead of a draft pick or multiple picks. Similar to what they did with Cordy Glenn last season except on the opposite end. Buffalo moves down and adds a roster player.
  11. Dkollidas

    Bills to Pursue RT Williams

    I’m expecting he’ll get a deal that is heavily incentivized by games played. Seeing what they did with Spencer Long’s contract is edpect something similar
  12. Dkollidas

    'Buffalo is very, very interested' in Matt Paradis

    I’d like him or Morse, along with Daryl Williams. Then trade down, grab Risner late in the first and he can be your flex guy for a year or two.
  13. Dkollidas

    Kevin Johnson visiting (visiting Browns next)

    1yr prove-it deal
  14. This seems like the reasoning. And yes, for s guy who could play tackle or guard, that screams Bills. I’d see what they want. He’s 28. Sign him, sign a center, trade down, draft a tackle. New offensive line done.
  15. Dkollidas

    Pass on Metcalf and give me this WR!

    I think a lot of Harry looking slow is if you watch a lot of his catches he’s coming back to the ball because his QB underthrows him.