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  1. I see the need to draft another RB for sure, and earlier than later if they don’t add someone like Carlos Hyde or Lamar Miller. I also see the need to draft WR, but with such a deep class and a top-4 of Diggs (do it all #1), Brown (slotted into perfect outside #2 role) Beasley (great spot #3 option) and McKenzie (solid Gadget player). Adding a guy in the 4th or 5th round who can turn McKenzie into an afterthought and put one of Foster/Williams on the chopping block is a pretty realistic possibility. I don’t think they need to use 54 or 86 to do that. 128, or a slight move up from there should net them a solid WR in this years class. I agree on corner to an extent, but it looks like they’re bringing in the veterans to challenge Wallace. Norman & Gaines are veteran players who have probably lost a step but will be put in a position where they don’t need to be the greatest athletes. And don’t forget, this defense was top-5 in the league and Wallace played about 70% of the snaps. Not saying he’s great, because he has his warts, but I believe they’ll add someone deeper as well. Looking at edge I just don’t really see the room to add an early pick. They’ve got Hughes and Addison as starters. Murphy, Jefferson (hell play all over the defensive front I believe), plus Daryl Johnson, who we might not be very high on but got snaps on defense along with playing all 4-phases of special teams. He’s an athlete who they might think just need proper development. I see the need for it long term, but I believe they’ll wait a year to address it in the draft. I don’t see a huge need at safety, but they do usually keep 5. Jaquan Johnson is interesting but might be only depth. Marlowe is a great team guy and all, but is also just depth. Dugger/Chinn would immediately allow for some different schemes out of the back of the defensive formation, in particular DB blitzes. Also our LB depth is pretty slim. Behind Milano/Edmunds/Klein we have Corey Thompson, who I wouldn’t want to see start. Matakevich, who’s a special teamer, and Vosean Joseph, who was on IR all of last season after being injured in pre-season. I think a backup RB is our #1 need. Depth at Linebacker, Corner, Safety and Edge is all after that in whichever order you prefer. I think it also comes down to the talent at each level, I wouldn’t imagine we’ll be near guys like Epenesa or Gross-Matos, and I just don’t really like many of the edge players after that.
  2. If drafted, they’re both safety’s that can play in the box and play LB in sub packages. Could see Dugger playing some Nickel to back-up or eventually replace Taron Johnson (he tested quickly enough to do it at least). I just believe these are the types of players we’ll need in order to compete with Baltimore and Kansas City if we plan on making it through the AFC.
  3. My bold prediction: Buffalo Only uses 4 of their 7 remaining picks. Their general tendency to trade up, combined with the Coronavirus and its hampering scouting for pro-days and interviews with late round targets, to me says they’ll target a few guys in each of rounds 2-5 and use some capital to work up even a couple picks to get “their guy”.
  4. Well it seems like it’s a need by choice. They haven’t been rumored much with running backs around the league. It might change if they sign Hyde or Lamar Miller, but especially today with CB- EJ Gaines & OL-Daryl Williams Signed up, it definitely puts RB at the forefront of their needs. This also happened last year with DT, and we took Oliver in Round 1. They did the same 2 years ago with Allen & Edmunds (largely bc they believed they’d still have Wood and Incognito in the fold). If they don’t sign a “For Sure” #2 RB, I see them adding a guy in Round 2 unless a major talent slips.
  5. Honestly I’m getting the vibe they’re going to roll with Addison/Hughes and Murphy/Jefferson/Johnson. It’s got enough depth that they can rotate well enough and keep guys fresh. If they see a guy like Epenesa slip, he could be a target in round 2. But really I think they’re going to look to draft a running back relatively early, and add at least one more receiver on Day 3.
  6. True, depends how many they keep. And besides Nsekhe & Morse, all of the other guys can play at least guard & tackle or Center & guard.
  7. I think that’s the point of the Williams signing, to challenge Ford. Nsekhe is ok, but hasn’t proven capable of staying healthy. Williams provides Tackle/Guard flexibility, has quality seasons under his belt and will provide a solid challenge for Ford, and be sufficient depth as well if Feliciano isn’t fully recovered from off-season surgery. Right now the depth chart on the O-Line to me is: LT- Dawkins/Nsekhe/Bates LG- Spain/Long C- Morse RG- Feliciano/Boettger RT- Ford/Williams I’ve a feeling Boettger is definitely an odd-man out, and possibly Bates as well depending on the draft. But overall it’s a solid, and deep group.
  8. I think they’ve put themselves in a strong position to draft BPA. If a guy like Epenesa, Gross-Matos, or Baun fall into the 2nd round, I could see Beane moving up a bit to snag one of those guys. The only position I believe they’re still pretty thin at is running back. But there are plenty of guys still on the market and the position can be filled on Day-3 of the draft as well.
  9. Agreed. Especially since all these guys are basically #3 receivers minus maybe Robby Anderson is a #2 option. That being said, I believe the top-tier talent at receiver in this draft is really nice (Jeudy, Lamb, & Ruggs). But the true value is that in the middle of day-3 you’ll find multiple guys who would be day-2 guys almost every other year.
  10. Is that realistically enough to move up into round 2? I know it will on draft network, but idk if the points really add up in the modern day “trade value chsrts”
  11. I think most people are down on Ford and believe he should be moved to guard. I believe we’ll see a jump in his development in year 2. Question is if that jump will be big enough for people to start considering him a viable tackle. I remember a lot of people mad we traded Glenn because they wanted us to move Dawkins to guard and let Glenn be the LT. I believe there’s a big jump from NCAA to NFL for linemen in the past 5-10yrs or so, so that makes judging guys based on rookie performance very difficult. They need time to develop.
  12. The league seems to disagree... hence why he hasn’t signed a contract yet.
  13. Will teams just begin to conduct these online? Like FaceTime? That would seem the most logical thing to do. Also, could teams send private doctors at least in order to do physicals?
  14. I don’t think it would hurt as long as they draft one as well.
  15. I’m Not a huge fan... but like many here, I wasn’t a fan of Allen. I wasn’t a fan of trading down for Tre. I had no idea who Poyer and Hyde were... so I’ll let Beane and McDermott make their pick. I also believe Beane & McDermott are big on “fit”. How does the player fit into their role within the scheme. The role that was played by Duke Williams in that playoff game, could be well fit by Higgins. I also trust their interview process, and the fact that maybe someone like Higgins isn’t the perfect locker room guy, but having guys like Allen, Brown & Beasley around him, along with McDermott running the show, could keep a guy like Higgins in line and help him see the light.
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