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  1. I get it, but look at how John Brown performed as opposed to the contract he signed. Same for Feliciano. I believe he’s also tempering expectations. He’s not gonna go out and necessarily say “yup, we’re gonna drop $15-$20M on a guy and bring in some big money studs”. They said Shady was a big part of the team and then cut him before the season. They said they didn’t believe in the idea of a #1 WR, but looked at going after Antonio Brown. I don’t think they view it as necessary to get a guy like that. But I believe they’ll look into all options available. The thing we’ve got to remember is that you’ve also got to find free agents that want to come here as well.
  2. The thing is, there’s so many good receivers this year, and most of them are the big athletic type, that some will fall. On TDN’s big board he’s listed as the #17 Receiver and #105 overall player. That’s a round 4 player. You might be right, at the same time I think this class is SO deep at receiver that some are bound to slip.
  3. You’re probably right. I just wanted to make the group into a real strength. But yea, I would assume no Green is the more likely scenario. Draft one guy in rounds 1-2 and another in rounds 4-5
  4. I think they’ll look for an upgrade and cut him. Unable to stay healthy. I don’t know if they’ll go after Hooper, but just a replacement level veteran. But I think they’ll be looking for a big leap from Knox and Sweeney. Smith will stay on as a blocker. Croom will challenge whoever else is there for the last spot.
  5. I would love to see: AJ Green 2yrs $11M per Rnd 1: Laviska Shenault Rnd 4: Bryan Edwards You then have a WR room with: Green Brown Beasley Shenault Edwards + McKenzie, Foster, Williams, & Roberts fighting for 2? Spots
  6. I think what they do with Ford depends First; on what happens with Spain. Second, if Spain leaves what free agents are available and decide to actually come here if they are pursued. ultimately I think they bring back Spain and keep Ford at tackle. They trust their coaches to develop the player. He only played one year of college at tackle, flipped between tackle and guard all training camp, and was in the Big12. I think they believe he has RT upside and that they can develop him.
  7. I think they might throw an offer at Hooper, but if they can’t get him, I don’t really see any other guys being big upgrades. Ebron drops as many as Knox. Henry is hurt as much as Kroft. Not much after that. As for O-Line I believe they try to bring Spain back and then draft a guy who can play guard/tackle later on (4th-5th round).
  8. I believe it will he edge rusher. In his press conference he really got a bit more detailed about how there’s not enough elite pass rushers for each team in the league and how important a position it is. I think they realize the defense could be do for a slight regression, and that edge is one of the few places they could make a splash that would change that defense around overnight. I also believe there’s better money to be spent on the edge position than any in free agency. Ngakoue, Clowney, Vic Beasley, Dante Fowler, hell Jason Pierre-Paul had 8.5 sacks in 10 games. Robert Quinn, Mario Addison... etc etc.
  9. Yea I think he’s gonna paid big somewhere else. Sign Shaq & Spain.
  10. I think I’d say a pass rusher. Ngakoue, Clowney, Vic Beasley even? I just want a guy who can be a consistent 8-10 and allow them to 1) wait until the 2nd round to draft a DE 2) cut Murphy after the draft. a 4 man oration of Vic Beasley/Hughes on one end, and Shaq/2nd round pick on the other end would be a solid rotation in my estimation.
  11. I’m sure McDermott has people in mind. I wouldn’t mind giving Dorsey a shot if/when Daboll gets a head job, or if the offense regresses and a change is made in-season. Dorsey has been in the league for a while now and I like the idea of a former QB as our OC. He did a nice job with Newton in Carolina and has helped Josh along here as well. I see no reason why he couldn’t be an OC down the road.
  12. Probably not. But people didn’t think Henry would turn into Henry when he got picked
  13. His name is Najee Harris. maybe not as big but he can grind. a later round option would be AJ Dillon from Boston College.
  14. Part 1: AJ Green Austin Hooper Breshad Perriman Hunter Henry Part 2: Laviska Shenault Tee Higgins Justin Jefferson Give me one guy from each part and I think this team will be a completely different animal next season.
  15. I think the difference is that the Bears defense last season(2018) was Historically good. Their sack and turnover rates were ridiculous and when they went back to just “good”, they struggled. Our defense was very good, but not historically great. They didn’t rely on turnovers as much as that Bears team. Also, 2018 was when they went for broke on weapons for Trubisky. I feel like we went to par last season and will continue to build for Allen this off season as well.
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