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  1. I think he’s a bit more than that, read the following just to see his athletic freakness... https://www.stack.com/a/small-school-star-justin-zimmer-might-be-the-most-athletic-300-pound-prospect-in-nfl-history
  2. I think it’s Williams that leaves. Morse saves you $5M by cutting him. Not enough to keep Williams on its own. I believe Williams will get more than they’ll offer ($13M-$15M) and they’ll use a combo of Ford/Bates/UFA/Draft pick to battle for that spot.
  3. I think they’re more confident in Wallace than we are. Also, they want a different type of player at that position than most teams. Most of your typical 1st round picks are guys that are more typical man coverage guys where we tend to play much more zone. I believe they’ll roll with Star and if he continues the play from last week, Harrison Phillips can play the 1-tech as well. I do think edge is a need. I think Hughes, Addison, Epenesa & D. Johnson will all be back but they need another guy to develop and it depends on how the board falls
  4. Tony Fields II is a player I’d look into in the later rounds
  5. I don’t doubt running back is a need they’ll look into. I also don’t see them using their first pick on a player, especially with two 3rd round picks in the room. I expect them to go after some free agent veterans. If they look to add a speed dynamic, Matt Breida could be a candidate. If not, I believe next year is finally the year we could actually see Christian Wade make some noise with more of an off-season and pre-season to show himself. If they look for someone to spell Moss depending on his injury, I think Ingram is a good fit
  6. Possibly, but 1) he could slip, smaller school guy with one year of good tape and 2) Beane isnt afraid to move up for his guy.
  7. I feel like our defense is missing that guy who can flex between playing the edge, blitzing the A-Gap, dropping into coverage, and basically be a front-7 chess piece. 6’4” 260lb linebacker finished with 8GP-54tkls-4sks-4INT-2FF-1FR-2TD Also has a nice chip on his shoulder, only school to give him scholarship was Tulsa
  8. I think if they go zone they won’t be able to blitz as much. That’ll open things up for Beasley as well if they switch to more zone
  9. I agree, but I don’t believe they normally have their CB’s shadow receivers. It’s more, one plays one side of the field, the other plays the other side. Also, I’d expect a lot of motion by Buffalo, they’ve been getting plays in pretty fast allowing for a lot of motion at the line.
  10. I think they go wide early as well just for the simple fact that it shows more of what the defenses intentions are. As you said, if we go empty and have 5 wide, if they blitz someone is open. Or at worst Josh is going to have WIDE open rush lanes.
  11. I think the Bills will want Peters or Humphrey against Brown. That leaves Smith against Beasley or Diggs and Buffalo will take advantage.
  12. If this is the case I believe Peters will be matched up against Diggs, snd that’s good for Diggs. Peter’s aggressive nature will overplay and Diggs will be able to get open.
  13. Wondering if anyone had any insight on how they play their CB’s. Will Smith play in the slot? Or is Humphrey mostly in the slot? Do their corners mostly stay in their same spot, or do they follow a particular guy across the field? I just believe that if Humphrey isn’t the one who shadows Diggs. He’ll get his catches. And if Humphrey isn’t the one in the slot, that Beasley’s route running will win against Peters or Smith as well.
  14. My question is how they play their CB’s against us. I believe I heard on a podcast they don’t usually have their guys follow receivers. But I also wonder who plays in the slot against Beasley. Peter’s and Smith are mostly outside corners. So does Humphrey play the slot? If he does, I believe Diggs will have a day against Peters or Smith. Peter’s ultra-aggressive nature tends to overplay against a guy like Diggs. If it’s not Humphrey in the slot, I think Beasley will be able to get open against whoever they play in the slot I also like the matchup of Davis versus Ar
  15. I don’t think he’ll be a bad coach necessarily. I just think they have a lot of work to do. And most of the guys on that defense are built for Williams blitz heavy man cover schemes. Saleh’s defense is the opposite. They’ll basically need to pull a McDermott and 86 about 75percent of that roster I would believe. It’ll also need to be seen how Douglas and Saleh work together. Will Douglas draft players that he tells Saleh to “make fit” even if they’re not a good scheme fit. I have no idea either way, I’m just saying it’s a possibility. Im also assuming they go in a
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