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  1. Capable edge rusher. Ojulari/Paye are my two guys. I don’t think we go for Jaelan Phillips and I worry about Oweh panning out, but Buffalo does have a great staff capable Of coaching guys up.
  2. I’m not personally set either way. I think either, if done right, could be really cool. But both if done incorrectly, could really have a bad affect in the area as sell Overall my general belief is that the Bills with help from the State & County will renovate the current system. They should take a look at what the Chiefs and Packers have done in particular. Put the money into a well thought out renovation, while keeping its character and stay in Orchard Park. The amount of money it would cost to build a new stadium would involve... 1) buying current property
  3. Personally I think the opposite. I think they’re using free agency to cover holes, they’ll move up in the draft to get the guys they really like. Seems to be Beane’s MO . But I do agree no RB in round 1 please.
  4. I think this draft is really unpredictable. Rousseau could go 15 or 45. Same with guys like Phillips, Z.Collins, etc. This year is a total crapshoot.
  5. Gregory Rousseau please. length, athleticism, raw talent. He could be coached up here, but idk if they’d go for a guy so early with such limited tape.
  6. I just don’t see how he’s not perfect fit. He’s a less injury prone John Brown. Has history with Beasley. And a top-4 group of Diggs, Beasley Sanders & Davis is REALLY nice. Plus they’ll also bring up Hodgins who adds a completely different element, as well as possibly another tight end (Ertz), this offense could be just as good in 2021.
  7. I think this has his guaranteed money as his signing bonus. 4yr $44M deal and the lowest hit is $11.3M makes no sense. The signing bonus should be $7M total, instead of 24, so that $6M number each year should be $1.75M instead. His cap hit this year will be about $7M
  8. I think Butler should be rotating with Oliver at 3-tech honestly. It’s similar to Jordan Phillips. He was miscast as a 1-tech in our system despite his size
  9. I disagree with the OP. It’s meant to help teams that lose good players. Develop good players, lose them, and don’t replace them with other highly paid players, and then you’ll get comp picks
  10. I think it opens up the ability to be more multiple. With the Erhardt-Perkins offense Daboll runs, they can do a lot of the same concepts from multiple formations. Especially when you have two tight ends like Ertz & Knox, plus receivers like Beasley/Diggs/Davis. More 12 personnel would also likely make it easier to run more gap/man blocking than we were in 2020 with the amount of shot gun/empty back field/11 personnel we ran. I also believe if they got Ertz they would have an agreement lined up to do something with his contract to make 2021 an easier cap hit to s
  11. Ertz Rudolph Cook my Top-3 most likely, in that order. Beane will be aggressive at the TE position, but won’t overpay.
  12. I think they’ll do their due diligence. He’s older but still solid. id like him at the right price. $4m-$5m?
  13. I believe Ertz, Rudolph and Cook are the most likely. Older guys who can be a #1 option for 1-2 yrs and really help Knox develop his game overall and his confidence can build back up being in more of a complimentary role.
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