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  1. Thomas And Hill have both re-signed with their teams (although I wouldn’t want Hill personally). Green I would attempt to trade for now. If they can get him, then you try to re-sign him for a big money, shorter term deal. but I think the main option is this loaded receiver class.
  2. I think we’ll just agree to disagree on Beane’s perspective (I think they’re looking for it, and will be in off-season, Draft in particular). Regarding current situation, I totally agree. It’s a big reason I’m happy to see the steps josh has taken while not having a stud #1.
  3. Beane and McDermott both do a lot of PC talk about their guys. They’ll never call them out in public. But Beane looking into (if not actively pursuing) Antonio Brown this off-season showed everyone they actually are looking for that #1 Stud WR.
  4. I think a true #1 WR is the main thing missing. Getting Singeltary back will change the offense up a bit as well. Duke Williams looks like an improvement over Zay though, which gives us another decent option. Main thing is Josh cutting down on errors and reckless plays. Yes he had the interception. But other than that play... 2 TD passes, no fumbles, no head first dives into traffic when running. He also tucked the ball a lot better when he was running. Not pulling that Shady move where he’s out there with it just in his hand waving around.
  5. I get that. At the same time, the ball can only go so many places. He’ll be expensive and he’ll be unhappy with other people getting the ball more. They’re not going anywhere and he’s a UFA at the end of the season. They should deal him for picks to help them in other areas of need (which would basically be... QB, OT, OG, C, DE, DT, LB, CB, S). So it actually doesn’t sound too bad for them.
  6. Thinking of tanking? I mean, they’re 0-4. The only thing that looks useful on their team right now is their skill players (Ross, Boyd & Mixon in particular). Trading for Green gives us a guy who can be that guy to go and get those 50/50 balls that josh tosses into an area. He’s the type of QB who needs that. If we don’t get him, I’d love to see them go after Higgins in this year’s draft.
  7. As someone on the cusp of being a first time dad (she’s due end of the month), I couldn’t imagine... Prayers for him, the wife, and the family.
  8. Agreed. He looked alright. But these things are tricky. Hoping for the best. Prepared for the worst.
  9. With all the discussion we’ve been hearing regarding adding games to the schedule in the new CBA, and the playoff format as well, I figured to make a topic on it. Honestly I like the schedule as it is now, except for having 4 pre-season games. It is overkill. But with regard to the regular season, it just works so well. Even number of games played, 16 games each in a 32 team league is nice and divisible. My suggestion would be to go to 8 playoff teams per conference, and get rid of the bye weeks. Bye weeks, in such a physically demanding game, give far too much advantage to the team with the week off. These teams are already getting home field against everyone else, which is also a major advantage in a game where crowds can easily make it hard for the road teams offense to make calls and checks on the field. Currently, the league plays 11 playoff games. 4 Wild Card games, 4 Divisional Games, 2 Conference Championships and the Super Bowl. Adding two teams and doing a traditional 1-8, 2-7, 3-6, 4-5 setup in each conference would put the total at 15 playoff games. Adding 4 playoff games to the total. This would be huge for revenue with the ability to televise 8 playoff games per weekend. Networks would be going hard after that as ratings for playoff games are usually quite a bit higher than regular season. I think players might be in favor of this because it gives more teams a chance to win. Adding playoff teams and taking away the bye weeks helps level the field. The teams would like this because it adds revenue league wide from TV deals, and with more teams making the playoffs, I would lead to more teams having a chance at playoff revenue (ticket sales, merchandise and concessions, etc).
  10. I think they’ll have Jordan Phillips rotate more with Star as the Nose. He does have the size and strength for it. Oliver will be inside and then I think they’ll rotate in Lawson and whoever else they put onto the 53. I could see them adding another defensive end and letting Lawson play all across the defensive line. Inside and outside.
  11. Damn. I didn’t even notice that but you’re right. That’s CRAZY.
  12. They gotta get Ed Oliver working on the inside. Get him in Brady’s face all day. Hit him and you’ve got a chance.
  13. I think Cleveland did him a disservice this off-season. 1) Promoted a coordinator from within to be a first time head coach. He only had the one year as a coordinator. I don’t think he’s a bad offensive mind. But being a head coach is also quite a bit about dealing with personalities, and delegating responsibilities. 2) Traded for a “Diva” receiver: I think OBJ is a great receiver, but he really has a trend of making things about himself. 3) Downgraded their offensive line: Bringing back Greg Robinson as your Left Tackle?!?! Trading away a Pro-Bowl level player in Kevin Zeitler... these moves are just indications that they put more emphasis on “shiny toys”, like Beckham, as opposed to shoring up their trenches. All of this seems to be the complete opposite of what Buffalo did. Beane & McDermott... 1) kept the coaching staff together for its 3rd season. McDermott being a great delegator and Allen keeping the same offensive coordinator and system. 2) While we did invest plenty into weapons like Brown and Beasley, we had no choice. But the true Money and draft capital was invested into offensive line. Long, Feliciano, Spain, Morse, Nsekhe plus drafting Ford is a strong investment.
  14. New England beat 0-3 Pittsburgh 0-3 Miami 0-3 Jets San Francisco beat 1-2 Tampa Bay (who’s lucky to have a win) 0-3 Cincinnati 0-3 Pittsburgh Dallas beat 1-2 Giants 0-2 Washington 0-3 Dolphins Baltimore beat 0-3 Miami 0-2-1 Arizona and lost to Kansas City so I mean... what have we really seen? I’m sure they... 1) were super amped up for this game. Might’ve had too much adrenaline, but dealt with it and found a way to come out with a “W”. 2) were playing a team that was fighting tooth and nail to try and finally get their 1st win of the season (i.e. trap game). 3) we’re playing a team that has shown an ability to throw downfield and shut down a big weapon in John Ross.
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