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  1. I know he’s fallen off from the 1st 4 games. But imagine if before this season started that someone told you Allen would be on pace for over 4000yds passing and 30TD passes.
  2. Yea I listen to most of them (tougher after losses but I think you learn more with those). I believe he and the cover 1 guys are the best out there for Bills coverage. Buscaglia & Fairburn aren’t terrible they just annoy me personally. The
  3. But I don’t get it. As a business owner of the states changes a regulation and posts it online, but I don’t go online, and I’m in violation of the new regulation, I don’t get to say “sorry I didn’t know about that, miscommunication”, ill get the book thrown at me. I just get frustrated that in situations like these, people and organizations with influence seem to always get off easy.
  4. I got a lot of love for Tyrod. Got us out of the drought... but Herbert is the guy there.
  5. 1) the hate for New England is mutual. 2) I also hope that you guys find a new coach, and don’t give up on Darnold. He’s still very young and with the right pieces around him, like it’s taken for Allen, he can be a very good passer in this league imo.
  6. Gase has ruined Darnold’s early career. Best thing for Sam right now is to get away from the Jets. Let them ruin another young QB.
  7. He’d be the perfect backup next year for Allen if Barkley moves on. Please please please.
  8. I think the thing a lot of the prognosticators and statistics guys didn’t even get wrong, but just missed, is how much more raw and behind in his development Allen was than QB’s like Mayfield. As Joe Marino pointed out last week, there were some scouts who believed Allen literally had thrown 10,000 less passes than Mayfield. If that’s anywhere near true (practice, games etc etc), then Allen was able to get that development time as a pro QB under a stable organization with good coaching and solid talent all around (minus the offense in 2018), and a solid defense that didn’t require too much out of him in order to put wins on the board.
  9. Too much money. We need to be looking at ways to cut cap next year, not spend big money on a soon to be 30yr old TE. We’ve got weapons, they just need to develop. I really think it’s going to be a lot of draft and develop for the next couple seasons with the cap being affected by Covid
  10. I believe he’ll have more passing yds in one more game at least. Maybe not by much. But we also forget this was the first time Diggs & Allen player together. I also predict Allen to have at least one 4TD game. And I believe he’ll go for more than 57 rushing yds in at least one more game. Maybe not all in the same game, but where I used to think he was a gazelle in the field, he’s a Boar. He’s like a mix of Cam and Big Ben. If he continues to put in the work (which I believe he will), he can be better than Cam as a passer and a runner.
  11. I think that number is low because of Allen. 18 rushing touchdowns to this point of his career. If you add those into the totals, it looks stronger.
  12. I think Allen has had so many less reps than guys like Darnold and Mayfield, and at such a lower level (JUCO & Wyoming Versus Elite 11 camps & USC for Darnold), that Allen might just be more moldable. I think this is what everyone missed that noted Allen’s inaccuracy. He was way behind on reps. He could be molded to whatever you can turn him into. Whereas most of these guys come into the league (even as young as Darnold was) a much more finished product just due to the malignity of muscle memory they have imprinted on all of these motions.
  13. I don’t think he’ll be back just bc of the cap crunch, along with his injury history. if he does leave, any particular players anyone sees in NCAA that could possibly replace Milano or have a similar skill set. Particularly safeties that could be come sub package linebackers at the NFL level.
  14. Honestly I wonder if it helps Josh. He’s usually SOOO hyped up I worry that’s where some of his mistakes come from, not be contained within himself. I think no crowd has the possibility to help him be more collected in his decision making?
  15. With how much they rotate, id bet the under hard on that.
  16. 1) Who’s the backup center with Feliciano out? Boehm or Bates? 2) Who plays “FB” when we’re in goal line type sets if Gilliam doesn’t dress? Lee Smith? Dawson Knox? Kroft? 3) Who’s the return man if something happens to Roberts? I know these are ancillary issues and not very prominent to team performance. Just interested to see what they’ll do if/when some of these things come Up.
  17. SI is struggling. Peter King is old and doesn’t have as many followers as he used to... CLICKBAIT
  18. My guess is he goes to Pittsburgh. Big Ben is a big enough name that Rosen isn’t challenging anything (and I don’t think he shakes up a locker room anywhere he goes anyways). Could possibly learn a bit from Roethlisberger, and Pittsburgh needs something behind a 38yr old Big Ben coming off a season ending injury last year.
  19. Diggs Brown Beasley Davis McKenzie Hodgins Roberts -I think they keep these 7. Foster and Williams go onto the practice squad and we see what happens from there
  20. I think Tre gets done after this season. He’ll play next season on his 5th year, and if they come up with a new deal, it might even replace the 5th year option. No need to rush it. They’re taking a patient approach to make sure all their ducks are in a row. Have faith in Beane’s math skills.
  21. Left End: Starter: Mario Addison Backup: AJ Epenesa 1-Tech: Starter: Harrison Phillips Backup: Vernon Butler 3-Tech: Starter: Ed Oliver Backup: Quinton Jefferson Right End: Starter: Jerry Hughes Backup: Trent Murphy Practice Squad: DE: Darryl Johnson DT: Vincent Taylor Weakside Linebacker: Starter: Matt Milano Backup: Corey Thompson Middle Linebacker: Starter: Tremaine Edmunds Backup: Corey Thompson/ Tyler Matakevich Strongside Linebacker: Starter: AJ Klein Backup: Vosean Joseph
  22. That or deals where the money is 2021 is low and pushed forward, or made to be able to move around in order to give clubs some flexibility over the entire deal.
  23. The way this Covid cap is gonna work in 2021 that might be the case. It’s gonna be strange times. I’m sure The Magic Beane has some tricks up his sleeve for working deals around a tight cap next season.
  24. Just smart. I’m assuming the money will be low. Any free agent right now knows their deal will be limited. All teams are going to attempt to keep as much cap space to roll into 2021 as possible. Long could be a cut candidate. Same for Hauschka & of course Murphy if they see Epenesa as an upgrade early on.
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