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  1. He’s a favorite of PFF. Think they had him like top 15 in their mock or something like that.
  2. Yep, for sure. I think that also just kinda happens in a class like this where there's so many relatively high-level QB prospects. People will beat other QBs down to raise the guy they like up. I'll be astonished if Herbert slides out of the first round and pretty surprised if he slides out of the top 15. I expect he'll be the 3rd or 4th QB taken (think it's between him and Love). I just personally am not relatively high on him (still a 1st round grade, but just barely).
  3. Like you, just an initial take. I have my full scouting reports done on Burrow, Herbert, Hurts, and Patterson, but that's all so far. I have Burrow tied with Lamar Jackson as my 2nd highest rated QB of the past 4 drafts (Mahomes being #1). Herbert, Hurts, and Patterson are all a long ways behind him; I have Herbert on the fringe of the first round (which would be the lowest grade for anyone that's actually been taken in the 1st round these past 4 years), Hurts as a 2nd-3rd round pick, and Patterson more like a 3rd or 4th (though I suspect I'm much higher on him than most are as it seems like a lot of people think he has zero hope whatsoever). I still have to finish the rest, but I suspect that Love and Fromm will both be ahead of Herbert for me and Eason probably close to him.
  4. I think this is all probably true, but I just want our first WR of the draft to be more refined personally. He certainly has the tools to be a good and versatile WR, but I'm not really sure he's productive early on outside of manufactured touches (which, to be fair, would be great to get more of in our offense lol). I just think you can find what he can provide today pretty easily around the league. What he could potentially develop into is much harder to find but I haven't really seen much reason to assume he gets there.
  5. I mentioned this in my updates of the schools that we've sent scouts to throughout the year; seems significant that we are one of 4 teams that are publicly known to have made a trip to Lenoir-Rhyne (obviously to see Dugger specifically). Seems like it might be something to keep an eye on, though his inclusion at the Senior Bowl suggests the cat might be out of the bag in terms of teams sleeping on him too much. And I wish we could justify taking a DT again so that we could take Kinlaw, but I suspect he might be out of our range anyways and I can't see us taking another first round DT even though he looks like a great one.
  6. I think he's a lock to get in, but I think the Hall of Fame should be more exclusive than it is, and in such a world, he would not be considered a Hall of Famer.
  7. He definitely came up big in the playoff game. Like I said, I wouldn't be cutting him immediately, but I would bring in competition to see if you can do better. We could certainly be in a worse spot as far as kickers go, but again, if you can't trust them 50+ yards out, you should be looking for a replacement IMO.
  8. I wouldn't draft anybody, but I think we should try to replace Bojo. As far as Haushka goes, my philosophy with kickers is that if you don't trust them in the 50-60 yard range, you have a kicker problem. We clearly do not trust Haushka. We should be bringing in competition for him and be prepared to cut him if the competition beats him out.
  9. Yeah, I think one of the NFL.com writers mentioned earlier in the year that NFL Scouts refer to Love as this year's Patrick Mahomes or Patrick Mahomes 2.0 or something like that. I definitely remember it being talked up ahead of his national TV game earlier in the season when Utah State got dominated. I haven't watched enough of him yet, but I've definitely seen some of the good #DraftTwitter guys breaking down some of the extreme highs you get with Love. He's got the physical tools for sure. I can't imagine my grade for him will be anywhere near Mahomes though, who remains my highest graded QB of the past 4 years.
  10. Chris Godwin was the #1 rated WR by PFF this year; they have two elite WRs in place for whoever the QB is. Two talented TEs. Their offensive line blossomed this year after seemingly a decade of being among the worst in the league. Ali Marpet has always been a stud, but the rest of the group all played average or above-average this season. The defense as a whole was above-average, and was particularly good down the stretch with Vita Vea blossoming into one of the best young DTs in the league, Jamel Dean playing at an elite level the second half of the year, Shaq Barrett obviously having a monster year, and LaVonte David being his usual elite self. They have a lot of talent on that team; just too many turnovers or they probably would have been in the playoffs.
  11. It really only makes sense if Tampa is looking to cut costs at the QB position or wants to draft a QB and view Rivers as a better mentor. Rivers is almost certainly a downgrade compared to Jameis and is obviously like 12+ years older too. At any rate, Rivers reportedly moved close to Panama City; that's a very long commute to play for Tampa. Nashville, Atlanta, New Orleans and Jacksonville are all closer.
  12. Collin left a major impression on me a few years back when he first burst on the scene. Seems like he never really made the leap after that unfortunately but he's still a WR I'd be interested in.
  13. A couple WRs I'm keeping an eye on this week:
  14. I've only seen a handful of his games and have been kinda lukewarm on him in general; you think he might be able to be like a Vincent Jackson type maybe if he develops the right way?
  15. I wouldn't be shocked if he declines to run the cone/shuttle after what happened to DK.
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