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  1. DCOrange

    FA Pass Rusher Ryan Russell visiting Bills

    Tampa had probably the worst pass rush in the NFL last season and Russell was a backup for them. Suffice to say, if Buffalo is trying to find a pass rusher, he probably isn't the guy.
  2. DCOrange

    More wins in 2018, Browns or Bills?

    I think Buffalo wins 5-7 games and Cleveland 6-8. So with that said, I voted Cleveland, but it's definitely possible that they tie or Buffalo wins too; I expect it to be pretty close between these two teams.
  3. DCOrange

    2019 Mock Drafts and top prospects

  4. DCOrange

    Zay Jones - 2018

    I know that. It’s lower because they count the uncatchable targets in its calculation. I’m removing those because he had no chance to catch or drop them. 7/47 catchable targets (according to their site) equals 14.9%
  5. DCOrange

    Questions about 2018 Roster

    Yeah, definitely. Even further into the preseason and Sammy was still around wasn't he? It's definitely a tough comparison to make.
  6. DCOrange

    Questions about 2018 Roster

    I'm really just looking at it from a talent perspective, not from a "Was Benjamin healthy/will Benjamin be healthy this year?" perspective. Regarding Streater vs. McCloud, I don't think it really matters.
  7. DCOrange

    Questions about 2018 Roster

    2017: Kelvin Benjamin Jordan Matthews Zay Jones Deonte Thompson Andre Holmes 2018: Kelvin Benjamin Zay Jones Jeremy Kerley Andre Holmes Ray-Ray McCloud Comparing them this way, I'd say: Benjamin = Benjamin Matthews > Zay Last year's Zay < Kerley Thompson > Holmes Holmes > McCloud I think the WR corps pretty much got worse across the board with the exception of adding Kerley as a slot guy. I think this year's WR corps will be more productive in terms of raw output due to the scheme changes, but talent-wise, they've gotten worse IMO. Having said that, the only WR on the roster I really care about long-term is Benjamin and maybe Zay, and I think Benjamin is a far better fit for Allen than he was Tyrod and Daboll can't possibly use Zay in a worse way than Dennison did, so from that sense, things are looking up.
  8. DCOrange

    Zay Jones - 2018

    The way Buffalo used Sammy, especially after what they traded for him, will forever piss me off.
  9. DCOrange

    Questions about 2018 Roster

    In my opinion, McCarron is likely significantly worse than Tyrod. Peterman is Peterman. Allen is a question mark as you said. I think he ends up starting very early and I personally think he’ll develop into a good starter but I don’t expect him to be better than Tyrod in his rookie season.
  10. DCOrange

    Zay Jones - 2018

    I’ll go back and check my numbers but I believe the drop rate that they calculate is based on total targets (including the uncatchable throws) whereas I only used the catchable. But I think they’ve also tweaked their numbers since I put it all together awhile back because it looks like his drop percentage is roughly 15% instead of 15.8% now. Edit: Yeah, they added 3 more catchable targets to Zay's total since I gathered his numbers. His drop rate is 14.9% now.
  11. Really cool breakdown. I hadn't picked up on his tendency to open his hips on the throws to the left sideline before so that was pretty cool to see.
  12. DCOrange

    RB Kenjon Barner visiting Bills

    This is actually kinda intriguing; a RB with speed and hands.
  13. DCOrange

    Questions about 2018 Roster

    From this perspective, I'm just focusing on the short-term since you're putting it in the context of whether or not this team will be better this year: 1. Worse 2. Same 3. Worse 4. Worse 5. Better 6. Same or slightly better 7. Worse On top of this, I don't think Buffalo was really a 9 win team last year. I'd say they played like a 7ish win team and are probably worse this year.
  14. DCOrange

    Zay Jones - 2018

    Everyone else caught Tyrod's passes far more than Zay. It isn't even remotely close to be honest. Using PlayerProfiler.com's numbers, here's the numbers (keep in mind that they eliminating "uncatchable" passes): Benjamin: 71.6% catch rate, 9.0% drop rate Thompson: 73.1% catch rate, 5.8% drop rate Matthews: 80.6% catch rate, 9.7% drop rate Zay Jones: 61.4% catch rate, 15.9% drop rate I also took the liberty of finding a bunch of WRs that could be grouped with Zay based on the average route depth, listed below: Josh Doctson Alshon Jeffery Corey Coleman Mike Wallace AJ Green Tyrell Williams Ricardo Lewis Torrey Smith DeAndre Hopkins That group's averages were 73.9% and 8.5% respectively. Everyone, with the exception of Doctson and Zay, fell within a range of 70.4% to 78.7% in terms of catch percentage. Zay and Doctson were at 61.4% and 62.5% respectively. In terms of drop %, Ricardo Lewis (20%) was the only player that was worse than Zay, though Coleman (15.6%) was close to Zay as well. Everyone else ranged from 4.9% to 10.9%. Looking at the top 10 rookie WRs in terms of targets, we're left with a group of: Cooper Kupp Juju Smith-Schuster Keelan Cole Trent Taylor Zay Jones Corey Davis Kenny Golladay Chris Godwin Dede Westbrook Kendrick Bourne In that group, the average (excluding Zay), had a catch percentage of 78.7% and a drop % of 5.2% (again, compared to 61.4% and 15.9% for Zay). Nobody is within 10% of Zay in terms of catch %, with the range outside of him going from 71.8% (Golladay) to 91.9% (Godwin). In terms of drop %, Dede Westbrook is the closest at 14.7%. Suffice to say, Zay was horrible compared to his teammates, compared to those that ran similarly deep routes, and compared to his fellow rookie class. Again, there's room for hope; I think Dennison pretty much put him in positions that played to his greatest weaknesses rather than his strengths, and he was reportedly playing through an injury as well, but he was objectively horrific as a rookie.
  15. DCOrange

    Go get Tanner Gentry

    I'd like to get Tanner too. Best bet might be to just wait and see if he's cut/placed on practice squad and then Buffalo can scoop him up. Obviously he almost certainly wouldn't be the upgrade that Buffalo so desperately needs though.