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  1. Tory Woodbury. I remember playing with him in old Madden games and then he ended up in Bills training camp one year and I basically just went and hung out with him while everyone else was pursuing the notable players for autographs.
  2. I tend to think this isn't a big loss. Anyways, best of luck to him. I hope he can find a role for himself in the NBA.
  3. Is this all that different from what we did with Whaley?
  4. Sweet. I split an Athletic subscription with a few friends of mine to keep the individual cost done and it's well-worth it for us.
  5. Stanley Morgan as a UDFA to Cinci is a big steal IMO; I think he was one of the best WRs in the draft. DK in the late 2nd was huge too. Think us getting Ford in the 2nd was also a big steal.
  6. Again, this is based on Super Bowl Odds in Vegas. Until the games get played and Buffalo hopefully isn’t terrible, they’re going to be mocked at the top of the draft.
  7. I don’t know that this is the year it pays off, but this roster is shaping up to be very good relative to the past decade of Bills teams. Still not all that confident it turns into a winning record or playoff football, but if Allen takes a big leap in year 2, I think that’ll be enough to get there. I’m just not ready to assume that improvement even if I like him a lot as a prospect.
  8. Their draft order is based on Vegas’ super bowl odds. It has nothing to do with how good they think each team is.
  9. If I remember correctly, those were the CBS and PFF mocks. CBS is notoriously terrible with their draft coverage. PFF is good but at that point in the process, their mocks are (I think) based on what they would personally do; not what they believe teams will actually do. And as I mentioned throughout the year, this year's WR class was insanely deep. For awhile, people had Johnson pegged in the 5-10 range as far as WRs go while others had him outside the top 25 WRs. Eventually almost everyone moved him down into the 20's.
  10. I kinda understand it. The Z and slot spots are pretty well stocked at this point and this draft was pretty weak on X guys after DK Metcalf. I still would have liked to take one, but it’s not the end of the world.
  11. Hodge’s limitations are even worse IMO. Linebacker that runs a slower than 5 second 40 is death.
  12. Interesting they felt the need to trade up with him and Risner both on the board. OLine is nowhere near as deep as WR in this draft, so it makes sense from that perspective despite my love for DK.
  13. I'm fairly certain that this year's mock will end up being the best, which would make him #1 two of the past three years, and Walter was like #2 or #3 the one year that Charlie wasn't the best. Their website is an atrocity to read and Walter is a terrible person, but Charlie Campbell has some serious connections in the NFL.
  14. FWIW, considering Charlie Campbell got a crazy 11 picks right last night (without even attempting to guess at trades for that matter), for tonight he has Buffalo taking Riley Ridley at 40 and Yodny Cajuste at 74. Has 4 WRs being taken in the 33-39 range before it gets to us.
  15. As much as the Ole Miss offense didn't help DK to develop his skills, it was a picture perfect fit for AJ Brown. They basically had DK and Lodge going deep every play, and they both demanded safety attention, so it allowed AJ a ton of space over the middle of the field to work, and with his body, he was a mismatch for basically every nickel back in college. I think he could be utilized similarly in Buffalo with the speed that we have on the outside, but I also think that the space that we should have over the middle will make it relatively easy to plug-and-play in the slot rather than investing multiple 2nd round picks (AJ, Zay) and free agent dollars (Beasley) in that spot. As low as I am on Zay, I think he can do a lot of what AJ would do here. Having said that, I wouldn't be surprised if McBeane value AJ more than I do; he's just not really a guy I'm personally interested in.
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