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  1. I do not at all expect Pickett to save them but he looked better yesterday than Mitch has looked at any point this year. The OLine has killed that team more than anything though.
  2. In case nobody else mentioned this yet, the reason this is not a hold is because the pass rusher is attempting a swim move, which sort of naturally puts the OLineman in this position. There's an exception to the holding rule that states it will not be called if: I remember Geoff Schwartz talking about this a year or two ago and couldn't believe it. So basically, any time you see a play like the screenshot above and it isn't called, it's likely because the ref felt it was caused by the defensive player.
  3. I think it goes without saying that guy didn’t realize Dane had just snapped his neck and he was simply trying to free up his teammate so they could hurry up.
  4. I mean, you can play this game the other way too. It was a perfect throw to a very good WR. 9/10 times that’s an easy catch and nobody thinks anything of it.
  5. Their top 2 corners were out there for most of the 4th, but were both playing through injuries and Humphrey eventually got pulled when it was a 7 point game.
  6. Humphrey had played roughly 100% of the snaps up until it was 28-35. Peters played 62% of the snaps overall but was on the field during the entire comeback with the exception of maybe one drive. But yeah, obviously in a game that close and with that kind of blown lead, there were a lot of opportunities where if one play went a different way, Baltimore wins. Maybe the most obvious being their 18 play, 12 minute drive that resulted in 0 points as they got stuffed at the goal line. Turning it over on the 4th and 1 when they were trying to eat up clock obviously hurts in retrospect too. I definitely think Baltimore's lack of running game (out of the RBs anyways) is the thing that's standing out to me through two weeks. Maybe that changes when Dobbins comes back, but if not, that might be their achilles heel this year.
  7. Pretty cool play design here. TLDW: Miami comes out with 2 RBs, 1 TE, and Waddle/Hill on the field. Baltimore comes out in their base defense to match (meaning only 2 CBs on the field). The two corners line up out wide as usual since they're in zone, and as a result, Miami has Waddle and Hill inside going up against Baltimore's linebackers, who obviously have no chance of keeping up with them. Bonus points because Miami had their FB lined up out wide, he was in perfect position to provide down field blocking for Waddle after the catch.
  8. Seems likely to me that Pickett starts week 4 against the Jets (and maybe gets some playing time next week if Mitch is horrendous again). But yeah...feels like he's probably been their best option from Day 1.
  9. No. Peters played the entire game (returning this week from injury). Humphrey played almost the entire game (playing through an injury), but they ended up pulling him after Miami made it 28-35, so the last two TDs were without Humphrey out there. Still put up 28 points against one of the best corner duos in the league (albeit they were not 100%) and one of the best safety groups in the league. I think moreso than a talent issue, Baltimore just didn't have the right defensive approach and then on top of that had a breakdown or two on the backend that made things even worse. I would be very surprised if Buffalo's defense makes the same mistakes Baltimore did yesterday, but on paper, their secondary is probably better than ours while White is out.
  10. I think Buffalo still wins next week (assuming we get through tonight relatively unscathed), but I think we can all agree it would be nice if we didn't have to deal with Hill/Waddle before White comes back. On paper, Baltimore's defense might be better than ours; they obviously fell apart in the 2nd half with some strategic mistakes as well as just some blown coverages, but people are acting like their secondary is a joke. They have one of the best corner duos in the NFL and a good group of safeties (not Hyde/Poyer level, but still very good). There's a reason people believed Baltimore would be a top 5 defense this year and possibly #1. They have a lot of talent on that side of the ball even with the injuries they've had. Having said that, I'd be very surprised if Buffalo makes the same mistakes Baltimore made yesterday and I don't think it's a hot take to say Tua probably won't throw for 400+ and 6 TDs again next week. I think our defense will make things much harder for Tua than Baltimore did. Hill, Waddle, and to an extent, Gesicki, are good enough that they might still be successful against us but obviously we're rightfully confident our offense will put up points too. Long story short: Buffalo remains the better team, but Miami should have a good chance at making the playoffs IMO and I think both Tua and their defense are better than a lot of Bills fans give them credit for. I'd be disappointed and a little surprised if we lose next week, but Miami is a good team; they're probably going to beat some good teams like they did yesterday.
  11. Think any reasonable person would agree this was the right move for the Bills. Obviously hope the allegations aren’t true considering how horrific they are but this isn’t something the Bills can mess around with and the fact that he’s a rookie punter makes it even easier to just wipe your hands clean and move on.
  12. Seems like our fun and new punter is no longer very fun. Should probably be looking for a new punter.
  13. Not for this per se, but I split the cost with my brother and cousin for the ESPN+ streaming stuff
  14. The WR group was definitely ranked higher last year with Beasley coming off a big year and the addition of Sanders. There's more perceived uncertainty with the WR group this year even if we as fans (and likely the team itself as well) likes the young guys. I would say the teams that should be ahead are (in no particular order): Cinci, Tampa, Miami, Minnesota, Las Vegas, LA Chargers, and the LA Rams. And then there's a few that you could debate like Philly and Seattle, and then a group where I would personally disagree but I can at least kinda understand the argument for Arizona and New Orleans. If you think Davis is a potential stud, it makes sense to rank us in the top 10. If you're more skeptical of him or are simply higher on some established guys that I just don't like all that much anymore (like Jarvis Landry for example), a relatively lower ranking makes sense.
  15. I went Ravens but seems like Cinci should be right there too.
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