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  1. Wasn't mentioned in the OP, but these rankings do not factor in OLine whatsoever. It's solely RBs, WRs, and TEs. I don't get the Packers ranking personally. They have a good RB and an elite WR and that's it IMO. I don't think Tonyan, Dillon, or the other WRs are anything special. I'd probably put them somewhere in the 15-20 range.
  2. https://usa.streetsblog.org/2017/06/21/the-science-is-clear-more-highways-equals-more-traffic-why-are-dots-still-ignoring-it/#:~:text=They found that for every,lane capacity and traffic increases. Just the first result that popped up but it mentions what I was talking about. Basically, studies have shown that more highways = more cars = same amount of traffic congestion (but with more cars). So you could argue it's a net positive if you're just trying to get more traffic into the city but it isn't really improving the flow of traffic the way urban planners used to think it would. T
  3. I don't remember if it was mentioned in the article or if I read it elsewhere, but one thing I learned recently that was pretty fascinating is that a lot of studies have shown that highways don't actually improve traffic congestion at all. So theoretically, the point would apply to cities that aren't shrinking as well. But also, the article mentions Seattle, Dallas, Atlanta, Boston, etc. and I don't think those areas are shrinking.
  4. Yeah, most of DC will likely be fine since the government insists on having everyone in DC still, but for example, there's a ton of offices across the bridge in Arlington where office workers like myself would generally be. These companies spend so much money to have their own buildings when it may not be fully necessary anymore. My partner's company for example had their lease expire during COVID and they're still deciding if they even want to rent an office building anymore. It'll be interesting to see how these sorts of decisions impact everything else. A much smaller anecdote, but there's
  5. He's definitely an Eagles fan. He's a fan of all the Philly teams (and also a big fan of college softball lol). His main gig at this point is with The Draft Network and doing a lot of film breakdowns/particularly focusing on QBs. He doesn't even work for PFF which makes the title of this thread kinda funny. But yeah, not surprising at all that the clip of him is being torn apart by Bills fans. I would take Allen over Dak at this point but I think for Solak it mostly boils down to just wanting to see Allen replicate the success again this year which is fair IMO. As someo
  6. I do feel like this past year of remote working for so many office workers has probably opened some eyes. For example, I work for a pretty huge consultancy company (not bragging or anything...I'm just a small cog in the machine lol). Their policy had always been that you could work from home one day a week, but after seeing that people's productivity remained the same over the past year or increased if anything, it sounds like they're going to give employees the option to work from home whenever they want (I assume there will be some exceptions for big quarterly meetings or something). They've
  7. Love Allen, but yeah, I'd swap without hesitation. Not sure that's the biggest upgrade we could make though even factoring in the importance of the QB position.
  8. https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2021/05/27/climate/us-cities-highway-removal.html I don't work in urban planning, but I find it to be super interesting and have particularly been interested in the talks around becoming less dependent on cars (particularly in urban areas). This article sort of falls into that category and heavily features Upstate NY.
  9. I remember a few years back, the Milwaukee Bucks owner's son posted a picture of himself in the draft room that happened to have their draft board in the background as well. I also remember someone from the Bucks leaking that they had traded up with Atlanta to draft Kevin Huerter before the deal had been made official. The Atlanta Hawks wanted Huerter for themselves and didn't realize during the negotiations that he was the Bucks target, so when they saw the leak, they cancelled the deal at the last second and took him for themselves, which is how Milwaukee ended up with Donte DiVi
  10. I will say I really just don't see guard skills in Quincy either lol. Best of luck to him though.
  11. Quincy Guerrier officially transferring to Oregon. Says "(Coach Altman) was looking for my position and I was looking for the same thing. I’m going to play more at the three and I’m going to be able to play more on the perimeter and put the ball more on the floor. That was really the main reason why I left Syracuse because I couldn’t really do that. Now I will be able to show my full potential.”
  12. Considering this is essentially based on the last three seasons, #6 feels pretty good for Allen. He was obviously elite last year, but the prior two years weigh his rating down enough to drop him to #6. The same reasoning explains Wilson being high despite the drop-off he had over the second half of the year last year. He was elite the first half of the year and elite the prior two years, so therefore, still a top 5 ranking. Watson was amazing last year and very good in prior seasons, so again, shouldn't be much of a surprise. That video was from Cian Fahey, who tries to do the same th
  13. DeSantis literally declared a state of emergency.
  14. Yeah I know. I think at this point MLB would force them to give that up if Oakland really has to move though. They want a conclusion to this so they can start talking about expansion.
  15. Yeah, Vegas is the obvious move if Oakland doesn't publicly fund the new stadium. Buffalo is certainly not near the top of the list. Vegas, Portland, or San Jose would be the safe bets IMO.
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