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  1. It isn't an immediate need, but depending on who you take they could conceivably replace McKenzie's role this year or be in line for a significant role the following year.
  2. This isn't really something that can be proven considering we don't have Beane's board. At any rate, I feel like every team says they draft BPA and it just so happens that the BPA in their opinion is something they need lol.
  3. I would tend to agree with Dane's grade on him...I'd just much rather let another team be the one that takes him. I don't think I'd really take any of the DTs in this class outside of maybe Barmore.
  4. As someone that was extremely high on Burrow and relatively low (3rd round grade) on Mac, I actually don't think Burrow's arm is much better in terms of velocity. But he was a far more accurate passer than Mac, far better moving around in the pocket, and significantly better in his reads (though Mac is quite good in this regard).
  5. Amari Rogers is still on the board right now right? I think he'd probably be my pick at this point.
  6. Lol no problem. In order: Nico Collins Jevon Holland: one of them said they think he's the best pure safety in the class; that's the entire comment. Dylan Moses: Christian Barmore Nick Bolton
  7. Not endorsing the pick by any means but I do think Etienne looks like a 4.4 guy when he gets space to run. The YPC kinda showed how much even a great college RB needs the OLine though. They took a significant step back this season and his production dropped off a lot because of it.
  8. Etienne is definitely a big play threat. For me personally, I'm just against the idea of drafting RBs early in general and especially in this case where we've done it the last two years (and IMO have at least one starting caliber RB in Moss). I also think with an offense that spreads the defense out and tries to get them to put smaller defenders on the field, you want a powerful runner like Moss or Harris to make them pay rather than trying to put more speed on the field in Etienne. Having said that, I'll think it's the wrong choice if we go with Etienne but I at least understand h
  9. I will grant that Etienne would be a different type of back for us (though maybe Breida can do some of the same stuff), but regarding Harris (who I view as the better prospect between the two both in general and specifically for our offense), I'm not sure there's much of a difference between him and Moss. Piecing together their scouting reports from Dane Brugler, who had Moss as his #6 RB last year with a 3rd round grade while he has Harris #1 with a 1st-2nd round grade: Moss: Strengths: Elite contact balance, keeps feet moving through contact Punishi
  10. Seems like a lot of people also think he was kinda like how we've seen Hughes the last couple years; a lot of pressures and disruptive plays but not quite able to get the sacks. As one of the guys mentioned in the OP, he hit the Indiana QB an insane number of times but never recorded a sack. I didn't watch much film on him but from what I did see, I would agree with Gunner's assessment; seems to be able to turn his speed into power well but if that doesn't work, he doesn't really know what to do from there yet.
  11. One of the WR coaches also mentions regarding Seth Williams that Jaycee Horn dominated him head to head.
  12. They have a lot of thoughts on all the QBs, including one of them specifically saying he thinks Zach Wilson will have a really hard time in New York and mentions how he doesn't have the legs to bail him out while he's learning how to be a QB like our own Josh Allen did. I had originally included the QB stuff in here too but then I realized it was the length of a short novel. Happy to post more excerpts if there's certain players people are interested in. The ones they discuss that I left off are: All of the top 8 QBs Kyle Pitts All the top WRs (including Rashod Bateman who
  13. https://theathletic.com/2532416/2021/04/21/nfl-draft-confidential-zach-wilson-to-the-jets-in-that-market-with-that-play-style-woof/ One of my favorite reads of the year where Bruce Feldman interviews position coaches from NFL teams to discuss different prospects. Some excerpts on players that might be of interest to Bills fans: Re: Terrace Marshall: Re: Kadarius Toney: Re: Rondale Moore: Re: Elijah Moore: Re: Jayson Oweh: Re: Azeez Ojulari: Re: Greg Rousseau: Re: Zav
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