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  1. I would guess the Patriots are the most likely of the 3 to draft a QB. Sounds like the Jets plan to move forward with Darnold. I'm not really sure what Miami will do; I wouldn't be surprised if they took a QB but at the moment I would guess they do not.
  2. The Associated Press is generally considered the "official" Coach of the Year award isn't it? I don't think they've named one yet, but Stefanski is obviously a strong contender for it along with McD and LaFleur IMO.
  3. It doesn't really fit the narrative, but it was also pretty common knowledge that both Syracuse and Buffalo wanted Hackett canned and Marrone constantly went to bat for him.
  4. Really curious to see where the Colts pivot to next. Wentz would make a lot of sense given the connection with Reich, but the Eagles are at least portraying themselves as wanting to keep Wentz and build around him with a new coach. Likewise with the Jets and Darnold. I can't imagine Houston would trade Watson to a division rival so he's probably not a real consideration there. They could theoretically go young and target Tua if the Dolphins really plan to move on from him so soon though Indy obviously has the money to sign someone as well so who knows. Also curious to s
  5. It actually puts them in an even bigger financial hole if they cut him. They can restructure his deal to save cap as I alluded to in my post but outright cutting him would put them over $100 million in the hole I believe.
  6. It's going to be an ugly offseason and probably ugly few years for them, but a lot can be fixed (at least in the short-term) with restructures and some obvious cut/trade candidates. So right now, they appear to be about $95 million over the cap (not to mention they need to add players in order to field a full roster) Brees retires: $13.5 mil Cam Jordan restructure: $9.6 mil Michael Thomas restructure: $8.9 mil Terron Armstead restructure: $6.8 mil Taysom Hill trade: $12.1 mil Janoris Jenkins June Cut: $10 mil Kwon Alexander cut: $13.4 mil
  7. The buzz is he’d be somewhere in the top 5 salary wise. I would guess Allen will be higher than that regardless.
  8. I assume he got a little cross-eyed and read the solo tackle numbers for the first two weeks.
  9. I don't necessarily trust him, but a friend of mine that has a source within the Patriots org told me the same thing a few weeks ago.
  10. I think the Eagles might be worse. Their cap situation is just an absolute hell right now and it's an old and not very talented team, plus a power struggle in the front office that you probably want no part of. Houston you at least have a young stud QB (assuming you can reign him back in) and the Jets have a boatload of cap space and picks; they're a good situation for a rebuild.
  11. Guessing it might have already been mentioned in here, but it sounds like the Jets' intention this offseason is to stick with Darnold and continue trying to rebuild the rest of the roster. Schefter says they'll likely take calls on trading down from #2 but if they stay there, they'll likely take Sewell or one of the WRs.
  12. Excellent write-up. A part of me wishes I had no rooting interest in this game and could just enjoy it for what it is because to me, this is the most exciting matchup of the weekend. Obviously our defense will be defending Lamar and the Ravens differently than we do regular offenses and I expect Baltimore to break tendency with how they defend Allen, Diggs, Beasley, etc. as well. Going to be a really interesting chess match to watch unfold.
  13. I was surprised when it sounded like the Jets were going to get their man before anyone else but then again, the Eagles job seems like it might even be worse than the Jets.
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