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  1. I admittedly like Love a lot as a prospect so I still think it was a fine move for them. The part that really killed them is that they essentially wasted every other pick in the draft so far. Took a legitimately bad RB prospect in the 2nd round when they already had good RBs in place, reached on a raw TE prospect, and didn't take anyone else of consequence.
  2. I wouldn't guarantee he's a head coach next year, but I think it's pretty likely. Even before this season started, I was looking at this as the last year of Daboll. Either he and Allen do well and he gets a HC gig or the team plateaus and we give another OC a try. Seems far more likely to be the former than the latter at this point. He already was getting interest from teams BEFORE Allen blew up. Between Allen's progress, the play-calling, and his connections to both Belichick and Saban, I think he'll be near the top of the list of coordinators that teams want to interview. Better to be a team that other teams want to hire from than being a team nobody wants a part of.
  3. Definitely similar to Preston, but since you no longer have to control the ball through hitting the ground, it's fine. He caught it and secured it.
  4. I can't remember if I said it here, but I've watched probably 5 or 6 full games of Kadary...one of his teammates is a projected top 10 NBA pick and Kadary was better than him. He has a chance to be really good.
  5. They are scored highly. People are misconstruing tight window throws with turnover worthy plays. If Allen threads the needle to his WR, that is graded more positively than pretty much any other throw. If Allen throws it into a tight window and the DB drops the pass, that is graded negatively. Technically it's only 9 QBs ahead of him in terms of passing grade, and no, because his turnover worthy plays have weighed his grade down. Jameis has been top 3 in positively graded throws every year of his career I believe and he's never had a good PFF grade overall. Allen's start to this season is a much less extreme version of that as Allen is still rated in the top 10.
  6. Basically what they're saying is that the turnover-worthy plays are generally few and far between (with some exceptions), so if you start off the season with like 4 TWPs like Allen has, that will weigh on his grade more right now than it will if he goes another 100 passes without throwing a TWP (which is feasible). This simply isn't true though. It happens every year where we see a QB like Mariota throw like 15 INTs on 10 INTable passes while someone else throws 10 INTs on 30 INTable passes. Regarding Darnold though, I went back and watched all of his passes this week and I don't really get it personally. I counted two or three passes that could have been picked off. His TD pass was great and he did lose about 100 yards on dropped passes and penalties but for the most part he was just checking it down all game and still throwing near INTs. They specifically talked about Brady's performance this past week in The Athletic article and that one is a much better case for their system; he legitimately played great and just got screwed by his receivers. Darnold was nothing special.
  7. Didn't see this article earlier but glad it was posted here. Ted Nguyen is one of my favorite football writers out there right now; great piece here. The breakdowns of Minshew and Dak were good too.
  8. I'm a bit confused by this post. This is supposed to be an argument against PFF's grading system? The one that is based on watching film and ignoring the stats? PFF tries to cover the full spectrum. Their grading is based on the film while they also track their own stats such as accuracy percentages, broken tackles, etc. but the grades that everyone mocks because they hate Allen is based on the film rather than his stats.
  9. Daboll or Allen or someone specifically said they featured the QB runs so much against the Jets because they saw that they struggled with it big time last year. I don't think it necessarily means they want to lean on it every week, but it's something Allen does very well and it's something that the opponent doesn't handle very well so we took advantage.
  10. There won't be conclusive video evidence that the kick was good but it was. I guarantee if anyone cared enough, a physicist could tell you that based on the trajectory of the kick, the speed of the kick, and where it hit the net, it must have been inside the uprights when it crossed over the crossbar. It looks obvious to me but I'm no physicist so I can't give you the actual numbers behind it. It's kinda like one of those plays in basketball where a player swipes his hand left but the ball is deflected out of bounds to the right and the ref says it was off that player. The physics of the play tell you that it's impossible but you can't just tell the ref that what they just called is physically impossible lol. I say this from experience...one of my basketball coaches growing up was an actual physicist and he used to make this argument to refs all the time and he received a technical foul every time.
  11. It seemed like it was above the upright to me, but at any rate, just based on the sheer physics of the kick, there's no way that it was wide right. The angle and speed that the ball was traveling in makes it impossible for the ball to have hit the net where it did without having been between the uprights.
  12. There was a lot of truth in what Foxworth was saying. 11:30 - 12:00 was all fair game IMO. Bomani just hates Allen; always has. As I've said many times, I absolutely loved Lamar as a prospect (had him as my #1 QB prospect in the draft) and liked Allen as well. Bomani was one of the people that disagreed with all the scouts that were saying Allen was a potential #1 pick while Lamar was a potential late 1st round or 2nd round pick (which I totally agree with him on) but he basically got fed up about it and started arguing that if Josh were African American, he would have been ranked lower than Lamar was and that's why he's continued to call him Jaheim Allen instead of Josh even now. The stuff from Bomani is bush league; Foxworth was basically fine (at least for most of his argument).
  13. They actually said Allen "showed numerous signs to be encouraged about", but the OP didn't include that part.
  14. I'm still not totally out on Darnold and Baker personally. If Baker doesn't turn it around this year, I'm definitely out, but Week 1 against Baltimore is a really tough matchup and weird stuff can happen in Week 1. He definitely doesn't have the excuses that Darnold has anymore though. Darnold might ultimately be toast, but man, the Jets really screwed him over terribly.
  15. I voted Vikings but I feel very uncertain about this division as a whole. You could put them in any order you want and I think it would be a possibility.
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