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  1. Yeah Adams and Watt were the two I disagree with. Still obviously great players so no big deal but I personally would take White ahead of them.
  2. I would tend to lean towards one of the safeties as well. Ultimately depends who is there but safety seems like a good match of BPA, system value, and need. I think Dugger is probably the one they’re hoping for as well but it’s a really deep safety class so tough to say which guys will be there at 54.
  3. I can’t remember for sure but I feel like someone around here mentioned Matt Miller saying we liked him awhile back. Might be where WGR was getting that from.
  4. Just FWIW, I probably won't be doing an entire big board but I'll happily discuss different position groups in the different threads that pop up. I generally just focus on a couple positions each year rather than trying to create an overall big board like Gunner does for example.
  5. I voted for Mims. I don't think he's worth a 1st round choice like a lot of people seem to think, but he definitely has a ton of potential and would also bring size to the WR group that we don't have right now. I don't feel very strongly in either direction about Cleveland or Greenard. Taylor is a good prospect, but if Mims is actually on the board at 54, I would go with him and just get the RB later on.
  6. I think we're better off counting on him as being a practice squad player and if he happens to become more than that, it's an added bonus. I certainly wouldn't be counting on him to be the 1b to Singletary's 1a or even counting on him to be a backup.
  7. I don't really agree with the bolded at all but I do think it's very likely we draft a RB. There are a lot of options in free agency still though. Anyone from the first two groups in particular would be a worthwhile addition IMO. If we went with someone like Freeman, Miller, or Hyde, we're probably fine with them, Singletary, and Yeldon. I think one of the 3rd down backs = still drafting a RB. But either way, plenty of options out there still and we should definitely be bringing one of them in IMO. "Traditional" RBs: Devonta Freeman Lamar Miller Carlos Hyde Isaiah Crowell Spencer Ware Alfred Blue LeSean McCoy (probably the weakest of these options not to mention the complications after having cut him already) 3rd Down Back: Chris Thompson Theo Riddick Bilal Powell Ty Montgomery Buck Allen CJ Prosise Devontae Booker Corey Clement Weaker Flyer Types: Ameer Abdullah Dwayne Washington DeAndre Washington Jonathan Williams Wendell Smallwood
  8. I would probably pass on drafting a QB this year. Someone like James Morgan or Nate Stanley might be worth considering at the end of the draft if they’re available but overall I don’t really like the developmental prospects this year.
  9. RB stands out as the only immediate need. Feels like we’ll probably address that before the draft like we’ve done with every other position.
  10. This would be a dream come true for me. Trading up for Bartch resulted in a gap between picks that Beane probably wouldn't be able to stomach, but it's hard to argue with any draft that sees Delpit and Claypool falling to us in Rounds 2 and 3 IMO and Bartch is a potentially very good tackle too. I do wish I could have gotten a RB before Anderson, but I like him and RB is probably the easiest position for us to address outside of the draft if we want to anyways.
  11. Nice. He was legitimately great the one year he played here. Obviously would love to have him get back to that level of play again.
  12. That seems like an extremely optimistic projection to me. Aside from PFF, I haven't personally seen anyone that's particularly high on him. I know Lance Zierlein, Todd McShay, and Matt Miller for example expect him to go undrafted. PFF has him as a 2nd round prospect though.
  13. I was going to mention in my first reply that I might lean towards Jennings in the 6th over Hodgins as well. Like Hodgins, he struggles big time to separate; he's an absolute load to tackle after the catch though which might give him a better chance at surviving in the NFL than Hodgins.
  14. You can see flashes of his potential on tape, but the optimist would say he's a late bloomer that didn't really start putting it all together until the offseason (Senior Bowl, Combine, etc.) The skeptic would say to trust the years of tape over the couple of reps you get of 1 on 1 coverage in the Senior Bowl where the DBs are at a massive disadvantage.
  15. Yeah, he seems like the kind of guy that in past years would have ended up in New England and just killed you underneath. Not sure if they go with a different approach now that Brady is gone but we'll see.
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