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  1. The thing about Claypool is he isn't actually very talented. He's simply athletic. One of my least favorite players in the league.
  2. Might be a weird comparison but for NBA fans, his personality feels like if Giannis Antetokounmpo grew up in America lol
  3. This is really the crux of it. Without developing further, he is probably best suited to be a big slot in the NFL but at his age and relative inexperience, that's not really the point of drafting him. You're drafting him for the contested catch ability, YAC skills, and run blocking right now and hoping the rest develops as he comes into his body/simply works on football more.
  4. I have now heard from multiple people that we've reached out to Kadary Richmond and he is at least open to returning to Syracuse. I'll believe it when I see it, but if we can somehow pull that off, that is a total game changer for next season.
  5. I don't know if Deion is on the record about it or not, but I remember seeing a lot of headlines that he was also saying Travis Hunter will only play for a small handful of teams. Deion reportedly plans on trying to make sure most teams avoid taking Hunter and Shadeur so that they land on the teams he wants. Could easily just be clickbait though, feels like Deion has turned into a very polarizing figure in college football. It would be very disappointing if Coleman ultimately is just a run blocking specialist/jump ball guy, but I think that still represents a higher floor than guys like Worthy, Legette, Mitchell, Corley, etc. just amongst some of the guys that were taken in the same ballpark (maybe a stretch for Corley but he was the first pick of the 3rd round).
  6. His drop rate was 3.8% this past year and 4.2% for his career. That is lower than the career drop % for literally all 10 of our top 10 guys in targets last season. Diggs: 5.5% Kincaid: 4.7% Gabe: 9.8% Cook: 11.0% Shakir: 4.5% Knox: 12.3% Murray: 5.6% Sherfield: 7.1% Harty: 4.3% Ty Johnson: 12.1%
  7. I guess this depends on the definition of low-floor. There's plenty of WRs that come out every year that have nothing to fall back on if they struggle to get open in the NFL and end up washing out of the league very quickly. In the very least, Coleman's run blocking and red zone ability should keep him on NFL rosters for a long time. The key with Coleman IMO is that he's a raw prospect but because of the run blocking and contested catch ability, he should be able to make an impact right away while he hopefully learns the finer points of the game and continues to ascend.
  8. I'm guessing it's already been posted somewhere in these million pages but I'm too lazy to go back and check. If you haven't seen it already, Cover1 did a great breakdown of the Coleman pick. It is 15 minutes long, but does a really nice job of breaking down what they think Beane sees in him and some of their concerns (because it's pretty clear Keon is not who Cover1 wanted lol).
  9. Sounds like Ken Evans Jr. from Jackson State may be our new target in the portal after Leffew chose Georgia over us. Evans won Player of the Year in the SWAC (considered the worst conference in Division 1). Interesting target though...while Leffew looked like more of a SG than a PG to me, he did at least play PG this season and you could see flashes of him making good reads off the dribble and stuff. Evans is purely a SG and probably closer to a SF than a PG. It feels like we may be angling towards starting JJ Starling as our PG at this point, which is a bit questionable. The other option would be to start our new transfer PG, Jaquan Carlos, and bring Evans off the bench (assuming he even commits), but we'll see I guess. Carlos probably isn't good enough to be an ideal starter either but he is at least a pure PG type that will play exactly the way I think Autry wants us to.
  10. It is Will Wade coaching there. He's getting some pretty good players.
  11. Leffew to his hometown school: Georgia.
  12. As a fan of the Coleman pick, this is absolutely true right now. Field Yates saying he thinks Coleman can be our #1 WR immediately is nuts to me. He'll probably never be a great separator, but I think he can be good enough in time to be a good NFL player. We're getting Coleman so early in his developmental curve; he just began focusing solely on football two years ago and he's already strong enough that when he gets the leverage he needs, he can separate pretty easily. It's all about coaching him up to teach him how to create that leverage on a more consistent basis. The unfortunate thing is he struggled dealing with press coverage in college and it sounds like we intend to stick him out there as the X WR so he's going to need a lot of work on that very quickly. But when it comes to gambling on relatively raw prospects, this is the exact type of archetype I like to go for. 2nd youngest WR in the class, one of the youngest breakout ages, early in this developmental curve, lots of physical tools to work with, high motor, and a few ways he can contribute immediately that nobody else on the roster can really do.
  13. It's um...a different group of receivers that's for sure lol. Definitely hoping we add more today. I don't think it's necessarily a bad thing that we seem to be going with a more balanced target distribution. We'll see if one of these guys turns into a dependable go-to option when things get tight though. I like all of our receiving targets (save Knox who I have never liked) but aside from Kincaid, I don't think any of them are likely to really break out this year. They all have potential though.
  14. Okay our Coleman vs. Legette debates feel a lot more real now @GunnerBill
  15. Should point out because I didn't catch it originally either...this is Page 2 of the most athletic so he's like #11 or whatever.
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