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  1. Tough break for the Redskins to be stuck with him
  2. DCOrange

    Cover 1: Bills' Run Defense Continues to Struggle

    I agree that I'm not ready to throw in the towel on the run defense yet. I do think it could be an issue though, especially if Star is more like the player I think he is rather than the one that McDermott apparently thinks he is. Looking back at last season, specifically in regard to the run defense: Buffalo allowed 4.3 yards per carry if you include all 17 games that they played, tied for 7th worst in the NFL. If you exclude the 3 game horror show that they had as well as the blizzard game that simply didn't resemble real football, they allowed 4.1 yards per carry, which would have tied for 14th in the NFL. If you then eliminate the plays that Dareus was on the field for (54 carries for 136 yards), the Bills would have allowed 4.4 yards per carry even after eliminating the awful stretch. 4.4 YPC would have tied for 5th worst in the NFL. So even without counting the the awful 3 game stretch that the defense had, the run defense was still among the worst in the NFL last year.
  3. DCOrange

    Sam Darnold Dazzles In Debut

    158 yards or so on 29 passes so far. At this point he looks like the Jets 3rd best QB at the moment IMO. Having said that, all 3 appear to be serviceable which is obviously a nice problem to have.
  4. DCOrange

    Hard Knocks 2018: The Cleveland Browns

    I think it's probably this way with a lot/almost every NFL team, but as someone that's currently going through "High Powered Organizations in the 21st Century" training this week, watching the way the Browns operate is such a shock to the system; they pretty much go against everything that you learn about how a well-functioning organization should be run.
  5. DCOrange

    Do we need to go after a fairly proven deep threat?

    I don’t expect Buffalo to do it but I think DeSean Jackson could be had relatively cheap, like a mid round pick. Supposedly he’s looking at being the #4 WR in Tampa this year and that’s without accounting for the TEs that will be very involved too.
  6. DCOrange

    Josh Rosen vs Josh Allen: Game 1 Comparison

    Just based on watching their preseason games and not what I thought of them before, I’d go: 1. Baker 2. Allen 3. Darnold 4. Toss-up between Rosen and Lamar 6. Rudolph with a big dropoff after Darnold
  7. DCOrange

    Josh Allen ain’t bad

    Was hoping to see more progress with his footwork...seems like all his bad habits are still there (which is probably to be expected this early but I was still hoping anyways). Seemed to throw a more accurate ball last night than usual despite the same footwork flaws though. He still reminds me a lot of Cam Newton, which makes me very excited. Really happy with the playcalling from Daboll. Makes me wish we had him last year; I never understood playing Tyrod while transitioning away from the shotgun handoffs that Buffalo excelled so much with under Tyrod/Rex
  8. DCOrange

    Could the new "Helmet Rule" ruin football?

    I cant watch the video at the moment but is the one you’re referring to the play that happened in the end zone? If so, that was ruled defenseless receiver rather than the new helmet rule.
  9. DCOrange

    Mahomes Struggling in Camp

    Not to detract from the Reid argument that appears to have taken over this thread, but I think people are making a bigger deal out of the Mahomes INTs than it should be. Rodgers has also thrown 7 INTs in 5 practices and he's a pretty decent QB IMO.
  10. DCOrange

    Could the new "Helmet Rule" ruin football?

    For those that are reading through this thread but didn't catch the game last night, someone compiled a video of the penalties last night (though I believe the last two were actually called for defenseless receiver penalties rather than the new helmet rule but the commentators didn't realize that).
  11. DCOrange

    Predict the division winner: NFC South

    I wish Tampa would return to being a good team again, but I went with the Falcons. I think Carolina ends up in last place though.
  12. DCOrange

    Khalil Mack holding out... in Buffalo

    5 wins could be enough to pick top 5 (it was this past season) and yes, I think 3-5 wins is absolutely a possibility this year. I'd lean towards 5 or 6 being where Buffalo ends up but I think it's more likely that they win 5 or less than it is that they win 7 or more.
  13. DCOrange

    Khalil Mack holding out... in Buffalo

    Just doesn't make sense to me at all. Thankfully I doubt Beane sees it that way too.
  14. DCOrange

    Khalil Mack holding out... in Buffalo

    I wouldn't trade a 1st for him. Obviously he's an awesome player, but if there's a chance the Raiders and Mack are splitting up next offseason, I'll take my chance on that happening and keep what I think is possibly a top 5 pick.
  15. It seems like Kerley is basically a lock at this point, maybe moreso than Zay honestly.