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  1. DCOrange

    Redskins may want to trade up for QB

    I think we may ultimately see 4 QBs in the first round again this year honestly. Wouldn't be shocked at all if all of Haskins, Kyler Murray, Daniel Jones, and Drew Lock go in the first. Should be interesting; seems like teams are much higher on Haskins than I personally am, but I think I'm higher on Jones and Lock than most are.
  2. DCOrange

    Redskins may want to trade up for QB

    I don't think it's "may" personally. Living in the DC area, I think it's pretty obvious just based on the attitudes around here that the Redskins will likely be extremely desperate to make a splash of some sort, whether that's trading for a guy like Antonio Brown or, more likely IMO, trying to move up to take Haskins, who brings triple value to the Redskins as: A legitimately good QB prospect (even if I think he's overrated) A cheap QB while they're stuck paying Alex Smith to not play football A local kid that can excite the fan base Kyler Murray could be an option for them as well as he would undoubtedly bring excitement to the team, but I'm not sure they'll want to go that route after watching RGIII's leg fall off.
  3. In the case of Army, I would bet it's hugely influenced by TOP. With the NFL, I'd generally look at yards/points per possession as a gauge of how good a defense is, or also something like DVOA. Unfortunately I don't know if any of those are available to the public for college teams, so all I can go on is points allowed per game. Regarding Clemson/Alabama: Clemson: 67th (3 top 30 defenses and 3 outside the top 100) Alabama: 65th (5 top 30 defenses and 6 outside the top 100) Oklahoma: 63rd (2 top 30 defenses and 1 outside the top 100) People think of the Big 12 and think of the outrageously high scoring games, but on the whole, they don't give up as many points per game as you'd expect. None of the Big 12 teams that Oklahoma played ranked outside the top 100. The average ranking of the Big 12 teams they faced was 66th. The average ranking of SEC teams Alabama faced and ACC teams Clemson faced is 50th and 79th respectively. Bama and Clemson each faced two conference teams that were ranked outside the top 100. If more data were available, I probably wouldn't use this same method to measure how good the defenses are that Kyler faced for example, but I think the overall point of this is that Big 12 teams aren't actually allowing a million points every game like the media would have you think; it's just that Oklahoma is that ridiculously good offensively that they're able to turn basically every game into that regardless of the opponent. Edit: Put another way: Oklahoma's opponents allowed an average of 27 points per game. Oklahoma scored an average of 48 points per game against them; their opponents allowed almost twice as many points as usual against Oklahoma. All of these defenses would probably be ranked decently better if they didn't play Oklahoma. For example, if you take the two Oklahoma games out of Texas' record; they would move up from the #57 defense to #40. Against everyone else, Texas allowed 23 points per game. Oklahoma scored 39 and 45 points against them this year.
  4. I'm not sure about this year, but I looked into this when I was scouting QBs for the Bills last year. The defenses that Oklahoma faced the last year with Baker Mayfield, were on average, 63rd in the country. The only QB prospect that faced tougher defenses on average was Lamar Jackson at 58th. Baker faced 6 top 30 defenses that year while the next closest QB faced 4 (Lamar and Mason Rudolph, who was also a Big 12 QB). Edit: Looking at this past season's schedule, they once again faced, on average, the 63rd best defense, though only two top 30 defenses (Alabama & Army). So in terms of facing elite defenses, it's hard to say how many Jalen Hurts might face, but in all likelihood, he'll face better defenses on average than most other QBs.
  5. DCOrange

    2019 Mock Drafts and top prospects

    Didn't see it posted yet, but Mel Kiper has released his first mock of the year: http://www.espn.com/nfl/draft2019/insider/story/_/id/25773312/2019-nfl-mock-draft-mel-kiper-first-round-pick-predictions-rankings-draft-order Nick Bosa Josh Allen Quinnen Williams - Jets Greedy Williams Jonah Williams Dwayne Haskins Cody Ford Devin White Rashan Gary - "Could the Bills get their Kyle Williams replacement here? At his peak, the 6-foot-6, 283-pound Gary is a menace who makes offensive linemen look foolish, but you'd like to see him do it with more regularity. Gary could play end or nose guard in a 3-4 defense or tackle in a 4-3. Buffalo could look at centers or guards here; improving the interior of the offensive line should be a priority." DeAndre Baker Jawaan Taylor Clelin Ferrell Kyler Murray - Dolphins Ed Oliver Jachai Polite Brian Burns Jeffery Simmons Greg Little TJ Hockenson Devin Bush Oshane Ximines AJ Brown Byron Murphy Marquise Brown Montez Sweat Dexter Lawrence Irv Smith Jr. Christian Wilkins Daniel Jones - Patriots Dre'Mont Jones Deionte Thompson Parris Campbell
  6. One of the Bucs writers clarified that Arians did say that they drafted him, and that Arians is 100% correct. They drafted Sanders and Antonio the same year lol
  7. DCOrange

    OT Jonah Williams in the first

    Yeah, I would defer to him on that. Likewise with the Alabama RBs.
  8. DCOrange

    OT Jonah Williams in the first

    Charlie Campbell from WalterFootball has been saying this for awhile too. From December: http://walterfootball.com/nflhotpress/article/Teams-Project-Jonah-Williams-in-Mid--to-Late-Round-1
  9. DCOrange

    Gerald McCoy: Cap casualty

    McCoy's ability to get off the ball might be his biggest strength. McCoy is the pass-rushing specialist who happens to also be decent against the run but they play completely different roles. Star is only on the field to try to free up space for others to make plays. McCoy is the one that Tampa relies on to make the plays. Edit: This article was literally from just before this season in which they proclaimed that McCoy has the quickest first step among defensive linemen in the NFL lol. I don't know how you could possibly think that Star has a quicker first step. Are you thinking of a different Bucs player? I'm genuinely confused. https://www.tampabay.com/blogs/bucs/2018/08/31/bucs-gerald-mccoy-youre-going-to-miss-me-when-im-gone/
  10. DCOrange

    Gerald McCoy: Cap casualty

    He's literally the opposite type of DT from Star. McCoy has more sacks in the past two years than Star has in his entire career and McCoy even missed 3 games in that stretch.
  11. DCOrange

    Gerald McCoy: Cap casualty

    Yep. For that reason, I think I'd actually prefer to target McCoy in a trade rather than signing him after he's cut. If Tampa is willing to just take a Day 3 pick for him, Buffalo has those in spades this year and his contract as currently constructed is basically a series of three 1-year deals, so once it comes time to re-sign the young guys or once his play starts to really decline, you can cut him and get the full $13 million per year back.
  12. DCOrange

    Gregg Williams to Jets as DC

    Kinda crazy but I think they were dead last in TOs the year before and #1 or #2 this year
  13. DCOrange

    Gerald McCoy: Cap casualty

    I don't think that's the case, but we'll see if this actually comes to fruition. I'm guessing McCoy will sign elsewhere anyways but who knows
  14. DCOrange

    Gerald McCoy: Cap casualty

    Mentioned it in here...I follow the Bucs very closely. He's still a very good DT and I have no doubt that he would be an upgrade over Kyle in the pass-rushing DT mold in the short-term. I do think there's a question to be answered about whether or not you really want to be spending roughly $30+ million at the DT position between Star, McCoy, and Jordan Phillips though. Buffalo certainly has the cap space to do it if they want and I'm sure McCoy would only be a short-term solution so it might make sense, but that's a very high % of the cap to pour into the interior D-Line.
  15. DCOrange

    Gregg Williams to Jets as DC

    I agree. And to be clear, I don't think he's a great DC. I just don't think saying that they were the 30th ranked defense this year is really accurate; they were probably roughly average or maybe slightly above and I think that's more or less where they should have been with their personnel. If the Jets can bring in talent, Gregg can at least get them playing at a solid enough level IMO. He's just a decent coach IMO.