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  1. Yeah. That's a big problem. The NFL is insanely money hungry.
  2. My two least favorite QBs. Great. I wish the NFL / Madden could be a little original.
  3. All I notice are the white facemasks 😍😍😍
  4. I don't trust that Mcshay knows what he's talking about.
  5. How is everyone so confident he'll be great in a passing offence?
  6. Not a fan of the Jets getting another second round pick.
  7. I'll never root for Mahomes. He comes across so arrogant.
  8. We need a good RB. I would be fine using a our 1st round pick on one. It's essentially a second round pick.
  9. He will play. Surprised so may people are confident that he won't.
  10. Stefanski better not win coach of the year if he cant bet Chad Henne.
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