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  1. Who cares on paper, Tua looks like he could be the better qb. Awesome stats at a big program, they are feeding into the hype machine. I don’t think Tua will be as good in college but won’t know until it plays out.
  2. The simple philosophy works much better on defense than offense. Complexity shouldn’t be a negative on offense. Your a step ahead of the defense so you have the luxury to be more complex Screen that, I don’t want dinosaurs in this league. I understand his offense is more modern but he’s still old school in coaching. Hence why his offenses have always flamed out
  3. I have to say, your a very reasonable Jets fan. Didn’t think there were any out there. The jets are improved but you do realize the Bills are vastly improved as well. Defensive line, receiving core, and line backers (depth and special teams) is much better than last year.
  4. Agreed, I think he’s got a better chance to contribute more than Davis in the next season or two. His hands are incredible and had that length to contribute early.
  5. How does anyone in there right mind expect pick 54 to be a game changer type of player. You should never expect a blue chipper at 54, that’s only top 10-12 area. You hope for it but don’t expect it. AJ was a dynamite pick and will be a starter for years to come.
  6. Funny this story paints a more objective picture and clearer understanding what’s going on. I love Tim Graham’s work but he Tim did the classic fear mongering approach. Tim’s is getting the clicks and the Buffalo News article got buried cause of it.
  7. Thank you, I felt the same way. I usually love Tim’s work and normally would defense it. But it’s easy to paint a negative picture after getting fired.
  8. I full heartily disagree. They were a 9 win team that literally rode Henry. History tells us Henry will not have a season again like that. Teams will force tannenhill to win games and while he’s ok, they won’t get past 8 or 9 wins. They lost one of the better starting RT, traded away there best linemen for chump change and haven’t added weapons to the offense
  9. I think part of it is that Tre may want a year for himself. In his case, he could leave 10-15 mil on the table (over the life of the contract). There is no doubt he is going to be paid as the highest paid cb, especially after another season like last. If he did it this offseason he’d be around 17 or 18 mil, next year it’s 20 or above.
  10. I have a 3 and half year old at home and this was the first summer in 4 years I actually planned to see shows. I had tickets to Trey Anastasio Band and the Stones both canceled. Have tickets for Dave Mathews and the black crows and I assume those will be as well. Bummer but I just hope we get football
  11. Don’t need a vaccine but antibody and rapid tests are a must
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