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  1. I love it. Gets another team in the dance and this will erase a lot of the gimme the last week of the season.
  2. I don’t think that but I do think they were holding back to help Allen understand the importance of taking care of the rock. I truly believe the misfires is cause he was afraid of the turnover. His deep balls last year were rarely overthrown, underthrown yes, bad yes but he gave his wrs a chance last year
  3. Exactly, he had 4 years to practice his craft before having to take over a team. Having the luxury to do that in any profession would give you the leg up on a new employee.
  4. Yes the MLB leading all linebackers in pass defense is a disappointment.
  5. Why? Harbough has gone through like 5 oc’s before landing Roman, who fits the qb perfectly.
  6. Screw that, we need speed on the field. Having Duke active just cause of his blocking ability over speed on the field is foolish.
  7. At this point just keep on pounding the rock. We tried to be an air attack but not much success. Let josh grow into that, Big Ben style.
  8. I’d like to see Taylor and Luigit on run downs with Phillips and Oliver rushing the qb. I’ve finally bought into that star absolutely blows campaign.
  9. I normally defend Mike just for the fact it’s entertaining and I can turn he dial. However, he actually said point differential is more important than wins. That is just insane
  10. DVOA is a system created by a nerd in Schotz, nothing I dislike more in football are these judge mental rankings. PFF, FO and etc.. do what they want to fit their narrative
  11. How does this conversation contribute to a thread about the trade deadline. Start another thread if you want this discussion.
  12. That’s why the thread is here, gossip is welcomed!
  13. Why in the world would the bears trade Allen Robinson, no way is that happening.
  14. The wind was absolutely fierce during the game. I know there were worse games wind wise but this was the worst one I’ve gone too.
  15. Kinda wild right. Who’s doing the exact thing people said he couldn’t do and now, it’s not enough. Just let him develop
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