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  1. Josh Gordon had 700 yards with 17 tds in his only good season in college. Stats aren’t the only precursor. His strengths would fit extremely well with JA. I’m fine with Metcalf. He can develop properly with the receivers we already have. Not my first choice but would not hate the pick at all.
  2. This guys play and attitude reminds me so much of Kyle Williams and the question is, would Kyle be worth the 9th. I’d say yes!
  3. I wouldn’t go any further than the Giants so let’s make it happen with the panthers. At 16 Wilkins/Jonah/Fant will be there.
  4. Like always, I’ll be watching it my brother. Hang outside with some drinks to get ready for the show. Can’t wait!
  5. Why I love the Metcalf idea is that they can let this kids game grow without thrusting him in the lineup. Think Robert Foster on roids (literally), and while being groomed, can still make an impact.
  6. If Hock and Oliver are gone, I’m really hoping a trade down is the play. That way we can snag Jonah, Fant or Irv daddy
  7. As I said, draft a player in the 4th or 5th round. Why would we invest a premium pick on a back up linebacker.
  8. Not sure about the first cause we def don’t have the ammo but trading back into the 2nd for sure. Unless we trade a few spots, then I absolutely see a trade into the back of round 1.
  9. No, nickel defense is the base defense and Milano and Edmunds are perfect for that role. Both highly productive and studs. Sure grab a back up in the 5th otherwise, we’re good.
  10. Not sure why people don’t want all 3 phrases to be good.
  11. This is so true and can play LDE very effectively. I always look at it like this. Is the guy going to make offensive coordinators game plan, the answer is yes. He wreaks people’s game plans and that’s good with me
  12. Well the difference is, Clark is had been way more productive than Clowney and actually surpasses Lawernce production as well.
  13. Hoping a swap of picks and possible a 3 or 4 will do it. Would absolutely love Clark in Buffalo
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