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  1. Lol, this is way better, It just feels like the prom date who’s the hottest girl in school kind of thing.
  2. I haven’t posted in a while but reading the Bills at number 4 in the power rankings anywhere (Yahoo) is both amazing and terrifying. I have to believe that we are finally going to be expected to win week in and week out again. I think I have Buffalo Bills PTSD’s as this national media expectation really scares me. I do believe that the offense will get even better and the Jets D is better than it looked against us. That said as much of an optimist as I am I still need to see 4-0 going into the KC game. Are we a 12-4 team? I would really like to know if these power rankings scare anyone else.
  3. She is far from mediocre she is about to be top 50 in the world. If you don’t like tennis that’s fine but the OP was not wrong. Jessica is on the verge of being an elite player .
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