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  1. To me, the film of the game should easily show Beane, et.al., where our holes are; and he will FILL them in the offseason. It looked fairly textbook to me --- the Chiefs' D-line rushing Josh like there was no blocking, because there was not. Josh had to play Chiefs' football instead of the other way around. We must have better protection for him to do his thing. Body slamming Diggs was egregious and complete BS. Should have been an ejection. And I will NEVER forgive Gronkowski for his 'roid rage body slam on an unaware and unprotected 'Tre White. He literally could have
  2. I apologize for the unintentional gooch. Just about 80% back from Covid, and just thrilled to be watching these guys in the middle of January. I shall back slowly out of the room now.
  3. May I just say, as a fan since ‘92 (do the math) when I met my now wife in NYC, and her dad from Roc who got me hooked, this season has been the most fun, the most exciting, and most fulfilling since I began my streak. The BILLS blue runs in my blood, and no matter what happens tonight, I’m very proud of this team. Beasley, Diggs, Allen and the rest, have made a really tough and shite year a little (a lot) better. Thank you Bills, thank you Pegulas, and thank you PROCESS. Let’s go Buffalo!
  4. Come on man, Anniversary of Neil’s death is a little over a week past... Nice. Any other teams (Chiefs) been letting a ton of people inside for a while? Yes.
  5. Love me some Pegulas. I blame marketing. And don’t you think the players wouldn’t hear thousands of horns honking outside the stadium? They know we’re the best fans in football, I just want every and any advantage given to us at this point. It’s been a looong time coming. No, my idea is a drive-in. They’ve been done all over the state since Covid. I get the tailgating idea, but again, no concessions, just pay security to walk the lots and break up groups. Would’ve been a hell of an atmosphere. It also sucks that Cuomo chose to close at 10pm. I like the guy’s work on Covid (at least he pa
  6. That’s pretty much where I landed, except I’m not that bright. Would have been nice is all. And absolutely doable. I’m already over it, thanks. Smoking ribs and wings at home. No other choice.
  7. The announcers noted that Allen was giving it to the Broncos for passing him up. Folks remember these slights. If it motivates Diggs, great!!
  8. I feel that they missed a huge opportunity to serve the community for the AFC divisional playoff game. And for that matter, the successful Wild Card game. How hard would it have been to rent inflatable screens and sound systems and place them around the stadium, charge $30-$50 per car and allow fans to come park and watch the games outside the stadium? Please don’t come back at me with, “it was the Governor.” Such drive ins have been held all over the state during Covid. No need for concessions, only security to ensure that people did not gather in groups. We would’ve a
  9. Virgil, I try not to read anything on this board til I see your posts. Please keep it up. After a loss like this, you always find kernels of “good” to keep me looking forward to the rest of the season. Thanks for your effort.
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