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  1. Think the fact he's still been battling skin cancer throughout is a much bigger victory. Along with trashing my critiques of him. It's a rough year sure but we shouldn't be riding him as we don't know.
  2. Considering Sean McDermott's has been battling skin cancer for awhile any criticism due isn't justified right now. Cannot fire him and he's willing to keep going through it. We all need to really step back and think about what's going on. Getting whisked away by ownership and Management before a presser isn't a good thing. Saw my Grandmother's lung cancer spread to her brain.
  3. Lost it you are right, media has tuned him out, management, and ownership were talking to him after the loss. My guess d theye already moved onto Joe Brady bd might be telling McKoormatt his time is tiking down. Clue less McFloormatt will be pounding many a sideline complaining about how people don't get his elimination process. I do that Japanese system means even those who implement it get fired too.
  4. The Jacksinville game was just such a brutal loss. Then he gloated to the media in patties he had hosted. If e concentrated more on the jobs he's hired for and spent less time getting wasted, trahed, and hung over then he might actually be an elite Coach. All the trembles, shakes, and givers he's had in pressers I'm not unfamiliar with those been sober for sixteen years. Think it's time to push Joe Brady into becoming head coach. Otherwise might be looking at a future DUI manslaughter case. Wash hands of a public relations problem before it blows up.
  5. Joe Brady pretty much over night has made a refreshing impact to franchise in a lost season. To such an extent would be willing to say give him an interim ahead coaching start. It was Sean's team and he doesn't have it anymore and lost the locker room. Joe Brady has out right inherited it and made it his own. Maybe, we could make Sean he assistant defensive backs Coach to the scout team defense.
  6. Soft Serve Sissy Sean McFloormatt is burning thbprimes if the greatest team we've had in years. Thirteen seconds and twenty seconds secured his legacy a cowardly limp wristed hire from the bowels of Innsmouth which is only possible due to his frat associations. Many of those hires have fizzled and flamed out in Sabres and Bills circles. Though it really gets under moderators skins on here.
  7. Yes it will because if we’re being honest we don’t really have anyone except for Josh. As it is can still remembering him carrying this team with Beasley and Brown. Without Diggs and with more and more influence over how plays were called with Daboll and more plays changed. I get 8t from Buffalo press internal and external Ken was a dictator. We need to get back to humble and hungry. Not hanging up Lombardi banners or posters, a torn UCL and a town shoulder ligament have hit Josh.
  8. Doesn’t look like you are cheering really. I’m a Habs fan every year it is twenty-four cups and counting. So, what you’ve got hard feelings toward Josh. Who’s playing with a torn UCL and torn shoulder ligament. You don’t strike me as someone who should be saying anything whatsoever on this issue.
  9. Sean McDermott will ultimately win a Super Bowl. This season being a let down it happens. People got hyped up on the hang over of the past few seasons. We lost a lot of defensive playmakers. The offense was tired and a retread none changed playbook of Daboll’s. It’s frustrating we all bought into the Lombardi movement it’s reality we don’t have Kaiir Elam running hybrid going corner and linebacker, we don’t have DaQoun Jones at tackle, and we leaned on Matt Milano. Hats frustrating me is the lack of focus we didn’t take Jacksonville seriously and that’s where our problems began and end. Sean is going to be crashing into reality need the humble and hungry vibes back. Point blank I say this every time for those who blame Allen. He’s been playing with a torn UCL from last season which hasn’t improved. And a torn shoulder ligament. If we need to shut down Josh at this point for IR and surgery it’s acceptable at this point.
  10. Gabe has hands, I thought he was just playing with nubs, and trying to catch it with his face mask.
  11. Okay, then since you didn’t take the hint. Sean maybe one of the greatest Coaches Buffalo has ever had. The problem is he’s unfocused, uninspired, not 24/7 devoted, and he wouldn’t even be bothered to test the pitch for getting his team ready. He didn’t take Doug Pederson seriously and still thought the Jags weren’t a threat. Until. He gets down off his high hill and devotes himself one hundred percent like Marv Levy, Bill Walsh, Vince Lombardi, and Jimmy Johnson during a football season as it’s a business including John Madden as well. He’s not going to be anywhere near them and he’ll be a playoff Coach who’s not really even close to someone like Marty who tried but had his ceiling. Whatever’s going on in his personal life along with his staff he has to put it on a shelf and on hold. That’s the nature the business and I don’t think he’s going to be cut anymore slack for his miscalculations he’s a professional.
  12. Then we may hear the McDermott drone of how teams didn’t listen to his process. It’s been over seven years, he needs to have sustained energy. I’m sure players like him and respect him. Just had so many problems bringing the intensity which we saw Pederson bring. Which still is alarming because he didn’t bring the team until Friday, how prepared would Levy have been, he would’ve been focused, composed, and building up a playing scheme around the pitch. So many different issues wherein he still acts like a spoiled brat and with a padded win-loss ratio and breaking the drought I think the first chip in his armor is exposed. To me it feels like after admitting he didn’t bring the energy, waiting until Friday, and not remembering how Doug Pederson had smoked him last time. Sean didn’t take it seriously he’s not as focused as Marc Levy, he’s not as schematically focused as Levy, and he’s not going to try and learn one hundred percent the perfectionism of Marv. Bottom line is, is that until McDermott actually takes it seriously 24/7 he’s got no business being an NFL HC end of story.
  13. Tom still had two Super Bowl victories, was mocked just as much by fans due to his age, and that was from Buffalo when he interviewed. I think ring envy is so deep in this fan base. That it mixed so well with ageism and from a literary perspective of analysis you still do the same technical breakdowns over age. When a name comes up like Harbaugh fans knocked him and said he could come back to special teams during the Ryan-era. I think we get to see why we’ve had it so rough and it’s because fans here have such a toxic attitude but try to hide it under a streaming of neon veneer when in reality they’d throw Grandma out and say it’s for the youth not the old. As for being forty I don’t try to hinge and hang onto the word salad phraseology of the alt-right like Raheem Kassam or others. You opened that can of worms up. Now, I’m just going to see myself out of this.
  14. Think he shot himself in the foot admitting he doesn’t bring the energy of a Doug Pederson. The presser was depressing and not leaving until Friday. Just didn’t take the game seriously and doesn’t he’s more concerned most likely with his hometown Pittsburgh, watching the Steelers ground out, as he also watches Pitt, and the W&M where he met with AD and team officials before signing his extension which he’d told Kim and Terry he’d never do so, but did so anyway. It’s not surpassing now in hindsight why he didn’t call out Ken Dorsey for interviewing with the Panthers and his insulting arrogance over mentioning how he’d bolt from Buffalo for the Miami Hurricanes job. When he’s done the same things himself.
  15. Behold some alt-right, ageism lunatic, who fears actual wisdom, and results to his typical bullying behavior. As he stumbles and fumbles to find answers to those like Tom Coughlin. While breaking down under literary analysis of statements and sentiments. Regarding how he wouldn’t feel comfortable around a certain age bracket due to his vain existence of a near Coupling (Sally Harper) aging crisis. I don’t think you ever respected elders because you were such a sweet and delicate entitled child and nobody ever put a boot up yer arse. You’ve got all the complexities of a spoiled child. Looks like the old men have more testicular fortitude and rings to show for it then you do. Word salad is generally that condescending and sniveling line which means you lack intellectualism and intelligence for debate.
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