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  1. My issue with McDermott are e hiring procedures done. Which was more or less bent on his frat status with the Pegula's and his wife's sorority connection to Kim. Along with carrying those practices to the Sabres. He was given a much longer leash on Nate Peterman then most other Coaches in the modern era. It's like the masons a brother in the frat or fold never goes jobless. As for Frank Reich blowing out Tennesse it becomes a question mark of if we face the Colts in the playoffs and get blown. Do, we start doing a re-thinking if they can get it done?
  2. No, thanks much to demoralizing feels like something you'd expect from them after the drought. Now, it throws us into being 7-3 going into the bye and whether or not we have a competent secondary after all the blown third and long conversions we don't.
  3. Folks we cannot stand anymore moral victory postings on this or that stat. Of how lucky we were to have fought so hard. We heard enough of it during the drought years. Please, stop it, it's a loser mentality to keep around. As for screaming for character issue guys also stop we don't do that. We want guys who are process types. That are clean cut and represent well for the charity golf and tennis matches you know like my other favorite teams the Habs which is after the inevitable early playoff exit. And, yes the Habs have that image as well ingrained into the fabric of the NHL lol.
  4. The moral victory statment does not help. We had to often during the drought. Winners win and losers lose.
  5. Soft McDoormatt finds ways to ***** defeat from the jaws of victory while making himself look much, much worse in must win games to prove himself as a competitive Coach. It's just to much 7-3 with two blowout losses and several blown leads in games we should have put away cements him. Next phase will be as a Canned Chan Gailey type traveling from team to team. I don't think he has the pedigree of guys like Vrabel, Reich, and or Kingsbury he's pretty much buried himself into an echo chamber. When Kingsbury started Kyler folks worried what it would do. Instead it's what McDoormatt should've
  6. Guys we don't have it from coaching and McDermott and others had put away the Cards until the end. One mental lapse among so, so many has demoinated and defined McDermott. You look at guys like Frank Reichnand he took careof business on both sides of the ball against Tennessee. It's the most defining aspect of our season at this point. We simply don't have a Coach that elevated and matured beyond early exits in playoff games. I dubbed him Soft McDoormatt and it's probably going to stick for awhile.
  7. Fans going after Reich after he completely roasted Tennesse, as they had throttled us, and he basically mocked the down tempo style of offense we played. While, the defense he has looks much more like a professional defensive guru has actually been invoked in shutting down run games. We just don't have it fundamentally something is lacking from Sean it could be he's another adherent of being a Canned Chan Gailey starting out as a defensive genius and regressing into knowing only the offensive side.
  8. The Bills are not a team of second chances they let other more established franchises do those like New England, Pittsburgh, Indy, Las Vegas, and others. It's a world of frat connections for that.
  9. To many penalties means not enough discipline and maturity in the head coach. We had this game sealed up and folks go back to moral victories I don't see Frank Reich letting up on dismissing us as being a team which plays down tempo and has pretty much put itself into a situation where it should have been 8-2 and due to sloppy Coaching in the last second is now 7-3 I stick by what I said about Reich if he's dead to you then on the anniversary of the comeback never post a video or say you loved him here When Hopkins dubbed Tre as overrated I thought let play determine it this season. It has a
  10. Please do yourselves a favor then don't ever repost and compliment Reich for the Comeback. Or, say you stand behind him as a Coach because it's pretty evident you never would've done any of the above. Now, that he Coaches for Indy he's dead to you.
  11. Wow, Bills fans who drag the depths and actually hate Frank Reich. In such a delusional rush to prove their love for Sean. That's not a great cult of personality and culture here. Yeah, bringing us out of the drought felt great. But, beyond that I'm pretty sure fans here have burned out memories of Reich's comeback because he coaches for Indy and since that happened he's dead to them. As for the Micah Hyde interviews covering the Titans and KC losses.
  12. Colts 34 Tennessee 17 Now we were dismantled by a score of. Bills 16 Titans 42 Anybody else got anything to say like leave or moron to me? Really, frank Reich it's on a Coachling Clinic old school. And, just pretty much dismissed the Pegula's and McDermott with one signature win. The going up tempo has sealed the deal on McDermott and his defenders.
  13. Come on Frank blew out Tennesse when we had players admitting they bought into the hype build up behind them. Which got worse against KC, with a hail Murray, and Kingsbury actually looking more like a guy whose earned his head coaching job. Sean just looked like he's getting ready to bolt after that loss with crying and trying to keep it together during a presser. Frank just handed Sean his baseball bat Negan style.
  14. Well, at least it's not like Frank Reich just beat Tennesse with an up tempo offense and defense. On short rest please guys if you want to defend Sean in the wake of Indy dominating show me why Frank just brutally tore him apart and knew his weakness conservatively in defense.
  15. Guys Frank Reich just owned the Tennesse Titans we cannot talk about Sean McDermott as evolving as a Coach. When he has regressed and his players admitted to buying the hype. It's how he's managed to lose so much of the locker room and has pretty much fallen apart as a defensive genius. Reich wins with a no name defense and an aging Quarterback in up tempo both sides of the ball against better teams. McDermott has regressed completely to his first year. We don't know if he'll crash and burn to 9-7 pr 8-8 at this point. If he does put a fork into any future discussion of the process it'll
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