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  1. Let me know how it goes okay? Sorry, for being late in posting or checking just been having some things come up. Medical mostly diveraticulitus and kidney stones.
  2. Who else is getting pumped up for the USFL franchise coming back? I know the thirteen seconds hurt, along with the headset malfunctions, eye gouging, punching, kicking, and holding. But, having some lift up and bump for another team looks promising. I didn't know where to put this for the life of me. As a former fan of the Atlanta Legends I'm still a little hurt over how the AAF went down when Doug Whaley didn't want to pull the trigger on an XFL merger. Makes me wonder if they'll pull a merger and how much stronger the viewing base could be.
  3. It'll hurt like hell and you'll always miss him but you'll be tougher for it. Words given to me when my older brother died. Another one was how someone wished they could give me more time with my older brother after there's died of cancer. Widow maker and cancers make the strongest bond for everybody in mourning.
  4. No full status slated until 2023 he's been cleared for 2022 on a spot duty and rotation basis. We might wind up playing a more aggressive style. With a tighter man to man coverage ratio instead of zone or bubbles. Cleared with an ACL means that a player is spot duty for the next year and will come back the year after in full duties.
  5. Without Tre can remember sportswriters and analysts saying we were done. Our defensive unit was forced to rely heavily upon safety zones and man coverages to catch up. Let's be honest Tre is a future hall of fame corner back. And, he brought more to the corner spot then anyone else. We weren't even supposed to be in the playoffs or even get past the wild card without Tre. A pick by Poyer changed the complexion of the Bills and Patriots game. We should've of had to rely so heavily on Tre but he's the bread and butter of helping the defensive front get their pressure and generating the coverage sacks. It showed in the end when we blew out KC earlier this season and had Tre.
  6. It's hard when Leslie Frazier is always the culprit, without Tre White it's a one dimensional team which relies too heavily on safeties, and doesn't have a pass rush to keep up with coverage sacks. That's where a bulk of our sacks and stances came from we had to rely too heavily on the safety group and try to match up with the cornerbacks.
  7. We'll buy out McFloormatt, promote Daboll, and let Frazier go. As we silently hire Brian Flores and shock and surprise nobody. We'd need a pass rushing DC and McDermott doesn't pass rush which means turning the team over to Daboll and hiring Biran Flores to keep up that or Fangio. We've gone as far as we can with preventable McFloormatt.
  8. Out of Control Andy allows for players to eye gouge, punch, and kick during games. Allowing for what he'd allowed for players to do in Philly without reining them in. With all due respect no wonder why he had no control over his children and why so many reports made their way out of player misconduct. As it is Buffalo achieved more and needed Tre White and it showed what he brought. NFL has spoken and it's okay if eye gouges, punches, and kicks are thrown by the Cheating Chiefs. KC fans hate him after his son got drunk and killed a little girl on a DUI but he wins so all is forgiven.
  9. Sean McDermott has snapped the drought, lifted us much higher then we'd actually be, and has gotten the most out of his players. It's understandable people are frustrated. People hate Outta Control Andy for his Coaching of eye gouges, punches, and kicks. The officials let that happen last year and this year as well. There's now ay they wanted KC to lose that one and allowed defensive players to get throttled.
  10. I'm going for it and saying it, we're going to run the table, win the Super Bowl, and blow everyone out. We've got confidence, swagger, chemistry, and can dominate games from start to finish. We're winning our first Super Bowl this year! 2021-22 is our season to win it all!
  11. Go in there, take care of business, and keep Mahommes off balance. It's the best way to keep him in the practice of making mistakes. We knew it earlier in the year. I predict a blow out win at Arrow head say 38-0 with a stomping performance.
  12. Patriots fans looking like James Coburn today after Josh Allen just pulled a Porter on their finest men. Love that this is the Pay Back Straight Up Angie Dickinson cut I do believe. They wanted to end it like Westlake had wanted too before being talked out of it killing Parker (Porter).
  13. Held this team together as a glue, was the guy who always found out what we needed most, and could turn the tide of a game. I think it's just said we didn't have McDermott for him.
  14. A career .500 just achieved the planking wood for riding the buzz saw against a real genius! McDermott is one hundred percent feckin' safe in my book and always will be. The AFC East now runs through Buffalo!
  15. Buffalo 38 Cheateriots 6 Nightmare Mode Buffalo 21 cheateriots 28
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