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  1. Sure about that Ellie? https://www.denverbroncos.com/news/mile-high-morning-why-nathaniel-hackett-s-fearlessness-makes-him-a-great-leader
  2. Any bar at Boston Logan Airport so you can get out of that town of cheaters as fast as you can. 🛫
  3. If you don’t want to stand for most of the game spend on premium/club seats and/or do your best to get in the first row in Level 300.
  4. As good as Lloyd is, could be disruptive move for team chemistry. Look to draft under the radar LB in mid-rounds to develop. Milano worked out for us.
  5. I have sat all around the stadium and was lucky to land Row 1 seats in the upper deck. I'll never move - great padded seats and sight-line with no one in front of you. I guess the the people in row 1 set the sit or stand trend. Btw - I have these 3 seats available for the next two games - inbox me to avoid aftermarket fees if anyone is interested.
  6. With other NFC teams showing interest there’s little chance Browns would send him to Bills for mid to late round pick when they can get that somewhere else.
  7. Reach out to the Football Hall of Fame. They might be interested in a pair. I recall they have Steve Christie’s shoe as part of a display with other relics from that game. IMO - having the chance to contribute something to the HOF for a Bills display is worth more the $200 bucks.
  8. Let’s hope Steelers and Bills win out. I’d rather have the chance to play the Steelers in the divisional round rather than Titans or Browns who would be a tougher out for KC.
  9. Battle-tested? That was one lucky turnover that was the difference. That was an ultra conservative game plan by a coaching staff that fears The Hoodie. This team has lost their mojo on offence and is handling #17 like a rookie lately. With no Gilmore this offence should have attacked the Pats out of the gate. Instead we chickened out and let a ***** Pats team hang around. Allen needs an uptempo pace to get into a groove. Coaching gets an F today for retreating for 4 quarters.
  10. Should have been way more aggressive on offence from the start. This coaching staff fear the hoodie regardless who’s on the field.
  11. A group of us going down. May have a single in Sec 105. PM me if interested.
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