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  1. Looks like an aged Steve Irwin. If not for the whole stingray thing and all...
  2. Mice and rats are also attracted to the smell of vanilla extract, so.... I don’t know where I was going with that one.
  3. Why would you ruin something that sounds so delicious by putting pumpkin in it? 😂
  4. I like fresh ginger a lot, but spices like cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg are gross to me. Maybe it’s a conditioned aversion thing, but I can’t remember what would be the precipitating incident.
  5. I’m going to call my connections at Syracuse University and see if I can get his son expelled. I don’t want him in central NY either 😤
  6. My guess also. Nose and eyes give it away. She was such a smoke show back in the day.
  7. Only think I can eat from a pumpkin are the seeds. Roasted with salt and pepper. I also have a sweet recipe that my daughter likes. I can’t stand pumpkin flavored anything. My wife brought home a pumpkin spice candle and I had to throw it out in the outside garbage can. Almost made me hurl.
  8. He’s definitely a pre madonna. For all intensive purposes, I think he a head case similar to AB. Looooooooow self of steam with a huge Ego.
  9. Exactly, which is why I am puzzled as to why he didn’t choose MIA where it seems like he could have been the feature back almost immediately. Perhaps he is content with the $ he’s accrued already, and just wants a ring? 🤷🏾‍♂️
  10. Dude’s turning 29 in February. He looks to me like he’s lost a step over the past two years, but people like to attribute his decline to playing for Gase/the Jets. I guess I’ll buy that for now. Do you really think any team is going to offer him a big contract next season? Turning 30 and with a history of being a huge pain in the ass. Serious question.
  11. Bell’s gonna love it in KC when he gets 4-5 touches per game. Seriously, how long is he going to be happy with all those mouths to feed and being the back-up to CEH? I guess winning helps, but Bell strikes me as the type of guy who needs lots of touches. I see a potential bad situation brewing in KC.
  12. Bell has been awful for the past 2 seasons. Why do people want him in Buffalo?
  13. It appears that the OP’s opinion is going over just about as well on Twitter as it is on TBD. Like a turd in the punch bowl 💩 I like Sal.
  14. DTV Sunday Ticket. I’ve never paid full price, and I’d estimate that I’ve gotten it for free 95% of the time since 2007.
  15. Beane always seems to be looking to add talent. I feel like he puts a lot of work in. That said, I think it would be smart to add some veteran depth at CB and/or WOLB. Who’s looking for work?
  16. These forest bathers are the same type of people that hire a prostitute to scream obscenities at their anus. We have a lot of them here in Vermont.
  17. Anyone ever tried boiled peanuts? My wife (well my girlfriend at that time) and I were on our way to a weekend trip to Charleston. We were about half way there, and we stopped at a gas station in the middle of nowhere. Saw a sign for boiled peanuts. Regular or Cajun. Neither of us had ever heard of boiled peanuts, so we asked the lady at the register if they were good. She said (in a heavy southern accent) “They’re like peanuts, but they’re boiled.” I still have never tried a boiled peanut 😂
  18. Dude! Kudos to you if you really got it. I had to cheat and google search it because it was bothering me 😂
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