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  1. Not sure about that, but I’m sure you could find out what your blackout restrictions are by calling customer service. Do you know anyone in your area that has ESPN+? If so, they also might be able to speak to that. I get why the Bruins/Sabres games are blacked out here, but I don’t understand why the Rangers games are also. Most people here hate everything NYC related. Might as well live in Massachusetts.
  2. FYI. Here in VT, with the exception of games against the Bruins (NESN) or Rangers (MSG) which are blacked out, I get all of the Sabres games on ESPN+.
  3. I think Groot would be the obvious choice for me. Need to get to A-Rod early and often.
  4. I had read somewhere that someone very close to him passed away recently. Hence, the references to seeing people in the afterlife. Not sure if it’s true. Hope he is okay.
  5. I was all over Gane. I think the there was some recency bias at work here because of the Jon Jones loss, but I never thought Spivak had a chance. Seems like everyone was convinced that Spivak would take him down and control him, but I was thinking that Gane was too physically imposing to be controlled by Spivak. Spivak isn’t Jon freaking Jones. 😂 I was also on BSD, Oezdemir, Charriere, Ange Loosa, and Nora Cornolle (my dog pick). I played 3 contests. Wagered $60 and won $150.
  6. Not enough strip joints in B-Lo. Clearly…
  7. Ahhh, Nate Diaz. The man is making so much more money now being Jake Paul’s punching bag than he ever did in his MMA career. I was doing pretty well there for a bit betting on closely lined fights. Lately, I’ve been killing it in multiplier DFS contests. Been cashing checks just about every week. The Singapore card was my worst day in a while. Wagered $45 and won $60. We’ll see how Paris goes today.
  8. Tell me a GM that has consistently drafted 1-2 pro bowlers in their drafts.
  9. Yeah, watched it a few times. Justin Jones (93) just completed mauled him. Wow.
  10. Brown was solid today. Pretty clean in pass pro, and it seemed like he and Torrence got push in the run game. I saw Morse get absolutely blown up a couple times though. 😬
  11. That is possible. There also is a chance that he isn’t catching on to the zone heavy scheme like was hoped. He might be better suited for a defense with more press man coverage. No idea.
  12. How do you know Kaiir wasn’t the guy they were targeting all along? You don’t…
  13. They traded up to draft Elam. Doesn’t sound like a “collective fingers crossed” move to me. Especially with McCreary and Gordon still on the board. I’d guess that they really liked him at the time.
  14. I’d rather have the depth at CB than an extra 2024 4th rounder.
  15. “Smash or pass?” You see this phrase a lot on social media. They show a picture of some type of food and want to know if you’d eat it or not. I hate that saying.
  16. I remember hearing reports when he de-committed from Cuse that the decision was “mutual” between he and the coaching staff. I wonder what his story is…
  17. Share out. I’ve never heard this expression prior to moving to Vermont, so maybe it’s a New England thing. When I’m in a meeting and it’s my turn to report my findings, the meeting facilitator will usually say “Now it’s Johnny’s turn to share out the results of his evaluation.” It sounds dumb to me.
  18. Pork one? Gay. Not that there’s anything wrong with that…
  19. I also have YouTubeTV and Sunday Ticket. Last week I wasn’t expecting to be able to watch the game in real time, but it was on there live. 🤷🏾‍♂️
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