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  1. In middle school I had a paper route. Interestingly, my first day was during that huge snow storm in 1993. When I turned 14 I got a job washing dishes at a local restaurant. Fell in love with the restaurant biz…learned how to cook on the line, wait tables, and bartend. Worked at the same restaurant throughout HS (Balloons Rest in Auburn, NY) and during summers in college. A couple consecutive summers I got a job at the West Chop Club in Martha’s Vineyard. My friend was the executive chef there, so he got me a job as the “beach guard.” The club owned a section of beach and only members were allowed. I sat there all day and when a car pulled in I just had to check that they had the club sticker on their vehicle. I think maybe 10-15 cars came each summer. I just sat on the beach, fished, swam, and smoked weed. It was great. In the evening I would bartend or wait tables in the restaurant. I have some very interesting celebrity stories.
  2. Not planning on the casino for this trip, but I definitely want to take the wife some time for a Saturday night/NFL Sunday trip. She can play the slots while I hang at the sports book and bet on games. Is it nice?
  3. I don’t know if I’ve ever been to Utica in my life, but I have heard that the city is known for its Italian cuisine. The tomato pie sounds like a great lunch idea. East Utica Greens came highly recommended by a colleague of mine. Not sure what they are. Looks like sautéed greens with bread crumbs, hot peppers and pecorino romano. Worth a shot.
  4. Gee thanks 😂 I think the plan is to hit up Delmonico’s for dinner on Friday. Still looking for a place to check our Friday night for a few beers and some bar food. Also, a good breakfast joint for Saturday morning 👍
  5. Good breakfast spots for Sat morn would also be welcome 🤙
  6. ehhhh…not my vibe. I’m 43, married with 2 kids, and pretty well beaten down by life. Just looking for some beers and decent bar food until midnight 😂
  7. Any peeps here reside in or are familiar with the Utica area? I’m going on a work trip there soon (Fri/Sat), and I need some good food/bar recommendations. Particularly interested in hearing about bar recommendations for places that serve food and are open until midnight. Staying near downtown Utica. Have Uber to get around. Thanks y’all and go Bills!
  8. Yeah, I agree that Brett has used up his get out of jail free cards. What a dirt bag.
  9. Never experienced or witnessed that. Sorry. Boobs are awesome. Women who have their boobs removed are also awesome. That better?
  10. What the heck kind of response is this? Of course a woman having a mastectomy due to breast cancer doesn’t make her “less awesome.” What the matter with you?
  11. This looks like a “I started drinking heavily at 11am” game day thread.
  12. I would pay $200/year for ESPN+. It’s just that good.
  13. Really? I watched both of their games and they didn’t look good. The offense looks bad, but the defense is good enough to keep them in games. They barely beat a bad Pittsburgh team yesterday. Let’s be honest.
  14. Both very good documentaries. “I Just Killed My Dad” on Netflix is also very good 👍
  15. Just watched the new minions (Rise of Gru) with the kids the other night. I think my wife got it from Redbox. Very funny.
  16. Don’t you have a government building to raid or something? Take your trash out of here and to PPP where it belongs.
  17. KC, TB, MN, and LAC are the teams that impressed me this week. Ravens looked good, but they played the Jets who looked absolutely dreadful. Jury is still out on MIA.
  18. That must have been some return on that parlay! Diaz by Sub was north of +900 alone the last time I checked before the fight.
  19. A friend of the family, Laura Morabito, was on flight 11 that hit the north tower. She was seated in first class next to where some of the hijackers were seated. I was a senior in college when it happened. Went out drinking with buddies the night before and slept in until about 10:30-11:00. Got up and took a shower. Didn’t even realize what was going on until I got back in my dorm room and turned on the TV. I remember seeing a group of students huddled together embracing and sobbing as I walked to the shower, but didn’t think a lot about it in my hungover haze.
  20. Fully vaccinated with one booster. My personal choice and everyone has differing opinions and I respect that. I got it in August 2021 whilst on a family vacation on Saranac Lake. I just had very minor cold symptoms. My sister and nephew also got it. My sister had harsher symptoms, but nothing too crazy. Lost her senses of taste and smell for a couple weeks. Nephew was fine. I got it again last month and HOLY HELL I was more sick than I have ever been in my life. I woke up early in the morning feeling nauseous and vomited for about 20 minutes. I also had the worst case of bronchitis type symptoms I’ve ever experienced. I didn’t eat or sleep for 4 solid days. Could barely keep down water. By day three I was so weak and dehydrated I was fairly sure I was going to end up in the hospital. Fortunately, I started to feel substantially better on the 5th day so I could at least hold water down and eat some soup. Residual symptoms (mainly fatigue) lasted for a few weeks and that was annoying. I’m not the type that makes a fuss about the COVID vaccine. Get it or don’t get it. I don’t GAF and I don’t care to talk about it ever, really. But to those who say that it’s just like having a bad cold or the seasonal flu…you haven’t had it bad and you’re lucky.
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