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  1. I’d like to draft Zaven Collins at 30. Between he and Tremaine, I think they can cause a lot of problems for opposing OCs in terms of both coverage and pass rush if utilized properly.
  2. I’ll definitely be at this one with my 🍊 crew if any of you guys want to meet up!
  3. If I get a breakfast sandwich it’s usually at McDonalds on the way to an early morning sporting event for one of my kids. My go-to is chicken on a biscuit with cheese and bacon. I did have an interesting breakfast sandwich a couple weeks ago though. Saw it at the farmers market and was curious...thought I’d give it a try. It was Genoa salami on a bagel with cream cheese. I was pleasantly surprised. Tasty combo!
  4. The new Melissa McCarthy movie on Netflix, Thunder Force, is absolutely dreadful. Wife was asking all week to watch and I finally caved last night. Brutally not funny. Jason Bateman was in a few mildly entertaining scenes. Overall, I wish I had those 2 hours of my life back. Fair warning.
  5. As a Yankees fan I agree with your assessment of Boone. I don’t think he’s a good manager. I wasn’t a huge Girardi fan either though.
  6. Don’t worry. The pitching staff will come together once German gets over the trauma of his woman beating, and Taillon remembers where home plate is. When is Severino returning? In a normal world Higgy would be the regular catcher and Stink-chez would be the back-up/DH/pinch hitter. I’m beginning to think Sanchez has some incriminating photos of Cashman or something. He sucks as a catcher. My Yankee fan friends laugh at me what I say that Judge shouldn’t be given an extension. I love him as an outfielder, love the home runs, but overall he is not a good hitter. He
  7. Like others I’d like to hear the whole story. Maybe Donald is a raging lunatic and just attacked this guy randomly without cause...doubt it. I’m sure this guy did something to provoke Donald. Not saying he deserved the ass whoopin necessarily, but these things are rarely just random assaults. Likely big payday regardless for the big fella.
  8. The Huddle Report is one of my favorite sites. Good mocks and player evaluations. https://thehuddlereport.com/
  9. The dude is a complete mystery to me. Good riddance, IMO. I don’t dislike him or think he’s a bad person. I just think the team is better off moving on without him.
  10. Alan Griffin to enter the NBA draft 🤔😆
  11. Wife and I had to cancel our trip to Jamaica last summer for our 10th anniversary. We’re both uncomfortable with international travel right now, but are considering other options. My folks are going to take the kids for a week, so we are looking at some “low key” beach options. I found a really nice resort in Deerfield Beach, FL. 7 nights in a “deluxe” oceanfront room plus round trip airfare for the both of us for just over $2600. Prices are crazy cheap right now. We are also entertaining the option of doing a road trip. Map out 3 or 4 different destinations and j
  12. I think we’re going to get a really, really good CB at 30. Plus that 5th year option which can be huge in certain cases. I want to stay put unless Beane has some info and absolutely has to move up a few spots to get his guy.
  13. What have you been reading? 🤣 I would be amazed if Benny stayed more than one season, but I like your optimism 👍 This is the interview I was referencing. Jason Dumas is a Newhouse grad and a really fun guy to drink with, BTW. 😂
  14. Yes, if either Benny stays for more than one season or Lands reclassifies.
  15. True enough. Although, in the interview he said that he wants to play guard in the NBA. Said that was one of Syracuse’s selling points...him being able to further hone his skills as a shooting guard. I gotta see if I can find that interview....
  16. Watched an interview with Kamari Lands today, and he said that he was recruited by Syracuse to play SG. Interesting with his size and skill set.
  17. Careful. I hear sparkling water is a gate way beverage. Next thing you know you’ll be naked, covered in feces, and chugging a grape Fanta in an alley somewhere 😬
  18. No porn allowed in Dubai? What do guys look at whilst waxing their carrot?
  19. One of my assistant coaches vapes. One day on the drive to practice I asked him if I could take a puff. It smelled good...I think it was like s’mores flavor or something. Anyway, I was so buzzed from one hit it felt like I chugged a quadruple espresso. Never again.
  20. I hear it’s the most expensive habit to break.
  21. Fun player to watch. Definitely brought a unique European feel to the team. And boy could the man take a charge! 😂
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