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  1. Hair color and age range (e.g., 20’s, 30’s, etc...)?
  2. Pure Leaf iced tea. No store bought iced to even comes close.
  3. Oh, the things you read on here the day after a loss. Most of you miserable bastards don’t deserve a football team, let alone a player as good as Tre White. The guy was a 1st team all pro last season and has been playing most of the season injured. Now he’s just “pretty good?” Yeah...okay. The chooch OP didn’t even know that Ramsey already signed a huge contract extension in September 🤦🏾‍♂️
  4. Got it. JWG was a proud democrat serving as a precinct captain in his community during his killing spree. @PastaJoe is up. Good guess but no.
  5. Yeah, this guy actually died in the slammer. Was clowning around and got himself in some trouble with the law.
  6. Congrats. You have about 13 years to learn how to look scary holding a shotgun.
  7. I don’t get the condiment hate. I mean, I wouldn’t put ketchup on a nice steak. All a good steak needs, IMO, is salt and pepper. I like ketchup on scrambled eggs, hot dogs, burgers, whatever. Ketchup is good. Now, people that dip their french fries in mayonnaise need to be locked in a porto-potty and set on fire. That ***** is nasty.
  8. This lib snowflake was born in Chicago. Owned a construction company. Very famous. Bathroom break over. BRB 🤪
  9. Striiiiiiiike one!! I’m going to bed. IQ test with a 2nd grader at 8:30. I’ll be back online tomorrow mid-morning.
  10. Probly some Injuns, ***** or orientals.
  11. Ha! I am dominating this thread! 💪. I’m smahhhht! (Fredo) I’m thinking of a person....
  12. I guess...lol. I just always thought picking on kids who couldn’t or wouldn’t defend themselves was lame. I’m not saying I was a saint, but I would usually at least speak up for those kids.
  13. I only recall getting bullied once in kindergarten. This girl who was much larger than I used to make me walk her home or she would punch me in the stomach (she usually punched me regardless). Went on for at least two weeks before I got the courage to tell my parents and got help. When I got older I was usually much bigger and tougher (humble brag) than most kids in my school. I tended to be the one who stood up for kids who were being mistreated/bullied.
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