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  1. Story of my (married) life, brotha. My wife is total type A....if she’s not doing something or preparing to do something she gets anxious. I’m, well, pretty laid back 😂 It has its advantages and disadvantages. With regard to our marriage....our differences often present challenges.
  2. “Size doesn’t matter” is complete BS also. Too big is usually not good, and too small is definitely not good. Ask any woman who you know will give you an honest answer.
  3. “There’s nothing to it but to do it.” My Father used to say this to me all the time. Pissed me off to no end. Some things are really hard to do 😂
  4. I was going to guess Clapton, but then I thought that the photo was too new to be him.
  5. Just for a roll in the hay? Hell YES!
  6. Correct-a-mundo! Also correct.
  7. What does he do now if he is no longer involved in sports?
  8. So a man is on his way home from work and he stops to buy a bouquet of roses for his lovely wife. He walks in the door and hands the flowers over to his bride with a big smile on his face. Snidely, his wife says “Great, now I guess I have to spread my legs.” The man replies “Don’t you have a vase or something?”
  9. Did he ever break any records in this sport?
  10. I only go to orgies where food is served. I mean meth and crack too, but I like to munch on Swedish meatballs while I’m sanding the ol’ hardwood 😉
  11. He’s absolutely crushing puss. Who knew?
  12. Mickey Rooney. Alright, I’m thinking of a person....from Greenland, female, alive but on life support.
  13. Has he ever done full frontal in a film? <disregard> Has this actor ever won (or been nominated for) an academy award? @Greybeard
  14. I’ve done just about every hallucinogen in existence. All within a span of about 6 or 7 years during high school and college. Had really great experiences for the most part, but a friend of mine once told me “Every time you do LSD you leave a peace of yourself behind.” Freaked me out. I quit doing hallucinogens my junior year of college after a friend and teammate dropped a 10 strip of some really gnarly blotter acid in my beer. I had a bad time. Was morbidly depressed for almost 2 weeks as a result. Done and done ✌️ I did give a class presentation in college high of my ass on Peyote one time though 😎
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