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  1. I think we’re just fighting a war against different drugs now. Weed, cocaine/crack, and psychedelics kicked our ass, so we gave up on those ones. Now we’re very unsuccessfully fighting against the opiates. 🤔
  2. To build off what the OP posted, Nixon’s “war on drugs” didn’t work out so well, did it? I’d say we lost that one miserably 😁
  3. Yeah, GO delete your twitter account, Cole, because no one with a luke warm IQ really cares about your vaccine opinions. You’re just making yourself and the team look foolish 🤦🏻‍♂️
  4. The polio vaccine is so effective, because like smallpox, the disease has been largely eradicated. Vaccinations for things like the flu will never be 100% effective.
  5. I hear ya, Bills brotha, and I was just joking with the grandma punching stuff. I am aware of the biological mechanisms at work with respect to addiction. I just feel, based on personal and professional experience, that sometimes the “addict card” is abused. That’s all. Agree to disagree about Tiger. Meow.
  6. So if I compulsively punch old ladies in the supermarket I’m addicted to punching old ladies? I suppose I should go to old lady punching rehab?
  7. Just like a lot of good people I know, it appears he gone “COVID crazy.”
  8. Whatever happened to just being a dirtbag? Can’t that still be a thing, or do we have a mental disorder now for everyone who behaves like an #######?
  9. The wife and I are starting this tonight. Was also recommended to us this past weekend by some friends. My wife has a hard time with shows portraying violence/abuse against children, but she can handle other “creepy” stuff. Just finished season 2 of Black Summer on Netflix which was a decent watch. Goes by quickly. One of those “brain candy” shows that you can watch both seasons in 3-4 nights without staying up all night.
  10. Loved watching Rubin work with the Avett Brothers in their documentary “Make it Last.” He’s definitely an eccentric type of dude, but one of the best record producers ever.
  11. What a brawl!! I actually had Billy Q in a parlay and was nervous there a few times. Benitez is a tough SOB. Had Billy close to a finish there a couple times himself. I like BQ a lot. Tremendous fighter, but also comes across as a good natured dude in his post-fight interviews. Did these guys win the FOTN bonus?
  12. I always had a problem with the "sex addiction" thing. Especially when Tiger Woods claimed that his legitimate mental health afflictions caused him to have sex with all those porn stars and other skanks. Give me a freaking break. You're a wealthy, famous man who enjoyed having sex with a lot of women and got away with it for a while. Almost an insult to others who suffer with legitimate mental health issues. But I digress....
  13. When I read your posts, I think of your voice as Sandler’s mom in the movie Waterboy 🤷🏾‍♂️ Foosball is the devil! 😂
  14. “Gilliam is like a flip phone.” WTF? 🤣😂
  15. Never been arrested. I’d probably get a slap on the wrist also. People do dumb ***** sometimes. Even good people do dumb *****. You know what it says in the Bible about forgiving people, right?
  16. It was invented by a Canadian whose favorite sport was lacrosse 🤓
  17. Well, Confucius, one who dies falling off a 6 foot ladder into a 16 feet deep pool was probably going to die sooner than later, anyway. Oh! 😳 yeah. She died a horrible, selfie-induced influencer death. Is there irony here? I’m stoned.
  18. Wasn’t it Jeremiah’s on Monroe that used to have live music on Thursday nights (early 2000s)? I pulled so much ass out of that place 😁
  19. I couldn’t believe it when Valentina Schevchenko did that to Jessica Andrade!!
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