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  1. This would be my guess also. Should be good for the run game which we need to use more, IMO.
  2. Thomas has seen an uptick of snaps and targets since Alex Smith took over. While he isn’t setting the world on fire, he seems to have earned the trust of Smith and a lot of his receptions are check downs. He and Gibson are Smith’s safety blanket, and Alex checks down a lot. Not to take anything away from Logan at all. He’s stepped up and made the most of his opportunities.
  3. Well, that escalated quickly. Happy turkey day. Hope Josh Allen is eating Kale and quinoa 😆
  4. More cushion for the pushin’.....over center on those QB sneaks! Eh, fellas?!
  5. Are they buds? Edit: Never mind. Read the entire OP.
  6. Brined my turkey (12.5 pounds) for about 16 hours. Tried a new wet brine this year (salt, brown sugar, pepper corns, star anise, water, apple cider, orange and lemon peels, and bay leaves). Going to roast it tented for 2 hours, and then uncovered for ~1 hour. I’m doing my father’s chicken liver stuffing recipe which is always a hit. Also, gravy with the drippings and blended roasting veggies (onion, carrot, tomatoes, garlic). Wife is doing corn bread casserole, mashed potatoes, and cherry/coconut-cream pies. Canned cranberry sauce. Not a fan of the real, homemade stuff. We’ve definitely scaled things back this year, but it should be a nice, relaxing day.
  7. What tribe or clan? A hint or two as to what she was known for?
  8. What were this person’s pronouns?
  9. Saint Francis of Assisi. Alright, I’m thinking of a person...
  10. I think the first couple rounds might be entertaining. If no one gets knocked out, I expect a sweaty hug fest by the 4th round.
  11. Yeah...forgot about that. I’d pay 50 bucks to watch Jake Paul get his ass beat. Dude is a tool.
  12. Yeah, I’m pretty decent. Didn’t start playing until I was asked by a teacher colleague to help him start a chess club at the school. He taught me the basics and I just started playing a lot. This was about 15 years ago. Present day, I still play occasionally because my son is into it. He started playing a couple years ago and joined the chess club at his school. The kid absolutely destroys me now. I haven’t beat him in about a year.
  13. I was thinking about it, but decided against it. My biggest fear is that I’m going to waste 50 bucks on a suck fest of a fight. Are they going to wear head gear?
  14. I feel like you are being difficult. We’re not trying to win a brand new Nissan Leaf here. Keep it simple and just answer the damn questions, lock boy!! 🤬
  15. Cha-Ching!! You’re up, lock boy!
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