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  1. Gerard Gordeau vs Teila Tuli!! I’ll admit I had to look that up, but I do remember the fight. Holy hell!
  2. https://www.rollingstone.com/culture/culture-lists/death-by-selfie-11-disturbing-stories-of-social-media-pics-gone-wrong-15091/ 11 additional stories about people dying taking selfies.
  3. One of the first ever mma fights I ever watched was Rickson Gracie vs some Japanese fighter (can’t remember his name). I think it was like 94 or 95. Of course, it was on a VHS mix tape that we “borrowed” from my friend’s dad. IIRC, Tank Abbott was also on that tape and nearly killed some poor guy 😂
  4. Remember when Wendy’s had a little buffet with salad, pasta and a taco bar? Only time in my life to my knowledge I’ve ever had food poisoning. I think it was the taco meat. I was probably 9 or 10, but I remember I couldn’t even swallow my own saliva for about 3 days. It was baaaad.
  5. https://www.tapology.com/rankings/4051-worst-male-grappler-with-10-or-more-fights-in-the-ufc I mean, tapology has him ranked as the 2nd worst male mma grappler with more than 10 fights. A lot of folks in the know feel that Conor is a “paper” BJJ brown belt. He received his brown belt after knocking out Poirier in their first fight. He didn’t earn it in a legit manner. Plus, I’ve watched every single one of his fights. Well, at least all of his UFC fights. He actually did better than I thought against Khabib. Even though Khabib dominated him, he wasn
  6. I guess my favorite part is that this happened whilst she was taking a selfie. Am I going to hell?
  7. I mean, my 6 year old daughter did ~18-20 foot jump last summer, and my son did a jump from ~35-40. This girl must have hit a rock or something.
  8. If I were McGregor I’d be asking for my money back because he’s not good on the ground. I don’t care how you spin it 😂🤣
  9. Wait...she fell 16 feet or she fell from much higher into a 16 foot deep pool? The article is unclear. If she fell 16 feet, did she hit a rock or something? This doesn’t make sense.
  10. I could name 15 BJJ specialists in the lightweight division alone (many not even ranked) who would absolutely destroy Conor on the mat. Conor, relative to other decent UFC competition, is not good at BJJ. Everybody knows that. And no, not all belts are created equally. Depends on where you train.
  11. Jeebus! TIL @Limeaid has some deeply rooted childhood trauma 😳
  12. Watched two episodes of Black Summer last night on Netflix. Not too bad...not too great. Going to give it a fair chance. Zombie apocalypse show, but the zombies in this one can run!
  13. Just looked at their roster. How in TF are they getting beat by Nigeria and Australia?! 🤣😂
  14. Compared to me, yes, Conor has very good BJJ. Relative to most mma fighters with BJJ training Conor is dog *****. Belts are overrated. Conor used to have a decent guillotine whereby he would jump on his opponent’s head and then fall to the ground. It’s not so effective anymore. Just ask Dustin. I thought of another top 10 guy who would completely starch Conor, btw. Islam Makhachev. He’s gonna get a title shot eventually. I’d love to see him fight a Gaethje or Chandler. To your point about Conor beating Mayweather under MMA rules...I agree. Was just busting some
  15. Yeah, maybe a bit of hyperbole on my part. I guess my point is I think he’s overrated because of his popularity. He isn’t the fighter he once was. He always has the chance of hitting that KO shot, but even his power isn’t what it used to be. I see him as more of a fringe top 10 guy as a lightweight. I don’t think he can beat Poirier, Gaethje, Dariush, Charlie Olives, Chandler or Hooker. He might have a puncher’s chance against guys like Ferguson or Dos Anjos. Just my opinion though. I guess my over-arching point is that (IMO) Conor will never sniff a title shot a
  16. Apparently, if you don’t immediately express the desire to execute Mingo in the streets without yet learning all the facts, you are a filthy scumbag. I still believe in innocent until proven guilty like many “awful” people have also posted in this thread, so I guess I’m a proponent of raping children also 😒
  17. Of course. I was a McGregor fan in the past, but I just couldn’t take his idiot nonsense anymore. There’s some talk now that his next opponent would likely be Tony Ferguson...which makes sense, but I think Tony would sub him quickly. Conor is too one dimensional as a striker and really struggles against better grapplers. The reality for Conor is that he’s not going to beat any of the top 10 lightweight guys. That division is stacked, and Conor’s skills are clearly on the decline. But as soon as he is healed from this injury, I’m positive Dana will absolutely roll out the Iri
  18. Ain’t no such thing as a free trip to Six Flags...as they say. In all seriousness though, I hope Mingo is afforded all the protections of legal due process, and IF found guilty, punished accordingly.
  19. I think he might for the right amount of money! 😂🤣 He did just fight a ***** YouTuber for chrissakes! He’s quick enough that he could probably evade or stuff any McGregor level changes. Conor’s BJJ sucks anyway. I’d lay a play down on Mayweather for sure. I think he could piece him up.
  20. Spiders, heights, and white people who wear camo when they’re not hunting.
  21. Well, he is one of the better strikers in mma history, so boxing for him wasn’t completely uncharted territory. Let’s not not make it out like he was a basketball player being asked to play in a NHL game or something.
  22. Arby’s curly fries are elite. I don’t think Wendy’s are even fries, technically. Pressed and breaded fried potato food is more like it.
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