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  1. I can’t stand when people in my house leave their stank ass sweaty underwear wadded up in their pants when I’m trying to do the laundry. My son is the main culprit. He also always leaves his stinky socks inside out. Drives me nuts.
  2. That scene was hilarious. The best was Mare busting out laughing after he made his announcement. I really enjoyed this show, but I didn’t really like the story line over the last couple episodes. I think there were one or two too many twists/turns at the end. Still a very good watch though. My wife seems to think there’s only going to be this one season.
  3. I’ve been trumpeting about the 1:9:1 defensive scheme right along, and I have faced nothing but ridicule from these keyboard warriors.
  4. Gonna be that lunker defenseman from UMichigan me thinks.
  5. Just ask your grandma. She’ll give you all the context you’re missing.
  6. When I was in HS I waited tables with a guy who was a legend in my town. He was like 81 or 82 and was still waiting tables. Drank like a fish during his shifts. Would “ping pong” off cars in the parking lot when he was leaving work. Bragged about the orgies at the old folks home he was living in 😂 Anyway, he was famous (among the staff) when a beautiful woman came in for saying “I’d let her piss in my coffee.” Sorry. Doesn’t make sense w/o context.
  7. This makes me think a little bit about how important having a good LS is to a team. If your LS goes down during a game, I’m sure a C could snap for punts. Field goals and extra points would be much more challenging. Reid is an awesome dude, BTW. You need to see him “work the crowd” of autograph seekers at camp. Great personality. Always one of the last players out there signing.
  8. I’d let her urinate in my coffee!
  9. I blame Russian hackers. Filed mine electronically in early February and got my federal refund before the end of February. Not sure if I got my Vermont refund yet, but I tend to give them some slack. Bunch of hippie stoners. They move slow.
  10. I’d like this kid a bunch 🤓. Class of ‘22 sniper. Probably a 3 or 4 depending on how he fills out.
  11. Mare of Easttown on HBOMax. 3 episodes in and I’m enjoying it very much. Kate Winslet in the lead role. Crime drama. Good stuff 👍
  12. Really? I didn’t get this impression at all. Seems to me like Rousseau was among a small group of players they had targeted at 30 and were delighted when he fell there.
  13. I mean...you could probably just forge one. Just like my brother and I used to do to buy cigs back in the day 🤷🏾‍♂️
  14. The headline could just have easily had read “Diabetic mom” or “Epileptic mom.” What does being on the Autism Spectrum have to do with dressing like a skank?
  15. Wait, the mom is autistic or she is the mother of an autistic child? Syntax matters.
  16. I was at this game and it was amazing. Perhaps the best thing about the game, other than the brawl and Lindy going after Murray, was the OT winner by (without looking) Drew Stafford? The curse of Lindy Ruff is still alive and well!
  17. Don’t you hate it when you sitting down on the toilet to take a dump and you crush your balls between your thigh and the the seat? I need a Bugatti toilet.
  18. Sounds like her spinal cord was severed. At least she didn't feel anything while she was watching herself being eaten alive.
  19. Okay. Yeah, we want to develop him as an OT of course. But I would contend that Lee Smith was probably more of an OT than a TE even though he was listed as a TE on the roster 😂🤣
  20. I don’t see what’s so horribly wrong with this take. Bring him in for goalline packages, and once in a while let him slip out for a pass 🤷🏾‍♂️
  21. If that thing makes you barf, you’d probably have a seizure and die if you saw my grocery getter. Looks like a big body benz with a Porsche front end, btw.
  22. Man...she looks identical to a girl I dated for a few months during grad school. Boy, was she fun in bed...😍😍
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