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  1. He sucks now AND is an ass hat. Bad combo. He just embarrassed himself further last night with his post-fight comments. Too bad. Was hoping for Dustin to punish him for a couple more rounds. Looks like Poirier will fight Do Bronx for the title now, who I think he will beat.
  2. Yepppp! I wonder what position would be best with those giant muscular thighs in play?
  3. What’s up man. This is what I’m hearing. The staff feels good about getting either of Starling/Copeland. More likely Copeland, but Starling remains firmly in the picture. Both have other big suitors. Chance Westry is out from what I’m hearing. Cuse once again having trouble recruiting bigs for ‘22.
  4. Oh, I don’t know. It is a HUGE international news story. There’s probably going to be 160+ confirmed dead before it’s all said and done, sadly. Also some information about the 2018 reports related to the building being deemed in need of serious maintenance. The city building inspector announcing at some community meeting shortly thereafter that the building was “in good shape.” Ya know...stuff like that maybe?
  5. You told us. Are you going to have to kill us all now? 😟
  6. So I’m down here in Miami Beach on vacation this week. Our resort is just a shade over 4 miles north of the condo collapse. I have found it interesting that no one down here really talks about it, and there seems to be very little coverage of it on the local news. I was watching the local news yesterday morning expecting a big “story” with a lot of details. It was just a 5 second blurb about how the search for survivors was still going on. No other details at all. Very strange.
  7. I think there’s a good chance of landing Quadir Copeland and/or Chance Westry.
  8. I’ve contacted my attorney, @BringBackFergy, about suing you for creating this thread.
  9. G-Mac was the primary recruiter for both Lands and Taylor. Props to the man. Mike Hopkins who?
  10. Hope so. If he can learn to create off the dribble he might actually be a legit PG. Last season he was not good. Averaged 3.5 assists per game and shot 33% from deep? No bueno for a supposed sharp shooting PG. I’m certainly rooting for him though.
  11. Who knows at this point? Probably better off in the long run. Talent is undeniable, but I get the impression that Dior is kind of a pain in the ass. Interesting that he could be playing with Quincy tho.
  12. Dylan is from Whitehorse?! I had to stay overnight there twice on my drive to and from Alaska. What an absolute dump 🤢
  13. He’s back out in California after whatever happened at Oak Hill Academy. To his credit, however, it sounds like his decommit from Syracuse was supported (and perhaps encouraged) by the coaching staff. Looks like he got his academics in order...
  14. This is a rare no for me. Oh, the poor children!!! 🙈😢😱 What’s up with her mouth? Ewww...just nasty 🤢
  15. FWIW....hearing from my peeps that the coaching staff feels really good about getting a commit from this ‘22 SG/SF. I believe he recently had an official visit. Charlottesville VA kid who also has interest from UNC and Indiana...among others. We shall see. Hearing that he wants to make a decision within the next month 🤞🤞
  16. My first reaction was the Raiders and Derek Carr. Weren’t they one of the top bidders right up until the end?
  17. For those interested in watching Chris Hogan play with the best in the world, the Cannons will be playing the two time reigning champs, the Whipsnakes, today at noon on NBC. It’s my understanding that he’ll be playing short stick defensive middie, but he may get some scoring opportunities in transition. The Whipsnakes are absolutely loaded on offense, so it will be a good test to see if Chris can really hang (at least defensively) with the best.
  18. Wasn’t meaning to be a dork...haha. I just get tired of the narrative that the game of lacrosse needs guys like Chris Hogan to put butts in the seats. I know that’s not what you were referring to, and I agree that the MLL had it all wrong and struggled to sell tickets. I guess that’s why the MLL no longer exists. I don’t know that lacrosse will ever be a “mainstream” sport, and to be honest, I don’t know that I want it to be 🤷🏾‍♂️
  19. Yeah, saying “Canadian style” box lacrosse has become somewhat of a habit. Box lacrosse is box lacrosse...unless you’re playing field lacrosse style in the rink. Canadian style does refer somewhat to playing on the concrete, as that’s what the Canadians/natives did in the summer time in the rinks that couldn’t afford to keep the ice down year round. We have an indoor and an outdoor site. We have a older fella from Quebec who is considered “The Godfather” of box lacrosse in Vermont. He frequently does player clinics and coach trainings for us and often references th
  20. I love all types of lacrosse, but I really enjoy box lacrosse. Grew up playing on the Onondaga Res with and against the Red Hawks. A couple HS lax coaches and I are working hard to start the first USBOXLA sanctioned HS box lacrosse league in Vermont. Starting slow but picking up steam, and the idea is that our league will soon be a feeder league for semi-pro indoor leagues in New England and Quebec. Once the kids start playing true Canadian style box lacrosse they’re hooked. Faster and more physical.
  21. The bolded is simply not true. In their inaugural season they nearly sold out every event in their 12 city touring event. The only ones that didn’t completely sell out were the few huge venues like Gillette. A couple months ago, when tickets went on sale for the first 6 cities of this year’s touring season, most venues sold out within 20-30 minutes. When tickets for Albany went on sale two weeks ago, the first 2 levels of the stadium sold out in 16 minutes. Are you thinking of the MLL perhaps?
  22. I have no hate for Chris Hogan, but as an avid lacrosse fan (as well as former college player and current varsity HC) this is a BS promotional tactic. He wasn’t even good enough to be drafted in the expansion draft, by all accounts sucked in training camp, and wasn’t even on the active roster for week 1 of the PLL season. I can think of 30 professional players off the top of my head who are far more talented and far more deserving of making and playing on a PLL roster. The PLL is becoming like the WWE of professional lacrosse, but it’s now the only show
  23. I thought this was a Ninja Turtles thread ☹️
  24. I’m sure it’s in this thread already, but Superbad is one that I can watch over and over. Laughs from start to finish.
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