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  1. It seems as though many seats on Ticketmaster have not been put up for sale yet since many ST holders have the payments broken into 4 payments. Once the last payment is done, (June 17) the ticketholders will have the ability to list them for sale. Those that paid up front are currently out there and have some interesting prices.
  2. Niagara Square/ City Hall, Stage on the steps of City Hall, fans in stands around the circle, Buffalo shows it can circle the wagon..
  3. RIP WhoTom, Very heartfelt message to family, friends and colleagues, Makes you hate cancer even more.
  4. Mr. Rust made us read "Death and Dying " by Elizabeth Kubler Ross, I remember that as one of the books that got me interested. That guy was a great teacher, I still use some of the stuff he taught.
  5. Great concept, but every time I see that logo I hear wide right,,,,,,
  6. Horrible timing on your part, Move it to last week of August/First week of September, worked for us, weather was great and we made the opener. (need I remind you that you are one of the only TBDers to attend all of the Opening tailgates?)
  7. My nephew went to St. Joes with him and could tell you of his "special handling" while there. But don't forget he also went to Red Lion High school in Pennsylvania but was kicked out of there for disciplinary reasons before coming to St Joes. I can't say the kid has not had chances along the way, but he has blown every opportunity he has ever been given. A shameful waste of talent.
  8. Good to hear, glad he is recovering, Thanks for the update
  9. Prayers for your wife and family
  10. The fact that she is a math teacher scares me. I am assuming this is the "new math" they are talking about, "Billy?? How many times can 16 go into 26?"
  11. Based on doctors orders I cannot do 8 hours in a car, and risk of complications from flying rules out that option as well.
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