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  1. Guffalo

    Hot for school nurse-- Maryland edition

    Im gonna pass
  2. Guffalo

    Plastic grocery bags -> Sleeping mats for homeless

    Suffolk county on Long Island is now charging for the bags, its a pain, but after seeing them in the trees, the water, clogging up drains, I really don't complain about it. I wish there was a way to recycle them along with other annoying plastics into something useful. (Do we have any chemical engineers here who could figure out a way to compress/heat and mold large quantities of this stuff into decking, guardrails or planking?)
  3. Guffalo

    How much money did you spend on Super Bowl pools?

    Yes, so 3-0, the 6-3, then 7-3 would result in 3 payouts.
  4. Guffalo

    Anyone get a stadium focused group invite.

    No invite here, but I said no to any suggestions for PSL or new stadium suggestions. I suspect they will hand pick a group that supported PSL and new stadium initiatives, then claim that they worked with the community and this is what "the community" is begging for. Politically, it is a shrewd move. They will be able to say with a straight face that they listened to the fans, the fans want it, but the taxpayers are opposed, they have no choice but to Move, sell, or both.
  5. Guffalo

    Brandon Beane letter to Season Ticket Holders

    He's actually a Duke
  6. Guffalo

    How much money did you spend on Super Bowl pools?

    Ok final tally in, $40 in $5 house pool at neighbors (got nothing) $100 in $20 boxes at work (got nothing) Split 2 $1000 boxes with 3 others in big pool (each score take $1500, 5K to reverse final, balance 70% to final, 30% to halftime). Got the halftime score and the score to get there so $1500 plus 30% of pot....AFTER everything is done, the guy automatically takes 10% off the top for running it. We were not happy with that nugget of information since it was not published beforehand. Sure we would have tipped out, but skimming right off the top seems a bit cheesy. After all said and done we should be getting $23,900 to split between the 4 of us.
  7. Guffalo

    That's a big beaver

    Its a shame its not shaved
  8. Guffalo

    We need to "Keep Austin Weird"

    Russian bot? Trying to deflect our attention?
  9. Guffalo

    We need to "Keep Austin Weird"

    One has to wonder what GBID's morning internet search history looks like. "Hmmm, lets see if any teachers were a bit randy last night, ['teacher' & 'accuseD' &'Student" ] [Search], ok 4 hits, now lets look for some public nudity and ***** ['Crazed'&'nudity'&self pleasure'&public] [Search] , Hey 8 hits! "I'm on a roll, lets try another ['Beaver'& 'not Cleaver'& 'sock puppet' & 'Walmart'] [Search]
  10. Guffalo

    Life gets tougher every day (Episode #662)

    Every time the Bills win a playoff game
  11. Guffalo

    Life gets tougher every day (Episode #662)

    That guy is 58? Holy smokes, I'm the same age , I hope I don't look that bad!
  12. Guffalo

    Hot for Teacher: North Dakota style

    Kind of like a Tina Fay look. No complaints here,
  13. Guffalo

    Don't Drink and Boulder

    The revenge was 3 hours of a jackhammer in the driveway at 7:30 am for a bunch of people with hangovers. She could have upped the volume by placing a sheild to direct the sound more efficiently towards their bedroom windows, but I give her credit, well executed revenge.
  14. Guffalo

    Need Caribbean Vacation Ideas

    Thanks for the heads up. We have been looking for someplace different, after reading this, we just booked a week in Curacao for early March, All inclusive, flights, everything for less than three thousand, Looking forward to a new spot.
  15. Guffalo

    Don't Drink and Boulder

    Perfect revenge, loved it