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  1. She certainly added to the flavor of the community back in the early days. She has been missed ever since her departure, and hopefully she can watch a Bills Super Bowl win from the sky box.
  2. It was a 5-12 minute commercial for this exotic locale in central Florida. Marketing genius, the kids are all waiting for the show, you push your new mecca right into their eager minds, every Sunday the same "updates", the parents had no idea we were brainwashed for 2 years straight! This is why there are so many baby boomers who do their annual pilgramage, they were programmed at an early age.
  3. RIP Ezra, A wonderful man, nice guy, great dad and a true member of the Bills family. Godspeed to you.
  4. After the bath, get into the PJs and then park yourself in front of the TV for Sunday night adventures. What a great memory.
  5. No, we are going into overtime, waiting for the coin flip
  6. He might be worth a visit, give his agent a call, or at least call the Anger Management team.
  7. https://spinditty.com/artists-bands/The-dead-at-27-Club Kurt Cobain Amy Winehouse Jimi Hendrix Janis Joplin Jim Morrison Robert Johnson Brian Jones (The Rolling Stones) Ron "Pigpen" McKernan (The Grateful Dead) Chris Bell (Big Star) D. Boon (The Minutemen) Richey Edwards (Manic Street Preachers)
  8. I think part of the debate stems from the thought that the moves to create a village will slowly take away the ways our fanbase gathers before games. Older Bills fans have had a long hard journey over the years and as younger ones join the the force, they bring with them their rituals. To the dismay of the NFL and the Bills, their rituals are displayed on Barstool sports and instagram for all to see. Its not that we are all different, we just celebrate and prepare differently. To answer the OP, Being a Bills fan to me is waking up on gameday in December, knowing that the playoff hopes were gone 3 weeks ago, and still hoping for a win, hoping for improvement by the young players and looking forward to a good game and having a few beers with old friends and meeting new ones. Being a Bills fan is walking down the street in Manhattan and hearing "Go Bills" because you are wearing a Bills hat or shirt. Being a Bills fan is having Dad put the radio next to the phone in 1983 so I could listen to Van's call as Dad kept shouting "Hey that's long distance, that's going to cost you a fortune" Being a Bills fan is when on vacation, and the family knows that whatever happens, Sunday at 1 PM, Dad and Mom will be in front of a TV at a sports bar near the beach where the kids can do whatever they want for the next 3 hours. Being a Bills fan is sitting at that beach bar, chatting with an ex-Buffalo cop talking about how the team is on the right track, and maybe next year we will make a run (and seriously believing it). Being a Bills fan is setting aside vacation time to make sure you can travel 900 miles round trip for each home game, shorter for some road games. Being a Bills fan is keeping your season tickets since 1982 because you didn't want the team to have another reason to leave. Being a Bills fan is spending countless hours on internet forums complaining about the latest trade or a misplaced shower mat.
  9. Holy moley, I thought I was getting old, this proves it.
  10. Thats not the rate I am seeing
  11. He kinda reminds me of Edeleman/Amendola, kind of slippery, goes unnoticed. Seems exactly what the Pat*s like to have in the slot. Good grab.
  12. If anyone is getting a group together, I would be in for 3
  13. Wow, you are getting old. Happy belated
  14. I also have the 29th as per my letter, I usually pick up extras for the opener and the Pats* and maybe an early game or two.
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