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  1. ( After hearing excuses when something went wrong) "Yeah well if my uncle had breasts, he would be my Aunt"
  2. I will use the air fryer on occasions when we have a smaller group. I find if you spray the wings with a little avocado oil on them, you can get a nice crisp skin, with juicy insides. I still use my double deep fryer for larger groups.
  3. I am coming in for the game, just not sure if I can make it by 10. Count me out for a spot, but I will be by at some point.
  4. Funny, it seems the Chiefs tickets don't seem to have been offered for sale yet. All the seats are available, yet "Code required" is displayed when you try to select a seat.
  5. Wait, isnt the question Bachelor for life OR a Billion dollars?
  6. Wife has Joint Audit coming up for her hospital, I don't think we are going to make this one.
  7. We will be there, but coming in past the 8:30 so I don't think we will make the cutoff, but we will swing by at some point.
  8. Nice to hear from someone closer to the incident than all the talking heads we have been seeing the last 24 hours. Hopefully the rest of the players are processing the event as well as Dion.
  9. I also have to go to NC for a week, lots of travel.
  10. Selling my season tickets Sec 136, row 32, on the aisle Asking 225 each
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