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  1. Guffalo

    Confusing Crazy Christmas Crèche

    Na-ah-ah-ah (goat soundbite)
  2. Guffalo

    Shuttle trip from Downtown to Stadium

    My neice priced Uber to and from UB and it was $50 each way. I wonder why there is no shuttle service from downtown (unless some of the bars have them)
  3. https://www.dictionary.com/browse/decrepit
  4. Guffalo

    Funny Faces

    Rettata Root beer
  5. Guffalo

    Nathan Peterman Again!

    This one? Very well done
  6. Guffalo

    Would ya?

    Cute, but I question the ease in which she was able to attain explosives, kinda makes you want to sleep with one eye open.
  7. Guffalo

    Bills Release Peterman

    I was hoping we could get a starting lineman and a first for him, I guess the market is a bit thick with quality Qbs. Honestly, If he had been managed properly, he may have had a chance at being a decent backup, just didn't play out that way. Not a bad guy, I wish him luck.
  8. Guffalo

    Yahoo Pick 'em and Survivor leagues

    I am temporarily in first place as of 9:17 am! I'm sure it will change by tonight
  9. Guffalo

    Prostitution arrests: Pensacola style

    Wow, even Pooj is going to pass on this collection of trollips.
  10. Guffalo

    Hot for teacher Irish style

    She could certainly raise the shillelagh from all of the lads on the emerald island
  11. Guffalo

    Yahoo Pick 'em and Survivor leagues

    Still in top 5, this is usually where I crap out
  12. Guffalo

    One Less Bills Fan....

    Sorry for your loss Jim, losing a parent sucks. As per your request, Years ago, while skiing, my Dad took a pretty bad fall, landing on his chest, with the pole grip against his chest. Good bruise, really stunned him. He said right then and there, "I'm done" In reality I think he realized that his kids were now better than he was and he was trying to keep up and thats what caused his crash. Anyway, the next day the whole family gets in the car to go back to the slopes for another day and Dad is in his gear, but didnt bring any skiis or poles, just his boots. I figured he would go back and get them after we were all booted up and out on the slopes. Every once in a while we would stop and he would be in the lodge, in his gear just checking out the snow bunnies (in the 70's they all wore the tight suits/pants). For the rest of the season he folowed the same plan, gear on, looking the part, just chatting up snow bunnies while we all skied.
  13. Guffalo

    Happy Birthday Mead!!

    HAppy birthday Randy, See you Sunday!!
  14. Guffalo

    Yahoo Pick 'em and Survivor leagues

    Just say it fast, almost like a run on sentence....
  15. Guffalo

    Yahoo Pick 'em and Survivor leagues

    Stayin alive at number 5 !!!!