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  1. Someone posted an anecdote that watching Josh Allen is like having a golden retriever puppy. He may pee on the carpet once in a while, but his good qualities outweigh the bad and you just can'r stay made at him.
  2. This is what I posted here on TBD the following morning, I still can't believe it is 19 years from that day.
  3. So sorry for your loss Donuts, Well written tribute to a good friend. As we are getting older, I guess we will all have to go through this. Yours is a wonderful tribute to a true brother. Say the cheer with gusto, then pour him a beer, and step back into your Bills fandom.
  4. From a guy: You look like Mommy! Ever see a micropenis? My cat loves me From a girl: My kids at home I have prolapsed anus Vaginal warts are speedbumps!
  5. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-health-coronavirus-canada/canada-extends-covid-19-international-border-closures-mandatory-quarantine-order-idUSKBN2413AY This pretty much settles it for our Canadian fanbase
  6. Before reading the two options given, that one came to mind. It solidified that defense for the run to 4 straight.
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