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  1. Sorry for your loss. I am not an expert, but if he has a will in place, I would think that could set forth the final wishes of your Dad. If he had made arangements or agreements with the elder advocate as to his final decisions, I would ask her for copies of such agreements. Are there any siblings that may have copies of the agreements or the will? Did he have a local attorney down there that would have filed a will and guardianship documents? Thats where I would start. I would also follow my "spidey senses" and take a trip down there to check in on any other things that the nursing home may need to close out his account, and to retrieve any items he may have left behind.
  2. Happy Birthday to the sphere of malted barley and hops,
  3. I think thats the only way we would get to host a game this post season, lets keep the fingers crossed.
  4. We rented a ski house, it now looks like rain, so we will try for some runs in the AM, if the slopes are a wreck, will just make wings and get ready for 430 kickoff. My wife and daughter are Bills fans with us, the rest are Jets fans, but they will root for us. I expect to abstain from alcohol until after gametime. (unless they are losing at half, then I need to compensate for not drinking during first half)
  5. "Shivers" I have watched that 3 times already. This team is by far the most exciting I have seen in years. The SB teams were great, but we had so many weapons and such a strong defense (mostly) throughout those years that we expected to win. This team is different, each week it is a combined effort, they are infinately more lovable, seem to have more personality and just a likeable group of guys. If given a choice to sit down and have beers with this group or the SB group, I'd honestly rather hang out with this group of guys (they are younger than 2 of my kids and the SB Bills are my age)
  6. Sorry for your loss Joe, Always tough losing an animal. I sometimes appreciate my dogs better than humans I know. Just know that as the days go on, you will embrace the wonderful time you had with her.
  7. Im no fan of cats, but I just don't see any reason to kill a harmless animal. I think I may be interested in finding the idiots that torture the cats and give them a bit of thier own medecine, but I would think Karma will take care of it in due time.
  8. I remember the reverence my Dad and his friends had for him. "Do you know who that is?! That's Golden Wheels Dubenion !!". Rest in peace Golden Wheels, you gave those fans plenty of joy.
  9. I don't have much on the letter, but my Dad did do the artwork for the covers of the programs from 61-64. There are some pictures here and there of the front of the Rockpile with "Buffalo Bill" cartoon that he did as well. He also did some photography from the old training camps and some games at the Rockpile. Our basement was full of the stuff when I was a kid. He got the cartoon gig because he was a print salesman for Holling Press on Washington street downtown. He had the Bills account and to sweeten the deal, his boss (Frank Mahr) told the Bills that he had a guy that could do the artwork for the covers. My dad got $35 per cover and he did a lot of artwork in the program itself (Car ads, Line-ups with cartoon bodies in western gear and the players heads on the cartoon bodies). I remember watching the process, he would start Tuesday a week and a half before the game, and do some sketches, then create a solid black and white with tracing paper. He would get approvals from the Bills, then they would create a three color cutout for the program that would be used to print the 40K programs for the game. He would bring one home for me every Thursday before the game . Since we had the same name, he would try to hide his name in the signatures to see if I could find them (in the grass, on the sleeve of Buffalo Bills jacket etc. )and I saved them. Even after the Bills went to modern covers and went with photos, Dad still had the account. I had every copy from the 60-s to the late 70s. When I went away to college, mom decided to "straighten up" my room, and without any guilt, tossed them away. I have bid on a few on ebay over the years, I have a few, but wish I had that original, pristine stash, wouldn't think of selling them, just love looking at the old ads and looking up some of those old names. http://blogs.buffalobills.com/tag/kevin-weil/
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