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  1. We are delayed at JFK, now tentatively scheduled to arrive at 7:30 tonight, let me know where to go, I have my wife and her spawn with me
  2. Guffalo

    Miami 2019

    You should be OK,, since you are not parking anywhere. Your tailgate experience will be limited to walking to the stadium from your drop off point and catching people as they are heading into the stadium.
  3. We bought the tailgate package as well. Does anyone find the ticketing interesting? Kind of awkward having " a name on the list" and nothing to prove it other than an email from someone who claims I paid.
  4. The portable trash bag holders seems to do the trick. May be tough for longer trips, but they were strategically placed and worked out well.
  5. Hey Guffalo - great seeing you at our tailgate at MetLife!  Look forward to seeing you in Hammer's this Sunday!

    1. Guffalo


      See you there !

  6. According to USPS I have 14 delivered packages, please confirm if you have received your shirt (give town that it was sent to)
  7. Still available: Broncos 11/24 Denver 12/08 Jets 12/29
  8. All shirts are expected to be delivered by 9/16 (Monday) based on USPS receipt.
  9. They were on my doorstep this afternoon when I got home from Atlanta, they were shipped out within an hour. The rockville MD one is showing 2 days USPS tracking I will IM the tracking #
  10. SO far I have been happy with mine. They come out crisp on the outside, juicy inside. Not a bad little machine. We also use the oven as a toaster oven, small oven. It really is versatile. Quisinart
  11. My brother was working at a Wilson Farms back in the 80s. He was with another guy behind the counter when a guy came in with a shotgun. Late night shift, the guy levels the gun at them, says open the register, there wasn't a lot, brother and other guy are on the floor, side by side, the guy is ranting and raving about opening the safe. As they were on the floor my brother heard a shot go off, he saw the co-workers body ***** the floor, then another shot rang out. His ears were ringing as crap from the displays on the counter rained down on him and then they heard the door open and close. The bad guy had tried to open the safe with the shotgun blasts, scaring the co-worker into a full body jump from a prone position on the floor. Brother and co-worker quit within 2 hours.
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