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  1. Thanks for the well wishes, we got to Detroit to watch this win, now waiting for another one this Thursday! Go Bills!
  2. I'm not in for this one, back to back with Cleveland and Detroit.
  3. 48 Meadcoins sent , one for each year!
  4. There is a huge Bills tailgate in one of the lots ( someone will get the exact lot #) but it is over across the walkway from the main entrance. Feels like you are in Buffalo and plenty of Bills blue and white. You should be fine wearing our colors. You SHOULD be able to make the flight as it is only 12 miles away, but gameday traffic is nasty around that stadium. It is straight down the NJ turnpike (I 95). Hopefully it is a blow out and you can allow a lot of the traffic go away before you have to leave. Assuming you will be using Uber or Lyft, locate the parking lots for ride services and check it out. (see map here) https://www.metlifestadium.com/getting-here/rideshare
  5. Not that I watched the Kardashians, but before Bruce Jenner did the whole Kaitlen Jenner thing, his face started to get angular and drawn similar to the recent photos of Tom Brady, just an observation....
  6. And #1 pick of the draft Walt Patulski, and the trade of Haven Moses, Tom Cousinau bailing on us Cribbs going to WFL/USFL
  7. Looking to go to Thanksgiving day game in Detroit, need at least 2 possibly 3 tickets for the game.
  8. Summers in high school in college I worked at the local graveyard, mostly cutting lawns and gardening, but early season we would also have to dig foundations for gravestones, 2 foot by 3-5 foot per footing, 3 feet deep. I also had to dig graves for infants and kids since it was too small for the backhoe.
  9. Great video, although my eyes were leaking
  10. I have seen just about every one of my Dads programs, I have never seen this one. Thanks !!
  11. We need 1 prime, 1 regular please
  12. I post this every year, I had been at the opener and flew back after the game, stayed in Manhattan, golfed in Jersey on Monday, then back to my home Monday night and headed to work on Tuesday morning, this is what I wrote the next day (9/12): I almost feel ashamed looking at this board, since football is far from my mind right now, but my home page is TBD... When I was on my way to work yesterday, I was on the #1 express from Penn down to WTC, at 14th a couple got on and said they saw a plane hit the trade center, I figured it was a light plane, and continued on. There was an announcement by the conductor that said "Due to a fire at WTC there will be no service to Cortland ave (in the wtc), I got out at chambers street and started walking..as I turned around to face the north tower I saw people just string up in awe..there was a hole in the tower with smoke and flames, I asked some guy what happened and he said, he saw the plane go in.. and then he said 15 minutes later the other tower exploded.. (we were on the north side so he didn't see the 2nd plane , only the impact) I tried my cell phone (no good) so I tried to find a pay phone , I thought of my wife wondering if I was in there, and just the worry that the rest of the family would have when they heard..I was able to get through to her voice mail, and then I called our office on 36th st ( I am a consultant assigned to 4 WTC since last September). The office wanted me to try to locate another employee, and we started using my cell phone with the two way radio feature. I started looping around to the east of the buildings, trying to find my co-worker, as I walked near the post office, I saw debris and broken concrete, small puddles of blood, shoes ,lots of shoes and I picked up a warm hunk of metal ( I have no idea why) it was almost hot and it was heavy and it was oily or greasy... I dropped it when I saw a wheel or turbine that was 20 feet away, high density aluminum about 6 feet wide.... Using my radio to my boss, I kept chatter back and forth and kept moving towards where I figured Marcia would be (we went through the bombing in 93 and had always said, head for the water by the Seaport). Police were busy on Church so I moved to Broadway by J&R Music and continued the radio chatter with my boss, he said Marcia had not checked in yet, keep looking, he also told me he saw video of the 2nd plane as it went in, he said it had been hijacked as well as the first one, he also told be about the Pentagon being hit. I had worked my way to Nassau street, a pedestrian mall about 3 blocks east of the towers. My radio was quirky, sometimes the frequency was jammed, sometimes you could get through, so I told my boss I was going to keep it on once I get a signal. As I was walking up Nassau I left the center of the street and stayed along the storefronts, I was talking to Doug and he heard me say "Oh @#$%^! something's happening, oh my God something went off", and he could hear the rumbling as the first tower went down, I felt a shock wave and wind rush as I ducked into a doorway (from the narrow street you could not see the tower) I knew that one of them had fallen and I assumed it had toppled over like a domino, not the gentle slide that I saw later. The dust and debris cloud came next as I peered out of the doorway the cloud came east towards the Nassau area, I started sprinting north and got one block, as I looked over my left shoulder I saw a huge cloud of debris/dust coming our way, as we ran I saw a woman fall, someone slowed down to help and they were trampled ( I know I should have stopped, but I was thinking about wife, kids etc, and she went down pretty hard) As I rounded the corner near Beekman Hospital emergency personnel were waving us away I zigged through the waiting stretchers, and headed to the Seaport, I slowed down to catch my breath.... The smoke/debris cloud was covering us with something that was making me choke and burning my eyes, it looked like snow... I started towards the Brooklyn Bridge, but I was afraid that if the other tower went it may drop towards us, so I started to go towards Chinatown. As I was walking I remembered my radio.. the (last transmission I sent was Oh my God and the rumbling in the background) when I finally got through my boss was excited, he thought I was a goner. A woman stopped be and asked to borrow the phone, I told her there were no calls in or out, she then started wandering back towards the site and I stopped her and asked what she was doing, "I have to get my pocketbook" I said that would not be a great idea, and I asked her where she lives, we were going the same way and started walking together, we saw a cab (empty) so we got in and the driver said "I'm only going north" (well hello....that was an understatement, who the hell wants to go back there!!!) In the cab, Doug (boss) confirmed that the tower had fallen, we looked back and saw the new skyline with just one tower standing up. A short time later Doug asked where we were, I told him in a cab, and he told us the second tower just went down, we looked out the back window of the cab as the debris and smoke filled the air in the distance. We were up to the village, and I saw the Empire State building looming in the distance.. I told the driver to stop and let me out, the girl (Valerie) said why get out now??? I pointed to the building/target and said"what would be the next landmark to get hit?? I got out and gave the girl some money for the cab , she insisted on paying me back and made me give her my card ( amazing at a time like this the etiquette thing still remains in some people). I started west to avoid the Empire State Building and went around it to get to our office located 2 blocks north of the ESB. I got upstairs and changed, called the wife ( she heard my voice cracking on the messages and she cried every time she heard news of my progress) We watched the news as others straggled in (Marcia had gotten up there too). Once they opened the Long Island Rail Road, I left and got on and headed home.. I never figured out whose shoes those were.. I am home now, and I suggest the following: Don't complain about doing your kids homework. Say I love you whenever possible Try to keep in touch with your loved ones, Whatever you think is very important today, may seem like a pimple on the ass of an elephant tomorrow. God Bless us all Guff
  13. We will be travelling through the area on our way to drop of my brother in laws remains in Martha's Vineyard. After seeing this post, I have booked a nearby hotel, will see you all there! Go Bills!
  14. I grew up near there. Kenmore was always a cute town. The developer is putting in an investment of around 10M to create 35 apartments at "market rate". If these were condos, I could see your value going up. Rentals can go either way. If they are upscale, it could be great. What are the rates for the old Kenmore Towers up the street? That could give an indication of what is in store. At least you have a short walk to Mikes Subs and Condrell's!
  15. Front left corner of Hammers lot. For the opener (Monday night) Hammer can provide details as to when he will be opening. Since it is a popular lot, chances are it will be full by 4pm (Watch the gameday list for TBD sign up sheet about a week or so before the game if you want to park with us) Hope to see you there.
  16. I have a friend who was related to Bruce DeHaven, I have 2 starter jackets, a few sweatshirts and a windbreaker. When he moved on to Dallas/Carolina he asked my buddy "Don't you have a Bills fan where you live? " His wife brought them to the next family gathering and gave them to my buddy. (I think the warm weather starter jacket was the Tennessee Throw back game)
  17. Wow, even NESN is not singing the happy tunes about the offense https://nesn.com/2022/08/why-david-andrews-behavior-after-patriots-practice-so-telling/?sf169060537=1
  18. We already have a retirement place in Chapin SC, its in a golf community with a 41 mile long lake for boating and fishing. We have some friends who live nearby and love the area. We hope to spend some time there to see if we really like it, but the West coast of Florida seems to be where people from Long Island and this area seem to do the winters, With that in mind, we have been passively looking in Naples or West coast of Florida to be around people we know from here.
  19. As a kid I couldn't understand why we traded Briscoe, one of our best players, it just didn't make sense to me. I also remember when they traded Haven Moses and I was devastated. RIP Marlin the Magician
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