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  1. I won't criticize, but clearly I can't decide until I see her holding a fish.
  2. Lots of places mentioned here out west, We have done a few out west, if you find yourself in Jackson hole, try Gran Targhee, its on the backside of JH. The day we ventured there, we had excellent powder and a fantastic day (Except my brother in law who was the first patient at the newly opened Driggs Idaho Emergency Room). When we got back to the condo in JH everyone was sharing their day and those that went to Jackson Hole were grousing and complaining about conditions, while we were waist deep in gorgeous fluff. Word of advice, make sure the weather is clear since the mountain pass to get there can get closed down with any significant snow. I am also a big fan of Mt. Tremblant if you are in the east. Great long cruisers, some nice steeps but can get very cold if that is an issue.
  3. I titled it as such because its not a political issue, just an observation of how a financial institution proceeded in relation to a persons' interested in our team.
  4. I know the pain, it is never easy, the loss of a dog is hard. Dogs are the best thing you can share your home with. Dogs don't ask for anything other than your love, in return they give unlimited love and affection. A dog will never steal your girlfriend, will never dent your car, is always happy to see you and will never talk trash about you to his friends. When we lost our last dog, we could not bring ourselves to get another for fear that it wouldn't be THAT one. Some day I will get another, but for now I enjoy the memory of that special dog and in time you will replace the grief with the great memories you had together.
  5. And it looks like bankers doubted he would get approval anyway https://www.yahoo.com/news/trump-tried-buy-buffalo-bills-200756359.html
  6. Happy Birthday Mr. Fergy! Have a great day
  7. Happy Birthday Mr Stromboli! Hope you have a great day Randy!
  8. I saw a quote from him and he said the exact same thing about his own passing, no one would be surprised, but they would be shocked
  9. Most disturbing ever, Back in college, at a typical beer fueled "pay $4 get a wrist band" night, one of the guys showed up naked with a baby doll strapped to his junk ( he cut the back out) and was completely naked. When anyone asked him what he was, he said " I'm a baby F**ker" , Even as jaded and messed up as I was at that age, I was stunned. He ended up becoming a high ranking US Army officer working at various high level positions within the armed forces and Pentagon as he was on a ROTC scholarship at the time.
  10. Ralph isn't cheap, Deutsche bank is cheap! https://www.yahoo.com/news/bank-wouldn-t-increase-trump-232716118.html
  11. Did you try looking in the trunk?
  12. Jim , so sorry to hear about your loss. Surely a good run, but a loss all the same. Prayers for you and the family. May she have great seats for our Super Bowl run.
  13. I had them as a kid, Dad was also the account rep for Holling Press which printed the programs, every Thursday he would come home with a few, I would get a sneak peek at the Sunday programs and I would squirrel them away. He had the account until the mid/late 70's. I had them all neatly stacked by years in my bookcase in my room. As with all things related to childhood, after moving away to college, Mom cleaned up and threw out all of those "old magazines" . I have a few, but lost probably 16 years of them in the great cleanup of 1980.
  14. I have 2 in 136 if interested. $ 500 for the pair
  15. So where is the best Chicken Nuggets?
  16. I will have Canadian Bacon and Cheddar on a toasted hero and some Salens dogs.
  17. Shocking Sophia Shows she is over it!
  18. CHeck the DC Bills Backers facebook page, Greg Wahl was able to get a large group together, he may have some left or cancellations
  19. I bought that pass, served me well over the 4 years of enrichment at the hands of the Christian Brothers Academy of Lunacy. As to the original post, We will be there, staying in Canada the week before and coming to OP on Saturday
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